Red lentils, pumpkins and beets…….fire truck red soup

Look at my vegetables, I see pumpkin, 3 beets, onion and coriander leaves. I know I have some red lentils on the shelf. Yes I am going to make a nice soup. It is a sweet tasting soup. I made a watery soup but if you like a thicker one put in some potatoes or parsnips

Ingredients for the fire truck red soup (8-10 persons)
juice of 1 lemon
250 gram of washed dried red lentills
3 litres of water
1 garlic bouillon powderblock
1-2 red onions/ 3 spring onions
2 big carrots sliced
1 medium pumpkin cut in squares from 2 by 1 centimetres
3 beets cut in slices
(if you like chili pepper to taste)

to decorate for each bowl
1/4 teaspoon of nigella seeds
sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds
some baked garlic to taste
Himalaya salt/pepper to taste
maybe some bread

a knife
a cutting board
a immersion blender
a big cooking pan for 3 litres of soup
a wok

How to begin….
You don’t have to do much of work, cut all the vegetables, wash and get the cooking pan.Fill this with the water, the garlic bouillonblock, the beets, the pumpkinpieces, the lentils, lemon juice and carrots (and maybe the chilli pepper).
Put the lid on the pan and bring it to a boil…when it’s boiling turn the gas low and simmer for about 30 minutes. The pumpkin must get soft and the beet also…

In the meanwhile get the wok and roast the pumpkinseeds, to decorate the bowls. After set aside. Get again the wok and put in some oil, this is for sautee the onion very short, they must get glassy. set aside. (in the meanwhile get all the decorating;))
And heat up the garlic till it is a little brown and also set this aside

The soup must be ready now…get the immersion and make the soup smooth. Some lumps are ok, if you like.
Get the bowls, fill them with soup and sprinkle the pumpkinseeds and nigella seeds on top. Also some spring onion (you can chosse to mix them also into the soup) and garlic.
As a finishing touch some salt and pepper

Enjoy the taste and ‘sweetness’ of this soup