something different with tofu……a tofu-flower

This recipe I will give is great to make and not so difficult. You can put this tofu-flowers as a side-dish (great with rice or noodles, some Asian food). They look great and are tasty, maybe you can fill the flower-cups next time with some vegetables. Just what you like, you can make a lot of variation on this flower.
So how to make…

For like 8 tofu flowers
ingredients for the tofu-flowers
1 “package” (8 sheets will be cut in 4 pieces each, so you will have 32 squares) of filo/phyllo  (each cupcake-tin must have 4 squares of filo/phyllo )
250 gram of tofu, drained the water out
3 cloves of garlic, minced by a garlic press
spices you like to put on the tofu (I used 1 teaspoon chilli pepper and  1 teaspoon of garam masala again! but maybe you like sweet chilli sauce more)
some parsley for decoration
hand full of roasted pumpkin seeds
1 medium onion cut in little pieces
some oil for frying the tofu
some celtic salt/pepper

The kitchentools
an oven
8 cupcake-tins
a frying pan

Ready for making it?
get the filo/phyllo  out of the freezer and set aside 30 minutes, so you can cut it very well and the layers will get of very easy (without breaking)
In the meanwhile you can cut the tofu in squares and bake it in the frying pan so they will get golden brown, shortly bake the onion and garlic also in the frying pan. Now you can mix it very well together with the tofu use the spices you like on tofu, mix again and put of the fire.

Time to cut the dough, it will be perfect now for preparing. Cut one sheet in 4 equal squares and put them one by one in the cupcake tin, each sheet rotate 45 degrees from the one below him, so you will have already a nice flower.
Put in 1 tablespoon of the mixture, now do the rest of the cupcakes!

Put them all on the baking sheet and bake on 200 degrees Celsius in the oven. Check on the half of time if the sheets aren’t getting black on the corners (I had that problem once ;))
When the dough is getting crunchy they are ready for use.
Beautiful for decorate the plate and nice to eat! Finish if you like with some salt and pepper

Eet smakelijk

gardening…..sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way

The weather is becoming better, the seeds are growing. My mind is totally obsessed with gardening now. I was searching on internet for nice products to grow more vegetables/fruits in the garden and I saw a great tomato-bag what you can hang on a ceiling for example and the plant will grow up side down (tomatobag). What an invention. I like that kind of inventions.
My garden isn’t so big that’s why I am always searching for new methods to grow more organic stuff.
Each year it’s getting better and better. I learn more and more, next saturday I will go on a course what to eat in the ‘wild’- nature, of course I know a little but always fun to do. Probably you will hear more about this!
What you will hear now is how I made a nice dish out of the oven, and some beet with different taste and nice tofu as a side-dish

Here the recipe for sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way and tofu as a side-dish (4 persons)


for the beet on a different way
550 gram beet, peeled and washes and cut in the shape of fries
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 pieces of whole star anise
some water
for the sweet potato oven-made

750 gram of sweet potato, peeled and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1/2 red onion cut in slices
4 gram of fresh ginger, minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
200 gram of carrot, washed and cut in the shape of thin pencils (or maybe you like slices more)
1 tablespoon of cumin-seeds
juice of 1/2 a lemon
juice of 1/2 a orange
1/4 cup of canola oil

for the tofu
250 gram of tofu, pressed out the water and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 teaspoon of garam massala (recipe earlier in my blog/ scrambled tofu)
some oil for baking

an oven
a bowl
a cooking pan for the beets
an oven dish
a frying pan
a food processor with a blade of making fries
a garlic press
a knife
a cutting board

First we begin with….
the beets
The beets to prepare,wash and cut the beets in fries. Get a cooking pan, fill with some water like 1/3 of the pan. Put in the beets and the spices (star anise, cinnamon, cloves)
Bring it to a boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes stir once on the half of the simmering time. It will be ready when the beets are soft and nice to chew!

the sweet potato
In the meanwhile you can make the oven dish, peel the sweet potato, cut the onion, mince the garlic and ginger, cut the carrot in thin sticks, press the orange and lemon juice and get the oil!
Time to get the baking dish not necessary to rub it into oil, what I did was just mix everything well together in the oven dish and sprinkle the dish with some cumin seeds. It must look wonderful and everything must became in touch with the oil and juices.
Time to put in the oven, the oven must be like 200 degrees Celsius you will bake this like 30-40 minutes also.
When it’s ready? when the potato and carrot are soft.

the tofu
This you can make on the end when all the dishes are ready. Cut the tofu, in a bowl you mix all the spices (turmeric, garam masala and curry powder) together with the tofu (sometimes I am lazy and I mix it in the frying pan)
Heat up the frying pan with some oil, and put in the tofu!
Bake the tofu till it’s crispy and golden brown.
This is all you have to do to make your dish complete!
Everything must be ready now, get the plates make them beautiful. At least this is a colourful dish and nice to watch. Hope you will like the taste also!

Eet smakelijk/enjoy

salt-chamber……scrambled egg

My discovering last day, I was still searching for the kala namak salt. Nobody heard of it, nowhere to get in the shops. So the next step was too search on the internet and what did I discovered, here in Amsterdam there exist a salt-chamber, a shop full of salt and salt.
OMG for me a palace, I just get more into the speciality of products, I want more exclusive stuff and especially to try, unlucky for my man ;).
My mission was complete when I entered the shop, I found the kala namaki. Why this is so cool, because I read on the internet this salt has an egg taste, and yes it has an egg taste!
So here my first recipe with the egg tasting salt, scrambled egg, good for on bread or just as a side-dish.

scrambled egg for 2 persons.
250 gram of tofu, crumbled by your own hands
1 teaspoon of curry powder (I used English one)
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
1/4 teaspoon of garam masala powder*
+/- 1/2 teaspoon of kala namak salt
some oil for baking

a stove
a frying pan
a wooden spoon for stirring the egg
a little bowl for the spices

the start….
Get the tofu crumbled by your own hands, the tofu must be as dry as possible. Mix all the spices together except for the kala namak salt. Get the frying pan, poor in some oil. Let the oil slowly getting warm, when the oil is at perfect temperature you can put in the tofu, bake for a short time like 2 minutes, now put in the spices and stir well with the wooden spoon.
Now after like 7 minutes the tofu will be a little brown and be ready to put on bread. But first turn off the gas and sprinkle the salt on top of the ‘egg”.

I would say…enjoy your scrambled egg

*2 tablespoons coriander seeds
1 tablespoon cumin seed
1 tablespoon cardamom seed
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorn
1 teaspoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
2 dried hot red chilli peppers, seeds discarded
2 tablespoons ground turmeric

1 Combine the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom seeds, peppercorns, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, cloves, and red chilli peppers in a small skillet over medium-low heat.
2 Toast until fragrant, about 2 minutes.
3 Grind the toasted spices in a clean coffee grinder or spice mill to a fine powder.
4 Spoon in the turmeric, and process to combine.
5 Use immediately, or store in a sealed jar for up to 1 month.
recipe garam masala: from recipes garam masala!

feeling a kitchen-princess… and some great tasting rice dish with norifu

Being a lot in the kitchen nowadays and really I have the feeling I am making progress to make nice meals…and be more creative.
Or it’s my year to be a kitchen-princess , I feel like!
This rice dish I made is so easy to make, but the taste is so soft and smooth. Really recommended if you don’t want a diner with strong taste, like very sharp, sour, salt or something else. I think this has a nice balance. And the norifu is an experiment, I wanted to make fish sticks only plant based of course, but it didn’t even taste like it, but the result is really ok!
This kitchen-princess will give you the recipe…….here you are

rice dish
the ingredients rice dish (for 2-4 persons)
3 cloves of garlic (pressed)
1/2 onion cut in cubes
1/2 big leek cut in thin slices, also a piece of the dark green part if it looks well!
1 red  pointed pepper (like a bell pepper)
8 gram of grated fresh ginger
1/2 zucchini cut in tiny pieces
1/2 cup of water
2 tablespoons of shoyu (soy sauce)
2-3 teaspoons of orange zest (organic)
basmati rice for 2-4 persons and 1 or 2 teaspoon of turmeric (to make the rice yellow)
(you can put some pumpkin-seeds into the rice if you like, especially nice when you first bake them without oil till they are a little warm and brown)
some slices of cucumber for garnish

a wok
a wooden spoon
a knife
a cutting board
a cooking pan

The beginning…
Put on the rice, in the cooking pan together with some water, my Basmati rice was quickly ready, get rid of the cooking water and make the rice yellow. Get the wok, get some oil and bake for a short time the onion,leek and garlic. Put in the courgette and all the other ingredients (ginger, orange zest, shoyu, water and the pointed pepper), mix well and simmer for 10 minutes.
Get the plates and if you also made the norifu, you can make the plate complete with, the rice, vegetables and norifu.


norifu (marinated tofu)
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1/2  grated seaweed sheets ( the one you make the sushi with)
juice of 1 lime
some dried dill ( I must say I don’t know exact the amount but I think like 2 tablespoons
250 grams of tofu slices in little rectangles
a plate full with sifted flour for dipping the tofu
a plate full with water for dipping the tofu in
a plate full with breadcrumbs for dipping the tofu in
some coconut-oil for frying the tofu

4 plates
A pan to fry in (I used a  wok, with a bottom full of oil)
a flat bowl to marinated the tofu
a little bowl
a brush

how to make….
I just pressed the water very gentle out of the tofu ( I did this with help of a towel I wrapped the tofu in the towel and pressed).
In the little bowl I mixed the lime together with the dill and I took the marinating bowl, put in the tofu (what I just cut in rectangles) and now I brushed the tofu on both sides with the mixture.

Wait 30 minutes, so the mixture can get into the tofu.
Prepare the plates with the different kind of ingredients (put the grated seaweed sheets into the breadcrumbs), the last (4th) plate is for putting the finished tofu on.

Now get the tofu piece by piece and first dip in the flour plate, then into the water plate and then into the bread-crumbs plate (now the tofu is totally covered with everything) and put the finished tofu on the last plate.
When you ended up the last tofu, you can heat the wok with oil. Beware the oil is like 175 degrees Celsius, the perfect heat for frying the tofu (I check with a drip, not more then a drip, of water, when it’s sizzling it has the perfect temperature)
Now fry all the tofu golden brown, that’s all folks! With some slices of cucumber the dish is ready to be eaten

十分に召し上がれ/ enjoy your meal

My boyfriend will love me more food……..

The garden is cleaned ready for the autumn, the book I read  is almost done. Dreaming about a lot of things…Daydreaming is nice! I had my mama-day, no care about the little man or anything else…..
Now I cannot sleep it’s in the middle of the night, am I excited about tomorrow? We go to meditate in a temple in China town Amsterdam, I think it fits great to what I am into nowadays. The mindfulness course is working sometimes ( it needs time to get into the daily life). It’s a lot of energy but nice and relaxing and gives energy.
And for a healthy body you have to give attention, on the out en inside, on food and psychical thoughts…

This evening, I wanted to impress my boyfriend with a nice and different unusual meal. Sometimes cooking is meditation also, especially when you are busy with a whole ritual.
Try to be only busy with preparing the food, feel the ingredients, smell the ingredients and taste (anyway what is really nice to do, is to give someone an ingredient in the hand, he or she must close his eyes, feel, smell, listen, put in your mouth without chewing, chew slowly and feel it in your throat going downwards really I can say it’s a big difference, anyway enjoy and try)
So this is my way to make my boyfriend love me more ; ), follow the steps and you will get the same effect!!

Ingredients for the crunchy orange love dish (4 persons)

A lot of love and attention for the food
2 cups of glasswort
juice of 1 orange
4 person cooked rice (45 minutes cooking rice the healthiest one) 300 gram
1 zucchini cut in moons (first in half then in slices)
1/2 cup of hazelnut, grind till little pieces
some flour lets say 1/2 cup
some water let say 1/2 cup
1/2 cup of pistachio, in food processor grind till it’s like dust
2 tablespoons of sesame oil
1/2 red bell pepper cut in little pieces
1 red onion cut in little pieces
3 tablespoons of shoyu sauce
a piece of ginger pressed out in a garlic press (1/2 tablespoon of juice)
5 cloves of garlic
35 gram of carrot tops (the green leaves) cut in bite pieces
Sprouts for garnish (I had broccoli sprouts)

Kitchen tools

a cooking pan
a frying pan
a wok (or maybe 2 if you have)
4 plates
a little bowl and 2 little plates
a glass or some other shape for the rice
a spatula
a wooden spoon

Whoot…. let begin…

Put the rice with some water on in the cooking pan and lets simmer for 45 minutes.
In a meanwhile wash everything like vegetables.
Cut everything it’s the easiest way and a nice way of cooking without chaos! We begin with the ‘salad’ get the glasswort, carrot tops and the hazelnut. Put some olive oil in the wok and put the fire high…..put in the glasswort and carrot tops, while heating it keep on moving the stuff, let say for 3 minutes, put in the sesame oil and the hazelnut again, heat for 3 minutes. Set aside and lets begin with the crunchy tofu!

The tofu must be drained of the water, then you cut it on the thinnest side in the middle through half, so you have to square pieces of tofu.
Now cut very thin slices, but they must not break! you all done it…great.
Get the flour, the pistachio and the water. In the bowl you put water, on 1 plate you put the flour and on the last plate the pistachio. the last plate is too put the finished tofu on.
This is going to be fun, get a piece of tofu, put on both sides some flour, dip the tofu in the water, and now “roll” it through the pistachio (it must be covered with pistachios now)
Repeat this till all the tofu is finished!

Lets bake the tofu, get the frying pan and put in a lot of coconut oil so you can fry them a little (let say 2 cm of oil in the pan while it’s fluid)
Bake them brown on both sides, again finished, put them aside.

The last but not least part, the vegetables!
Put some oil in the wok, put in the onion, garlic, zucchini and red bell pepper. Bake very short like 5 minutes on not to high fire, Now poor in the ginger, orange juice and shoyu sauce. Lets stand for 5 minutes more covered with a lid if you have

So get the plates, get the rice, make a nice shape of it on the plate ( I like to put some rice in a glass, and put the glass upside down on the plate..easy and it works) on top you put some sprouts
Put on both side of the rice some glasswort. Now get ready to put the tofu on the plate, put some pieces on it and between each pieces and slice of orange. On the both empty sides you put the vegetables, some sauce from the vegetables you poor on the top of the rice

Enjoy your meal and eat with mindfulness ; )

curry dish with some sunshine…

Wow I am a Rembrandt van Rijn fan too, he was an amazing painter! Now I like my name also, because the lady of Rembrandt called Saskia also! So OK, today I went with Brooke and Aaron to the Rembrandthouse (  it’s a huge house and beautiful, (I wish I had a house like it) saw some guy making some etches just like Rembrandt did. Beautiful to see, it takes a lot of time and patience…Anyway my house is also great……with the garden. No complaining. After that, I went to the supermarket and did a lot of shopping for the whole week, so I was fully packed and the stroller also. Glad we were at home again, and the stroller didn’t break.
Today I just heated up the dish from yesterday, I made for the couch-surfers. I ask if they really liked it and they say yes, I ask my friend is it blog worthy and he said yes also, so OK the recipe will be under this text, enjoy its not difficult and on the spiceyness-degree it’s a 7. (For Dutch concepts I think, for Thai concepts it’s a 5 ; ) ) And yes it’s probably far away from the typical Thai curry, anyway for me curry is a Thai dish

Curry dish with some sunshine (4persons)

for the rice/lentil
100 gram of dried brown lentils
100 gram of dried red lentils
4 persons rice (approx.300 gram)
1 teaspoon of turmeric

for the subtropical tofu
250 gram of tofu (organic and no GMO) drained of the water and cut into cubes or which shape you want (but not too big, just like a dice as thickest)
the juice of 1/2 a grapefruit
1 tablespoon of soya sauce
1 tablespoon of sambal ulek (
(beware there is no animal ingredients in the sambal)

for the sunny curry
2 strings of celery cut in little slices
(if you don’t like celery maybe green beans are a good option)
15 gram of Chinese cabbage
280 gram of yellow zucchini
1 can of coconut milk (400ml)
1 teaspoon of ground fennel
40 gram dried apricot cut in little pieces
6 cloves
6 bay leaves
2 tablespoon of ground curry powder ( curry madras)
3 carrots cut in slices
the juice of 1/2 a lemon ripped of his juice
a yellow or red bell pepper cut in little pieces
2 tablespoon of sambal ulek

for garnish
1 hand of roasted almonds (grind in chunky pieces).
8 cherry tomatoes
some desiccated grated coconut
1 little leek only use the green part
1 red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 grated carrot
some bok choy leaves
some slices of the grapefruit

a wok
a cooking pan
a sauce pan with coconut oil
4 plates
a cup to make nice rounds of the rice/lentil
a bowl
a frying pan

Lets start….

I would say start with the rice I use rice who must cook for 40 minutes, it’s rice were still the skin is on.
So take a cooking pan put some water in and cook the rice for 20 minutes, after you will put in the lentils (don’t forget to wash the lentils first.) in and together boil/cook for 20 minutes more. After this is finished put the turmeric in ( turmeric gives it a yellow colour)

Lets do the tofu while the rice is cooking, you cut the tofu in cubes or whatever? Fry them in the saucepan with the coconut oil. When they ate golden brown get them out, put them on a paper kitchen towel and get rid of the grease.
After, you marinate it in the bowl put together the grapefruit juice, soya sauce and sambal

Yes time for the curry, just poor in the wok, the coconut milk, bay leaves, cloves, curry powder, dried apricot, ground fennel, carrots, celery and the zucchini!
Bring it slowly to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes, after put in the bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, sambal and the lemon juice. Lets simmer for another 10 minutes
The sauce is ready to serve now!

Now it’s only the garnish what must be prepared, roast the almond after you grind it in little chunks. Put them in a frying pan without oil till they get browner beware they don’t get burned, it always happen when you just walk away : )
Put them in a little bowl when they are ready.
Now put some oil in the same frying pan and heat it up, bake the onion and the garlic!
Also cut the green part of the leek in rings…

Get the plates and go and make them pretty!

First put the bok choy leaves on the plate, with the glass make a nice shape from the rice/lentil on the plate. Put on top the leek and a little surround
Put some sauce on the other end of the plate, on another corner you put the tofu with some grated carrot on top

On the other corner you will put the grapefruit slices and 2 cherry tomatoes. Put the onions/garlic somewhere between the little “meals”
On everything you will scatter some grated coconut and almonds

Time to enjoy your meal/ รสอร่อย




Endive mash hills with a river of tofu stones….and a good discussion

A week full of rain, but nice days with the American couchsurfers (Jenny and Greg) in our house. We went to the Anne Frank house, it’s terrible I didn’t went before, when I was younger I even made a presentation about Anne Frank…shame on me.
It was interesting to see how big the house is and in the end, you had really difficult issues about freedom to talk about. I am glad I am not a politician, sometimes it’s really difficult how far will you go about freedom of speak and when is something discrimination!
For me I think everybody has to respect each other, whatever their religion is or where they come from…

I have one motto, treat the persons/friends like the way you want to be threatened!

Anywayzz …Jenny and Greg, I liked the discussions we had about a lot of points in the world, like health insurances, animal rights, religion, how people lie to one another, money issues and so on….
And Jenny your recipes-blog is going to be awesome, and the food you made was delicious!
So here you get my recipe I made for you! and the potatoes are originally coming from South America!

Dutch endive mash hills with a river of tofu stones!!

Ingredients for the endive mash hills (4-6 persons)

2 kilogram potatoes washed and with peel
1 kilogram of endive (also for garnish)
1/2 cup rice milk
4 1/2 tablespoon curry powder (I had curry madras)
1/2 tablespoon chilli powder
1 cup roasted almonds
2 tablespoon parsley
2 onions, one white one red! cut in little pieces
3 apples
2 tablespoon of apple vinegar
some pepper and salt
garden cress for garnish
1/2 lemon his juice

For the river of tofu stones

500 gram of organic non GMO tofu, drained
some coconut oil for frying (no tasting coconut oil)
2 tablespoon of soya sauce (shoyu sauce)
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1 of the orange you get orang zest from

Kitchen tools!

food processor
(or a grinder and masher)
1 cooking pan
2 frying pan
a wooden spoon
a knife
a bowl

lets start…

Begin with the longest preparing ingredients, that are the potatoes just put them in a cooking pan and poor some water in it and bring it to a boil (for the environment put a lid on the pan), then let them boil for circa 15 minutes

In a meanwhile prepare the tofu, drain the tofu so most of the water is out the ‘brick’, then fry the tofu in a frying pan with the coconut oil…You can see if they are getting a brown colour they are ready to marinade.
Get the bowl and put together the shoyu sauce, orange juice and zest, mix it well. When you put the tofu out of the oil lay them on some paper towel to get rid of the too much oil-leftovers : )
Now put them in the bowl and mix everything together!

Back to the basic things to do, wash the endive and cut them in little pieces like, 1 inch (set aside) now get the almonds grind them or put them in a food processor they must become little chunks, time to roast them, just get a frying pan and heat the pan without oil, throw the almonds in a let them get tanned! (set aside)

Of course the onions has to be cut also, so get the peel of and slice them with a knife and take the same  frying pan as the almonds and quick bake them with some oil till they are glassy (set aside)

The potatoes will be ready by now, mash them and poor some rice milk, lemon juice and apple vinegar in it so it gets like puree, then poor the spices in mix very well ( I was just lazy and used the food processor to do all this work for me)
Put the purée in the pan, or it’s still in the pan and mix together (with the wooden spoon) the endive pieces, purée and apple pieces.
Everything is ready by now get the plates,  be creative and make a wonderful landscape of it with two hills of endive mash, between a river with stones of tofu and orange marinade, and some snow felt out of the sky made of almonds and some pepper and salt. Grass as weed (garden cress)

With the pepper and salt you can choose how much you like, I think it’s always difficult how many salt and pepper people want, I just used to use no salt at all

Enjoy your meal!

sunday the most chill out day of the week……

sunday the most relaxing day of the week, just doing some gardening, baking a bread,sitting in the sun…This day is a restday from all the busy activities through the week.
Maybe later on we go to the magneetfestival  we went 2 days before, and it was really nice. On a small  piece in Amsterdam they built tents for music and acts, you can hoop at the hoolahoop-cottage, eat some nice dinners (also vegan), meet some nice people, they try to be very good to the enviroment, you can camp if you want and don’t miss anything from the festival. So if you have time just go there and enjoy

But we are still on the relaxing tour and on the healthy way, so this morning I made a fresh juice with melon, mango, orange juice and some herbs like thai basil and mint. In the evening I made some salad mostly from vegetables from the garden YIPPIE, some potatoes with rosemary and fried tofu with chilisaus, and finally we didn’t go this day to the festival, my boy and me picked some blackberries for the icecream what is still in the freezer.

The ingredients of the summer salad

1 beet cut in little cubes
some green ‘lettuce’ from the garden 200 gram ( I took chard, rocket and sorrel)
1 zucchini cut into slices
1 red onion cut in little pieces
1/2 of lemon juice
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1/2 cup roasted sunflowerseeds
some walnuts make into little pieces
2 teaspoon sesame-oil
1-2 tablespoon ricesyrup
1 little turnip cut in thin slices
some beans, east indian cherry flower and parsley for garnish
some orange zest for garnish
some pepper

the ingredients of the potatoes

1 kilogram of potatoes cut in triangles/rectangle
some rosemary ( I think 1 tablespoon)
some oil
some salt

the ingredients of the chili-tofu

500 gram tofu drained ( no water) and cut into cubes
vegan sweet hot chilli sauce

The kitchentools

2 cooking pans
a colander
a knife
a big bowl for the salad
little bowl for the dressing
frying pan
a wok

So how to begin?

Put some water and the beet in the cooking pan and bring it to a boil, let’s slowly boil for 10 minutes. In a meanwhile you can prepare the rest of the salad, wash the “lettuce” put them in the bowl, roast the sunflowerseeds in a frying pan without oil, cut the courgette in slices the turnip and also the onion! The beans for garnish, the zucchini and the turnip put them together in the colander and put them on the cooking pan where the beet is still in. Just steam them for 10 minutes, while the beet is again boiling for 10 minutes

Now wash the potatoes with the peel still on ( because thats very healthy) Cut them in little triangles and bring them also with some water in the pan to a boil and let them boil for 10 minutes, be careful don’t make them to soft.

So everything is boiling and so on. Time to make the dressing this is really easy, just take the juice from the lemon and the orange whisk together in the little bowl, then pour also the rice-syrup and the sesame-oil together. This will be the dressing!

I think the beet and the zucchini, turnip, beans are ready, put them in the big bowl, and mix with the salad so you have a colourful bowl.

Yes we are going to fry the tofu, so in a saucepan you pour some oil, and let the fire heat up the oil. When it’s hot ( just put a drip of water in it and when is says ssssssssjjs it’s ok) then put in the tofu for about 3 minutes, when you get them out, put them on a kitchen-towel so the oil will get out and get into the kitchen-towel.
Every tofu-piece is fried? Marinade them with the sweet chilli sauce

Take the wok now and let the oil heaten up in the wok, when this is at the right temperature, bake the potatoes (please without to much water) together with some rosemary, till they are golden brown. A child can do it!!

I think all the ingredients for the nice tasty plate are ready so, make the plate like a painting and be creative. Put some potatoes, salad en fried tofu on the plate and voila a nice summerdish, oh and yes before I forget put some dressing on top of the salad ( and also the garnish). Maybe some pepper and salt to finish



enjoy your meal!

Part 2 of the birthdayparty….the BBQ

Yes I can say the vegetarian/ vegan BBQ was a hit  of the day, we didn’t had so many eaters. But it was wonderful and  there was some sunshine. With some beer and wine the BBQ was really finished. And of course our well prepared snacks
The boys like to make a big fire( it’s always a discussion between all of them how to make the best fire!!) and I like to BBQ, because it’s always very relaxing

I made some vegan vegetables packets, who where delicious and of course some potatoes what I wrapped in aluminium foil (and just put them between the briquettes of the BBQ, want to know when it’s ready? Just get some bamboo skewer and put them in the potato when it’s ready you can do this very easy, thanks Jelle for the advise), some corn with vegan home-made herb-butter wrapped in aluminium foil and some sticks with marinaded tofu….and bought some vegetable sausages in the nature shop.
The marinated tofu was da bomb…really nice its not much work only the preparing must be done one day (the better the marinate can get into the tofu)before the BBQ.

Smashing tangerine-tofu sticks (2-4 persons)

First the ingredients tangerine-tofu-sticks

2 packages of tofu ( 1 kilogram altogether) cut in cubes from 5 by 5 cm
tangerine lemonade without sugar (juice) altogether 125 ml, mixed with water
2 teaspoon star anise powder
125 ml shoyu (soy sauce)
some tangerine peel of one tangerine
2 cloves of garlic cut in really little pieces, or pressed
2 little pieces of ginger-root
some sesame oil ( approximately 1 tablespoon)


some bamboo skewers
a big bowl to marinade the tofu in (what also fits in a fridge)
a wooden spoon
a knife
a towel

How to begin to make the delicious tofu?

always when you want to marinate tofu, you must get rid of all the water what’s inside of the tofu. I always press the tofu in a towel very soft so the towel gets wet and the tofu dry, you can also put something heavy on it for one hour and beware the water can get away!!

After drying the tofu, you must make the marinade. First cut the tofu carefully with a knife in dices. You put the tofu in the bowl, and now you put the tangerine peel on the tofu!
Now it’s time to put al the ingredients into the bowl, mix it carefully with a wooden spoon ( so the tofu won’t break)
Ready? Now get some plastic foil or something else to cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for circa 1 day.
Next day you will put the tofu on the bamboo skewers, and now they are ready for a real nice BBQ!!

The marinade you can use as a sauce, maybe make it thicker with cornstarch while heating the marinate on the stove in a sauce pan

(based on a recipe from steven raichlen)