……make your own washing ‘powder’

Of course you must clean your clothes once in a time ;). But on my search to cheap and environment friendly washing powder. I came on a side where they told how to make your own washing powder. And of course I want to try this. So I hit a jerry can (before it was a smog fluid jerry can, so cleaned it very well) with an tap! (really recommended)
I bought some nice smelling soap from the brand Marseilles, 100 percent natural and animal friendly. And finally got a washing ball to put the liquid in. I must say I think it really works, because my experience with washing nuts was terrible (These are nuts what are really eco-friendly, on the end of use you can put them on top of your compost heap)
And here you will get the recipe, thank you Hanneke

The recipe for 5 litres of fluid washing ‘powder’
80 gram of Marseille/aleppo soap, grated
5 litres of water
(some domestic soda ’80 gram’ if you want to make a white wash ‘powder’, but I have  aluminium parts in the washing machine so I couldn’t use this)

the kitchentools
a 5 litres cooking pan
a jerry can

how to make
so easy, just get the cooking pan fill it with water, bring it to a boil. Poor in the soap you grated and solve this into the water. Now let it stand for 24 hours. First you will have a really fluid soap, but after 24 hours the fluid stuff will become slimy and jelly. So funny, and I must say I discovered how to put it the easiest way into the jerry can. Just with a funnel and some dare.

When you want to wash, put some liquid in a washing ball (I do 125 ml)  and wash a normal program.