association…… hulk wraps

Tomorrow is going to be a special day, we are going to be an association. It took a long time, but finally we are going to be. After.. we can have a contract for our gardens (vegetable gardens we ‘own’) and our own bank account,
Today I went to garden after a long time and I must say it looks perfect, I still have Swiss chard and  kale (a couple of Brussels sprouts). I found a new recipe on this site, thank you for sharing this…It’s so nice and I am addicted to eat. so here you are I changed a little of the ingredients and put in some curry powder.

Ingredients for 4 green hulk wraps
200 gram of kale (you can use also half swiss chard and half cavalo nero,palm tree kale, just experiment with this)
60 gram of cocnutoil
1 green cooking plantain
1 teaspoon of curry powder

a foodprocessor
an oven

How to make this wrap….
Wash the vegetables and let them dry (so the washing water is not on the vegetables any more), in the meanwhile get the peel of the plantain and put this together with, the coconut oil the spices and vegetables in the food processor. Make a smooth mixture of this.
When it’s smooth get the oven plate and put some baking sheet on top, the mixture you spread out on the sheet (like wrap thickness), make a square so you can equally separate the big wrap in little wraps.
Bake the wrap for 50 minutes on 150 degrees Celsius (hope next time I will have a food dehydrator, I think this is perfect for the dehydrator)Cut the big wrap in 4 pieces
Put on top of the wrap some tofu, or vegetables or just eat them the way they are. It is delicious!



Muse…and some raisin bread

Whoopie, great, amazing ,wow what a great concert of Muse last monday (finally after many years I knew about the ticket selling on time, it was sold out after 30 minutes or something like that time) . I really enjoyed the show, amazing visuals, beautiful lights, nice audience and great music. And me as a lightoperator (ok ex one at the moment) really like the kind of stuff lighting/visually things.
I never been into the Ziggo dome in Amsterdam, it can host 17000 people, what a big hall, I was getting a little seasick when I was on the second ring, it was so steep on the balcony, I was thinking immediately, when you are drunk you can fall really bad like many meters down (it must be a great and exciting stage/balcony dive ;)), of course there was a barrier but still!
Anyway the concert again was great, singing out loud the music, clapping in the hands, dancing.I would say check out on youtube.
MUSE – Unsustainable/Supremacy

If you never been to a concert of Muse, you really must go and see!
So Anyway today I made a raisin bread what I really wanted to share with you, it’s a little sweet and something else then the uncommon brown bread.
Get ready for the ingredients

The ingredients for one round raisin bread (10 inch spring)
300 grams of spelt flour
100 gram of wheat flour sifted
3/4 cup of sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon of dried yeast
1 tablespoon of date syrup
3/4 cup of raisins
2 cups of lukewarm water
1 tablespoon of oil
some oat flakes, spelled flakes or like that as garnish

a bowl
a machine with a dough hook to mix the dough
an oven

The beginning…..
I would say heat up some water to the cooking point and put off and lets stand aside, while you are preparing the mixture of the dough.
First get all the dry ingredients, the flour, sunflowerseeds, raisins, and yeast. Mix this together!
The after the mixture you put in the oil, date syrup and the now lukewarm water (not all at once, but pour it in the mixture slowly) and let the machine turn and turn while you pour in the wet ingredients.
Now the mixture is ready (it must be a sticky dough) put in the spring (the bottom must be all covered) on top you do some garnish (the flakes) and let stand for 1 hour in a warm place, like the living room covered with a towel.
This is the time the bread will get bigger!

After 1 hour you heat up the oven like 200 degrees Celsius ( I think it’s like this temperature, because my oven is gas and old and I don’t know the exact temperature)
Put in the bread, and after 20 minutes you low down the heat to the lowest point of the oven for another 5-10 minutes.
Now put the gas off, let the bread inside the oven and cool down a little bit. (you must see that the bread is having a brown tinted crust and when you knock on it it must make a hollow sound, then it’s perfect)

At the end…..
You have a beautiful tasty bread, and the perfect spread on it is hazelnut spread (not the chocolate but the real stuff) mixed with raisins!
Anyway try some other nuts or seeds inside the bread or more nuts/seeds. It will make a little change!

Enjoy your day, at least I do….and eet smakelijk

easy, healthy and delicious………….great lunch

shopping is always nice and finding new shoes even better! Today it was an easy going day, just waking up making breakfast and going to the shopping mall in the North of Amsterdam, walking in the sunshine without sorrows.
Bought some leopard pumps, time to be a lady again……and of course no leather in the shoes! People always look strange, when you ask :’do you have shoes without leather?’
Anyway it,s my choice of wearing no dead animal fur/skin, and I have to say, there are  beautiful fake stuff so…. it’s even not necessary to wear real animals and pay a lot for a second-hand skin.
Ok enough writing, lets go and talk about the lunch, because walking and shopping makes you hungry!
I like to make an healthy lunch, especially with home-made bread and with vegetables picked up straight from our own garden

So how can you make a nice healthy, delicious lunch without cheese and meat.
I just say think colourful and your bread will look and taste awesome.
Anyway after the hummus on bread, I just right down an easy solution for a nice lunch and maybe not special for a lot of people but I wanted to put this on my blog just again forgetting some ideas!.

Some tempeh
2 tomatoes cut in thin slices
some thin slices of cucumber
sprouts what you have made and is on the windowsill ( I had reddish and alfalfa)
some mustard to use as butter on your bread
some salt and pepper
Caraway seeds as a garnish
Fresh lettuce different colours straight from the garden!
some coconut oil for baking/frying the tempeh
A nice and fresh baked bread

a plate
a cutting board
a knife
a baking pan

So lets start…
get the tempeh and cut the tempeh in triangles so you can put it on your bread easy, anyway you can make also squares, the same size as your slice of bread! Bake the tempeh in the frying pan till they are golden brown set aside, and cut the slices from the tomato and cucumber.
Take some bread and put some mustard on the top of the bread, upon the mustard you can put some lettuce. On top of the lettuce some tomato, cucumber and tempeh, the finishing touch is to put the sprouts on top and some pepper, salt and caraway seeds! Voila an easy lunch and if you have avocado you can put this also on your bread or leave away the tomato. Just fun to make this bread, you can make it the way you want and what you like……..just delicious!

Eet smakelijk and enjoy your day