circus…….cucumber/mint water

I almost can walk on a rope!! I learned walking on a ball, my youngest son mr. Fox is happy with being a horse and run around through the hall where the workshops are being held. We enjoy ourselves at the circus and I must say I think it’s really good for a child, they play, they learn to work together and learn to keep in balance and so on!
I used to juggle in the summer and diabolo, hoolahoop, it wasn’t perfect at all, but I really enjoyed, it makes me relax, something like meditation.
So I must say everybody must go to the circus learn yourself new things enjoy to play and take some fresh water with you when you are thirsty. And I discovered to make water more then water, just by adding some mint leaves or lemonjuice, cucumber. So here is a example of a really good and fresh tasting water.

Ingredients for 1 litre cucumber/mint water
1 liter of water
2/3 twigs of fresh mintleaves
4 thin slices of cucumber

a bottle of glass

How to make….
A very short preparing time, get the bottle… fill with the water and put in the cucumber and mint leaves. After maybe 15 minutes the taste of cucumber is into the water. I always take the bottle with me so I really don’t know exactly when the taste is like cucumber, I mean in how many time.
That’s all what you have to do, maybe you can put in some lemon slices and I heard also basil in your water is really great also, but this I have to try first. Just try it yourself I am a big fan of this new tasting water


ayurvedic nutrition course…….fresh rice rolls

Great last week I went back to school again. Let my brains work again, last course was one year ago and I must say if you don’t keep up the memory/mind about food by reading, you loose a lot of essential information. The course I will do now is Ayurvedic nutrition, curious how the system works there, the Chinese was very interesting and I learned so much about food, but I must say you never know everything. Things changes…. the researches changes every time and so on. So many different kinds of food. But it brings people together and there is always discussion about how to loose weight, to be vegetarian or not to be, organic or not…….
Eating food is also like a party, laughing, discovering new foods, discover new taste, making new recipes, experiment with ingredients you don’t know, discover tradition food of countries!
Anyway this recipe, I made last, are rice rolls, I post one earlier but this has a different taste and also to show you what you can do with the rice papers.
If you want to know how to roll, read the first post about rice rolls

Ingredients for 8 fresh rice rolls
1/2 yellow bell pepper cut in 8 equal pieces
1/4 of a medium cucumber, cut in thin strings (8 strings)
8 twigs of Sanguisorba minor (Salad burnet, Garden burnet, Small burnet, burnet) take of the leaves
handful of almonds crushed in tiny pieces
8 Indian cress leaves
1 spring onion (cut in 8 strings)
some basil leaves
8 leaves of Swiss chard, tear each leave in 2 pieces in length
some sprouts alfalfa if you like
8 rice papers (big size and round)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl with some water, to put the rice papers in to soak

Lets start………..
Wash all the vegetables. get of the leaves from the burnet twig, cut all the vegetables in strings, they must be as big as a rice paper minus 2 cm on both sides (that’s for rolling the rolls easier, so you won’t break the paper and you still can fold in the sides)
Soak the rice papers for a short time in water, so they get soft. Take them out very slowly and careful, they can damage very quickly!
Lay the paper on a flat surface. Fill them with the vegetables, so 1 string of spring onion, some basil leaves, some alfalfa, a piece of yellow bell pepper, almonds, 1 leaf of Indian cress cut in tiny pieces, some cucumber …….

Time to roll them, here you can see how I did it the last time. Roll 8 rolls and enjoy the fresh taste. Choose your dip, maybe you like a hot (red peppers sauce, see the comment on the same page as how you roll the rice rolls) one or more the salty one (like shoyu with pieces of ginger).


ok ok the last one for now……fresh summer smoothie

Yes I a addicted to every day a green smoothie, after trying one week, I am convienced! I love it and my children get a lot of vitamins in their body just by drinking a nice smoothie.
So yesterday I tried a new one, I just used my creativity, This is a fresh summer smoothie, everybody liked it! Also our French couchsurfers, who are lucky I am addicted so they get also some vitamin shot!Good for their ‘world’trip.I loved their adventure, they are going hitch-hiking through Europe, I want to join toooo 😉

The recipe for the fresh summer smoothie (4-6 persons)
2 little mangos or 1 big one
2 bananas
1 cucumber
2 glasses of water

a blender/magimix with smoothie kit

So just get all the ingredients, wash the cucumber, peel the mango and blend it all together in the blender till it’s smooth. At last I poor in the glasses of water. Get the glasses and taste the fresh summer smoothie especially in the sun at your garden….AAH


do you remember me….cucumber/parsley smoothie

Yesterday I went to a concert at the Paradiso, here in Amsterdam, it was nice! Not so crowded at all, the music was strange but great and heavy and weird 🙂
But at the end I wanted to go to the entrance and then a guy came to me, I knew him and he me. Unfortunately I really don’t remember from where, I know his face very well…do I have a hole in my memory….? Especially the smile…a day after I still don’t know where I know him from, I have no name, the only thing he is now living in Hilversum and is a programmer in woerden…So I need more food for my brains, another smoothie in my one week green smoothie week. Let’s get back my memory….!

Green smoothie number three (2-4 persons)
(recipe from: Parsley Passion Smoothie by Sergei Boutenko)
1 cucumber
1 banana
1 bunch of fresh parsley (with stems also)
1 red/yellow apple (Fuji)
2 cups of water

Yes again the blender or Magimix with smoothiekit

Here we go again…..
I would say wash all the ingredients that needs to be washed. Cut them in pieces so you can blend it. I put the water at last in the blender, after I blend the fruits/vegetables.
Maybe it need to be stirred with a spoon so it’s a good mixture for a smoothie

I like this one it is fresh, and if you don’t like cucumber don’t make this…



a little healthy delicious great snack… rice rolls (flower power hippie rolls:))

I forgot about them and then a friend of my, made them at her home, wow she made them great of taste and she inspired me of making them also again at my home. It’s easy and you can make them every time different, this little healthy snacks has many ways to make them perfect of taste.
Yes I am talking about rice rolls, they are like spring rolls, only with rice paper and not cooked just raw.

The ingredients for 8 rice rolls
8 sheets of rice paper
1/2 cucumber
1 string of celery
1/2 green sour apple
4 carrots
4 leaves of chard
flowers, like Indian cress leaves and borage to make the rolls colourful
(if you like some red hot chilli pepper, my boyfriend thought they needed it, I liked the taste)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl filled with water to soak the rice papers

How to roll………
I would say first wash the vegetables, and let them dry!
Get the cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the celery string in 8 very thin strings, the carrots in half, leaves of the chard each in 4 pieces, the cucumber must be 8 pieces also (strings). The green apple I cut first in half and made thin slices of them and after I cut every slice in 4 strings!
Sort them out on the cutting board and get the bowl with water
Put in the 8 leaves of the rice paper, wait till they get soft and slimy, get one paper out very slowly, with to hands and with care. They break very quick.
On a flat underground you lay the paper down, fill the paper with a string of each vegetable and some apples and flowers. Beware your vegetables are 1 cm from each side, so the vegetables can be rolled into a roll, and you don’t have vegetables coming out of the sides.
Here under you have pictures, how to roll! (thank you Marjon for the great explanation)

First fill the rice paper with the vegetables (1 string celery, 1 row of carrot, 1 row of apples and so on), they must be shorter as the sheets

Roll the vegetables into the paper, just one turn

Fold in the sides
and roll further till you have a perfect roll, maybe it needs some practise but everybody can do this! Do it very tight but with care
So now the rolls are ready really fresh and raw, maybe what I say before if you like more taste from it, maybe put in some pieces of chilli pepper or maybe some sesame seeds. I liked this taste. You can make so many combinations with this rice roll, different vegetables and spices…..Nice as a snack or side dish, or instead of a salad

enjoy this healthy snack

some great fresh tzatziki!

I forgot about this dip/spread. But this is so nice for a picnic. And yes I like to picnic if the weather is nice and not rainy/cold. I like to relax and eat in some great nature in the Soester Dunes, at the Twiske in Landsmeer and also in some forest or park. I like to talk with friends about life and food especially in the good environment like a picnic.
Anyway to make a story short I like tzatizki it is fresh and something different for taste

Recipe for the fresh tzatziki
200 gram of soy yoghurt (if you don’t want much water in the tzatziki, put the yoghurt in cheesecloth in a sieve overnight, with a bowl underneath, in the fridge, I didn’t do anyway)
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 teaspoon of 4 seasoning pepper (black/,white)
3 cloves of garlic (every clove cut in half)
1 cucumber (grated)
1/2 teaspoon of paprika powder
2 tablespoons of olive oil
some Celtic sea salt
pinch of dried chilli powder

a sieve
a bowl to put the sieve on
a grater
a food processor
a juicer to get the lemon juice

How to make….
First of all, cut in the cucumber in half and in half lengthwise. So you have 4 pieces now. Grate the 4 pieces. The grated cucumber you put in the sieve and put the sieve on a bowl and set aside for 30 minutes. So the juice can get out of the cucumber (otherwise you get a wet tzatziki, not nice to put on your bread or to dip).
Time to get the yoghurt out of the fridge, put this in the food processor together with, the cloves of garlic, paprika powder, chilli powder, pepper, oil and lemon. Mix well till the cloves are totally solved in the yoghurt, so it must be very smooth without chunks of garlic.
Taste and put in some salt, and of course put in the grated cucumber and mix for a short time ( 10 seconds), the cucumber must still be visible grated strings and not solved in the mixture. Taste if you like otherwise experiment with the ingredients, maybe more salt, more pepper….or just let it be like it is

Enjoy the freshness of the spread/dipper

pink shoes…..and green cold cucumber soup

Good feeling! The day before yesterday I bought pink (really pink) boots at vega-life, really great and yesterday we had a nice barbeque for vegans and vegetarians in Rotterdam. Meet new people, got some inspiration for new soups and dinners….and as a great surprise we saw manu chao at a stage at the Hofplein in Rotterdam, unfortunately my littlest son didn’t like the bass so only two numbers we saw and danced upon…
But now the day after, really tired, skipped all the appointments and just chill at the house and in the garden (full of sun). Made some fresh cucumber soup, based on a recipe of the allerhande. Here you can enjoy now also the recipe, it is a cold soup nice for in the summer.

Ingredients for the green cold cucumber soup (4 persons)
2 big cucumbers cut in big pieces
2 green bell peppers cut in half
4 big spring onions cut in 4
5-6 tablespoons of olive oil (cold pressed)
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of chopped fresh coriander leaves (and maybe some for garnish)
6-8 sundried tomatoes (I used not the one in oil, but dried one and soak them for 5 minutes in boiled hot water)
1/2 cup of roasted almonds (maybe also some for garnish)
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar (if you don’t have a 2 tbs of lemon juice will do also)
a pinch of chili pepper powder
(if you like you can put in also some fresh ginger root, but put in less sundried tomatoes)
some salt/pepper

a food processor with s-blade (or a blender)
some boils
a knife and cutting board
good music to celebrate the summer

It’s so easy….
Roast the almonds, cook the water for the sundried tomatoes and cut every vegetable!
All the vegetables and coriander you can put in the bowl of the food processor.
When the almonds are roasted and the sundried tomatoes are soft, but them also in the bowl. MIx the ingredients till it’s like soup, while you poor in the oil, chili powder and apple vinegar.
Taste if you like the soup, and poor them in 4 great bowls. Make the taste better with some salt and pepper.

I would say enjoy this soup and let you surprise how nice the taste is!

No news….just an ordinary nice Hulky-juice

What I wrote in the title, no news here in Amsterdam. Just tired and enjoying my evening cup of tea, while making this blog!
This morning I made a nice juice with some wheat-grass, apples, cucumber and ginger and I just wanted to share it with you. So a quicky today 🙂

Ingredients (2 persons)
3 green sour apples (granny smith) cut in pieces for the juicer
40 millilitres of wheat-grass juice
15 grams of ginger
surround 100 gram of cucumber with peel! again cut in pieces ready to put in the juicer

just a knife
a juicer for pressing wheat-grass and vegetables/fruits

so lets begin
It’s brainless, just juice all the ingredients. Make it funny with some decoration on the glass. It’s a real green liquid, but ooh soo nice………..
And you can experiment by your own with the ingredients, maybe you like no ginger leave out the ginger for example

Enjoy the Hulky-juice!

easy, healthy and delicious………….great lunch

shopping is always nice and finding new shoes even better! Today it was an easy going day, just waking up making breakfast and going to the shopping mall in the North of Amsterdam, walking in the sunshine without sorrows.
Bought some leopard pumps, time to be a lady again……and of course no leather in the shoes! People always look strange, when you ask :’do you have shoes without leather?’
Anyway it,s my choice of wearing no dead animal fur/skin, and I have to say, there are  beautiful fake stuff so…. it’s even not necessary to wear real animals and pay a lot for a second-hand skin.
Ok enough writing, lets go and talk about the lunch, because walking and shopping makes you hungry!
I like to make an healthy lunch, especially with home-made bread and with vegetables picked up straight from our own garden

So how can you make a nice healthy, delicious lunch without cheese and meat.
I just say think colourful and your bread will look and taste awesome.
Anyway after the hummus on bread, I just right down an easy solution for a nice lunch and maybe not special for a lot of people but I wanted to put this on my blog just again forgetting some ideas!.

Some tempeh
2 tomatoes cut in thin slices
some thin slices of cucumber
sprouts what you have made and is on the windowsill ( I had reddish and alfalfa)
some mustard to use as butter on your bread
some salt and pepper
Caraway seeds as a garnish
Fresh lettuce different colours straight from the garden!
some coconut oil for baking/frying the tempeh
A nice and fresh baked bread

a plate
a cutting board
a knife
a baking pan

So lets start…
get the tempeh and cut the tempeh in triangles so you can put it on your bread easy, anyway you can make also squares, the same size as your slice of bread! Bake the tempeh in the frying pan till they are golden brown set aside, and cut the slices from the tomato and cucumber.
Take some bread and put some mustard on the top of the bread, upon the mustard you can put some lettuce. On top of the lettuce some tomato, cucumber and tempeh, the finishing touch is to put the sprouts on top and some pepper, salt and caraway seeds! Voila an easy lunch and if you have avocado you can put this also on your bread or leave away the tomato. Just fun to make this bread, you can make it the way you want and what you like……..just delicious!

Eet smakelijk and enjoy your day