real breakfast……buckwheat with vegetables

Normally I eat in the morning flakes (oat,7 grains and so on) in my rice milk, with maybe some dried figs or whatever I like, with my flax seeds oil and dried grated coconut.
Jammy the porridges I really like, easy to digestive for me and eat, also for the children and full of healthy stuff.But this time I made a ‘real’ breakfast with full grains, buckwheat if you want to know 😉
I must say this is more savoury flavour so I must get used to the taste, but I want to get used to eat, because this is a good meal to start the day with also for not snacking in between, I am just want  changing my life a little in the day I want to have more rhythm  3 meals and try to bring the Ayurveda life into my life, till know I am happy what I already reached. Eating 95 percent organic, when I make my own meals.
I eat more locally, ok sometimes my avocados, use more herbs and spices in my food. Try to chew better, enjoy the dinner time, I always make the time special with nice candles. Before I only ate healthy but didn’t chew well, a lot of time I didn’t even tasted what I was eating very well.
Also I go to sleep at 22;30 (or around) and wake up at 7;15 hour. I like it, I think after a while you feel more rest, you get more stable life, without stress, more productive, less tired.
ok this was very serious babies, but that’s what I am into now……..
So here the recipe for real breakfast

Buckwheat with vegetables (2 persons)*
1 cup buckwheat (4 days fermented)**
2 cups water
1 tomato cut in tiny sizes
2 handfuls of lettuce or other green leaves
some pumpkin pieces (size of a tomato cut in tiny pieces)
some Celtic salt
1 teaspoon of tamari
2 tablespoons of tahini
2 handfuls of sprouts

a jar for fermenting the buckwheat
a cooking pan

How to begin….
**The first 4 days you are busy with fermenting the buckwheat, because you want to make it more digestible. So what you do is fill a jar with 1 cup of buckwheat and water, let stand 24 hours. (you can do this also with other grains to get rid of the Anti Nutrient Factor)
The second day save 10 percent of the water, get rid of the other water, fill with some fresh water and the water you set aside. The third day you do the same, the fourth day also! On the 5th day you can use it for your ‘porridge’

Now let’s make the breakfast dish, clean all the vegetables and cook the buckwheat grains with 2 cups of water for 30 minutes. After 10  minutes of simmering you poor in the pumpkin
The tomatoes, sprouts, celtic seasalt and lettuce you put in on the end (when the buckwheat cooked long enough), inclusive the tamari (you can use also other spices, if you like)
So when you took all the steps you are ready to serve

Enjoy it will gives you energy you like!

*based on recipe by ted Caldecott food as medicine



…..unpeel a tomato

Sometimes you must unpeel a tomato in the recipe, how to do this? It is very easy, you can buy canned ones, but i give the advise to buy fresh ones. The canned one is not so nutricious as the fresh one.

step 1 wash the tomatoes and get a cooking pan with some water

step 2 Put the cooking pan on the fire and bring it to a boil

step 3 Make a cross in the tomatoes, just in the peel (so not to deep)
step 4 put the tomatoes in the boiling water and wait till the peel is going to curl.
step 5 get them out (of course not by hand) and put them for a short time in water (so you won’t burn your hands when you get the peel off)

step 6 you can easy get the peel off!

feeling a beauty again…and nasu to piman no age-bitashi

1 pm, a date at a beauty centre! It was so relaxing, she did my face, my eyebrows, make me really feel relax.
Now after the treatment I feel like a beauty face is soft as silk and my eyebrows has the perfect shape!
I let you know I don’t go often maybe once a year, but I wish I could do this more.
After, I went home and immediately started cooking, now I was making a side-dish. But I must say I didn’t really liked it when I ate it, it was too greasy, I had the feeling of getting a acute vein obstruction, while I let the oil drip into the kitchen paper andit has no special taste.
But still I wanted to put it on the blog to complete my Hema Parekh week because it was from her cookbook! Maybe I did something wrong, or it’s just not my taste! Anyway this is a side-dish

the recipe for nasu to piman no age-bitashi/ marinated egg-plant and bell peppers (4 persons)*
the ingredients for the bowl
4 small egg plants cut into quarters and slices very thin
3 green bell peppers, sliced very thin
3 shallots slices very thin
1 medium tomato, peeled (if you cut on top a cross, not to deep and put in hot water for 1 minutes, you can get of the peel very easy)and cut in bite-sized cubes
vegetable oil for frying

for the marinate
2 teaspoons of vegetable oil
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
2 tablespoons of rice vinegar
3/4 teaspoon of Himalayan salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper, freshly ground

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a bowl
a knife
kitchen paper
slotted spoon

We begin….
Just cut all the ingredients, The egg plant and the green bell pepper you are going to fry in the frying pan. Heat the oil to 175 degrees Celsius, and put in the egg plants and green bell peppers fry for 3-4 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

So while the oil is dripping from the egg plant and green bell peppers, you can make the marinade.
Get a bowl and mix all the ingredients together. Set aside

Probably the egg plant and green bell peppers are dripped out, put them in a bowl. On top you add the tomato and the onion. Poor over the mixture the marinate. Allow to stand for 10 minutes before serving.
Can be served at room temperature or chilled she says! This is a side-dish

Hope you like!ボナペティ
*recipe from Hema Parekh (the Asian vegan kitchen)

easy, healthy and delicious………….great lunch

shopping is always nice and finding new shoes even better! Today it was an easy going day, just waking up making breakfast and going to the shopping mall in the North of Amsterdam, walking in the sunshine without sorrows.
Bought some leopard pumps, time to be a lady again……and of course no leather in the shoes! People always look strange, when you ask :’do you have shoes without leather?’
Anyway it,s my choice of wearing no dead animal fur/skin, and I have to say, there are  beautiful fake stuff so…. it’s even not necessary to wear real animals and pay a lot for a second-hand skin.
Ok enough writing, lets go and talk about the lunch, because walking and shopping makes you hungry!
I like to make an healthy lunch, especially with home-made bread and with vegetables picked up straight from our own garden

So how can you make a nice healthy, delicious lunch without cheese and meat.
I just say think colourful and your bread will look and taste awesome.
Anyway after the hummus on bread, I just right down an easy solution for a nice lunch and maybe not special for a lot of people but I wanted to put this on my blog just again forgetting some ideas!.

Some tempeh
2 tomatoes cut in thin slices
some thin slices of cucumber
sprouts what you have made and is on the windowsill ( I had reddish and alfalfa)
some mustard to use as butter on your bread
some salt and pepper
Caraway seeds as a garnish
Fresh lettuce different colours straight from the garden!
some coconut oil for baking/frying the tempeh
A nice and fresh baked bread

a plate
a cutting board
a knife
a baking pan

So lets start…
get the tempeh and cut the tempeh in triangles so you can put it on your bread easy, anyway you can make also squares, the same size as your slice of bread! Bake the tempeh in the frying pan till they are golden brown set aside, and cut the slices from the tomato and cucumber.
Take some bread and put some mustard on the top of the bread, upon the mustard you can put some lettuce. On top of the lettuce some tomato, cucumber and tempeh, the finishing touch is to put the sprouts on top and some pepper, salt and caraway seeds! Voila an easy lunch and if you have avocado you can put this also on your bread or leave away the tomato. Just fun to make this bread, you can make it the way you want and what you like……..just delicious!

Eet smakelijk and enjoy your day

cycling rules…and tomato soup also!

Cycling, cycling all the weekend cycling. But what a fun I had and also muscle pain but I take it for free with it.
I recognised the landscape of the Netherlands can be nice, sometimes you forget that kind of things in your own country.

Me and my friend cycled from Amersfoort to the Erkermerderbeach (, like a lot of other Dutch people did (funny when the sun is shining all the people in the Netherlands go cycling walking and to the beach to get a tan!) A part of the cycling road was very small so when you had oncoming bicycler’s it was a challenge not to touch each other. We passed the Eemmeer a big lake with a lot of birds, ducks and sailing-boats, it was so beautiful especially when the sun is shining in the water. And when we reached the beach we swim in the very cold water we felt like heroes doing this…..sighs….I am again dreaming, because now the weather is really getting like autumn has to be, rainy and the leaves are falling of the trees. So really not the best weather to go the beach and swim! But the smell of leaves (especially when you are in the forest) is really nice.

Every season has it great things, and when it’s getting autumn the time for eating soup has arrived, nice when you come home and it rained, you feel like you need something hot in your body to warm you up a little bit.
So time to make an easy tomato soup, easy to prepare and a great taste.

Ingredients of the easy tomato soup (2 persons)
700 gram of tomatoes ripped of their peel and cut in 4 pieces
4 sage leaves
juice of half a lemon
1 big onion cut in little pieces
1 litre of vegetable bouillon
68 gram of tomato purée (2 tablespoons)
3 cloves of garlic
some oil (sunflower or olive oil)
1 tablespoon of fresh thyme (maybe you can also you fresh basil, but put in the soup on the end, when the soup is finished)
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
some sprouts (what you like) as garnish

The kitchen tools
a cooking pan
a food processor
a knife

So lets start

First get a cooking pan and boil some water out of the tap and make a cross with the knife in the tomato, and put them in the boiling water, let them boil for some seconds now you can get the peel off, but take care of your hands the tomatoes will be hot! Cut them in 4 pieces
Get the cooking pan again, put some oil on the bottom, put in the onion and garlic and fry them till the are little glassy.
Step 2 is put in the tomato purée and mix well, now it’s turn for the bouillon to poured in and of course all the other ingredients bring it slowly to a boil, and simmer for 10 minutes.
Put the soup in the food processor and mix till it’s smooth, ready to serve, maybe you can think about some nice garnish, some fresh twig of thyme, basil leaves or sprouts or parsley.
Anyway I would say bon appetite!

Enjoy your meal

Rainbow coloured salad…..

Did I saw some sunshine today.?!..I even heard on the news it’s going to be warm and sunny this weekend. So today some gardening and decided to cut out some sorrel and rocket and use for some salad tonight!! In the afternoon I went to the supermarket and I saw some pomegranate…. and some raspberry vinegar (while I was searching for some vinegar to preserve the pickles in a jar, hope to post it soon how to do).
Very curious to use the raspberry vinegar in the salad I think it’s make the salad special and fresh.
I must say it has a special taste and you must like it, so if you are a daredevil try it and maybe an inspiration is born ; )

The ingredients of the rainbow coloured salad (4 persons)

200 gram of lettuce (maybe a mixture of rocket, oak-leaf lettuce and so on)
6 sun-dried tomatoes cut in little pieces
1 cup of cashew nuts a little crumbled
4 tomatoes
5 cloves of garlic
some zucchini leaves for garnish
1 pomegranate get out the seeds
0.75 millilitre/75 decilitre raspberry vinegar
some oil (olive oil)
juice of an half grapefruit
some chive
some star anise (lets say 2 teaspoons)
red lentils for 4 persons
some alfalfa sprouts
2 fresh figs for garnish
2 red onions cut in little pieces
1/2 tablespoon of fresh thyme
2 tablespoon dried grated coconut and some for garnish
2 little parsnips
the green part of a spring onion (for garnish) cut in slices
some Thai basil


a wok
a wooden spoon
a cooking pan
a bowl
4 plates
a colander

Let start  to make the rainbow salad

It’s easy preparing! Get the cooking pan put some water in and cook the lentils and parsnips for circa 20 minutes. Put on top of the pan a colander with the zucchini leaves in it and steam them)
Whoei… time to prepare the other stuff, wash the lettuce and ‘cut’ ( I like to use a scissor : )) them in fine pieces as big as you like to eat. And put them in the bowl!
So now grind the cashews a little bit and put them together with the pomegranate ( get out the little seeds) sundried tomatoes in the bowl. Mix very well

So time to get the wok and put some oil in it, heat the oil and bake the onion and garlic till they are glassy like. Now pour in the raspberry vinegar, the thyme, tomatoes and the grapefruit juice lets simmer for 3-5 minutes, stir occasionally!
mix the grated coconut in and the star anise powder.

So now cut the spring onion in slices and figs in half, and maybe some grapefruit pieces if you like!

Get the plates and decorate them the way you like, put on the plate some salad on the zucchini leaves, some lentil with Thai basil leaves and some tomatoes with some raspberry vinegar “sauce” ! Sprinkle the plate with grated coconut, some chive and some spring onion. And make the finishing touch with some healthy sprouts and fresh figs
                                                                Enjoy your meal

The tomato

beautiful red, tasty and juicy! It’s the tomato, you can bake or eat it raw. Is it a fruit or a vegetable, for me it’s a vegetable, but I heard often, it’s a fruit.
You cannot eat the plant of the tomato it’s very toxic, also eat only the red tomato, because in the green tomato there is still some toxic inside…..
When do we put the tomato seed in the garden.? (according to west-european climate)

The seeds you will grow surround the date of half of March or half of April, let them grow inside your house. Its warm inside the house but beware they get enough light! A best way of getting nice tomatoes is to put them in a greenhouse when they are ready to put in the garden.(In the Netherlands sometimes the weather isn’t very well for  the tomato to grow, it’s to cold and rainy that’s why a greenhouse is better).

You put the seeds surround the end of April in the garden, if you don’t let them grow inside the house. Beware you get some bamboosticks where the plant is growing because when the tomatoes are coming on the plant, the plant become heavy and can break or all the tomatoes are laying on the ground. The tomato plant who growed inside the house you put in the garden at the half of May till the end of June.

Nice solution.

When you put your tomatoes in a greenhouse you can make ropes from the beginning till the end of the greenhouse and bind up the tomatoes on the ropes

When you can eat the tomato?

You can eat the tomato when they are red, enjoy the taste of fresh tomato picked out of your own garden. It’s getting cold outside and you have a lot of green tomatoes still, pick them and let them getting red inside the house!!!

The vitamins

The tomato they say is full of cartenoids (this is against cancer)
And also the vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, potassium,phosphorus, magnesium and last but not least carotenes*

TCM= Traditional  Chinese Medicine

very cooling thermal temperature, sweet and sour flavour. Build the yin fluids and relieves dryness and thirst, tonifies the stomach and cleans the liver, purifies the blood and detoxifies the body in general. Encourages digestion (is used in cases of diminshed appetite, indigestion, food retention, anorexia and constipation).

Relieves liver heat and accompanying symptoms (high blood pressure, red eyes, headache) Area’s of stagnant blood in the body, tomato can be used as a food and as an external pack of the raw finely slices fruit on the stagnant side.
The tomato alkalizes the blood (useful in reducing the acid blood of rheumatism and gout)
Green tomatoes that are ripened later can weaken the kidney-adrenal function

Caution: Tomato upsets calcium metabolism and should be avoided in cases of arthritis. Too much tomatoes are weakening for everyone**

*from the internet
**Paul Pitchford Healing with whole foods

wrap it all…the sauces

Yes you reached the part two of making the wraps, HOORAY!!!

First I made guacamole, this I spices up a little bit, so if you don’t like too make it too spicey put some less pepper in it.

NUMBER 1 the guacamole
Ingredients of the guacamole

1 avocado
1/2 lemon ripped of his juice
1 medium onion
8 pieces of dried piri-piri
1 teaspoon  dried paprika powder
2 cloves of garlic

The tools

Use the food processor
a little bowl to put the sauce in

What to do

Just pour everything in the food processor and blend till it’s getting smooth! Your sauce 1 is finished!
Just pour it into the bowl

NUMBER 2 the tomato sauce

2 tomatoes cut in cubes
1 cup of water
1 tin of tomato paste (68 gram)
1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
some flour (2-3 teaspoons) to make the sauce thick
1 tablespoon of dried basil


a sauce pan
a beater?

let’s start

Put the saucepan on the fire, pour in the water and the tomato paste and mix till it’s all red coloured and has no lumps.Now you can pour every ingredient except the flour in the pan and bring it to a boil. Boiling? Put the gas down and make the sauce thick when you pour in slowly the flour and stir very well. So this is done also. You are really rocking

you are almost there just the filling has to be made this is easy also!

healthy week?…….spread for on bread

Pfffff a couple weeks long, too much alcohol, too many cupcakes and too many snacks. Definitely time for more healthy food and when it’s the best way to start? When you really slept terrible and when it’s morning. With my sleepy head I made some celestial seasoning’s goji-pomegranate tea and some nice spreads..My son is always happy with some porridge..lucky man 🙂

An easy way to make spreads


1 avocado
1 tomato
juice of an half lemon
1 little onion (red I like more)
2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil
2 tablespoons of dill
5 walnuts or maybe 10
roasted pine nuts
some pepper for garnish
some cucumber for garnish


Just a food processor  (I love my magimix)

what to do?

I just say put everything together except the pepper, pine nut and cucumber and mix until smooth. Put the mixture on bread and make a nice painting of it 🙂

You can make a lot of variations on it, maybe some garlic, parsley instead of dill, some sun-dried tomatoes, some cayenne-pepper, use other nuts…I would say be creative

Mmm and after this take some real nice fresh orange juice with grapefruit in it