basil lemon water…….

just a short blog post just too share you this delicious tasting water….

Ingredients for 1 litre of basil/lemon water
1 litre of water
8 basil leaves
1/2 of a lemon sliced

a bottle made from glass

How to make
Hahah now the big job is going to be to get fresh water, put this in the bottle alltogehter with the fresh basil leaves and lemon. Wait like 10 minutes, so the water will get the taste of basil and lemon. Nice for children and for me, when you want a little taste on the water


Read all the books about pro-biotic I wanted to make my own kefir, and lucky me Maaike had a extra badge of water kefir grains. And also she had a fig and 2 apricot, yes the dried ones. And know the mixture is bubbling and really alive in the kitchen! I can say this water kefir is really well managed, maybe next time I want to make it with tea, or I even saw you can do it with fruit juice……First get some extra grains. Because they will grow very fast! You can give it away or save them in the fridge for weeks in their own water, some sugar like 20 grams on 1 litre, no dried fruit and so on. refresh the water each week!
Why kefir is so good, because it got some good bacteria, bacteria what is really good for the intestinal flora. And when you have a good intestinal flora you have a better immune system! So it makes you healthier! But it is also important to eat pre-biotica, maybe more important then pro-biotica!

Ingredients for the water kefir (to make 1 litre)
90  gram of water kefir grains
water like 900 decilitre
1 dried fig without sulphite (because you will kill the grains otherwise, so use organic dried fruit)
2 organic dried apricots without sulphite
35 grams of organic palm sugar (every time I try to put less sugar)
1/2 organic lemon with peel

Kitchentoolsingr kefir
a sieve without any metallic parts, because it will kill the grains (or some cheese cloth)
a bottle of glass for 1 litre of waterkefir
a bowl not of metallic


Ohh lalala……
Lets get ready, get all the ingredients, put them all together (I did water at last) in the bottle and stir softly without crashing the grains. The sugar has to be a little solved.
Now don’t do anything just put on the lid not to tight, because it will go gassy after a couple of hours. When you see the bubbles its a good sign. The bacteria are eating the sugar and the grains will move sometimes and will double themselves.
After 48 hours the mixture will be ready, take of the lemon and squeeze the juice out into the bowl. Take out also the dried fruit, you will see this has no taste anymore, so throw away!
Now get the sieve and put it on top of the bowl (no metal sieve, you will get the ‘water’ in the bowl and the grains in the sieve. The grains you can use again and if you have to much give it away. By putting them in a jar with some water and some organic sugar, refresh this once a week.

Enjoy the taste and maybe enjoy a better health!

1 year of marriage……coriander chutney

Terrible, I forgot our weddings day today…my husband also. It is because of a card we got today by mail 🙂 I remember
Are we bad now?…or are we busy with other stuff?…. I know we are busy with other stuff. My husband is busy preparing for festival lowlands who’s going to be this weekend. I am busy with the children and today with the community garden, busy with cooking and making chutneys.And thinking about what to do with a lot of coriander leaves…
So next year better! Than we make a big party of it…with nice chutneys and Indian food. Here is the first chutney from internet.

Ingredients for the coriander chutney
2 cups of fresh coriander leaves
1 tablespoon of grated ginger root
1 green pepper cut in thin slices
Celtic or Himalayan salt to taste
(1/2-1 teaspoon of cumin powder if you like)
juice of 1/2 a lemon
(if you like 1 to 1,5 teaspoons of sucanat)

a foodprocessor
a jar to put the chutney in

How to make your own chutney….
Put all the ingredients into the food processor (coriander leaves, ginger root, green pepper with or without seeds’with is sharper’,salt and lemon)
Mix untill it’s smooth and voila here is your chutney, nice for on a bread, to dip or whatever you like. You can storage the chutney in a jar in the fridge, I don’t know exactly how long, I just smell, taste and look at the paste to discover if it is still ok!


Another pie….strawberry/lemon raw pie

Yes another pie I made on yvi his b-day! Really delicious and fresh. But now I heard that agave syrup is also very bad for your health. I have to find it out…Is it true or just a story. I must say there is always discussion about sugars. Which are the good ones. The only good rule about this is not take it too much. We don’t eat every day pie, so once in a while some ‘bad’ sugar is ok I think, but we do not touch refined crystallized sugar.
Anyway here is the recipe, I made it last time, with blueberries. Sorry forgot from who it was…I took from the internet

The ingredients for a 18 cm pie
50 grams of almonds soaked overnight
50 grams of raw hazelnuts soaked overnight
3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
150 grams of dried dates

100 gram of extra vierge cocnutoil
300 grams of raw cashews soaked overnight
juice of 2 lemons
1 vanilla bean
120 gram of agave syrup

1 box of frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons of agave syrup

a foodprocessor
a spring ( I used a ceramic oven dish with some baking paper inside)
some joy

How to make the pie….
The soaking overnight take the longest time. Before you go to bed put the nuts in a bowl with water. The day after when you wake up, you can get ready for making the pie. First we start with the bootom, put all the ingredients togehter in the foodprocessor and mix till it’s a smooth dough!
Get the spring, cover this with some baking paper and put the bottom of the pie into the spring, make also the side from this pie with the bottom I think something like 5 cm high.
Put the spring into the fridge and now it’s time to make the layer. It’s going to be boring put put all the ingredients together in the food processor and mix until smooth (coconut oil, doesn’t have to be soft, cashews,juice of two lemons, vanilla bean and agave syrup)
When this is mixed well, get the spring out of the fridge and put in the layer above the bottom.
After put the pie again back into the fridge.
The last but not least the topping (last  made with blueberries). Again get the food processor put in the strawberries and agave syrup mix well till it’s smooth. (if the food processor doesn’t like the frozen strawberries wait till they are more soft and not frozen any more).
This is the topping, put this as finishing touch on the pie. Go to the freezer with the ppe, and put it like 6 hours in the freezer. Just before you want to eat it, take it from the freezer.
Enjoy this delicious pie and be creative to make your own taste on this pie, with different fruits



cycling…cycling and time for another smoothie (vegetables smoothie)

This morning it was cloudy, but me and my brother (and of course Kaya and Yvi) went cycling through the twiske, searching for playing gardens and looking at the nice water and nature.
Finally home I gave my husband the smoothie I made this morning, I said I didn’t like it so much, but you can still drink it (he had the same). I have this recipe from the internet but I really don’t know from where.
Anyway I still give you the recipe you never know maybe you like it…I think it’s from this video or a variation

Recipe for the vegetable smoothie (2-4 persons)
3 stalks of celery
1/4-1/2 avocado
+/-1 cup lambsquarters
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 cup purple basil
1/2 spicy pepper

a blender or Magimix smoothie kit

lets make the juice…..
just blend it all, take some nice glasses and drink. It’s a different smoothie and I must say you like it or not….This is really green!


straight from the land……fennel soup

I heard about, havent’t been there before, I was so curious about this project.
Here in the North of Amsterdam in some house area, next to the greeneries of the school children is a land full of vegetables, plants and so on. It’s a organisation who works with people who are homeless or has to learn to work again (different reasons). Wow we bought our vegetables here today, it’s organic and not so expensive and no transport just straight from the land…A man helped us cut the vegetables, we choose the most beautiful fennels, chard, leek and so on…I know now where I get my vegetables from, I love this little ‘secret’ in the north…and nice to buy there vegetable plants what you can put into your own garden, my brocolli didn’t work yet but they have beautiful plants, and now they are shining in my garden! Thank you people, I see you next week. And with the beautiful big fennel I made a nice tastefull soup!

Ingredients of the fennel soup
2 fennels (medium size)
1 litre soup
some bouillon powder (I just do for 1/2 litre)
2 red onion cut in slices
oat cuisine 200 milliltre
juice of 1 lemon
+/- 1 teaspoon for each bowl caraway seeds
for the garnish => the green of fennel, some broad beans, chive, sundried tomatoes (chopped very tiny) or parsley.

a cooking pan
an immersion
a knife
a wok
some nice bowls

Lets begin………
Also this is easy to make, cut the fennel, onion and wash them of course.
Get the cooking pan fill it with water, put in the bouillon, fennel and lemon juice. Bring it to a boil…. simmer for 20 minutes.
In the meanwhile get the wok put in some oil and sautee the onion very short, so it’s still a little ‘crispy’, set aside.

When the time has count down get the immersion and puree the soup till it’s smooth….
Get the bowls (you can choose now to poor in the oat cuisine into the pan, or a little as decoration and taste in the bowls) on top sprinkle some onions and caraway seeds.
And finish with salt and pepper to taste. If you want a thicker soup, put in some potatoes while simmering…………..they must get soft at the end for puree

Easy and delicious…enjoy

Ameland…and the love for tea, (ginger-mint tea with a touch of lavender)

Just back from a great holiday, I went with my boyfriend and kids to one of the Dutch island called Ameland!
I never been to one of the islands before so I was very curious how the people live there and how the weather and nature is. And wow what a great island, so many beautiful nature, the weather was sunny and warm, we cycled a lot through the little hills, went to the beaches,the lighthouse, saw jelly fish, many rabbits and eatable fruits like hip, buckhorn, blackberries (unfortunately we weren’t by car otherwise I wanted to pick the fruits and try to make jam without sugar).
The time there was very relaxing, I really needed this, sometimes you really need the rest, just walking and cycling. So really I can recommend this island.
What also relaxes me is tea and I love tea ( I almost drink it all day), nowadays I am buying tea from Simon Levelt, and they have really nice tea. And they have a lot of organic tea and they say they take care of the working-class and nature (so great job Simon!!)
But looking at my garden and in the kitchen I saw some really ingredients to make some nice tea on my own. So here you get the recipe

Ginger-mint tea with a pinch of lavender (4 cups/ 1 litre)

2 twigs of mint leaves
1/4 of thin sliced lemon
4 thin sliced ginger
5 dried twigs with only the lavender-flowers
water for 4 cups/ 1 litre

Just a kettle
teapot with boulter

Now just make the tea
It’s so easy just get all the ingredients together, cook the water you need for 4 persons, in the meanwhile slice the lemon and ginger, wash the mint and put them all in the teapot together with the lavender. I have a boulter in my teapot so I putted the lavender separated from the other ingredients so I don’t have little pieces in my tea, I don’t like pieces in my tea!
Anyway the water is boiled? Just poor the water in the teapot and let stand for 5 minutes. Now it’s ready for drinking. You need more sweetness? Just put some date syrup in the tea or agave syrup

Enjoy the tea.
I love tea you too?


chickpeas suddenly turns into hummus….

no big news today, listen to some music all the day. Just thinking what to do when I have my website and of course make some nice spread for on bread. I like to make spreads, otherwise as a vegan you don’t have much to put on your bread! Sometimes I make a toast with vegan cheese and some pineapple on it (but this is really expensive and I think not the best product for your health because it’s a refined product)
If you want to live healthy you must take the most whole food you can get, not flour but wheat flakes for example (that contains the most vitamins) Every process with the food, the product will loose some vitamins. Please keep this in your mind and you can live a much healthier live!

Back to the spread I made, this is a typical Arabic food, it’s called hummus and made out of chickpeas! I make it more thicker so it won’t fall of the bread. You can make also some sauce of it but it most be more liquid then!

How to use dried chickpeas?
I use dried chickpeas, they must be in water for at least 12 hours. So before I go to sleep or at dinner time I put them in a bowl and soak them in the water. Let’s say 3 times more water then chickpeas
After they must cook for at least 1 1/2 hour in clean fresh water, I put some wakame (seaweed) in it, they told me this combination let you digest the beans easier.
When it’s finished boiling for 1 1/2 hour and they are soft you can use them for hummus
(this is the long preparing time)

The ingredients of the hummus (a lot of hummus)

500 gram chickpeas canned or dried and prepared like above,( for more creaminess in the hummus get rid of the glassy peel from the chickpeas, by taking 1 chickpea in 2 fingers and slide the peel off)
1/2  lemon and his juice
circa 1/3 cup oatmilk or water (or try some soy yoghurt instead)
circa 4 tablespoon of oil I used flaxseed oil ( you can use olive oil also)
1 1/2 tablespoon tahini (sesame-paste)
3 cloves of garlic
circa 1/2 cup fresh parsley or maybe 1/4 cup dried parsley
circa 1/2 cup of fresh coriander
circa 3 teaspoon ground cumin
a dash of Himalayan salt

(3 teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper if you like it spicy)
maybe some pepper if you like

Which tool to use

Just a food processor
a bowl to put the hummus in to set aside in the fridge
and maybe the cooking pan if you use the dried chickpeas

So how to begin

Put the chickpeas in the food processor together with the spices and garlic. Blend it and slowly pour the milk in the mixture, the lemon juice, the oil and the tahini.
And I would say when its all smooth then it’s ready to be used as a spread! And to make it more smoothier just pour in some more oil or milk, taste what you like. This recipe I don’t know exactly because I taste and make this by feeling


شهية طيب/enjoy your meal