Another pie….strawberry/lemon raw pie

Yes another pie I made on yvi his b-day! Really delicious and fresh. But now I heard that agave syrup is also very bad for your health. I have to find it out…Is it true or just a story. I must say there is always discussion about sugars. Which are the good ones. The only good rule about this is not take it too much. We don’t eat every day pie, so once in a while some ‘bad’ sugar is ok I think, but we do not touch refined crystallized sugar.
Anyway here is the recipe, I made it last time, with blueberries. Sorry forgot from who it was…I took from the internet

The ingredients for a 18 cm pie
50 grams of almonds soaked overnight
50 grams of raw hazelnuts soaked overnight
3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
150 grams of dried dates

100 gram of extra vierge cocnutoil
300 grams of raw cashews soaked overnight
juice of 2 lemons
1 vanilla bean
120 gram of agave syrup

1 box of frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons of agave syrup

a foodprocessor
a spring ( I used a ceramic oven dish with some baking paper inside)
some joy

How to make the pie….
The soaking overnight take the longest time. Before you go to bed put the nuts in a bowl with water. The day after when you wake up, you can get ready for making the pie. First we start with the bootom, put all the ingredients togehter in the foodprocessor and mix till it’s a smooth dough!
Get the spring, cover this with some baking paper and put the bottom of the pie into the spring, make also the side from this pie with the bottom I think something like 5 cm high.
Put the spring into the fridge and now it’s time to make the layer. It’s going to be boring put put all the ingredients together in the food processor and mix until smooth (coconut oil, doesn’t have to be soft, cashews,juice of two lemons, vanilla bean and agave syrup)
When this is mixed well, get the spring out of the fridge and put in the layer above the bottom.
After put the pie again back into the fridge.
The last but not least the topping (last  made with blueberries). Again get the food processor put in the strawberries and agave syrup mix well till it’s smooth. (if the food processor doesn’t like the frozen strawberries wait till they are more soft and not frozen any more).
This is the topping, put this as finishing touch on the pie. Go to the freezer with the ppe, and put it like 6 hours in the freezer. Just before you want to eat it, take it from the freezer.
Enjoy this delicious pie and be creative to make your own taste on this pie, with different fruits




Red, juicy, and let the summer inside your body. Mmmm the taste is delicious, put them on bread, in some dessert. or make jam from it…Strawberries to me, are the beginning of the summer and the sun. This year everything is very late (growing) and the strawberries are turning out to be red very late. But when you taste fresh from the garden a strawberry it change the world. Did you know originally it comes from north of America?
how to grow.
They definitely need sun! they like food also, so the ground must be soil rich, plant compost they like. I never made strawberries out of seeds, but it is possible they say, so you have a fresh mother plant. From the motherplant you can make more plants!
When you look very good you see long stems and on the end you see a little plant with roots, here you can make a new plant from, cut of the stem and put the roots in a pot with fresh soil.wait a couple of weeks and voila…a daughter plant (they called it here like this)
You can do this early in June or after the strawberries are eaten!
Also the strawberry must be moved next year or you must have a two years growing strawberryplant, becuase the change on disease is getting bigger if you don’t move them! So take them in the crop rotation program
Time of fruits depends on the race…

nice solution
we do not have  much space here to have strawberry fields, so we decided to make strawberrie poles. I made already a post about this so here is the link.

when to eat
Of course when the strawberry is very very red, brighten red and not dark. Because when they are dark they are almost old and the taste is the best when they are fire truck red

vitamins and minerals
vitamins:a little of B1,B2,B3.a lot of vitamin B11 and vitamin C
Minerals:Natrium,silicon, potassium, calcium, phosphor, Iron, magnesium, copper and zinc*

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
cooling thermal nature, sweet sour as taste, benefits the spleen-pancreas and improves appetite.
Moisten the lungs and generates body fluids.Used for thirst, sore throat and hoarseness.Relieves urinary difficulties including painful urination and inability to urinate. Useful for arterial and all connective tissue repair**


** healing with whole foods by Paul Pitchford