apple chutney…..apples from the garden

Nice to do,picking apples from the tree, our tree gave a lot of apples, only the peel was a little damaged, it had brown spots. But when you peel the apples you see a nice juicy apple. So I decided what to do with this apples, so I made apple sauce, apple pie and apple chutney. Making apple pie with my son is making a  mess in the kitchen, but you see how proud he was when the pie came out of the oven. And I am proud of the apple chutney (just to stay into the chutney mood)
And you can make it also now, you must wait 3-4 weeks after making it and when you wait longer, they say the chutney becomes better and better. Thanks for the recipe

Ingredients for 6 little jars of chutney
1,5 kilogram of apples, cut in squares
6 cloves of garlic (pressed)
150 grams of raisins
4 decilitre of apple vinegar
150 gram of sucanat (unrefined sugar)
1,5 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
1,5 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt
1,5 teaspoon of chilli flakes
1 teaspoon of clove powder
1 teaspoon grated fresh nutmeg
3 red onions cut in pieces

ingredients applechutneyKitchentools
a cooking pan (big enough for all the ingredients)
6 jars cleaned and made bacteria free by cooking in water (sterilized)
garlic press
a wooden spoon for stirring

Lets make the chutney………….
Get the cooking pan and put in the vinegar,garlic, apples, onions and rasins. Heat up the pan and stir while heating the apples. When the apples are ‘boiling’ put in the spices (clove,cinnamon,nutmeg,chilli flakes, salt) and sucanat.
Let this mixture simmer for about 45 minutes, stir once in a while, and when the mixture is getting thick it will be ready to put into the cleaned jars.
Get the jars and an easy spoon to lead the mixture into the jars. Fill the jars till the top and put on the lid. I always put the jar upside down, so the jar will stand for cooling down on the lid. This is because of the vacuum effect. When you open the jar 3 weeks later you will hear the PLOP sound :). The chutney is ready to cool down and to store into the fridge for 3 weeks and after 3 weeks you can open the jar and enjoy the taste of the apple chutney!


Endive mash hills with a river of tofu stones….and a good discussion

A week full of rain, but nice days with the American couchsurfers (Jenny and Greg) in our house. We went to the Anne Frank house, it’s terrible I didn’t went before, when I was younger I even made a presentation about Anne Frank…shame on me.
It was interesting to see how big the house is and in the end, you had really difficult issues about freedom to talk about. I am glad I am not a politician, sometimes it’s really difficult how far will you go about freedom of speak and when is something discrimination!
For me I think everybody has to respect each other, whatever their religion is or where they come from…

I have one motto, treat the persons/friends like the way you want to be threatened!

Anywayzz …Jenny and Greg, I liked the discussions we had about a lot of points in the world, like health insurances, animal rights, religion, how people lie to one another, money issues and so on….
And Jenny your recipes-blog is going to be awesome, and the food you made was delicious!
So here you get my recipe I made for you! and the potatoes are originally coming from South America!

Dutch endive mash hills with a river of tofu stones!!

Ingredients for the endive mash hills (4-6 persons)

2 kilogram potatoes washed and with peel
1 kilogram of endive (also for garnish)
1/2 cup rice milk
4 1/2 tablespoon curry powder (I had curry madras)
1/2 tablespoon chilli powder
1 cup roasted almonds
2 tablespoon parsley
2 onions, one white one red! cut in little pieces
3 apples
2 tablespoon of apple vinegar
some pepper and salt
garden cress for garnish
1/2 lemon his juice

For the river of tofu stones

500 gram of organic non GMO tofu, drained
some coconut oil for frying (no tasting coconut oil)
2 tablespoon of soya sauce (shoyu sauce)
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1 of the orange you get orang zest from

Kitchen tools!

food processor
(or a grinder and masher)
1 cooking pan
2 frying pan
a wooden spoon
a knife
a bowl

lets start…

Begin with the longest preparing ingredients, that are the potatoes just put them in a cooking pan and poor some water in it and bring it to a boil (for the environment put a lid on the pan), then let them boil for circa 15 minutes

In a meanwhile prepare the tofu, drain the tofu so most of the water is out the ‘brick’, then fry the tofu in a frying pan with the coconut oil…You can see if they are getting a brown colour they are ready to marinade.
Get the bowl and put together the shoyu sauce, orange juice and zest, mix it well. When you put the tofu out of the oil lay them on some paper towel to get rid of the too much oil-leftovers : )
Now put them in the bowl and mix everything together!

Back to the basic things to do, wash the endive and cut them in little pieces like, 1 inch (set aside) now get the almonds grind them or put them in a food processor they must become little chunks, time to roast them, just get a frying pan and heat the pan without oil, throw the almonds in a let them get tanned! (set aside)

Of course the onions has to be cut also, so get the peel of and slice them with a knife and take the same  frying pan as the almonds and quick bake them with some oil till they are glassy (set aside)

The potatoes will be ready by now, mash them and poor some rice milk, lemon juice and apple vinegar in it so it gets like puree, then poor the spices in mix very well ( I was just lazy and used the food processor to do all this work for me)
Put the purée in the pan, or it’s still in the pan and mix together (with the wooden spoon) the endive pieces, purée and apple pieces.
Everything is ready by now get the plates,  be creative and make a wonderful landscape of it with two hills of endive mash, between a river with stones of tofu and orange marinade, and some snow felt out of the sky made of almonds and some pepper and salt. Grass as weed (garden cress)

With the pepper and salt you can choose how much you like, I think it’s always difficult how many salt and pepper people want, I just used to use no salt at all

Enjoy your meal!

bozkov and some way of dutch “hutspot”

Still having a hammer in my head of yesterday, my boyfriend had to work on Valtifest it’s a nice party with people all dressed up…the theme was all in the family! We had babies, Amish families, take care bears, daddies, supermans, where is wally, batmans, twister games, family trees and so on….walking around!!
I was like a mother, father and grandma in one, walking around with a baby-doll, moustache and curlers/some knitting work  in my hair. And I danced for life and drunk too much wodka..

The Czech people (Lukas and Petra) we had on visit here in Amsterdam, cycled around to the beach!! In the night they were very tired…(Guys I am proud of you you did it…it’s a long trip you did)
So we 4 were all tired, they physically and we mentally : )

A couple of days ago I made some nice traditional Dutch food (called hutspot), for our guests, on a different manner, normally you put together 3 big baked onions cut in rings, 500  gram carrots and 500 gram potatoes and mash this all together, maybe some pepper and salt ( and I remember sometimes you put white beans (not masht) through the mash) This is how I made the traditional hutspot like ‘modern’ food : ) (now it isn’t real hutspot anymore)
Next time I will enjoy it with bozkov the ‘rum’ of Czech, thanks for the nice present I love bozkov its memory of Czech Republic and a nice taste.

The ingredients (4persons)
for the pommes de duchesse
“or maybe you can make it with bramborak (potatoe-pancake recipe will come later on, you Czech know how to make it ; ) in the next blog, and decorate the pancake!!!”

2 big carrots
some pepper not grounded (like 1/2 tablespoon)
1 kilogram of potatoes
some salt if you like
2 tablespoons dried rosemary
2 tablespoon dried parsley
water for boiling
some oatmilk to make from the potatoes puree (maybe 1/2 cup)
some rose petals and purslane for garnish
(beware the rose petals are not chemical sprayed)

for the carrots

500 gram of carrots, cut in the length of the carrot in half
2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon of grounded star anise
1/2 cup of water

for the sauce”
2 big onions, red and yellow cut in rings
250 gram of mushrooms
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 juice of a lemon
some pepper
some oil
1 little leek cut in slices

Seitan (long preparing time)

You see how I made it for the boerenkool early in my blog, but instead of ginger, soysauce I put in some mustard seeds (like 1/2 tablespoon) and some bouillon (the half of normally you make soup of, otherwise its getting too salt) And I made look alike sausages.The water where you boil the seitan in you can put over the top of the seitan as a gravy thing
( I put the recipe at the bottommost place of the blog)

The kitchentools

a saucepan
a frying pan
a masher
a piping bag
a wooden spoon
an oven

Lets make the duchesse first, boil the potatoes and carrots till they are soft ( I think circa 15 minutes of boiling). When they are ready put away the cooking water, mash the potatoes/carrots and put in the herbs/spices. Mix very well. You just make puree of the potatoes, make it not to wet and not to dry, you must put the mixture in the piping bag later and you will make great shaped potatoes heaps on the baking sheet.
And let them bake in the oven for 20 minutes on circa 200 degrees Celcius

In the meanwhile you can prepare the carrots, wash them and get a saucepan, poor the water, balsamic vinegar and star anise together in the pan and mix. Put in the carrots and boil (like 10 minutes) till they are soft ( this part is finished)

Now lets make the ‘sauce” just put some oil in the frying pan, when the oil is heaten up put in the onions, and garlic and bake very short. Now also bake the mushrooms together with the onions and garlic. Also bake this very short. Time for the lemon juice, leek and parsley to get in, mix this all together till the onions is glassy and the mushroom are darker from colour. Be careful you don’t ruin the nice onion rings

Bake also the seitan in the frying pan, apart from the onion mixture.

Probably everything is ready now!! Lets make the plate look nice, here I have an example for you to get some ideas…….

Eet smakelijk/enjoy your meal

the seitan first ( very long time 4 hours)

3 cups of speltflour
3/4 cup of whole wheat flour
1 to 2 cups of water
some dashes of pepper

for the sauce (to simmer the seitan in)

2 cups water
bouillon powder
1/2 tablespoon not grounded mustard seeds

What you need

a bamboo steamer
a cooking pan
your hands (and a bowl) or a mixing machine with dough hook

How to start

It’s easy to make but it’s a long time to get some nice music. Put the flours and pepper together and mix, while it’s mixing you poor carefully the water in, knead it till it’s getting smooth.
Finished? make little sausages from the ball, like 4 centimeters thick and very long (what fits in the bamboosteamer)
Now it’s ready for steaming, steam the sausages for 20 minutes. After they steamed let them cool..when it’s cold make little pieces of the roll like 2 cm at thickest point.
Get the cooking pan put the ingredients of the sauce in it and also the seitan, now simmer for 3 hours while you stir occasionaly. I just put after 1 1/2 hour more water in the cooking pan….

So when it’s finished after 3 hour it’s ready for using, just bake in a frying pan till it’s got a darker color!!