pumpkin again…..pumpkin and sweet potato couscous

Today I ate something delicious, sweet potato I didn’t ate for along time, so it was time to eat again (because it is so sweet and healthy). So I bought some sweet potato, I had some pumpkin. Also some whole-wheat couscous, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and carrot from the garden!
Are you drooling already?
Here is the recipe special for you, the children really liked it also and me also 🙂

Ingredients for pumpkin and sweet potato couscous (4 persons)
800 gram of sweet potato cut in thin slices (3 mm)
1 kilogram of organic orange pumpkin, cut in slices like 5 mm (if it’s organic you don’t have to get off the peel!)ingr coucous pumpkin
200 gram of carrot sliced in pieces of 3 mm
375 millilitre of oatcuisine
pepper to taste
5 teaspoons of curry powder (I used madras)
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin)

240 gram of whole-wheat couscous
5-6 sun-dried tomatoes
handful of fresh mintleaves
1-2 tablespoon of walnut-oil
2 hands of crushed walnuts
Celtic seasalt to taste

2 baking dishes
a knife
a cutting board
a bowl and little bowl
a whisker
kettle for cooking water

Let the drooling begin….

First we make the oven dish, because this will take 45 minutes (in oven) to be ready. So cut all the ingredients like carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato. Grease the baking dishes with some olive oil. When this is done put in all the sliced vegetables (carrot, pupkin and sweet potato) mix it a little by hand. Time to get a little bowl and poor in the oat cuisine and the curry powder and some pepper to taste, mix well. This mixture you poor over the vegetables and by hand I mixed the vegetables with the sauce!
Put the oven on on 180 degrees Celsius and shove in the baking dishes, lets stand there for 45 minutes (It must be al soft, then it’s delicious and ready)

In the meanwhile prepare the couscous, boil some water in the water kettle. Weight the coucous and put into the bowl.
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes in tiny pieces. When the water is boiling you poor the boiled water on top of the couscous, I don’t know how much water I used, but let say the couscous must be under the water and the water must be like 3 centimetres higher as the couscous. Set aside, get ready to crunch the walnuts and cut the mint-leaves. When the couscous is cooled down poor in the walnut oil, salt, mint-leaves and walnuts.

By now the oven dish must be ready also. Get the plates and make an real painting of the plate with the nice smelling vegetables and great looking couscous. Enjoy this meal and you can always change the vegetables, maybe more carrots then pumpkin or almonds instead of walnuts. Be creative

end couscous pumpkin


Serious business…….Pumpkin with tahini/tamari

Really now the school is getting serious and I have to be very serious. I know I do know a lot about food, but still to give people advise, especially on a way to thread disease, Makes me really nervous.
We got a instruction to help 1 human and to write it down what we are doing and what kind of advise we gave to help him/her. It is our last mission of the school
Also I had to speak about a book, I am was reading, on the 13 Th of February. I can recommend it to you, it is called food as medicine by Ted Caldecott. The book is really informative and nice and easy written, has also some recipes on the end. The book is about food and what food can do for the human and what is healthy and of course it is a nice introduction to the Ayurveda, but also other diets are lighten up 🙂
I made today a recipe from Ted, I made it as a side dish and I really liked it. It was a different taste for me and again another method to make a pumpkin nice and less sweet.

Ingredients for Pumpkin with tahini/tamari..(2-4 persons)
1 large butternut cut in slices 2,50 centimetre max
1 thumbsized ginger minced
3-4 tablespoons of  tamari
2 tablespoons of tahini

a bowl
a oven dish
a whipper


How to start……….

Get the bowl and mix the ginger together with the tamari and tahini (sesame paste). Till it’s like a sauce! Cut the pumpkin in nice slice maximum at 2,5 centimetres thick.
Grease the oven dish a little with some oil and put in the pumpkin on top of the pumpkin you put the sauce you just made.

Put the dish for 45 minutes in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius, till they are lightly browned and soft. Now it’s ready to be eaten

You can make also an Indian variation.
Mix cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and clove, mixed with jaggery and oil (he used ghee, but isn’t vegan of course)
enjoy/आनंद लें

Red lentils, pumpkins and beets…….fire truck red soup

Look at my vegetables, I see pumpkin, 3 beets, onion and coriander leaves. I know I have some red lentils on the shelf. Yes I am going to make a nice soup. It is a sweet tasting soup. I made a watery soup but if you like a thicker one put in some potatoes or parsnips

Ingredients for the fire truck red soup (8-10 persons)
juice of 1 lemon
250 gram of washed dried red lentills
3 litres of water
1 garlic bouillon powderblock
1-2 red onions/ 3 spring onions
2 big carrots sliced
1 medium pumpkin cut in squares from 2 by 1 centimetres
3 beets cut in slices
(if you like chili pepper to taste)

to decorate for each bowl
1/4 teaspoon of nigella seeds
sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds
some baked garlic to taste
Himalaya salt/pepper to taste
maybe some bread

a knife
a cutting board
a immersion blender
a big cooking pan for 3 litres of soup
a wok

How to begin….
You don’t have to do much of work, cut all the vegetables, wash and get the cooking pan.Fill this with the water, the garlic bouillonblock, the beets, the pumpkinpieces, the lentils, lemon juice and carrots (and maybe the chilli pepper).
Put the lid on the pan and bring it to a boil…when it’s boiling turn the gas low and simmer for about 30 minutes. The pumpkin must get soft and the beet also…

In the meanwhile get the wok and roast the pumpkinseeds, to decorate the bowls. After set aside. Get again the wok and put in some oil, this is for sautee the onion very short, they must get glassy. set aside. (in the meanwhile get all the decorating;))
And heat up the garlic till it is a little brown and also set this aside

The soup must be ready now…get the immersion and make the soup smooth. Some lumps are ok, if you like.
Get the bowls, fill them with soup and sprinkle the pumpkinseeds and nigella seeds on top. Also some spring onion (you can chosse to mix them also into the soup) and garlic.
As a finishing touch some salt and pepper

Enjoy the taste and ‘sweetness’ of this soup

almost halloween, that means pumpkintime!

It’s so easy to remember when Halloween is coming the pumpkins are everywhere in the store and not so expensive! And pumpkin is so delicious and sweet, and if you do it right you can cut out a face at the peel of the pumpkin, so you can put a candle in it and decorate your house or outside the house. Nice for the darker days
(It’s a hell of a job to cut out the meat of the pumpkin without ruin the pumpkin, but if you are patience you can do it!)
When the pumpkin is organic and not sprayed you can eat also the peel, I like to use everything of a vegetable, so you won’t throw anything away and get every vitamin of the vegetable inside your body. And most of the time just a little under the peel there are the most vitamins located.
So anyway what I made today is a nice pumpkin soup. A little hot and sweet, for me the perfect combination. 🙂
I made a big pan so I can eat also the day after some soup, and most of the time the taste is even better then when it was fresh cooked! Enjoy to make it and maybe to cut out a scary Halloween face…….and the seeds (dry them) maybe you can put them in the summer in the garden and who knows maybe you get some pumpkin plants!

The ingredients of the pumpkin soup (4-6 persons)
half of a pumpkin (surround 800 gram) cut in little cubes (organic? leave the peel on it will get soft)
1/2 of a onion cut in little pieces
10 mushrooms cut in slices
80 gram of coconut cream (santen) better is fresh coconut milk but I didn’t had it at home 😉
1 1/2 litre of vegetable bouillon
1 tablespoon of curry powder
1 teaspoon of chilli powder
1 leek cut in rings
3 big carrots cut in slices
juice of 1/2 a lemon
5 gram of fresh ginger (rasped)
Maybe some pumpkin seeds for garnish (baked in the oven for 10 minutes on low fire)
some oil
a dash of cranberry syrup for every bowl
1 tablespoon of dried parsley

the kitchen tools
a wok
a cooking pan
a food processor

The start of the soup
Cut everything what must be cut and wash also every vegetable! Get the pumpkin, the carrots, ginger, coconut cream and the bouillon, put them all together in the cooking pan. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. When the pumpkin and carrots are soft it’s ready
In the meantime you can prepare, the onion, leek and mushroom in another pan! Get the wok and put some oil in it, heat the oil. After put in the leek and onion, the mushrooms you put in when the vegetables are glassy. The mushrooms must get a little tan and when ready set the wok aside.
The bouillon must be ready now! Get the food processor and ‘mash’ the vegetables till they are smooth…Put them back in the cooking pan, now poor in the lemon, spices, leek, mushrooms and onion. Stir well and stand for 5 minutes on a low fire. Get the bowls poor in the soup, put a dash of cranberry syrup in it, ready to serve!

Enjoy your meal!

wrap it all…the fillings

The last piece of the really nice and tasty wraps! So hold on just 30 minutes and you can decorate the plate like the way you wanted too look like..and go to eat…Let the countdown start!

Filling number 1  soya chunks

The ingredients of the soya chunks

60 gram of dried soya chunks (You can also use ready to cook ones out of the shop)
1 tablespoon of tamari (Japanese soy sauce)
1 cup of water
1/2 of a big onion cut in slices
2 cloves of garlic pressed
some oil
100 gram of mushrooms


a saucepan
a frying pan

What to do…

Take the saucepan and pour the water the tamari and the dried soya chunks in!
Now bring it to a boil, and let simmer for 30 minutes….stir every 10 minutes and look if the water isn’t evaporated ( pour some water extra in it when this is happening)

Soya chunks are finished? Get the frying pan, put some oil in it, heat it up! Now you can bake all the ingredients first bake the soya, then for a short time the onion and the garlic. After you put the mushrooms in The soya is browner then before, the onions are glassy and the mushrooms are tinier, it’s the sign that the filling is ready to be wrapped!

The last but not least!

filling number 2 bean party

Ingredients of the bean party

250 gram kidney beans
220 gram of pumpkin cut in little cubes (cook before use like 20 minutes in water in a cooking pan or use canned ones)
230 gram of corn
1 red bell pepper cut in little pieces
240 gram of black eyed peas
1 tablespoon of dried parsley
1 tablespoon of dried chive
1/2 cup of water

Which tools you need?

a cooking pan

What to do…?

Just put everything together in the cooking pan except the red bell pepper, and heat it up, mix well together. Till you get a coloured party inside the cooking pan. Lets stand for about 5- 10 minutes (not boiling just simmer).
On the end pour the red bell pepper in it or just put it on the plate for decoration!!

Finally after all the steps, you can start to make your plate perfect to serve for guest or family. I used also some rocket, cucumber and pepper as a garnish.
How to wrap is just easy! Just get a wrap, put the fillings or just one in the wrap, maybe some lettuce or rocket inside, fold the wrap and voila………!

enjoy you meal/ provecho