friends…swiss chard pasta

Happy new year!
Again another year, new chances and new wishes for 2015. I want to take it more easy, going to put the Ayurvedic living style into my life. Laugh more and especially enjoy life more. I do hope it will work this year. And maybe to begin my own food coach site, anyway I want to learn much more about food and health and want to help people with this.
This is a recipe I made last year, I liked it, just another way to use swiss chard. Swiss chard grows very easy in the garden and you can use it a lot in dishes. So here is another recipe!

Recipe for 4 persons
600 gram swiss rainbow chard cut in small pieces
For 4 persons penne pasta
125 millilitre oat cuisine
pepper and salt to taste
1 red onion cut in thin slices
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Some fake parmesan cheese (noble yeast flakes and walnuts 1:1)
some oil

a cooking pan
a baking pan
some plates
a knife
some happy face

how to make
Cut all the vegetables, wash and so on…..Get the cooking pan and put in some water for the pasta, and bring it to a boil, cook for 10 minutes!
In the meanwhile get the baking pan and put in some oil! Heat the oil slow, no damps, because then the oil is too hot and not ok for your health!
Bake the onion and garlic for a short time, till the onion is glassy, put in the oat cuisine and bring it on taste with salt and pepper (make sure the oat cuisine is hot, not boiling) and now you can put in the swiss chard, cook this very short, you still want to have the vitamines in the food. Often I put of the heat and put in the chard and it will shrink anyway! Stir occasionally.
The ten minutes will be over now, time to make the plates beautiful…..Take the 4 plates, put first the penne on the plates and on top you put some of the sauce. Sprinkle some parmesan on the plates as garnish and to give the dinner more taste!

Stick on some candles and enjoy the dinner

pumpkin again…..pumpkin and sweet potato couscous

Today I ate something delicious, sweet potato I didn’t ate for along time, so it was time to eat again (because it is so sweet and healthy). So I bought some sweet potato, I had some pumpkin. Also some whole-wheat couscous, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes and carrot from the garden!
Are you drooling already?
Here is the recipe special for you, the children really liked it also and me also 🙂

Ingredients for pumpkin and sweet potato couscous (4 persons)
800 gram of sweet potato cut in thin slices (3 mm)
1 kilogram of organic orange pumpkin, cut in slices like 5 mm (if it’s organic you don’t have to get off the peel!)ingr coucous pumpkin
200 gram of carrot sliced in pieces of 3 mm
375 millilitre of oatcuisine
pepper to taste
5 teaspoons of curry powder (I used madras)
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin)

240 gram of whole-wheat couscous
5-6 sun-dried tomatoes
handful of fresh mintleaves
1-2 tablespoon of walnut-oil
2 hands of crushed walnuts
Celtic seasalt to taste

2 baking dishes
a knife
a cutting board
a bowl and little bowl
a whisker
kettle for cooking water

Let the drooling begin….

First we make the oven dish, because this will take 45 minutes (in oven) to be ready. So cut all the ingredients like carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato. Grease the baking dishes with some olive oil. When this is done put in all the sliced vegetables (carrot, pupkin and sweet potato) mix it a little by hand. Time to get a little bowl and poor in the oat cuisine and the curry powder and some pepper to taste, mix well. This mixture you poor over the vegetables and by hand I mixed the vegetables with the sauce!
Put the oven on on 180 degrees Celsius and shove in the baking dishes, lets stand there for 45 minutes (It must be al soft, then it’s delicious and ready)

In the meanwhile prepare the couscous, boil some water in the water kettle. Weight the coucous and put into the bowl.
Cut the sun-dried tomatoes in tiny pieces. When the water is boiling you poor the boiled water on top of the couscous, I don’t know how much water I used, but let say the couscous must be under the water and the water must be like 3 centimetres higher as the couscous. Set aside, get ready to crunch the walnuts and cut the mint-leaves. When the couscous is cooled down poor in the walnut oil, salt, mint-leaves and walnuts.

By now the oven dish must be ready also. Get the plates and make an real painting of the plate with the nice smelling vegetables and great looking couscous. Enjoy this meal and you can always change the vegetables, maybe more carrots then pumpkin or almonds instead of walnuts. Be creative

end couscous pumpkin


Piano…..pumpkin pizza

Yippie jeeh! We’ve got a piano in tha house. Last week we drove with a rented car to veldhoven to buy a second hand piano with candles. Wow he is amazing, beautiful and now time to hire a professional piano tuner. Because I think he is really false! And after learn to play some piano, the books are already in the house….on the day we got the piano I made a nice pizza with pumpkin, something else then soup or pumpkin with rice. And last time I ate pizza I can’t even remember!

So here you have the recipe of a squared pumpkin pizza

Ingredients Pumpkin pizza (4 persons)ingr pumpkin pizza
for the topping
1 medium pumpkin cut in slices
3 twigs of fresh rosemary
4 tablespoons of pine nuts
150 (or more if you like) grams of black olives cut in tiny slices
1 tablespoon of white balsamic vinegar
1 leek cut in slices (very thin) if you can’t handle leek take something else maybe hot chilli pepper
mushrooms something like 100 gram cut in slices also
Some pepper/some Celtic sea salt
4-5 tablespoons of olive oil

for the bottom
2 tablespoons of extra vierge olive oil
150 gram of spelt meal
150 gram of flour
7-9 gram of dried yeast
3 cloves of garlic minced
150 millilitre water

an oven
a food processor
baking paper
a bowl or 2
a wooden spoon

How to begin………
First we are going to make the bottom, so take a bowl. Poor into the bowl the flour and spelt meal, mix well with a wooden spoon, also poor in the dried yeast and mix again, after you put in the olive oil and mix again. Time to put the garlic in and also very slowly, while stirring, the 150 millilitre of water. There must be now a nice soft dough! When it’s to dry poor in some more water, if it’s too wet some more meal or flour. Leave the dough in the bowl and set aside for 30 minutes.
Time to prepare the topping, wash and cut all the ingredients! The pumpkin is going to be in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 degrees celsius, but before he goes into the oven you will sprinkle the pumpkin with oil (I think like 2 tablespoons, sorry I didn’t count the spoons) some pepper and maybe salt if you like. Just wait till the pumpkin is ready…


Time to get the pumpkin out of the oven the half of the pumpkin you put into the food processor together with the balsamic vinegar and 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (and maybe some pepper) and you make purée of it. This you will put on the dough. So get the dough sprinkle the table with some flour, make a square of the bottom the same size as you oven plate (maybe 2-3 mm thick). On top you put the purée! Time to get your children so they can decorate the pizza (of do it your own), with slices of pumpkin, mushrooms, olives, some rosemary, pine nuts and leek. Sprinkle some olive oil on top and….yes lets put the pizza into the deco

You put the pizza in the oven like 14-15 minutes on 200-220 degrees Celsius. You can see if the bottom is like a real pizza bottom a little hard but not too hard, the pizza will be ready!
Clean the table, put the candles on some great music and poor in the white wine. Enjoy the pizza when it’s warm! And eat with the hands……….
pumpkin pizza endEnjoy/bon appetit

Pilaf with rooibos tea and walnutes……kurumu iri chameshi

Wow the trip to Japan is getting closer and closer, and the places where to go are now more fixed. I am looking forward to go. Last I met a girl from  my old job, we talked about Japan. She was there like 3 years ago and she said it’s so beautiful the people are friendly and willing to help even if they cannot speak English. Camping is nice and cheap, but other things in Japan are expensive and you must definitely take a JR pass (a Japan railway pass).
We are going to take a JR-pass because we want to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima (and other places in-between) and back another route taking the Island what is close to Hiroshima and go back to Tokyo were will we fly back to Amsterdam. In the meanwhile I also make the mood by making Japanese food and drink Japanese beer. Yes I am ready to go for 1 month! I am curious how the children will like it!
Anyway here is a Japanese meal I made, I used it together with some parsnip and carrot (with garlic) straight from the oven.
The recipe is from the book Fresh Japanese by Yasuko Fukuoka.

The ingredients for the pilaf (2 persons)
225 gram rice
1,2 decilitre dashi (bouillon out of wakame)
1,2 decilitre of rooibos tea
25 millilitre soy sauce
25 millilitre sake
10 gram of washed arame and dried after (I used wakame seaweed)
1/2 tablespoon of walnut oil
75 gram of walnuts in little pieces
Some Celtic seasalt

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a nutcracker

How to begin
Cook the rice with the rooibostea,soy sauce, sake, arame and dashi, for the minutes you have to cook the rice (I used 45 minute rice) look sometimes into the pan, if it’s too dry poor in some dashi if this happens, the rice must be make a crunchy noise at the 40 minutes, so now it’s ready. In the meanwhile you can crack the walnuts out of their shell, roast them on a low fire in a greasy frying pan, sprinkle with some Celtic sea salt.
Time to mix the rice together with the walnuts, your dish is ready

Enjoy せていただき

Saturday relaxing day…..steamed turnips with misonuts

nice a Saturday without stress, without planning without appointments. Today was a relaxing day. Kaya was at grandma her house and I was alone with Yvi, so slept for  3 hours in the midday enjoyed some music, made some fresh bread. looked into a new cooking book got as a present from grandma. A book with nice recipes, great to try when it’s my birthday…
But last I tried something out of a Japanese cooking book (one week ago), I got it from the library, good way to get used to some Japanese food, and as I promised I would make some more Japanese food. so here you are…I used instead of parmesan, the vegan version, the noble yeast flakes

Steamed turnips with misonuts (4 persons) kabu no furohuki*
8-12 little turnips
1 litre of dashi (bouillon/stock made from kombu)**
2 teaspoons of soy sauce
250 gram of spinach (I used carrots and some leaves of bok choy)
3 tablespoons of brown or white miso
1 tablespoon of mirin
1 1/2 tablespoon of sake
50 grams of unsalted mixed nuts  (I used only almonds)
1 tablespoon of noble yeast flakes

a knife
a cooking pan
a saucepan
a colander(for steaming bok choy)
a mortar or food processor to grind the nuts in little pieces
a plate

Lets begin……
Make sure you make the dashi first.
Wash the turnips and get the peel of (I let the peel on at some turnips because they are organic and washed very well). Get of the tops (and put them on a plate, it will be later the lid of the turnips) make a hole in the turnips to put in the nut mixture later, I did this with a sharp knife and cut out a whole because with a spoon it was too difficult, turnips are very hard of structure.
Get a cooking pan and poor in the dashi, turnips and soy sauce and bring it to a boil. Lower down the heat and  boil them till they are glassy.Get them out of the pan and put on a plate, be sure you will keep them warm (maybe put them under a cloth)

In the pan with the dashi you can cook the carrots for 10 minutes (till they are soft) and steam the bok choy for a short time (till they are softer, like 4 minutes ) I always to this with a colander on top of the cooking pan and on top of the colander a lid.(if they are ready before you are ready with the mixture keep it warm till serve)

In the meanwhile you can make the nut mixture, get a sauce pan and poor in the mirin and sake bring it to a boil and put the heat of and stir in the miso till it’s smooth. I did the miso at last, because they told me the vitamins and minerals will be destroyed if you cook miso.

Time to put in the last ingredients into the saucepan, stir in the nuts and noble yeast flakes.
Lets get the turnips and fill them with this mixture, put the filled turnips under a preheated grill till the filling is bubbling. (I didn’t had a grill I put them short into the preheated oven)
Now the finishing touch, get the carrots and bok choy, decorate your plate on a nice way and put the turnips also on the plate with the tops of the turnips as lids to give the meal a nice look.


*recipe from Yasuko Fukuoka from the book fresh Japanese


**for the dashi stock
Dashi stock for 3 cups

3,5 cups of water
kombu kelp, 10 by 5 centimetres

Make the dashi stock, it will take one hour! Get three pieces of kombu (kelp), wash it with a damp cloth, soak them after for one hour with 3,5 cups of water in a bowl! Bring the stock to a boil and get out the kombu, now it is ready to use

……….mushroom stock

This I have also from the book food as medicine by Ted Caldecott. I rather make my own stock, so there is not so much salt in it or other strange ingredients. Vegetable stock takes a long time, while this mushroom stock just take maximum 2 hours. And without much time to cook, this can be prepared easily in you r daily program. You don’t have to stir or stay all the time in the kitchen.
ok this is nice for a basic to make soup or for risotto. Enjoy making it

2-3 ounce/56-84 gram dried Chinese mushrooms
1-2 quarts/ 1/2-1  litre  of water

a strainer
a cooking pan

How to make…..
wash the mushrooms, soak  them for 20 minutes. In the meanwhile relax!
When they soaked for 20 minutes. They are ready for cooking with the water, cook them for at least one hour to get a tasteful stock.
Get the strainer and filter the mushrooms out. You get a brown tanned water!
The mushrooms you don’t need anymore, you can put them on compost.

lights in the dark……cabbage/rainbow carrot dish made in tajine

We celebrated on the 5th of December Sinterklaas, and I have had a nice present a Tajine. He is so beautiful, even for standing on the shelf in the living room, he is glancing on his place.
What is also glancing are the lights here in the house, because of Christmas we decorate our house with some lights. Not so many as some people here in the area, because they  go way to far (In my opinion, but ok secretly for xmas I can enjoy it ). If you look into the house you see only lights! But in the darker days I like the xmas lights, they give warmth and coziness in these days. And talking about xmas, I have a great and easy dish to make. I made it before on school, we had a cooking workshop. So the recipe is a little from what I had on school, only with different vegetables, but made in the tajine! And if you don’t have you can make this also in a big enough frying pan with a lid on top)

Cabbage/rainbow carrot dish made in the Tajine(the recipe for 4 persons).
300 grams of rainbow carrots (orange will do also)
300 grams of Jerusalem artichokes
1 white onion
coconutmilk from a can 400 ml
1/2 of a white cabbage (550 gram)
1 teaspoon lemon zest (organic)
3 tablespoons of walnuts crushed very tiny, pumpkinseeds are even better to use (roast them before use)
3 teaspoons of ras el hanout*
1 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
4 persons bulghur (+/- 280 gram) plus 2,5 times more water (1 cup bulghur is 2,5 cups of water)
flowers for decoration (marigolds would be perfect)

a tajine
cooking pan for the bulghur
good  mood

How to make…….
To make it’s easy, but before it’s ready it takes a ‘long’ time. Make sure if you use the tajine first time you soaked it for at least 2 hours (but better 24 hours) and after you oil the tajine and bake it for 2 hours on 150 degrees Celsius.

So time to get started. cut all the vegetables (cabbage,carrots, onion), make sure you cut them in nice bite size pieces, be creative, maybe make the onions in circles and the carrot in slices/flowers.
Put all the vegetables in the tajine, poor in the coconut milk together with the spice ras el hanout* and some lemonzest!
Simmer this in the tajine for 45 minutes , the vegetables must get slowly soft. Mmm the smell when you open the tajine is really great!

In the meanwhile you can prepare the bulghur, cook the bulghur for 7 minutes and put off the heat and cool down in the water for 10 minutes, rinse the water out of the pan!
Mix in the bulghur the walnuts or pumpkin seeds  and the turmeric (so the bulghur gets a nice color)

When the bulghur is ready and the tajine dish you can serve this on 4 plates, make a beautiful picture of the plate, let the colors lighten up the dish!

enjoy/شهية طيبة

*recept of the ras el hanout (spice mixture)
You can buy it in the store, but I followed this recipe1 1/4 teaspoon black pepper (whole)
1 teaspoon gingerpowder
1 teaspoon cuminseeds
1 teaspoon corianderseeds
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cardamomseeds
1/4 teaspoon paprika powder
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/4 teaspoon celtic seasalt
1/4 teaspoon ground piment (I left this out because I didn’t have)
4 cloves

recipe 2 * from the view from fez
2 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons ground cardamon
2 teaspoons ground mace
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground anise seeds
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

ground this all in the mortar and mix well, you don’t need all the mixture you made so you have some left for the next time, put this in a little jar!
i must say it’s really enjoying to ground all this spices and like meditation!


straight from the land……fennel soup

I heard about, havent’t been there before, I was so curious about this project.
Here in the North of Amsterdam in some house area, next to the greeneries of the school children is a land full of vegetables, plants and so on. It’s a organisation who works with people who are homeless or has to learn to work again (different reasons). Wow we bought our vegetables here today, it’s organic and not so expensive and no transport just straight from the land…A man helped us cut the vegetables, we choose the most beautiful fennels, chard, leek and so on…I know now where I get my vegetables from, I love this little ‘secret’ in the north…and nice to buy there vegetable plants what you can put into your own garden, my brocolli didn’t work yet but they have beautiful plants, and now they are shining in my garden! Thank you people, I see you next week. And with the beautiful big fennel I made a nice tastefull soup!

Ingredients of the fennel soup
2 fennels (medium size)
1 litre soup
some bouillon powder (I just do for 1/2 litre)
2 red onion cut in slices
oat cuisine 200 milliltre
juice of 1 lemon
+/- 1 teaspoon for each bowl caraway seeds
for the garnish => the green of fennel, some broad beans, chive, sundried tomatoes (chopped very tiny) or parsley.

a cooking pan
an immersion
a knife
a wok
some nice bowls

Lets begin………
Also this is easy to make, cut the fennel, onion and wash them of course.
Get the cooking pan fill it with water, put in the bouillon, fennel and lemon juice. Bring it to a boil…. simmer for 20 minutes.
In the meanwhile get the wok put in some oil and sautee the onion very short, so it’s still a little ‘crispy’, set aside.

When the time has count down get the immersion and puree the soup till it’s smooth….
Get the bowls (you can choose now to poor in the oat cuisine into the pan, or a little as decoration and taste in the bowls) on top sprinkle some onions and caraway seeds.
And finish with salt and pepper to taste. If you want a thicker soup, put in some potatoes while simmering…………..they must get soft at the end for puree

Easy and delicious…enjoy

looking for the perfect shoes…..filled bell peppers

It’s difficult when you have a nice dress, but not find perfect shoes yet. I don’t want high heels because my future husband is shorter, so otherwise it will be the giant and the dwarf 😉
Ok maybe on the end I have…difficult to find the most beautiful vegan shoes. But I must say I saw other nice shoes for in the future when I have no wedding..aah my friend will become crazy when he hears I find some nice shoes but not for the wedding..Yes I like to buy new shoes also, yes I am a lady too, I don’t have 100 pairs, but maybe 7…for me enough but when I see nice ones there is still space!
Anyway I must take care and spoil my friend so I made filled bell peppers.It looks great as a side dish and great with some salad.

Filled bell peppers for (6 persons)
1/4 zucchini cut in tiny pieces
3 bell peppers (yellow and red are the sweetest) cut in half
1 slice of fennel and cut in tiny squares/or triangles what you like
1 spring onion, cut in thin slices
2 1/2 cup of bulghur (cooked before you stuff into the bell pepper, simmer 20 minutes in water)
2 tablespoons of pumpkinseeds to put on top
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste (maybe some dried cayenne pepper)

for the crunchy top
2 tabelspoons of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 pressed garlic
1 tablespoon of cornstarch
5 tablespoons of water
a sharp knife
an oven
a cutting board
a cooking pan for cooking the bulghur
a spoon for measuring
a bowl and wooden spoon
a colander
a little bowl for the crunchy top and a whisker

Let’s begin….(nice shoes, nice shoes, nice shoes :))
First put on the bulghur, bring the water to a boil and put in the bulghur, simmer for +/- 20 minutes….
In the meanwhile, cut the bell peppers in 2 equal pieces, so you have cups to fill.Get rid of the seeds, maybe you can dry them and make bell pepper plants in your garden

Cut the fennel, zucchini and put in the colander, when you have 10 minutes remaining of the bulghur-cookin-time, you put the colander on top of the cooking pan and close with the lid.

In the meanwhile you can make the crunchy top. Get the little bowl, put in all the ingredients and whisk very well, till it’s like a sauce. Set aside and use when the peppers are filled.

Probably the bulghur will be ready now (the zucchini and fennel must be soft), drain the bulghur so there is no water anymore in the pan, get the bowl and mix all the ingredients, (the fennel, zucchini, spring onion, pepper/salt, bulghur)
Get the bell pepper cups and fill each one of them with this mixture (put the cups already on the baking plate, or baking pan), on top you put 1 or 2 tablespoons of the sauce and sprinkle some pumpkinseeds on top!

Now you filled each cup, they are ready to warm up in the oven, they must be in the oven like 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.
Take them out when the timer rings! They are ready for use. Imagine you can fill this also with potatoes or other vegetables, be creative and use your taste

Enjoy…..the shoes are mine 😉

in preparing for the wedding….and some easy basic pasta with a great taste

Of course in my head I am already preparing nice picnic dishes, easy to make, nice of taste and especially not taking all the time of the day for preparing. I think maybe 40 persons are coming to the wedding. We are going to order some vegan wine, and order of course some sun (maybe pray is better?). The dishes I want to prepare the day before with a good friend!
So pasta is great and easy, it fills the stomach and you can eat it cold also. Yes this is going to be a dish for the picnic.

An easy basic pasta with a great taste! (4 persons)
400 gram cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
2 zucchinis cut in half and sliced, pieces like 1 cm
pasta for 4 persons, some nice looking shape! 80-100 gram a person
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 cup fresh parsley (or maybe you like basil more)
some Himalaya salt/ 4 seasons pepper to taste
1/3 cup of cold pressed (extra vierge) olive oil

a cooking pan
some plates
a little bowl
a whipper
a knife
a colander

how to prepare….
Get some water out of the tap and poor in the cooking pan, bring it to a boil. In the meanwhile wash and cut the zucchini in 4 and cut thin slices of the 4 parts. Put the zucchini parts in a colander. When the water is boiling poor in the pasta and cook for 8-10 minutes  on top you steam the zucchini in a colander (depends on what kind of pasta you have)
In the meanwhile you can prepare the ‘sauce’. Get a little bowl and poor in the pressed/tiny pieces garlic, oil pepper and salt. Mix well. Set aside.
Time to cut the cherry tomatoes in half.. Probably the pasta will be ready now. Get rid of the cooking water. Mix the ‘sauce’ in the pasta Get the plates and put on each plate some pasta and on top some zucchini and tomatoes. (or mix the zucchini and tomatoes already through the pasta)

Enjoy and if you like you can eat this pasta cold also. Nice for a picnic