friends…swiss chard pasta

Happy new year!
Again another year, new chances and new wishes for 2015. I want to take it more easy, going to put the Ayurvedic living style into my life. Laugh more and especially enjoy life more. I do hope it will work this year. And maybe to begin my own food coach site, anyway I want to learn much more about food and health and want to help people with this.
This is a recipe I made last year, I liked it, just another way to use swiss chard. Swiss chard grows very easy in the garden and you can use it a lot in dishes. So here is another recipe!

Recipe for 4 persons
600 gram swiss rainbow chard cut in small pieces
For 4 persons penne pasta
125 millilitre oat cuisine
pepper and salt to taste
1 red onion cut in thin slices
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Some fake parmesan cheese (noble yeast flakes and walnuts 1:1)
some oil

a cooking pan
a baking pan
some plates
a knife
some happy face

how to make
Cut all the vegetables, wash and so on…..Get the cooking pan and put in some water for the pasta, and bring it to a boil, cook for 10 minutes!
In the meanwhile get the baking pan and put in some oil! Heat the oil slow, no damps, because then the oil is too hot and not ok for your health!
Bake the onion and garlic for a short time, till the onion is glassy, put in the oat cuisine and bring it on taste with salt and pepper (make sure the oat cuisine is hot, not boiling) and now you can put in the swiss chard, cook this very short, you still want to have the vitamines in the food. Often I put of the heat and put in the chard and it will shrink anyway! Stir occasionally.
The ten minutes will be over now, time to make the plates beautiful…..Take the 4 plates, put first the penne on the plates and on top you put some of the sauce. Sprinkle some parmesan on the plates as garnish and to give the dinner more taste!

Stick on some candles and enjoy the dinner

pumpkin again…..pumpkin and sweet potato couscous

Today I ate something delicious, sweet potato I didn’t ate for along time, so it was time to eat again (because it is so sweet and healthy). So I bought some sweet potato, I had some pumpkin. Also some whole-wheat couscous, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and carrot from the garden!
Are you drooling already?
Here is the recipe special for you, the children really liked it also and me also 🙂

Ingredients for pumpkin and sweet potato couscous (4 persons)
800 gram of sweet potato cut in thin slices (3 mm)
1 kilogram of organic orange pumpkin, cut in slices like 5 mm (if it’s organic you don’t have to get off the peel!)ingr coucous pumpkin
200 gram of carrot sliced in pieces of 3 mm
375 millilitre of oatcuisine
pepper to taste
5 teaspoons of curry powder (I used madras)
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin)

240 gram of whole-wheat couscous
5-6 sun-dried tomatoes
handful of fresh mintleaves
1-2 tablespoon of walnut-oil
2 hands of crushed walnuts
Celtic seasalt to taste

2 baking dishes
a knife
a cutting board
a bowl and little bowl
a whisker
kettle for cooking water

Let the drooling begin….

First we make the oven dish, because this will take 45 minutes (in oven) to be ready. So cut all the ingredients like carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato. Grease the baking dishes with some olive oil. When this is done put in all the sliced vegetables (carrot, pupkin and sweet potato) mix it a little by hand. Time to get a little bowl and poor in the oat cuisine and the curry powder and some pepper to taste, mix well. This mixture you poor over the vegetables and by hand I mixed the vegetables with the sauce!
Put the oven on on 180 degrees Celsius and shove in the baking dishes, lets stand there for 45 minutes (It must be al soft, then it’s delicious and ready)

In the meanwhile prepare the couscous, boil some water in the water kettle. Weight the coucous and put into the bowl.
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes in tiny pieces. When the water is boiling you poor the boiled water on top of the couscous, I don’t know how much water I used, but let say the couscous must be under the water and the water must be like 3 centimetres higher as the couscous. Set aside, get ready to crunch the walnuts and cut the mint-leaves. When the couscous is cooled down poor in the walnut oil, salt, mint-leaves and walnuts.

By now the oven dish must be ready also. Get the plates and make an real painting of the plate with the nice smelling vegetables and great looking couscous. Enjoy this meal and you can always change the vegetables, maybe more carrots then pumpkin or almonds instead of walnuts. Be creative

end couscous pumpkin


Number 100…..panna cotta di orange!

yes it’s my 100st blogpost, it goes so quick and I must say every day I get more proud on my blog.
I have new plans for this blog, I want to translate it into Dutch because my friends like it when it is in their own language. I hope when I translate it I reach more people, so more people eat more plant-based food. So we all can save the world at least it’s a good way to start….This summer I want to experiment more with making ice-creams, make more pies and want to read much more about the garden, really I hope to make it come true….
Anywayz…. a good dessert after a nice diner is always a celebration, it make the diner complete, I ate some panna cotta at joe’s garage, I never ate before. And now I made my own one, the origin of panna cotta is Italy. Hope you will enjoy, it’s tasty and jelly

The recipe for panna cotta di orange (4-8 persons it depends how big you make the pieces)
200 millilitres of oat cuisine
300 millilitres of almond milk
2 grams of agar agar
1/2 tablespoon of orange zest (organic, otherwise you really get ‘poisoned’)
1/2 tablespoon of lemon zest (organic)
1 vanilla bean (take the inside of the bean out, the sticky stuff with a knife)
70 grams of date syrup (if you use other syrup you won’t get a brown colour)

a saucepan
a whipper
a nice glaze bowl to put the mixture in to get hardened (so also the shape it will get, my was 18 centimetres and round)
a fridge

How to make..
Get the saucepan, and poor in the oat cuisine, almond milk and agar-agar, whisk well while you are heating the pan. Bring it to a boil.
When it’s boiling low down the fire and poor in the other ingredients, whisk again very well.
Get the glaze bowl and poor in the mixture, set aside to cool down (it’s still watery). When it’s lukewarm you can put the bowl in the fridge for 3 hours. This is the time for the panna cotta to get jelly and hard. So in the meanwhile make your diner, or have a walk…Or write a new post 😉
3 hours later you will have a delicious panna cotta di orange, I took a butterfly cutter and made a nice shape out of the jelly, you can make each shape you like, or just cut it like a pie.
Also I decorate the butterfly with some slices of orange and lemon. On top I sprinkled some dried grated coconut. and qui è…..a beautiful dessert

Bon appetit and up to the next 100 posts!