pro-biotic,supplements and zucchini cake

I love library’s, so many interesting books ans so much books. This time I am reading about pro-biotic, pre-biotic and meta-biotic how well they are for the intestines and immunity and a good health (kefir drink I want to make anyway this year, it is a good pro-biotic) .
I am  also reading  a book about supplements. For me supplements are needed when you have unbalances, but maybe this book will change my opinion. At least it gives me a good view about synthetic supplements I never thought about. How can you make a real copy of the original, without all the factors what make the vitamins or minerals work? You cannot live on supplements, so there is still something in real food what they can’t make, also the books tells me that the basic from al lot of synthetic supplements are chemical substances. I don’t want this in my stomach….so I will continue reading the book and going to make my opinion complete after.
But now time to make the zucchini cake, I had the recipe from someone from the gardening project and it is delicious and also a releave after eating to many zucchini soup and so on. Because when the plant is giving vegetables it won’t stop, it goes on and on!

Zucchini cake 24 centimetres
1 1/2 cup and 2 tablespoons of mixed spelt flour and all purpose flour
1/2 cup of agave syrup (or sucanat if you like) look a the structure the pie will have it can be to wet if you use syrup or to dry if you use sucanat, so put in some flour if too wet or some ‘milk’ if it’s too dry.
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
1/4 salt (not necessary)
4 minced cloves
1/2 tablespoon of organic lemon zest
1 tablespoon of nutmeg (fresh grated from the ball)
2 teaspoons of ginger powder
1 cup of rice milk (or other milk if you like)
1/4 teaspoon of apple vinegar
1/4 cup of olive oil
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup of grated zucchini

an oven
a spring like 24 cm
a rasp
a bowl
a whisker
a cup, tea- and tablespoon

lets make the pie
Put all the dry ingredients together into the bowl and mix well! In the meanwhile you put in the vinegar togehter with the milk and set aside for 5 minutes. Time to grate the zucchini. Love this job put beware of the fingers :).
Mix the vinegar, milk, oil, agave syrup, lemon zest, zucchini into the bowl with the dry ingredients , now all the ingredients are in the pie. Mix very well till you get a nice dough, it’s wetter then bread dough and thicker then pancake dough.
Time for the truth, put the pie into the oven at 175 degrees Celsius for about 25 minutes. The pie is ready when you put in a sharp knitting needle and the dough won’t stick at the needle any more. Of course you can test also with other sharp things like a fork or something else.
Easy, not too sweet and a good solution when there are to many zucchini’s growing at the same time in your vegetable garden.
end zucchini cake

Enjoy and thanks to Fiona and it’s based on the recipe from not for rabbits

mixed day…and ratatouille with minty bulgur

It has been a long time ago,  I went to a demonstration the last one was against nuclear power, this Saturday we had a busy program. We went to the ‘green day’ here in the area where I live, great to trade plants and cuttings. Yes we have more strawberry plants, some stevia plants, a Suisse mixture (someone went to Suisse and got some plants out of the ground) and new contacts!
After, we went for demonstrating on the dam square, a demonstration against big mega corrals, free the animals and let them live their life on a normal way.
In the end of the midday we had a party in a nice place in the Haarlemmerliede, a place nearby Amsterdam. Wow what a great location, great music, fun people, good talks and nice dinners/drinks.
Our day was complete the children where very sleepy and tired when we came home in the night. Love this days, only some more sun was welcome!
This is really a mixed day of everything, so a ratatouille dinner will fit perfect, it is a French dinner with mixed vegetables, long preparing time but it has a nice taste. My boyfriend wanted more herbs, but I liked it the way it is, so just taste what you like..
And the bulgur is just my variation/imagination on this dish

The ingredients
for the ratatouille
one egg plant cut in 4 lengthwise en further slice in big half moons
one zucchini cut in 2 lengthwise and then in big slices
6 cloves of garlic minced
1 red onion cut in pieces who aren’t too little
500 gram of tomatoes (I used half cherry tomatoes and half normal tomatoes) Cut in big pieces
120 gram of peeled tomatoes from a can (with some juice)
1 teaspoon of fresh lavender leaves
2 twigs of fresh rosemary
1 teaspoon of dried thyme (I didn’t had fresh one)
11/2 teaspoon of dried sage leaves
some olive oil

For the bulgur
1/2 cup of roasted sunflower seeds
1/4 cup of roasted pumpkinseeds
4 persons of bulgur (280 gram)
1/2 cup of chopped fresh mint leaves
juice of a 1/2 lemon
water to cook the bulgur in 2,5 times more then the weight of the bulgur

The kitchentools
a good frying pan for all the vegetables, with a lid
a wooden spoon
a cooking pan
a frying pan to roast the seeds
a knife
a cutting board
Some plates
a cup for measuring

How to prepare….
Cut the onion and garlic (and also the other vegetables, and prepare the herbs), and get the frying pan. Poor in some oil, bring the oil to a heat and bake the onion and garlic for 2 minutes. Ready to put in the other vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, egg plant, the ‘can’ of peeled tomatoes and the herbs) put the fire on the lowest heat and simmer with lid on top for 1 hour, so the herbs and vegetables can get their taste

In the meanwhile you can prepare the bulgur (this will take like 20 minutes, so you can time it together with the ratatouille, so it is finished at the same time). Cut the mint leaves and set aside. Roast the seeds in the frying pan without oil. Don’t walk away because when the pan is heating it can goes quickly with roasting the seeds and if you are to late it will burn and taste disgusting.
Time for prepare the bulgur (wash the bulgur till the water isn’t muddy anymore), get the cooking pan and fill with some water, bring the (740 ml of water) water to a boil and poor in the 280 gram of dried bulgur. Cook for 7 minutes and after set aside for 10 minutes.
When the bulgur has a little cooled down, get the seeds, lemon juice and mint leaves, mix this ingredients well with the bulgur! This part is ready.

And probably the ratatouille is also ready, taste and throw in some Celtic sea salt and pepper to taste. Or maybe you want more herbs, that’s your choice ;). Make the plates beautiful and impress your guests
Bon appetite/eet smakelijk

crochet food…and a couscous-lentil-diner (the food my boyfriend can make the best)

Found a long time ago a great book in the bookshop, now I have a new mission…I am addicted to crochet food, I made already a carrot, mini burger. carrotcake and a apple, wow what fun is this. My son really likes it, he wants a real kitchen anyway so it’s a great I like to make the “realfood”, he will make the dinners, if we made the kitchen.
I like also to go to the the shop and see all the colors of ‘wool’ (of course I take the fake one, made from acryl). And difficult to choose which you really want, I have to say I come always with too much at home. But this you can use always for everytime, and it fits nice in a CD rack hanging on the wall. So decorative also..
So this night I made a couscous dish (a real one, don’t know yet how to crochet, maybe my next mission?), very healthy and great to make, I must say my boyfriend is the best in making couscous. This is a “warm” diner.

Ingredients for the couscous-lentil-diner (4 persons)
250 gram of beluga lentils (black) (soaked overnight)
1 red chilli pepper cut in tiny tiny pieces
4 persons of couscous (prepare like the package is saying)
300 gram of broccoli cut in little pieces
250 gram zucchini cut in little squares
1 cup of fresh coriander cut in tiny pieces
1/2 cup of fresh dill also cut in little pieces
1 tablespoon of cumin seeds
juice of 1/2 lemon
some sesam seed to sprinkle upon the diner
some salt/pepper (celtic seasalt is nice for this dish)
some canola oil

a cooking pan
a bowl
a knife
a cup
some nice plates
a colander
a wooden spoon

Lets begin
I would say start to cut everything, in the meanwhile you can put on some water (in the cooking pan) for the couscous.
If the water is boiling you take it from the stove and poor in the bowl over the couscous. (look at the package how to prepare) Set aside. Get the cooking pan again and fill it with water and the lentils, they must cook for 20 minutes. So get the timer put it on 10 minutes, so the remaining ten minutes you put on top of the pan a colander with the zucchini and broccoli (so this vegetables can steam)
You hear the ring? check if the vegetables and the lentils are ready they both must be soft. If the vegetables aren’t soft enough, poor them together into the water of the lentils and cook some 5 minutes more.
You are happy now with the softness? Get rid of the water and put in the couscous-bowl, the lemon-juice, cumin,dill, coriander, salt/peper, red chilli pepper, lentils, in short everything from the ingredient-list what you didn’t use yet;).
Mix very well, this dish you can eat hot or cold, but we ate it luke-warm. Give the finishing touch with some oil in the diner. Salt and pepper is really on your own taste.
I would say make the plates beautiful (sprinkle some sesame seeds) and serve it on a nice decorated table

Enjoy, شهية طيبة

curry dish with some sunshine…

Wow I am a Rembrandt van Rijn fan too, he was an amazing painter! Now I like my name also, because the lady of Rembrandt called Saskia also! So OK, today I went with Brooke and Aaron to the Rembrandthouse (  it’s a huge house and beautiful, (I wish I had a house like it) saw some guy making some etches just like Rembrandt did. Beautiful to see, it takes a lot of time and patience…Anyway my house is also great……with the garden. No complaining. After that, I went to the supermarket and did a lot of shopping for the whole week, so I was fully packed and the stroller also. Glad we were at home again, and the stroller didn’t break.
Today I just heated up the dish from yesterday, I made for the couch-surfers. I ask if they really liked it and they say yes, I ask my friend is it blog worthy and he said yes also, so OK the recipe will be under this text, enjoy its not difficult and on the spiceyness-degree it’s a 7. (For Dutch concepts I think, for Thai concepts it’s a 5 ; ) ) And yes it’s probably far away from the typical Thai curry, anyway for me curry is a Thai dish

Curry dish with some sunshine (4persons)

for the rice/lentil
100 gram of dried brown lentils
100 gram of dried red lentils
4 persons rice (approx.300 gram)
1 teaspoon of turmeric

for the subtropical tofu
250 gram of tofu (organic and no GMO) drained of the water and cut into cubes or which shape you want (but not too big, just like a dice as thickest)
the juice of 1/2 a grapefruit
1 tablespoon of soya sauce
1 tablespoon of sambal ulek (
(beware there is no animal ingredients in the sambal)

for the sunny curry
2 strings of celery cut in little slices
(if you don’t like celery maybe green beans are a good option)
15 gram of Chinese cabbage
280 gram of yellow zucchini
1 can of coconut milk (400ml)
1 teaspoon of ground fennel
40 gram dried apricot cut in little pieces
6 cloves
6 bay leaves
2 tablespoon of ground curry powder ( curry madras)
3 carrots cut in slices
the juice of 1/2 a lemon ripped of his juice
a yellow or red bell pepper cut in little pieces
2 tablespoon of sambal ulek

for garnish
1 hand of roasted almonds (grind in chunky pieces).
8 cherry tomatoes
some desiccated grated coconut
1 little leek only use the green part
1 red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 grated carrot
some bok choy leaves
some slices of the grapefruit

a wok
a cooking pan
a sauce pan with coconut oil
4 plates
a cup to make nice rounds of the rice/lentil
a bowl
a frying pan

Lets start….

I would say start with the rice I use rice who must cook for 40 minutes, it’s rice were still the skin is on.
So take a cooking pan put some water in and cook the rice for 20 minutes, after you will put in the lentils (don’t forget to wash the lentils first.) in and together boil/cook for 20 minutes more. After this is finished put the turmeric in ( turmeric gives it a yellow colour)

Lets do the tofu while the rice is cooking, you cut the tofu in cubes or whatever? Fry them in the saucepan with the coconut oil. When they ate golden brown get them out, put them on a paper kitchen towel and get rid of the grease.
After, you marinate it in the bowl put together the grapefruit juice, soya sauce and sambal

Yes time for the curry, just poor in the wok, the coconut milk, bay leaves, cloves, curry powder, dried apricot, ground fennel, carrots, celery and the zucchini!
Bring it slowly to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes, after put in the bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, sambal and the lemon juice. Lets simmer for another 10 minutes
The sauce is ready to serve now!

Now it’s only the garnish what must be prepared, roast the almond after you grind it in little chunks. Put them in a frying pan without oil till they get browner beware they don’t get burned, it always happen when you just walk away : )
Put them in a little bowl when they are ready.
Now put some oil in the same frying pan and heat it up, bake the onion and the garlic!
Also cut the green part of the leek in rings…

Get the plates and go and make them pretty!

First put the bok choy leaves on the plate, with the glass make a nice shape from the rice/lentil on the plate. Put on top the leek and a little surround
Put some sauce on the other end of the plate, on another corner you put the tofu with some grated carrot on top

On the other corner you will put the grapefruit slices and 2 cherry tomatoes. Put the onions/garlic somewhere between the little “meals”
On everything you will scatter some grated coconut and almonds

Time to enjoy your meal/ รสอร่อย




the zucchini…

It’s a wonderfull and big plant, you can eat also the flowers (as tempura for example)!! It’s nice to make the plate look colourful! You have yellow, green, spotted zucchini I have the yellow one now in the garden, don’t let the zucchini’s growing to big, because the taste will be less and less. And how more often you pick the vegetable, the more vegetables you get on the plant!

when to put the seeds to the ground?

in April and May you can grow the seeds inside of the house or under some glass outside. In June you can put the plant in the ground, beware you put a big space between each plant like 1 meter The plant is becoming a very huge plant. It’s a easy plant, they don’t get quick diseases

nice solution!
You can put this plant next to a sunflower, where you grew the bean in. I saw (only with a pumpkin plant) when we were a the botanic garden in Utrecht. (they told the Indians were planting like this way) The plant is a good ground cover! Put some straw underneath the plant so the vegetables wont be rotten away

when are the vegetables ready to eat?

The flowers you can eat as best when they are just young and fresh, the zucchini you can eat at the best when the are like 10-15 centimeters

Which vitamins/minerals the vegetable contains?

Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Copper.
Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E*

TCM=traditional Chinese Medicine

yin, cooling, refreshing property! They overcome summer heat and are also diuretic. Eating with the skin for overcoming edema or difficulty urinating.
too much of eating the zucchini can diminish the ‘middle heater’ energy and warmth necessary for good digestion**

** Paul Pitchford healing with whole foods

sunday the most chill out day of the week……

sunday the most relaxing day of the week, just doing some gardening, baking a bread,sitting in the sun…This day is a restday from all the busy activities through the week.
Maybe later on we go to the magneetfestival  we went 2 days before, and it was really nice. On a small  piece in Amsterdam they built tents for music and acts, you can hoop at the hoolahoop-cottage, eat some nice dinners (also vegan), meet some nice people, they try to be very good to the enviroment, you can camp if you want and don’t miss anything from the festival. So if you have time just go there and enjoy

But we are still on the relaxing tour and on the healthy way, so this morning I made a fresh juice with melon, mango, orange juice and some herbs like thai basil and mint. In the evening I made some salad mostly from vegetables from the garden YIPPIE, some potatoes with rosemary and fried tofu with chilisaus, and finally we didn’t go this day to the festival, my boy and me picked some blackberries for the icecream what is still in the freezer.

The ingredients of the summer salad

1 beet cut in little cubes
some green ‘lettuce’ from the garden 200 gram ( I took chard, rocket and sorrel)
1 zucchini cut into slices
1 red onion cut in little pieces
1/2 of lemon juice
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1/2 cup roasted sunflowerseeds
some walnuts make into little pieces
2 teaspoon sesame-oil
1-2 tablespoon ricesyrup
1 little turnip cut in thin slices
some beans, east indian cherry flower and parsley for garnish
some orange zest for garnish
some pepper

the ingredients of the potatoes

1 kilogram of potatoes cut in triangles/rectangle
some rosemary ( I think 1 tablespoon)
some oil
some salt

the ingredients of the chili-tofu

500 gram tofu drained ( no water) and cut into cubes
vegan sweet hot chilli sauce

The kitchentools

2 cooking pans
a colander
a knife
a big bowl for the salad
little bowl for the dressing
frying pan
a wok

So how to begin?

Put some water and the beet in the cooking pan and bring it to a boil, let’s slowly boil for 10 minutes. In a meanwhile you can prepare the rest of the salad, wash the “lettuce” put them in the bowl, roast the sunflowerseeds in a frying pan without oil, cut the courgette in slices the turnip and also the onion! The beans for garnish, the zucchini and the turnip put them together in the colander and put them on the cooking pan where the beet is still in. Just steam them for 10 minutes, while the beet is again boiling for 10 minutes

Now wash the potatoes with the peel still on ( because thats very healthy) Cut them in little triangles and bring them also with some water in the pan to a boil and let them boil for 10 minutes, be careful don’t make them to soft.

So everything is boiling and so on. Time to make the dressing this is really easy, just take the juice from the lemon and the orange whisk together in the little bowl, then pour also the rice-syrup and the sesame-oil together. This will be the dressing!

I think the beet and the zucchini, turnip, beans are ready, put them in the big bowl, and mix with the salad so you have a colourful bowl.

Yes we are going to fry the tofu, so in a saucepan you pour some oil, and let the fire heat up the oil. When it’s hot ( just put a drip of water in it and when is says ssssssssjjs it’s ok) then put in the tofu for about 3 minutes, when you get them out, put them on a kitchen-towel so the oil will get out and get into the kitchen-towel.
Every tofu-piece is fried? Marinade them with the sweet chilli sauce

Take the wok now and let the oil heaten up in the wok, when this is at the right temperature, bake the potatoes (please without to much water) together with some rosemary, till they are golden brown. A child can do it!!

I think all the ingredients for the nice tasty plate are ready so, make the plate like a painting and be creative. Put some potatoes, salad en fried tofu on the plate and voila a nice summerdish, oh and yes before I forget put some dressing on top of the salad ( and also the garnish). Maybe some pepper and salt to finish



enjoy your meal!

pasta di no tomato…..

Spaghetti used to be my favourite meal…I like to eat the strings and make everything filthy  : ), yes I am not a good pasta-eater…Of course I often use to make spaghetti, always with tomatoes and tomato sauce , but not today…Today I will made spaghetti di no tomato!

When I got into the garden for some fresh herbs, I saw everywhere snails and slugs taken over my garden.(and some days before a friend of my told about the many slugs she had, I said “oh you have so much I am glad I don’t have so many of them” : ( )…So quick as possibe I cutted the fresh herbs and went inside the house. Brrr I really don’t like slugs, so please let the rain stop for now, the garden has enough water and the snails/slugs don’t like the sun..Will anybody hear this????

Ok, back to the recipe here are the ingredients! Ingredients (for 2 persons)

For 2 persons spaghetti
100 gram fennel cut in slices
50 gram zucchini cut in slices or cubes what you like..
150 gram tempeh cut in cubes
1/2 onion cut in little pieces
2 cloves of garlic
250 ml soy/oat cuisine
1/2 of a lemon ripped of his juice
1/2 tablespoon dried parsley
1/4 tablespoon dried dill
fresh herbs for garnish and for the sauce ( I took parsly, sage, chive and red shiso
(Perilla frutescens)
1/2 tablespoon watercress
2/3 cup white wine
some olive oil
dash of cayenne pepper
4 seasoning-pepper


a wok
a cooking pan
a wooden spoon
a colander
2 plates


Now this is how you make it

Put some water in the cooking pan on the stove for the spaghetti, when the water boils you put the spaghetti in the water with some oil (against sticky strings) above the spaghetti you put the colander on top of the cooking pan with the fennel and zucchini, cover it with a lid.(let stand for about 10 minutes till the vegetables are soft)

Time to prepare the tempeh, while the spaghetti is getting ready. Put some oil in the wok and when this is heaten up you put the tempeh in the wok, bake till they are golden brown, now it’s time to put the onion and garlic in..when these are glassy-looking you pour the wine on top, stir and pour the dried herbs, soy/oatcuisine, lemon juice, fresh sage all together in the wok  Some 4 seasonpepper in it, just taste what you like and the cayennepepper. Everything finished?

Now the finishing touch, put in the sauce the watercress while the fire is off!! Get 2 plates, get some strings spaghetti and put on top the steamed vegetables and as finishing touch the sauce and sprinkle everywhere some fresh herbs

I would say bon appetit.

Making friends with sushi!!

Yesterday it was a great day, cycling, drinking a beer at ‘t twiske ( ) in Amsterdam with my friend Marjon, her dog Storm and of course my little baby Kaya Moon..Talking all the day about gardens, food and health! She said on facebook if she’s visiting me, she wanted to eat sushi, because she saw the amazing pictures from sushi I made earlier on facebook. Your wish is my command my lady 😉

So Marjon I discovered you are a real sushi-roller-queen, We made great looking and nice tasting sushi and what is so nice about can make a lot of variations, avocado’s cucumber, shitake, just what you like : ). Use your imagination and taste
Down here I put the recipe how we made the sushi…..and the rolling is just practising, everybody can make sushi.
Rolling is just like mediation…..








The ingredients of the sushi (4 persons)

2 steamed carrots cut in stripes
250 gram  chestnut mushrooms cut into little stripes and baked shortly in the oil
1 avocado cut into stripes
1/2 steamed zucchini cut into stripes
many sesame seeds roasted or raw (what you like)
3 leaves of bok choy steamed and cut in stripes.
carrot tops cut in little pieces
10 nori sheets
200 gram rice I used brown rice (or try quinoa or bulgur for a different taste)
sushi rice vinegar
100 gram tempeh
ume su

for the wasabi sauce

fresh ginger root zest  from cube like 5 cm big

the kitchentools!

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a wok
a wooden spoon
a lot of bowls
a place to store the rolled sushi something like a plate
a lot of helping hands (because it takes a lot of time)
some plastic to put on the bamboo-rollingmat


How to start.

Put in a cooking pan the rice together with some water, the brown rice will take 40 minutes to get ready. Use your kitchen timer and sometimes look in the pan if it isn’t burning or the water is totally lost (then poor some new water).

When the rice is boiling you can cut all the vegetables in stripes (+/- 3 cm) and put them in a colander closed with a lid above the boiling rice (now they will get steamed). It will take surround 10 minutes or when the vegetables are soft. Put them in different bowls so its easy to get when you are about to roll the sushi

In a meanwhile cut the tempeh also in big stripes and put some oil in the frying pan and bake till they are golden yellow, set aside to cool down and after make stripes about 3 cm.
Put also in a bowl

Then we make something with the carrot tops, you already cut them in little pieces. You get the wok and put a little water in it with 2 tablespoons of ume su. After you put the tops into the wok and set on a big fire (sauté) it will be ready when it’s darker green. Also this you want to have in a different bowl. (I have this recipe from my school)

Now roast the sesame seed in a frying pan without oil, stay close to it, when the pan is hot they get easily burned black….Put some of the seeds in the carrot tops and put some in a bowl.

I always put in the rice ( and after all this operations the rice will be ready), sesame seed and rice vinegar, I do this  with feeling and tasting so it’s up to you what you like. And be sure the rice is sticky

I think everything now is ready for the big action of rolling sushi!

So get a plastic paper and put it surround the bamboo-rollingmat. And your bowls of vegetables and 1 bowl with water for washing your fingers and close the nori-sheet

Put 1 nori sheet on top of it, but beware the smooth site must be on the plastic and the raw site you put the rice on. So now do almost on the whole sheet some thin layer of rice ( thin as possible keep about 5 cm on top free of rice.

Now you can use your imagination what taste do you like? for example but in the middle of the sheet some stripes avocado, carrot, bok choy and mushrooms.
And roll it with the bamboo-rollingmat ( I think you will find on you tube how to roll a sushi, maybe if I have enough time I shall make my own video 🙂 ). So lay the first roll away ( maybe on a plate?) and make like 9 more. When you are finished cut the roll in little pieces just like a sushi And here you are a real nice home-made sushi The carrot tops you can put on the sushi as garnish or put in the sushi whatever you like

You have also variations on the sushi. like the California roll (here the rice is outside of the sheet) You will cut the sheet in half put the raw side of the sheet on top and (you will roll the shortest side), put rice on it and of course let al little piece free of rice. After, you must put the rice-side down on the plastic. Lay in the middle some vegetables on the non rice side and then roll it again and voila here you are it’s nice for the looks!!!

the sauce

And now make the sauce, i taste the sauce every-time I make it so i cannot say how much paste and shoyu sauce i put in a bowl. Maybe you like the sharpness, you put more wasabi paste and less shoyu and a little bit of water and at the end you put the ginger root zest in it.

Now get some chopsticks, some wine and candles and enjoy your home-made, to be proud of sushi


ボナペティ/ enjoy your meal