guitar and nice banana-datebars…..

Long time I didn’t write for the blog, of course it is getting boring but I was too busy. I was sick for one week, I am spending a lot of time in the garden, seeding seeds, harvesting, planning some special days in the garden and get rid of the weed. Organizing some little parties.

But for 3 weeks now I am learning guitar from out a book and it really enjoys and relaxes me. I started with a classical book and now I am going to learn some blues (because a friend of my is learning blues with the bass guitar), of course I am far from a good guitar player but I really like it, and I am making time for it and a lot of progress. This year I want to take singing lessons also. I think singing is a good way of expressing yourself, get rid of stress and so on. Will I be relaxt more?
I really was relaxt about the date bars I made (I read the backside of a supermarket bar and made it my own), I don’t have a food-dehydrator so I finished them by oven. But if you have one it’s raw! It’s a great way of eating some nice stuff when you don’t have a lot of time, you can keep them a long time in the fridge, today our friends liked the taste.

for approx.30 banana date bars
225 gram of dried dates
140 gram of banana
125 gram of oat flakes
50 grams of walnuts
40 gram of raisins
20 grams of pear juice
2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder (maybe you like more?)
5 teaspoons of hemp seeds

a food processor
an oven or food dehydrator
an oven dish
baking paper
a wooden spoon to spread the dough in the oven dish

How to make the bars!
Get the food processor and mix all the ingredients together till it’s like a dough (if you like you can make it more crunchy, don’t mix it too long then!)
Get a squared oven dish and put in a layer of baking paper. Get the wooden spoon and the mixture, poor the mixture into the oven dish and spread it out ( like 1 cm thick) Of course you can make the decision how thick you like.
Put the oven dish into the oven, I baked it for 40 minutes on the lowest temperature, just look if the bars are more compact after the 40 minutes otherwise you put them longer in the oven. You think they are ready cut them in the sizes you like. Be creative and also experiment with other ingredients like cashews or chia seeds, berries and so on!

enjoy the quick snack very healthy and delicious.

Another pie….strawberry/lemon raw pie

Yes another pie I made on yvi his b-day! Really delicious and fresh. But now I heard that agave syrup is also very bad for your health. I have to find it out…Is it true or just a story. I must say there is always discussion about sugars. Which are the good ones. The only good rule about this is not take it too much. We don’t eat every day pie, so once in a while some ‘bad’ sugar is ok I think, but we do not touch refined crystallized sugar.
Anyway here is the recipe, I made it last time, with blueberries. Sorry forgot from who it was…I took from the internet

The ingredients for a 18 cm pie
50 grams of almonds soaked overnight
50 grams of raw hazelnuts soaked overnight
3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
150 grams of dried dates

100 gram of extra vierge cocnutoil
300 grams of raw cashews soaked overnight
juice of 2 lemons
1 vanilla bean
120 gram of agave syrup

1 box of frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons of agave syrup

a foodprocessor
a spring ( I used a ceramic oven dish with some baking paper inside)
some joy

How to make the pie….
The soaking overnight take the longest time. Before you go to bed put the nuts in a bowl with water. The day after when you wake up, you can get ready for making the pie. First we start with the bootom, put all the ingredients togehter in the foodprocessor and mix till it’s a smooth dough!
Get the spring, cover this with some baking paper and put the bottom of the pie into the spring, make also the side from this pie with the bottom I think something like 5 cm high.
Put the spring into the fridge and now it’s time to make the layer. It’s going to be boring put put all the ingredients together in the food processor and mix until smooth (coconut oil, doesn’t have to be soft, cashews,juice of two lemons, vanilla bean and agave syrup)
When this is mixed well, get the spring out of the fridge and put in the layer above the bottom.
After put the pie again back into the fridge.
The last but not least the topping (last  made with blueberries). Again get the food processor put in the strawberries and agave syrup mix well till it’s smooth. (if the food processor doesn’t like the frozen strawberries wait till they are more soft and not frozen any more).
This is the topping, put this as finishing touch on the pie. Go to the freezer with the ppe, and put it like 6 hours in the freezer. Just before you want to eat it, take it from the freezer.
Enjoy this delicious pie and be creative to make your own taste on this pie, with different fruits



Yvi Fox is 2……after-eight pie

Always the question on a birthday what kind of pie to make. So searching on the internet, looking for an easy and tasteful recipe.And of course one without sugar. My family doesn’t taste the pies any more, because it is to strange for them and I must say they don’t know what they miss.
So after making the after eight pie (really it taste like, so if you don’t like that taste, don’t make the pie) we had a lot to eat for the day, on my son’s birthday, because the family didn’t eat the pie 🙂
So I made this delicious raw pie, got it from

Ingredients for 24 cm diameter after-eight pie
de crust
1,5 cup of soaked almonds (I used with peel, soaked overnight)
1 cup of dates
1/2 cup of raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
some teaspoons of water

The filling
3 cups of raw soaked cashew nuts (soaked overnight)
1 handfull of fresh mint leaves
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of agave syrup
2 drips of mint oil (you do this at taste, but be careful the mint oil is really strong for taste)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
some Himalaya rock salt
3 tablespoons of cacao butter
3 tablespoons of coconut-oil (I used without taste)

a food processor
a spring like 24 cm diameter

How to make…
first make the crust, this is really easy! Get all the ingredients for the crust together and put this in the food processor with a s-blade. Mix till it is smooth like a crust, is it to dry put in some more water, but think in teaspoons of water not in tablespoons!
When the crust is all mixed, you can put it in the pie-tin, first the bottom and the the sides, de sides must be like 3-5 cm high.Put the spring into the fridge while you make the filling.

Now it is time to make the filling.
get the food processor again, make sure you cleaned it well after making the crust!
Put in the raw soaked cashew nuts,fresh mint leaves,water,agave syrup,vanilla extract,Himalaya rock salt and the coconut-oil. (so no mint oil and cacao butter)
Mix this all till it’s smooth.Time to put in the butter and the mint oil, please be careful with the mint oil, this is so heavy to taste ! If you like it more minty put in some more fresh mint leaves or oil.
You like the taste of the filling? get the spring with the crust and pour in the filling, make it equal. Time to put the pie in the fridge for at least 6 hours!

When you want to serve the pie, sprinkle some raw cacao over the top and some nice fresh mint leaves and almonds!


hospital week….oat milk

Strange week, and a hospital week. First on Sunday my son went to the hospital for his ear, the doctor said he had to stay for at least 2 days, he was suffering from mastoiditis, so he got some infusion, he had tubes for his heart terrible to see he is not 2 yet….
Anyway he is home now, yes, I am so happy. Still he get his antibiotics and ear and nose drops. But he is walking happy and climbing like he does normally, I must say he wasn’t terrible sick at all he is a die-hard.
On tuesday I had to go to the doctor also to check my breast, we have a BRCA2 gen in the family. It was the first time to get a breast biopsy, stereotactic. Not nice at all, it doesn’t hurt, but you have to lay down for a long time in a strange position what isn’t really comfortable, but we survived and now my breast is tickling ;)!
So strange week didn’t had time to cook special dishes, but i made also this week a new milk, the oatmilk found a recipe on the internet

The ingredients for almost 1 litre
80 gram of oat flakes
800 millilitre of water
some dates or other sweetening
some vanilla stick

a food processor
a big bottle of glass
a fridge
a sieve

Easy to make….
Just grind the oat flakes in the food processor together with the dates, vanilla stick and water.
Poor this in the bottle of glass and let it stand overnight in the fridge, in the morning you put the mixture again in the food processor and you mix it again, get a sieve and sieve the liquid. Now you have nice fake milk, experiment with the taste, you can make it spicy by putting in some cinnamon or clove just what you like.



sleep…and rice milk

The last days I am so busy with good stuff. Reading so much about Ayurveda, really every day I understand more about this lifestyle. Also I am experimenting a lot with recipes, went to the library for cooking books (this time Japanese) I have also a book from school were I am making pickles, whole food breakfasts and so on. Good for giving advise to anyone about food. Also I have to look some informative documentaries and my evening Dutch soap (bleh yes I am that kind of person :)). Where is the time to sleep, I have the feeling the days are too short. Of course my kids want attention too and I give it to them as a housemam 🙂
But with all the experiments I have a nice rice milk recipe, I don’t want to buy the one in tetra packages because there is still plastic in it and they poor the ‘milk’ hot into the packages, so Imagine what will happen with the ‘milk’ and plastic. Fresh is the word I like.

The recipe for a lot of rice milk
1 cup whole wheat rice
6 cups water
4 dried dates
some himalaya salt
(for variation maybe some spices, like cardamom,vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, pepper name it and experiment with the taste)

a cooking pan
a blender

Lets make it…….
Wash the rice first till the water isn’t cloudy any more. Get the cooking pan and poor in the water and rice. Put them on the gas and cook for 2 hours on low fire. After the two hours you blend the mixture together with the dates/salt and make a smooth liquid from it.
You have a thick rice milk now, put just some water too make the mixture the thickness you like.!
And voila poor them in bottles of glass and they are like 3 days preservable in the fridge.

Nice for a porridge, enjoy the taste. Last I mixed in some red dates also, really nice too. And if you like more sweet, put in some syrup or maybe you like spices into the milk more, just experiment


first clients…….almond milk

3 days ago I had my first clients, ok to practice. I had to find out what they are for constitution and what dosha brings them out of balance. yes I am talking about the Ayurveda, I think I did it quite ok, have to learn much more but for the first time I am happy with the ‘diet’ I gave to the girls. One is already changing I had her on the phone, she really felt already some difference. (wow so quick)
Now I have a new mission, to look at many tongues and make a picture, so I can learn all differences and really learn about the shape of Vata/Kapha or pitta tongue and how to recognize imbalances.I am happy to choose this direction, i am happy also i found out what I really like….yes …finally…….after 32 years!
This is my last recipe I made, from the book Food as medicine by Todd Caldecot

Nice almondmilk
1 cup whole almonds soaked 24 hours in water
2-3 dates
1/2 vanilla stick
2-3 cardamom pods
3 cups water

a food processor/ blender
a meshstrainer
a bowl
a cooking pan

How to make
Soak the almonds for 24 hours, so they can get soft. After the 24 hours get rid of the water and poor the almonds in a blender together with the dates, the vanilla, cardamom pods and water, blend till it’s ‘smooth’ (3-5 minutes). Mix well till it gets like milk!
Get a mesh strainer and poor the milk through it into a bowl, I got some pulp in the strainer(I used this in the morning porridge). get the cooking pan and boil the milk for 5 minutes.
So that was the last step now you have almond milk a good replacement for normal milk, not to replace the vitamins, but as a liquid in dishes and so on!
This you can also do with other nuts, seeds, or maybe some other spices. Get creative and find out.
Store in the fridge for 3 days at highest, every time you use it again, reheat it! When you reheat it you will make it more easy to digest.
Thanks Todd for the great recipe, more recipes from him will come.Thanks school for let me read this book!


babyshower…and an apple-pie without sugar

A baby-shower, great! My friend is getting a baby and now we have a big party. What to make, she is not allowed to eat sugar and some other stuff. So after searching on the internet I found a vegan apple-pie recipe, I was following the recipe and I discovered it was a crappy one. So the bottom was ruined. So I was experimenting with ingredients to make the pie perfect.  Love to try this, so I started baking, I thought after getting the pie out it was totally failure but….yes I must say it was/is a nice tasting apple-pie! Now I will hope she likes it also, because pregnant ladies…….;)

Ingredients for a whole apple-pie without sugar (24 cm)
the bottom
2 bananas
160 gram of sifted flour
160 gram of spelt flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
180 gram of coconut-oil
1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
some flour to roll the dough on

the filling
4 big sweet apples (something like 1 kilogram ) cut in tiny pieces
200 gram of raisins soaked in water for 20 minutes (maybe if you don’t like raisins poor in some dried apricots didn’t try yet but I think it taste perfect)
14 dates from Iran (these are soft as chocolate and sweet) cut in tiny pieces
4-5 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
juice of 1 lemon
150 gram of mixed nuts (like almond, hazelnut, walnuts) crunched in tiny pieces (not like sand)

The kitchentools
a spring, with a diameter of 24 centimetres
a bowl
an oven
a little bowl
a fork

Let’s begin…
First it is useful to make the bottom, so melt the cocnut-oil au bain marie, in the meanwhile you can mix the dry ingredients together in the bowl (the cinnamon, flour, baking powder)
Mash the 2 bananas in the little bowl with a fork, till it’s something like yellow mud 😉
The coconut-oil will be soft by now, so poor in while stirring, the coconut-oil (not direct out the bowl because you will burn your hands), apple vinegar and the bananas. Mix this well till its a ball.
Time to roll out the 2/3 of the dough, the mine was too soft so I couldn’t really roll out the dough (maybe you can?) So I just immediately, spread it out, in pieces, in the spring/baking pan, like clay, I made the bottom on this way.  Maybe a little jigsaw game.
Make also the sides ( +/-5 cm high), because the filling must be poor in this dough.

Prepare the filling.
Cut everything what must be cut (the dates), soak the raisins and crunch the nuts. Mix this altogether in a  big bowl. Over the mixture you poor the lemon juice, the apples won’t get brown and get a fresh taste. At last you mix the cinnamon into the mixture, everything must be totally chaos.
So the filling is ready to be put on to the dough.
Get the spring again with the already prepared bottom of dough. Fill the bottom, and sometimes you have to push a little bit  so it will fit in the bowl of dough you made.
Yes everything is fitting? otherwise you can taste some mixture before the pie is ready 🙂

On top you will put the 1/3 of the dough( you put aside).
Again I was claying a top, I made 3 stripes diagonal and three stripes horizontal, so you get a nice square-effect.

In to the oven now, (175 degrees Celsius) bake the pie in 40-45 minutes golden brown, you will smell the nice pie when it comes out of the oven.
Cool it down, and cut in pieces so you can share this addicting pie. Great with whipped cream and tea

Eet smakelijk/enjoy

enjoy the flavour…taste the raw chocolate mousse

Funny to see my little boy eating his first fruit, now he is already 6 months it goes so extremely fast. His first taste was mango, I thought this must be great to taste after the breast-milk!
To look at his face he was really confused, must I like this?, how do I eat this (imagine it was totally pureed and really smooth)?
I think I cannot imagine how strange it is to get the first taste of something, but I must say with this chocolate mousse I made, it’s in a good direction to a new smoothy taste.
So if you want to have a nice desert I would say taste this kind of mousse, I would say yammie and maybe if you like the rice/soya whipped cream put it on top as a decoration (but I don’t think it’s raw ) I have no idea, it’s not heated so maybe yes it’s allowed)

Here is the recipe for 4 persons*
3/4 cup grinded walnuts
3 bananas
1/2 cup of dates (soaked in water for 20 minutes) in the recipe they used medjool (I used the cheapest little one)
1/4 cup of datesyrup
some dried grated cocos
1 stick of vanilla (cut/grasp out the soft inside of the stick)
1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of raw cacao-powder
Maybe if you like 1 tablespoon of orange zest (or some pinches of chillipowder or mint leaves, but this you must test on your own if you like)

so the tools are:
a foodprocessor
4 cute bowls to make the dessert beautiful

let’s start…
Get the dates, date-syrup and vanilla and put them into the foodprocessor and mix. After this is smooth, you are ready to put in the bananas, water and raw cacao-powder.
At last you put in the walnuts and maybe if you like some orange zest (like 1 tablespoon) or some grated coconut.
Get the bowls and serve the mousse into the bowls, decorate them with some grated coconut and walnuts. And as finishing touch some banana-slices
Really me and my friend enjoyed this very much!

Enjoy and feel the chocolate taste melting in your mouth 😉

*based on the recipe from the vegan scoop

eating raw chocolate balls while it’s raining outside

so no story, but just a recipe. I like to bake/cook discover new food, when it’s raining outside and this I made before but I didn’t post on my blog yet. But really this is delicious and raw! So make sure you buy raw cacao, you don’t know the difference? Raw cacao isn’t burned before it’s grind into powder, normal cacao is! And they say it’s really a superfood. Rich of antioxidants….
So here is the recipe based on the recipe from Jennifer Cornbleet….(raw for dessert)

ingredients for  about 18 chocolate balls
1/3 cup of coconut oil
8 unpitted dates, she said 4 medjool dates, but I didn’t have
1 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 cup of date syrup
1/4 cup of grated coconut
3 teaspoons of orange zest (organic)

a bowl
a saucepan
a spatula
a food processor
some spoons

So it will take approx 2 1/2 hour to make this delicious raw balls
Lets start immediately, put the saucepan on fire and fill with water, bring the water to a boil, put off the heat and get the bowl (with coconut oil inside ) and put the bowl in the water together with the unpitted dates. Let stand and soak for 20 minutes.
Get the food processor put in the date syrup, the date with coconut oil, orange zest and 3/4 cup of raw cacao-powder. Mix very well, put the mixture with a spatula in a bowl and set aside for 1 hour in the fridge!
now get the mixture out of the refrigerator and make little balls from the mixture with a spoon. Do it quickly because if you have the balls to long in your hands it will heat up and your hands get full of chocolate (nice to have a taste of it before it’s ready ;))
If you made the balls you can roll them in the rest of the cacao powder or in the grated coconut (the coconut is really my favourite, she said you can try also curry powder instead of cacao or grated coconut, or put some cayenne and a 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in the mixture)
Now they are ready put them on a nice plate again in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour….then they are ready for consumption nice with tea or just after a good diner! (you can keep them for 1 week in the fridge)
Enjoy and do not eat too much because they are filling and otherwise you get sickly, at least I do 🙂

Bon appetite