friends…swiss chard pasta

Happy new year!
Again another year, new chances and new wishes for 2015. I want to take it more easy, going to put the Ayurvedic living style into my life. Laugh more and especially enjoy life more. I do hope it will work this year. And maybe to begin my own food coach site, anyway I want to learn much more about food and health and want to help people with this.
This is a recipe I made last year, I liked it, just another way to use swiss chard. Swiss chard grows very easy in the garden and you can use it a lot in dishes. So here is another recipe!

Recipe for 4 persons
600 gram swiss rainbow chard cut in small pieces
For 4 persons penne pasta
125 millilitre oat cuisine
pepper and salt to taste
1 red onion cut in thin slices
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Some fake parmesan cheese (noble yeast flakes and walnuts 1:1)
some oil

a cooking pan
a baking pan
some plates
a knife
some happy face

how to make
Cut all the vegetables, wash and so on…..Get the cooking pan and put in some water for the pasta, and bring it to a boil, cook for 10 minutes!
In the meanwhile get the baking pan and put in some oil! Heat the oil slow, no damps, because then the oil is too hot and not ok for your health!
Bake the onion and garlic for a short time, till the onion is glassy, put in the oat cuisine and bring it on taste with salt and pepper (make sure the oat cuisine is hot, not boiling) and now you can put in the swiss chard, cook this very short, you still want to have the vitamines in the food. Often I put of the heat and put in the chard and it will shrink anyway! Stir occasionally.
The ten minutes will be over now, time to make the plates beautiful…..Take the 4 plates, put first the penne on the plates and on top you put some of the sauce. Sprinkle some parmesan on the plates as garnish and to give the dinner more taste!

Stick on some candles and enjoy the dinner

elderpesto…..big garden

Our project is really fantastic, but have some points for improvement. But we are definitely on the right. The really nice thing about the gardening project, is…..I made already many dishes with fresh vegetables straight from the garden.And wow it taste so much better, better then a supermarket.
Everytime I learn more and more, I discover much about weed. That a lot of weed is still delicious for dinner, like elder, salt bush (Atriplex) en lady’s thumb (Persicaria maculosa), wild garlic (Allium ursinum). There is so much to discover in this world about plants and what you can eat or not.
Last i made a delicious pesto of a weed people really don’t like when they have it in the garden… I talk about elder, bishop’s weed. But the best way to get rid of the elder is to pi ck them and eat it. The taste has a little way of parsley.

The ingredients for a jar full of pesto

2 gloves of garlic
2 hands full of elder
2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons of noble yeast flakes
8 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of walnut oil
4 sun dried tomatoes (I used dried ones without oil, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes)

a food processor

how to make
Again so easy, just get all the ingredients, wash the bishop’s weed, peel the garlic and so on. Put all the ingredients in the food processor and mix it till has a nice texture you like, a nice spread to put on your bread.
When it’s mixed get a jar and put it in a jar so you can close and safe it for longer time in the fridge. I don’t know exactly how long it will be eatable, but I always smell, look and taste it. But for sure 3 days after making it

Saturday relaxing day…..steamed turnips with misonuts

nice a Saturday without stress, without planning without appointments. Today was a relaxing day. Kaya was at grandma her house and I was alone with Yvi, so slept for  3 hours in the midday enjoyed some music, made some fresh bread. looked into a new cooking book got as a present from grandma. A book with nice recipes, great to try when it’s my birthday…
But last I tried something out of a Japanese cooking book (one week ago), I got it from the library, good way to get used to some Japanese food, and as I promised I would make some more Japanese food. so here you are…I used instead of parmesan, the vegan version, the noble yeast flakes

Steamed turnips with misonuts (4 persons) kabu no furohuki*
8-12 little turnips
1 litre of dashi (bouillon/stock made from kombu)**
2 teaspoons of soy sauce
250 gram of spinach (I used carrots and some leaves of bok choy)
3 tablespoons of brown or white miso
1 tablespoon of mirin
1 1/2 tablespoon of sake
50 grams of unsalted mixed nuts  (I used only almonds)
1 tablespoon of noble yeast flakes

a knife
a cooking pan
a saucepan
a colander(for steaming bok choy)
a mortar or food processor to grind the nuts in little pieces
a plate

Lets begin……
Make sure you make the dashi first.
Wash the turnips and get the peel of (I let the peel on at some turnips because they are organic and washed very well). Get of the tops (and put them on a plate, it will be later the lid of the turnips) make a hole in the turnips to put in the nut mixture later, I did this with a sharp knife and cut out a whole because with a spoon it was too difficult, turnips are very hard of structure.
Get a cooking pan and poor in the dashi, turnips and soy sauce and bring it to a boil. Lower down the heat and  boil them till they are glassy.Get them out of the pan and put on a plate, be sure you will keep them warm (maybe put them under a cloth)

In the pan with the dashi you can cook the carrots for 10 minutes (till they are soft) and steam the bok choy for a short time (till they are softer, like 4 minutes ) I always to this with a colander on top of the cooking pan and on top of the colander a lid.(if they are ready before you are ready with the mixture keep it warm till serve)

In the meanwhile you can make the nut mixture, get a sauce pan and poor in the mirin and sake bring it to a boil and put the heat of and stir in the miso till it’s smooth. I did the miso at last, because they told me the vitamins and minerals will be destroyed if you cook miso.

Time to put in the last ingredients into the saucepan, stir in the nuts and noble yeast flakes.
Lets get the turnips and fill them with this mixture, put the filled turnips under a preheated grill till the filling is bubbling. (I didn’t had a grill I put them short into the preheated oven)
Now the finishing touch, get the carrots and bok choy, decorate your plate on a nice way and put the turnips also on the plate with the tops of the turnips as lids to give the meal a nice look.


*recipe from Yasuko Fukuoka from the book fresh Japanese


**for the dashi stock
Dashi stock for 3 cups

3,5 cups of water
kombu kelp, 10 by 5 centimetres

Make the dashi stock, it will take one hour! Get three pieces of kombu (kelp), wash it with a damp cloth, soak them after for one hour with 3,5 cups of water in a bowl! Bring the stock to a boil and get out the kombu, now it is ready to use

strange day….. and look-a-like parmesan

Yesterday really strange day, I went with my 2 children from Amsterdam to Soest with the train. We had a b-day of my mother and father. We drunk some tea, gave the presents, talked to my uncles and aunts (once a year), we went back to our home, did a different route then when we came, We took the train to Utecht. When we wanted to get in the train we got help from a young lady, we were clumsy and delayed the train I think, but she said sorry I don’t have much power in my muscles (I choose this time the wrong one, but she was friendly) Always when you get out of the train with a stroller you need help from someone else, at least it makes it easier. Underneath the stroller I had a yellow box, full with stuff, my bag and so on. So I got help from a different nice lady to get off the train, but the box felt between the train and platform. I thought..oh no and what to do now..
Then there was a hero, a man quickly jump under the train get al the stuff out and run away. So I didn’t see him very well, but was shocked and said thanks.

Then we went to the next train we had to take, again there was the lady and I said as a joke no I don’t want help any more from you. But wow the conductors brought a ramp to get out a wheelchair, so we walked easy into the train (the feeling of a red carpet for a premiere).Too busy in the train, no place we had to sit on the stairs and then almost my little baby almost choked (I had to rescue him, I never had this before and was again shocked)
When the train stopped in Amsterdam we had help from a superman, he put out the stroller on his own (and again we saw the lady I said you have to treat me it is the third time we laughed again)
Ok this was my trip, I must say thank you all for helping a mum struggling with two children and is a little clumsy.

So I really had to tell this story….. and now the recipe of parmesan, it will be very short, but it can make a pasta diner more special. I think this one you need to know.

one cup of noble yeast flakes
one cup of walnuts

a food processor
a bowl
a jar to keep the parmesan in

How to make….
Get the foodprocessor and put in the walnuts, make them little. Now get the bowl, mix the flakes together with the walnuts. Put them in a jar and voila a look-a-like parmesan cheese, healthy and finishes the diner

Bon appetit

breakfast on a lazy day…

Did I already tell you I made a real nice breakfast this morning , someone gave me rocket. I love rocket and straight from the garden are the best one, very sharp and tasty. You can just put rocket in some salad or on a bread like garnish of what do you think about some rocket pesto!!! I made it today, very yammie. And all together with some home made bread….(ok I was to lazy I just put some bread in the oven from the supermarket)..:). So lets start


The ingredients

100 gram of rocket (please as fresh as possible)
1 hand of walnuts (or maybe pine nuts or cashews)
3 tablespoons of cold pressed flaxseed oil (omega’s 3!!)
3 tablespoons of noble yeast flakes
2 cloves of garlic
8 sun-dried tomatoes in oil
maybe some lemon juice

you only need the food processor

So this is really easy going, just put all the ingredients together in the food processor and finished when it’s all like butter. Ready to put on bread, and a fresh home-grown mint-tea!!