basil lemon water…….

just a short blog post just too share you this delicious tasting water….

Ingredients for 1 litre of basil/lemon water
1 litre of water
8 basil leaves
1/2 of a lemon sliced

a bottle made from glass

How to make
Hahah now the big job is going to be to get fresh water, put this in the bottle alltogehter with the fresh basil leaves and lemon. Wait like 10 minutes, so the water will get the taste of basil and lemon. Nice for children and for me, when you want a little taste on the water

circus…….cucumber/mint water

I almost can walk on a rope!! I learned walking on a ball, my youngest son mr. Fox is happy with being a horse and run around through the hall where the workshops are being held. We enjoy ourselves at the circus and I must say I think it’s really good for a child, they play, they learn to work together and learn to keep in balance and so on!
I used to juggle in the summer and diabolo, hoolahoop, it wasn’t perfect at all, but I really enjoyed, it makes me relax, something like meditation.
So I must say everybody must go to the circus learn yourself new things enjoy to play and take some fresh water with you when you are thirsty. And I discovered to make water more then water, just by adding some mint leaves or lemonjuice, cucumber. So here is a example of a really good and fresh tasting water.

Ingredients for 1 litre cucumber/mint water
1 liter of water
2/3 twigs of fresh mintleaves
4 thin slices of cucumber

a bottle of glass

How to make….
A very short preparing time, get the bottle… fill with the water and put in the cucumber and mint leaves. After maybe 15 minutes the taste of cucumber is into the water. I always take the bottle with me so I really don’t know exactly when the taste is like cucumber, I mean in how many time.
That’s all what you have to do, maybe you can put in some lemon slices and I heard also basil in your water is really great also, but this I have to try first. Just try it yourself I am a big fan of this new tasting water



Read all the books about pro-biotic I wanted to make my own kefir, and lucky me Maaike had a extra badge of water kefir grains. And also she had a fig and 2 apricot, yes the dried ones. And know the mixture is bubbling and really alive in the kitchen! I can say this water kefir is really well managed, maybe next time I want to make it with tea, or I even saw you can do it with fruit juice……First get some extra grains. Because they will grow very fast! You can give it away or save them in the fridge for weeks in their own water, some sugar like 20 grams on 1 litre, no dried fruit and so on. refresh the water each week!
Why kefir is so good, because it got some good bacteria, bacteria what is really good for the intestinal flora. And when you have a good intestinal flora you have a better immune system! So it makes you healthier! But it is also important to eat pre-biotica, maybe more important then pro-biotica!

Ingredients for the water kefir (to make 1 litre)
90  gram of water kefir grains
water like 900 decilitre
1 dried fig without sulphite (because you will kill the grains otherwise, so use organic dried fruit)
2 organic dried apricots without sulphite
35 grams of organic palm sugar (every time I try to put less sugar)
1/2 organic lemon with peel

Kitchentoolsingr kefir
a sieve without any metallic parts, because it will kill the grains (or some cheese cloth)
a bottle of glass for 1 litre of waterkefir
a bowl not of metallic


Ohh lalala……
Lets get ready, get all the ingredients, put them all together (I did water at last) in the bottle and stir softly without crashing the grains. The sugar has to be a little solved.
Now don’t do anything just put on the lid not to tight, because it will go gassy after a couple of hours. When you see the bubbles its a good sign. The bacteria are eating the sugar and the grains will move sometimes and will double themselves.
After 48 hours the mixture will be ready, take of the lemon and squeeze the juice out into the bowl. Take out also the dried fruit, you will see this has no taste anymore, so throw away!
Now get the sieve and put it on top of the bowl (no metal sieve, you will get the ‘water’ in the bowl and the grains in the sieve. The grains you can use again and if you have to much give it away. By putting them in a jar with some water and some organic sugar, refresh this once a week.

Enjoy the taste and maybe enjoy a better health!

hospital week….oat milk

Strange week, and a hospital week. First on Sunday my son went to the hospital for his ear, the doctor said he had to stay for at least 2 days, he was suffering from mastoiditis, so he got some infusion, he had tubes for his heart terrible to see he is not 2 yet….
Anyway he is home now, yes, I am so happy. Still he get his antibiotics and ear and nose drops. But he is walking happy and climbing like he does normally, I must say he wasn’t terrible sick at all he is a die-hard.
On tuesday I had to go to the doctor also to check my breast, we have a BRCA2 gen in the family. It was the first time to get a breast biopsy, stereotactic. Not nice at all, it doesn’t hurt, but you have to lay down for a long time in a strange position what isn’t really comfortable, but we survived and now my breast is tickling ;)!
So strange week didn’t had time to cook special dishes, but i made also this week a new milk, the oatmilk found a recipe on the internet

The ingredients for almost 1 litre
80 gram of oat flakes
800 millilitre of water
some dates or other sweetening
some vanilla stick

a food processor
a big bottle of glass
a fridge
a sieve

Easy to make….
Just grind the oat flakes in the food processor together with the dates, vanilla stick and water.
Poor this in the bottle of glass and let it stand overnight in the fridge, in the morning you put the mixture again in the food processor and you mix it again, get a sieve and sieve the liquid. Now you have nice fake milk, experiment with the taste, you can make it spicy by putting in some cinnamon or clove just what you like.



sleep…and rice milk

The last days I am so busy with good stuff. Reading so much about Ayurveda, really every day I understand more about this lifestyle. Also I am experimenting a lot with recipes, went to the library for cooking books (this time Japanese) I have also a book from school were I am making pickles, whole food breakfasts and so on. Good for giving advise to anyone about food. Also I have to look some informative documentaries and my evening Dutch soap (bleh yes I am that kind of person :)). Where is the time to sleep, I have the feeling the days are too short. Of course my kids want attention too and I give it to them as a housemam 🙂
But with all the experiments I have a nice rice milk recipe, I don’t want to buy the one in tetra packages because there is still plastic in it and they poor the ‘milk’ hot into the packages, so Imagine what will happen with the ‘milk’ and plastic. Fresh is the word I like.

The recipe for a lot of rice milk
1 cup whole wheat rice
6 cups water
4 dried dates
some himalaya salt
(for variation maybe some spices, like cardamom,vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, pepper name it and experiment with the taste)

a cooking pan
a blender

Lets make it…….
Wash the rice first till the water isn’t cloudy any more. Get the cooking pan and poor in the water and rice. Put them on the gas and cook for 2 hours on low fire. After the two hours you blend the mixture together with the dates/salt and make a smooth liquid from it.
You have a thick rice milk now, put just some water too make the mixture the thickness you like.!
And voila poor them in bottles of glass and they are like 3 days preservable in the fridge.

Nice for a porridge, enjoy the taste. Last I mixed in some red dates also, really nice too. And if you like more sweet, put in some syrup or maybe you like spices into the milk more, just experiment


……….mushroom stock

This I have also from the book food as medicine by Ted Caldecott. I rather make my own stock, so there is not so much salt in it or other strange ingredients. Vegetable stock takes a long time, while this mushroom stock just take maximum 2 hours. And without much time to cook, this can be prepared easily in you r daily program. You don’t have to stir or stay all the time in the kitchen.
ok this is nice for a basic to make soup or for risotto. Enjoy making it

2-3 ounce/56-84 gram dried Chinese mushrooms
1-2 quarts/ 1/2-1  litre  of water

a strainer
a cooking pan

How to make…..
wash the mushrooms, soak  them for 20 minutes. In the meanwhile relax!
When they soaked for 20 minutes. They are ready for cooking with the water, cook them for at least one hour to get a tasteful stock.
Get the strainer and filter the mushrooms out. You get a brown tanned water!
The mushrooms you don’t need anymore, you can put them on compost.

do you remember me….cucumber/parsley smoothie

Yesterday I went to a concert at the Paradiso, here in Amsterdam, it was nice! Not so crowded at all, the music was strange but great and heavy and weird 🙂
But at the end I wanted to go to the entrance and then a guy came to me, I knew him and he me. Unfortunately I really don’t remember from where, I know his face very well…do I have a hole in my memory….? Especially the smile…a day after I still don’t know where I know him from, I have no name, the only thing he is now living in Hilversum and is a programmer in woerden…So I need more food for my brains, another smoothie in my one week green smoothie week. Let’s get back my memory….!

Green smoothie number three (2-4 persons)
(recipe from: Parsley Passion Smoothie by Sergei Boutenko)
1 cucumber
1 banana
1 bunch of fresh parsley (with stems also)
1 red/yellow apple (Fuji)
2 cups of water

Yes again the blender or Magimix with smoothiekit

Here we go again…..
I would say wash all the ingredients that needs to be washed. Cut them in pieces so you can blend it. I put the water at last in the blender, after I blend the fruits/vegetables.
Maybe it need to be stirred with a spoon so it’s a good mixture for a smoothie

I like this one it is fresh, and if you don’t like cucumber don’t make this…



day 2 of the green smoothie week

The sun is shining jippy…., I had a busy morning, but finally home I have time to make a bread and of course to make the green smoothie of the day. My garden is full of lambs quarters, I just had 1 plant last year but it take over the garden. But I like it, they have nice purple leaves and don’t need much care, you can use them like spinach!
Now time for a green smoothie

Ingredients for smoothie no 2 (4-6 persons, +/- 1 litre juice)
2 cups of fresh peaches (I used 3 big peaches after tasting this recipe)
2 cups of lambs quarters leaves
3 cups of water

a blender or Magimix with special smoothie kit

so let’s make it……
Get the seeds out of the peaches, cut the peaches in little pieces so you can put it in the blender or Magimix. Wash the lambsquarters and blend them together with the peaches till a nice smooth juice. The cups of water I add at last.
It’s ready now, I must say it was really suprised (maybe I had to get used to the green taste) of the taste and maybe next time I put in some lemon. But just try! And experiment.

recipe from this page