association…… hulk wraps

Tomorrow is going to be a special day, we are going to be an association. It took a long time, but finally we are going to be. After.. we can have a contract for our gardens (vegetable gardens we ‘own’) and our own bank account,
Today I went to garden after a long time and I must say it looks perfect, I still have Swiss chard and  kale (a couple of Brussels sprouts). I found a new recipe on this site, thank you for sharing this…It’s so nice and I am addicted to eat. so here you are I changed a little of the ingredients and put in some curry powder.

Ingredients for 4 green hulk wraps
200 gram of kale (you can use also half swiss chard and half cavalo nero,palm tree kale, just experiment with this)
60 gram of cocnutoil
1 green cooking plantain
1 teaspoon of curry powder

a foodprocessor
an oven

How to make this wrap….
Wash the vegetables and let them dry (so the washing water is not on the vegetables any more), in the meanwhile get the peel of the plantain and put this together with, the coconut oil the spices and vegetables in the food processor. Make a smooth mixture of this.
When it’s smooth get the oven plate and put some baking sheet on top, the mixture you spread out on the sheet (like wrap thickness), make a square so you can equally separate the big wrap in little wraps.
Bake the wrap for 50 minutes on 150 degrees Celsius (hope next time I will have a food dehydrator, I think this is perfect for the dehydrator)Cut the big wrap in 4 pieces
Put on top of the wrap some tofu, or vegetables or just eat them the way they are. It is delicious!



Slovakia…and ‘boerenkool’ with seitan and gravy

For me it’s a long time ago I was in Slovakia, but it’s a real nice country. In Bratislava I met a nice man, Fedor named, at a bar very late in the night, he is a musician at a band called the Traditional Club Bratislava, a nice band I can say after I got a cd from his band ; )

He gave me a place to sleep at his house and I met his wife…( I was  a alone traveller and I always used to go to some city or place without knowing what to do where to sleep and so on) He and his wife arranged sleeping places all over Slovakia, my week was really complete and I really enjoyed. And now today years after my big adventure I have some people coming to Amsterdam from Slovakia ( yes, for couchsurfing) All day I preparing a nice dinner for them, they will soon know what “boerenkool” is. The long preparing time is because of the seitan I make on my own. Here you get the recipe for when you guys are back home and think about Amsterdam and the hopefully “nice” dinner you ate….

the seitan first ( very long time 4 hours)

3 cups of speltflour
3/4 cup of whole wheat flour
1 to 2 cups of water

for the sauce (to simmer the seitan in)
1 cup soysaus
2 cups water
1/2 cup ginger minced

What you need

a bamboo steamer
a cooking pan
your hands (and a bowl) or a mixing machine with dough hook

How to start

It’s easy to make but it’s a long time to get some nice music. Put the flours together and mix, while it’s mixing you poor carefully the water in, knead it till it’s getting smooth.
Finished? make little rolls from the ball, like 4 centimeters thick and very long (what fits in the bamboosteamer)
Now it’s ready for steaming, steam the rolls for 20 minutes. After they steamed let them cool..when it’s cold make little pieces of the roll like 2 cm at thickest point.
Cut everything in little pieces, get the cooking pan put the ingredients of the sauce in it and also the seitan, now simmer for 3 hours while you stir occasionaly. I just put after 1 1/2 hour more water in the cooking pan….

So when it’s finished after 3 hour it’s ready for using, just bake in a frying pan till it’s got a darker color!!

So how to make the boerenkool (kale)

This is easy to make, but first the ingredients.

3 kilogram of potatoes
800 gram frozen kale ( I didn’t had the fresh one, because it isn’t the time)
soem fieldbeans for garnish
a lot of 4 seasoning peper
1 cup oat milk
some salt
90 gram of garden orache
90 gram purslane

Needed tools

a cooking pan
a masher
(thats all ; ))

What to do?

Boil the potatoes together with the kale in some water (like 20 minutes) when this is finished you will mash the potatoes and put the oatmilk, garden orache in it.. And then put some salt and pepper as much as you like for taste. Now it’s ready!! ( I like it when you taste the kale very well)

Now the gravy as a finishing touch!

30 gram of vegan butter
2 onions cut in slices
some vegetable bouillon ( maybe 2 teaspoons)
maybe some cayenne pepper for taste
some flour
1/2 cup water

The kitchentools

a frying pan
a wooden spoon

I made the gravy very easy, just soften the butter in a frying pan and then when it’s soft you will bake the onion and put the bouillon and cayenne pepper in it for taste. And now pour in the 1/2 cup of water and the flour stir very well ( without lumps) and make a sauce of it.

All the pieces can put together now, take a plate. Put some kale on it, in the middle of the kale you make a hole for the sauce.
The seitan you will put on th e site of the kale and also put some sauce on it
Here is your very special Dutch food all Veganistedeet smakelijk/ enjoy you meal

(seitan recipe based on a recipe of Paul pitchford)