friends…swiss chard pasta

Happy new year!
Again another year, new chances and new wishes for 2015. I want to take it more easy, going to put the Ayurvedic living style into my life. Laugh more and especially enjoy life more. I do hope it will work this year. And maybe to begin my own food coach site, anyway I want to learn much more about food and health and want to help people with this.
This is a recipe I made last year, I liked it, just another way to use swiss chard. Swiss chard grows very easy in the garden and you can use it a lot in dishes. So here is another recipe!

Recipe for 4 persons
600 gram swiss rainbow chard cut in small pieces
For 4 persons penne pasta
125 millilitre oat cuisine
pepper and salt to taste
1 red onion cut in thin slices
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Some fake parmesan cheese (noble yeast flakes and walnuts 1:1)
some oil

a cooking pan
a baking pan
some plates
a knife
some happy face

how to make
Cut all the vegetables, wash and so on…..Get the cooking pan and put in some water for the pasta, and bring it to a boil, cook for 10 minutes!
In the meanwhile get the baking pan and put in some oil! Heat the oil slow, no damps, because then the oil is too hot and not ok for your health!
Bake the onion and garlic for a short time, till the onion is glassy, put in the oat cuisine and bring it on taste with salt and pepper (make sure the oat cuisine is hot, not boiling) and now you can put in the swiss chard, cook this very short, you still want to have the vitamines in the food. Often I put of the heat and put in the chard and it will shrink anyway! Stir occasionally.
The ten minutes will be over now, time to make the plates beautiful…..Take the 4 plates, put first the penne on the plates and on top you put some of the sauce. Sprinkle some parmesan on the plates as garnish and to give the dinner more taste!

Stick on some candles and enjoy the dinner

hot…and summerpeasoup

Today it was very hot. But you don’t hear me complaining. The only thing I complained about that I was very tired, I didn’t sleep well. Because I put the 2 children on the same room. But of course what we thought, it is too interesting for now they want to play, destroy the room and especially the do not want to sleep. Wait one week and they are used to it and want to go to bed and sleep. Anyway because of the hotness outside I wanted to make something fresh and I remembered making a soup with peas together with a friend of my, I really enjoyed this it was very sweet and a light soup!
I took the recipe from veg written by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (perfect book for people who want to eat vegetarian)

the recipe for 1 litre of pea soup
1 tablespoon of olive oil
20 gram of butter (I used again extra vierge olive oil)
1 red onion (medium) cut in thin pieces
2 twigs of thyme, only the leaves (maybe you like more)
1 litre of stock (vegetable)
500 grams of peas fresh or frozen
20 gram of fresh parsley leaves
salt and pepper
some twigs of mint or eatable flowers for garnish (I used Malva sylvestris)

a food processor
a cooking pan for 1 litre soup
a knife
cutting board

Lets begin………..
Get the onion and cut it into little pieces, take the leaves from the thyme and get the oil!
This is the first step to make the soup, put some oil into the cooking pan together with the onion and thyme. Let’s make the onion glassy this will take something like 5-10 minutes (make sure the gas is not on the highest).
Second step:Time to put the stock into the pan if the onions are ready and also the peas salt, parsley and pepper. If the peas are well cooked it’s time to make them tiny by a food processor.
Third step:Put the soup into the food processor with s-blade and make the soup very smooth.
When this is done, you taste the soup if it’s perfect. Maybe you put in some more salt and pepper and maybe spice it up by chilli pepper flakes (I made my bouillon with some flakes in it)
fourth step:Decorate every bowl/plate with some leaves from mint and eatable flowers. I would say enjoy this taste

enjoy/ bon appetite

Yammie…bamya alich’a

Last I went to a real nice restaurant, semhar on the marnixstreet in Amsterdam. Eating with the hands, and eating from a big plate. Drinking beer from a bowl, mongozo beer, really great (suitable for vegans I see on their site on barnivore they say it isn’t vegan?mmmm)
Anyway I was impressed by the food and definitely want to make some Ethiopian recipes at home. For christmas I made two little Ethiopian dishes, unfortunately without the teff pancakes, but with normal pancakes.
Here I will write down the recipe for you, ofcourse I took this from internet I really don’t know much about the Ethiopian kitchen, only they have a lot of vegan dishes!

The recipe Bamya alich’a* 2-4 persons

2 cups okra, washed and split lengthwise (next time I will make  smaller pieces)
4 tablespoons
300 gram red onions, minced
300 grams of tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped
3 teaspoon garlic, minced
3 teaspoon ginger, minced
3/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
2 jalapenos pepper, minced

a nice sauce pan
a knife for cutting
a cutting board to cut upon
a cooking pan with some water to peel the tomatoes
a bowl with cold water

Lets do the work….
It isn’t difficult to prepare, but take a long time to simmer (25) minutes, but trust me it’s worth it!
First cut wash all the vegetables and so. Easy to get and use for cooking, when it’s fully prepared!
To peel the tomatoes you need the cooking pan, fill this with some water and bring it to a boil. in every tomato you cut a cross with the knife (not to deep just in the skinlayer and not too big cross just something like 2 cm by 2 cm), lay them one by one (or all together) in the pan a boil for a short time (till the peel by the cross is getting curly) Take the tomatoes out and let them cool down in a bowl with cold water, now you can peel easy the skin of tomato off!Get the sauce pan and put in the oil, poor in the onions and make them turn a little brown, add the tomatoes and bring to a boil, then put down the heat and put in the saucepan the garlic, ginger, cardamom and okra simmer for 20 minutes without lid.
After 20  minutes you put in the peppers and cook for 5 minutes more, now it’s ready to be eaten. Nice with some delicious teff pancakes (injera)
enjoy*the recipe from internet

something different with tofu……a tofu-flower

This recipe I will give is great to make and not so difficult. You can put this tofu-flowers as a side-dish (great with rice or noodles, some Asian food). They look great and are tasty, maybe you can fill the flower-cups next time with some vegetables. Just what you like, you can make a lot of variation on this flower.
So how to make…

For like 8 tofu flowers
ingredients for the tofu-flowers
1 “package” (8 sheets will be cut in 4 pieces each, so you will have 32 squares) of filo/phyllo  (each cupcake-tin must have 4 squares of filo/phyllo )
250 gram of tofu, drained the water out
3 cloves of garlic, minced by a garlic press
spices you like to put on the tofu (I used 1 teaspoon chilli pepper and  1 teaspoon of garam masala again! but maybe you like sweet chilli sauce more)
some parsley for decoration
hand full of roasted pumpkin seeds
1 medium onion cut in little pieces
some oil for frying the tofu
some celtic salt/pepper

The kitchentools
an oven
8 cupcake-tins
a frying pan

Ready for making it?
get the filo/phyllo  out of the freezer and set aside 30 minutes, so you can cut it very well and the layers will get of very easy (without breaking)
In the meanwhile you can cut the tofu in squares and bake it in the frying pan so they will get golden brown, shortly bake the onion and garlic also in the frying pan. Now you can mix it very well together with the tofu use the spices you like on tofu, mix again and put of the fire.

Time to cut the dough, it will be perfect now for preparing. Cut one sheet in 4 equal squares and put them one by one in the cupcake tin, each sheet rotate 45 degrees from the one below him, so you will have already a nice flower.
Put in 1 tablespoon of the mixture, now do the rest of the cupcakes!

Put them all on the baking sheet and bake on 200 degrees Celsius in the oven. Check on the half of time if the sheets aren’t getting black on the corners (I had that problem once ;))
When the dough is getting crunchy they are ready for use.
Beautiful for decorate the plate and nice to eat! Finish if you like with some salt and pepper

Eet smakelijk

gardening…..sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way

The weather is becoming better, the seeds are growing. My mind is totally obsessed with gardening now. I was searching on internet for nice products to grow more vegetables/fruits in the garden and I saw a great tomato-bag what you can hang on a ceiling for example and the plant will grow up side down (tomatobag). What an invention. I like that kind of inventions.
My garden isn’t so big that’s why I am always searching for new methods to grow more organic stuff.
Each year it’s getting better and better. I learn more and more, next saturday I will go on a course what to eat in the ‘wild’- nature, of course I know a little but always fun to do. Probably you will hear more about this!
What you will hear now is how I made a nice dish out of the oven, and some beet with different taste and nice tofu as a side-dish

Here the recipe for sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way and tofu as a side-dish (4 persons)


for the beet on a different way
550 gram beet, peeled and washes and cut in the shape of fries
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 pieces of whole star anise
some water
for the sweet potato oven-made

750 gram of sweet potato, peeled and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1/2 red onion cut in slices
4 gram of fresh ginger, minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
200 gram of carrot, washed and cut in the shape of thin pencils (or maybe you like slices more)
1 tablespoon of cumin-seeds
juice of 1/2 a lemon
juice of 1/2 a orange
1/4 cup of canola oil

for the tofu
250 gram of tofu, pressed out the water and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 teaspoon of garam massala (recipe earlier in my blog/ scrambled tofu)
some oil for baking

an oven
a bowl
a cooking pan for the beets
an oven dish
a frying pan
a food processor with a blade of making fries
a garlic press
a knife
a cutting board

First we begin with….
the beets
The beets to prepare,wash and cut the beets in fries. Get a cooking pan, fill with some water like 1/3 of the pan. Put in the beets and the spices (star anise, cinnamon, cloves)
Bring it to a boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes stir once on the half of the simmering time. It will be ready when the beets are soft and nice to chew!

the sweet potato
In the meanwhile you can make the oven dish, peel the sweet potato, cut the onion, mince the garlic and ginger, cut the carrot in thin sticks, press the orange and lemon juice and get the oil!
Time to get the baking dish not necessary to rub it into oil, what I did was just mix everything well together in the oven dish and sprinkle the dish with some cumin seeds. It must look wonderful and everything must became in touch with the oil and juices.
Time to put in the oven, the oven must be like 200 degrees Celsius you will bake this like 30-40 minutes also.
When it’s ready? when the potato and carrot are soft.

the tofu
This you can make on the end when all the dishes are ready. Cut the tofu, in a bowl you mix all the spices (turmeric, garam masala and curry powder) together with the tofu (sometimes I am lazy and I mix it in the frying pan)
Heat up the frying pan with some oil, and put in the tofu!
Bake the tofu till it’s crispy and golden brown.
This is all you have to do to make your dish complete!
Everything must be ready now, get the plates make them beautiful. At least this is a colourful dish and nice to watch. Hope you will like the taste also!

Eet smakelijk/enjoy

After many years……finally roti

Roti,for me is something I eat a lot ten years ago. Everytime I went to Amsterdam (I was not living there at that time) there must be eaten a roti diner. A friend of my was living close to a nice roti place. Here in the Netherlands you have also packages to make roti (you can buy in the shop), but that’s not the real stuff I would say.
So I forgot about the roti, when I began vegan (didn’t know for sure of they made it vegan also), originally it is made with chicken, at least I thought so…But I had always a wish to make roti totally on my own, I love the taste!
This dish is a typical Surinam dish, I (as a Dutch person) probably cannot make the best roti, but I surprised my friend with this recipe and myself also.
I searched on the internet what people use for herbs/spices to make the roti perfect. And combine my own vegetables and mixture of spices.
Of course there is kousenband (kousenband/yardlongbean) in it, for me typical for in the roti.
Thank you all for put recipes on the internet. The pancakes are also home-made (you can buy them also in stores)

The ingredients for roti (4 persons)
for the pancakes
500 gram of wheat flour (sifted)
2 tablespoons of cumin seeds
2 teaspoons of turmeric
2 teaspoons of curry powder (I used English once)
3 decilitre of water
7 grams of instant dry yeast
3 tablespoons of olive oil (other oil will do also)

the stuff to fill the pancakes

220 gram of yardlongbeans cut in bite pieces
250 gram of tofu or seitan, cut in whatever you like!
600 gram of butternut (pumpkin) cut in squares from 2-3cm
700 gram of mixed potatoes (sweet potato and the ordinary potato) cut in squares from 2-3 cm
3 tablespoons of garam massala powder*
4 tablespoons of curry powder
2 tablespoons of cumin seeds
5 bay leaves
2 cups of water
1 red pepper cut in tiny pieces
1 red onion cut in thin slices
some oil for frying

a bowl
a wooden spoon
a wok with a lid
a frying pan

Oooh let’s begin…
I would say first prepare the pancake-dough. This must stand aside for 1 hour in a warm place, upon top of the bowl a towel.
So first mix all the dry ingredients together (flour,cumin,curry powder, yeast, turmeric) then poor in the oil and water, mix very well. The dough must be like bread, elastic and not to dry or wet.
Cover the bowl and set aside, for 1 hour just like I said before.

Time to cut all the ingredients for the filling of the pancake, get the wok and poor in some oil. When the oil is warm enough bake the tofu/seitan golden brown, bake also the onion.
Ready? poor in the water, and al the other ingredients except for the yardlongbeans (potato-mix, spices cumin, garam massala, curry powder, butternut, bay leaves and pepper).
Simmer this for 20 minutes or more, cover the wok with a lid (stir ocassionally). After 20 minutes check if the potato and butternut are soft. Aren’t they soft yet simmer for a longer time and stir ocassionally, wait till they are soft.

Time to get the dough make 8-10 balls, don’t forget to put flour on the working table and on your hands, because the dough is a little sticky of course.
Every ball you will roll out like a pancake (approx.1/2 cm thick), the size of your frying pan is the perfect size. So maybe you make more balls/pancakes or less
Rolled out every ball?, time to bake them in the frying pan, put a little oil in the frying pan and bake them each side like 2 minutes, till they are a little brown. Make a pile of all the roti pancakes and again set aside.

The dish will be ready with simmering now, poor on top the yardlongbeans and simmer for 10 minutes more, the beans will be steamed and will get softer.
Set aside. Make the table beautiful and surprise your friends or whomever you cook for.
Lets attack, make a big plate full of the filling, a plate for the pancakes and get 4 little plates for your guests  this dish you will eat with your hands, take a piece of pancake and grab some filling, now enjoy the taste in your mouth.
Eet smakelijk

*2 tablespoons coriander seeds
1 tablespoon cumin seed
1 tablespoon cardamom seed
1 tablespoon whole black peppercorn
1 teaspoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
2 dried hot red chilli peppers, seeds discarded
2 tablespoons ground turmeric

1 Combine the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom seeds, peppercorns, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, cloves, and red chilli peppers in a small skillet over medium-low heat.
2 Toast until fragrant, about 2 minutes.
3 Grind the toasted spices in a clean coffee grinder or spice mill to a fine powder.
4 Spoon in the turmeric, and process to combine.
5 Use immediately, or store in a sealed jar for up to 1 month.

recipe garam masala: from recipes garam masala!

straight from the garden….Brussels sprouts and Jerusalem artichoke

So this is going to be a international dish, Brussels sprouts and Jerusalem artichoke. They come right from the garden, so happy that I still can eat some vegetables from my own garden.
I am really discovering what I can do with my garden to have all year some fresh herbs, vegetables and so on from the garden. And I must say Jerusalem artichoke is really a favourite of me, it’s sweet of taste and easy to grow (but be careful it can take all over the garden if you leave just one root from it in the earth!).
The Brussels sprouts was an hell, but now I am glad I picked out caterpillars from the plants all summer. Because now in the winter I can eat them (Brussels sprouts, otherwise the caterpillars would eat all the plants).
Anyway I saw a lot of recipes to make sprouts with apple so I tried also, and I must say it’s a new taste to me. Here it is…how to make.

The ingredients (for 4 persons)
350 gram of fresh Brussels sprouts
1 kilogram of Jerusalem artichoke
1/2 red onion
1 apple
5 gram of grated ginger root
some zest of an half lemon
juice of an half lemon
1 tablespoon of apple juice
1/2 cup of parsley
2 tablespoons of canola/rapeseed oil
some rice milk

an oven
a cooking pan
a baking dish
a masher

let start to get multicultural
First wash the Brussels sprouts and put them in the cooking pan and some water till they are totally covered, bring the water to a boil and boil them for 5 minutes.

While this is happening, cut the onion in little pieces (the shape you can decide) and also the apple, I cut them in cubes.
Get the baking dish and put in the oil, Brussels sprouts, onion, ginger root, apple juice, lemon juice and lemon zest. Mix it very well, heat up the oven on 200 degrees Celsius and bake this mixture for 20 minutes till it smells!

Now make the mash of Jerusalem artichoke, wash them very well. You can eat them with peel also, so no peeling necessary. Get a cooking pan and boil the j-artichoke for about 10 minutes, till they are soft (When you can easy put the point of a knife into the j-artichoke without pushing, it’s ready). Get the masher and mash the artichoke and make them more smooth with some rice-milk, I do this without tablespoons, just look what happening. Put of the heat and stir in the fresh parsley together with some oil (2 tbs).

Now the cooking-bell will ring to say the Brussels sprouts are ready to take out of the oven. I would say get the plates and make a nice plate from the 2 dishes. Maybe you like to bake some tempeh for on the plate I say do it, but the 2 dishes together are also really nice.

Eet smakelijk/bon appétit/شهية طيبة/בתאבון


Rainbow coloured salad…..

Did I saw some sunshine today.?!..I even heard on the news it’s going to be warm and sunny this weekend. So today some gardening and decided to cut out some sorrel and rocket and use for some salad tonight!! In the afternoon I went to the supermarket and I saw some pomegranate…. and some raspberry vinegar (while I was searching for some vinegar to preserve the pickles in a jar, hope to post it soon how to do).
Very curious to use the raspberry vinegar in the salad I think it’s make the salad special and fresh.
I must say it has a special taste and you must like it, so if you are a daredevil try it and maybe an inspiration is born ; )

The ingredients of the rainbow coloured salad (4 persons)

200 gram of lettuce (maybe a mixture of rocket, oak-leaf lettuce and so on)
6 sun-dried tomatoes cut in little pieces
1 cup of cashew nuts a little crumbled
4 tomatoes
5 cloves of garlic
some zucchini leaves for garnish
1 pomegranate get out the seeds
0.75 millilitre/75 decilitre raspberry vinegar
some oil (olive oil)
juice of an half grapefruit
some chive
some star anise (lets say 2 teaspoons)
red lentils for 4 persons
some alfalfa sprouts
2 fresh figs for garnish
2 red onions cut in little pieces
1/2 tablespoon of fresh thyme
2 tablespoon dried grated coconut and some for garnish
2 little parsnips
the green part of a spring onion (for garnish) cut in slices
some Thai basil


a wok
a wooden spoon
a cooking pan
a bowl
4 plates
a colander

Let start  to make the rainbow salad

It’s easy preparing! Get the cooking pan put some water in and cook the lentils and parsnips for circa 20 minutes. Put on top of the pan a colander with the zucchini leaves in it and steam them)
Whoei… time to prepare the other stuff, wash the lettuce and ‘cut’ ( I like to use a scissor : )) them in fine pieces as big as you like to eat. And put them in the bowl!
So now grind the cashews a little bit and put them together with the pomegranate ( get out the little seeds) sundried tomatoes in the bowl. Mix very well

So time to get the wok and put some oil in it, heat the oil and bake the onion and garlic till they are glassy like. Now pour in the raspberry vinegar, the thyme, tomatoes and the grapefruit juice lets simmer for 3-5 minutes, stir occasionally!
mix the grated coconut in and the star anise powder.

So now cut the spring onion in slices and figs in half, and maybe some grapefruit pieces if you like!

Get the plates and decorate them the way you like, put on the plate some salad on the zucchini leaves, some lentil with Thai basil leaves and some tomatoes with some raspberry vinegar “sauce” ! Sprinkle the plate with grated coconut, some chive and some spring onion. And make the finishing touch with some healthy sprouts and fresh figs
                                                                Enjoy your meal

wrap it all…the fillings

The last piece of the really nice and tasty wraps! So hold on just 30 minutes and you can decorate the plate like the way you wanted too look like..and go to eat…Let the countdown start!

Filling number 1  soya chunks

The ingredients of the soya chunks

60 gram of dried soya chunks (You can also use ready to cook ones out of the shop)
1 tablespoon of tamari (Japanese soy sauce)
1 cup of water
1/2 of a big onion cut in slices
2 cloves of garlic pressed
some oil
100 gram of mushrooms


a saucepan
a frying pan

What to do…

Take the saucepan and pour the water the tamari and the dried soya chunks in!
Now bring it to a boil, and let simmer for 30 minutes….stir every 10 minutes and look if the water isn’t evaporated ( pour some water extra in it when this is happening)

Soya chunks are finished? Get the frying pan, put some oil in it, heat it up! Now you can bake all the ingredients first bake the soya, then for a short time the onion and the garlic. After you put the mushrooms in The soya is browner then before, the onions are glassy and the mushrooms are tinier, it’s the sign that the filling is ready to be wrapped!

The last but not least!

filling number 2 bean party

Ingredients of the bean party

250 gram kidney beans
220 gram of pumpkin cut in little cubes (cook before use like 20 minutes in water in a cooking pan or use canned ones)
230 gram of corn
1 red bell pepper cut in little pieces
240 gram of black eyed peas
1 tablespoon of dried parsley
1 tablespoon of dried chive
1/2 cup of water

Which tools you need?

a cooking pan

What to do…?

Just put everything together in the cooking pan except the red bell pepper, and heat it up, mix well together. Till you get a coloured party inside the cooking pan. Lets stand for about 5- 10 minutes (not boiling just simmer).
On the end pour the red bell pepper in it or just put it on the plate for decoration!!

Finally after all the steps, you can start to make your plate perfect to serve for guest or family. I used also some rocket, cucumber and pepper as a garnish.
How to wrap is just easy! Just get a wrap, put the fillings or just one in the wrap, maybe some lettuce or rocket inside, fold the wrap and voila………!

enjoy you meal/ provecho

Kosher versus vegan…..

Wow it’s amazing to have two persons from Israel in the house, I don’t know much about Israel only the never-ending problems and the funny g like we have in the Netherlands!
nice to talk about their country and of course the lot of difference, it’s funny they told me about Shabbat, it’s every saturday and you are not allowed to use electricity, bus, bicycle and of course they tried to explain me about Kosher food. I think it’s difficult to be kosher and there a lot of rules, about the milk must be seperated from the meat, and the meat must be kosher also. I thought it’s very interesting so I searched on the internet for more information and especially where you can buy kosher food in Amsterdam, I never searched for it and they asked, but I didn’t had an answer, but I think if you are a vegan you are very kosher or not (and what about the hygenic rules)? Maybe someone has an answer for me, I think it’s very difficult.

But I really enjoyed the time being with them in Amsterdam and walking around, at the redlight district, waterlooplein and find the Haagen-daz (it’s kosher they said!) so funny, and I made some real nice Dutch ‘snert’ for them (snert is a dutch peassoup) they ate it almost all, you go girls !!
For you the recipe, maybe for home, but I think the heat in Israel won’t make you desire for some Dutch wintersoup!

The ingredients (4-6 persons)

500 gram splitpeas, dried ones
1 string of celery cut in slices
100 gram of potatoes (cut into little pieces so they will be sooner ready)
50 gram of endive for garnish
2 1/2 liter water
3 tablespoons of apple vinegar
2 tablespoon of savory
some parsley
Some bouillon to give it more taste ( I put circa 1 tablespoon of vegetable bouillon powder)
Seitan for 4 persons (
1 big onion
I had also some mushrooms (like 100 gram)
some oil for baking

Which kitchentools you need

a cooking pan
a stove
A food processor
a knife
a frying pan
a wooden spoon
a colander
some bowls for the soup

Now let’s begin to make the ‘snert’

Just put the water together with the split peas in the cooking pan and lets boil it for 1 1/2 hour. It’s a long time and don’t forget sometimes to stir (otherwise the peas will stick on the bottom of the pan)
So you have a lot of time to cut the onion in slices, the carrot in slices, the mushroom in slices,put in the onion and the mushrooms in the frying pan and bake them till they are ready ( set de frying pan aside).

When the split peas and the water is swompy you put in the potatoes,the herbs/spices, the bouillon, apple vinegar and the carrots/celery ( carrots/celery you will put above the cooking pan in a colander)
Let’s boil for 10 minutes tillt he carrot is soft. The water mixture you will puree in the food processor till it’s smooth and very thick, put back in the cooking pan. Now blend the mushrooms, carrots and onion in little pieces and blend them not like smoothlike.
Put this together with the green swomp in the cooking pan, now it’s time for the finishing touch, bake the seitan till it’s got a darker colour (and don’t eat too much of the seitan when you are baking it : )).

Get the bowls to put the soup in, pour some soup in it, on top you will sprinkle some endive and some seitan.

Eet smakelijk and enjoy the winter dish and imagine the winter wonderland  and snow