yes baby……..some kimchee

I never heard about till I had the course of making sauerkraut, I taste kimchee and I really liked it. It’s sharp and tasteful. Kimchee comes from Korea, it’s a traditionally dish. I must say I don’t know much about Korea ( only the strange regime in the north, what is really bizarre for me), but if it’s like the taste of kimchee I am curious about the country.
This recipe I took from internet from a Korean lady, she looks so sweet and expert on this area, I like her English too!Instead of anchovy sauce I used soy sauce of course this has a different taste but for me it was ok, I never took the real kimchee. This is a fermentation process, and I like to experiment with it!

recipe for 2 big jars of Kimchee*
1 Napa Cabbage cut in bite size pieces
1/2 Cup of Salt
5 Cups of Water

3-4Tbsp of Soy sauce
1/2 Cup of Crushed Red Pepper (chili flakes)
4 Pieces of spring onion cut in little slices
1/4-1/2 of a Rettich cut in julliene
1/2 Garlic bulb
Piece of Ginger
1/4 onion
1/2 of an Apple without peel
1/2 of a pear without peel
(she also put 4 tablespoons of sugar, i puuted in some more 1/4 th of an apple and  1/4 th of a pear, together)

A knife
a cutting board
2 big jars
a big bowl
a normal bowl
a measuring cup
food processor

how to make……
First cut the napa cabbage in bite size pieces. get te bowl and put the cabbage in the bowl, mix the salt with water and poor this upon the cabbage, mix the cabbage well with the liquid and set aside for a couple of hour.

Time to make the sauce.
Cut the apple, onion garlic and ginger so it can be put in the food processor. And of course put them in the food processor and make it like a sauce, really smooth. Leave it for the time being in the food processor.
Cut the onion and rettich in nice pieces, so for you must be easy to eat. (not too big not too small)
Get another bowl and mix the sauce with the onion and rettich. Set aside because now it’s time to poor out the water of the napa cabbage.
Be sure all the water is out of the bowl, rinse the cabbage two times. Now this is the nicest part, time to massage all the ingredients together, inclusief the red hot chilli flakes.
Make sure everything is mixed well!
Get the jars and put in the mixture till the jar is full. You can eat it immediately, but I let it stand putside the fridge for 24 hours and after I put it in the fridge, so the fermentation has started and the kimchee gets a little sour. (Like sauerkraut). You can hold it for a long time in the fridge!


* from anna kim korean cuisine with a little change with the fishsauce

time for picking blackberries…..blackberry/pear smoothie

Nice to have a week of holiday and go on vacation. We went on camping, at a place called the lievelinge. It was a great camping, our prepared house was great mixture of second hand an new (at least it looked like), of course no tents we were with the children and grandma. The nature surround was a lot of forest and water, a carousel, old busses made to sleep in, a pancake house and so on….Really I can recommend you to go there, especially when you have children. I didn’t see blackberries there I must say…. but one week before I picked them together with my children. And then it was time to make a green smoothie with the just picked blackberries and miner’s lettuce from our garden. And of course this was a great tasting red smoothie full of vitamins. And now you can make it also at home!

Ingredients for the blackberry/pear smoothie (6-8 persons)
4 pears
3 cups of blackberries
2-3 cups of water
3 cups of miner’s lettuce

a blender/Magimix with smoothie kit

How to make….
Wash the blackberries and look good for no worms inside (soak them a short time in water with salt and rinse them very well after, so the worms get out). Cut the pears in pieces so you can blend it, wash the miner’s lettuce….
Now I just can say blend all the ingredients together, and I did again at last the water.
Get the glasses fill them with the pink thick smoothie and enjoy the taste