association…… hulk wraps

Tomorrow is going to be a special day, we are going to be an association. It took a long time, but finally we are going to be. After.. we can have a contract for our gardens (vegetable gardens we ‘own’) and our own bank account,
Today I went to garden after a long time and I must say it looks perfect, I still have Swiss chard and  kale (a couple of Brussels sprouts). I found a new recipe on this site, thank you for sharing this…It’s so nice and I am addicted to eat. so here you are I changed a little of the ingredients and put in some curry powder.

Ingredients for 4 green hulk wraps
200 gram of kale (you can use also half swiss chard and half cavalo nero,palm tree kale, just experiment with this)
60 gram of cocnutoil
1 green cooking plantain
1 teaspoon of curry powder

a foodprocessor
an oven

How to make this wrap….
Wash the vegetables and let them dry (so the washing water is not on the vegetables any more), in the meanwhile get the peel of the plantain and put this together with, the coconut oil the spices and vegetables in the food processor. Make a smooth mixture of this.
When it’s smooth get the oven plate and put some baking sheet on top, the mixture you spread out on the sheet (like wrap thickness), make a square so you can equally separate the big wrap in little wraps.
Bake the wrap for 50 minutes on 150 degrees Celsius (hope next time I will have a food dehydrator, I think this is perfect for the dehydrator)Cut the big wrap in 4 pieces
Put on top of the wrap some tofu, or vegetables or just eat them the way they are. It is delicious!



a little healthy delicious great snack… rice rolls (flower power hippie rolls:))

I forgot about them and then a friend of my, made them at her home, wow she made them great of taste and she inspired me of making them also again at my home. It’s easy and you can make them every time different, this little healthy snacks has many ways to make them perfect of taste.
Yes I am talking about rice rolls, they are like spring rolls, only with rice paper and not cooked just raw.

The ingredients for 8 rice rolls
8 sheets of rice paper
1/2 cucumber
1 string of celery
1/2 green sour apple
4 carrots
4 leaves of chard
flowers, like Indian cress leaves and borage to make the rolls colourful
(if you like some red hot chilli pepper, my boyfriend thought they needed it, I liked the taste)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl filled with water to soak the rice papers

How to roll………
I would say first wash the vegetables, and let them dry!
Get the cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the celery string in 8 very thin strings, the carrots in half, leaves of the chard each in 4 pieces, the cucumber must be 8 pieces also (strings). The green apple I cut first in half and made thin slices of them and after I cut every slice in 4 strings!
Sort them out on the cutting board and get the bowl with water
Put in the 8 leaves of the rice paper, wait till they get soft and slimy, get one paper out very slowly, with to hands and with care. They break very quick.
On a flat underground you lay the paper down, fill the paper with a string of each vegetable and some apples and flowers. Beware your vegetables are 1 cm from each side, so the vegetables can be rolled into a roll, and you don’t have vegetables coming out of the sides.
Here under you have pictures, how to roll! (thank you Marjon for the great explanation)

First fill the rice paper with the vegetables (1 string celery, 1 row of carrot, 1 row of apples and so on), they must be shorter as the sheets

Roll the vegetables into the paper, just one turn

Fold in the sides
and roll further till you have a perfect roll, maybe it needs some practise but everybody can do this! Do it very tight but with care
So now the rolls are ready really fresh and raw, maybe what I say before if you like more taste from it, maybe put in some pieces of chilli pepper or maybe some sesame seeds. I liked this taste. You can make so many combinations with this rice roll, different vegetables and spices…..Nice as a snack or side dish, or instead of a salad

enjoy this healthy snack

thunder……….and a flashy currydiner

Haha I think sometimes I am funny, because when there some lightning and thunder outside, my blood starts to flow quicker in my vains, my heartbeat goes quicker and louder….Yes I don’t like thunderstorm…The windows must be closed, because it’s safer (yes it’s in my head) and if the curtains can be closed it’s even nicer 😉 Do not take a shower or go to the toilet, maybe there is a thunderbolt coming out of the shower-drain
A couple of days ago we had some thunder, I was in the little glass house, very relaxed looking/working at my cucumber and other plants I have in the little house. But then suddenly out of the blue there was a big light and very short after a thunder. I think I was within one second inside the house, I looked terrified …and then the idea of someone looking at me at this moment was funny I think…It must look laughable how I react..ridiculous..
Anyway there is time for a diner to make when it’s rainy and thunder outside, so here a curry dish very hot, the first I made with some hot dried red peppers.

Ingredients ( 4 persons)

for the curry
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
2 teaspoons cumin seeds
5 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 little onions
14 pieces of dried pili pili pepper
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar
400 millilitres of coconut milk
juice of 1 orange
1 1/2 teaspoon of orange zest
2 tablespoons of dried coriander leaves

for the diner
for 4 persons rice with a skin
200 grams mixture green peas
200 grams of red chard and garden orache (spinach will do also)
maybe some peanuts if you like
grated coconut as garnish
some leaves of basil for garnish

a grinder
a wok
a knife
a food processor
a cooking pan

Ready to begin?
So first we put on the rice, it will take 25 minutes before it’s ready…..The rice you cook in the cooking pan with some water (you cook the rice now for 25 minutes after you will cook it together with the curry).
In the meanwhile you can begin to make the curry. Grind the cumin- and coriander seeds and also the pili pili peppers.
Get the food processor and put in this mixture, then you will put in all the other ingredients for the curry (so you put in the, cloves of garlic, orange zest, orange-juice, onions, oil, vinegar, coconut milk and coriander leaves)

Now the mixture is ready! set aside will the rice is still cooking, when the rice cooks for 25 minutes you get the wok…put in the wok the curry and stir in the rice. Lets  simmer this for 15 minutes….

After 15 minutes you put in the green peas for 5 minutes and  at last (the last 2 minutes) the mixture of chard and orache till it’s tinier you put out the gas off or where you cook on and stir the mixture through the curry with rice.
Get the plates and dress up the plate. look at the photos maybe you get some ideas. The rice I put in an espresso cup and then turn the espresso-cup upside down, now you will get a little mountain (and a nice shape)
On the end I sprinkled some grated coconut over the diner..

enjoy your meal

sunday the most chill out day of the week……

sunday the most relaxing day of the week, just doing some gardening, baking a bread,sitting in the sun…This day is a restday from all the busy activities through the week.
Maybe later on we go to the magneetfestival  we went 2 days before, and it was really nice. On a small  piece in Amsterdam they built tents for music and acts, you can hoop at the hoolahoop-cottage, eat some nice dinners (also vegan), meet some nice people, they try to be very good to the enviroment, you can camp if you want and don’t miss anything from the festival. So if you have time just go there and enjoy

But we are still on the relaxing tour and on the healthy way, so this morning I made a fresh juice with melon, mango, orange juice and some herbs like thai basil and mint. In the evening I made some salad mostly from vegetables from the garden YIPPIE, some potatoes with rosemary and fried tofu with chilisaus, and finally we didn’t go this day to the festival, my boy and me picked some blackberries for the icecream what is still in the freezer.

The ingredients of the summer salad

1 beet cut in little cubes
some green ‘lettuce’ from the garden 200 gram ( I took chard, rocket and sorrel)
1 zucchini cut into slices
1 red onion cut in little pieces
1/2 of lemon juice
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1/2 cup roasted sunflowerseeds
some walnuts make into little pieces
2 teaspoon sesame-oil
1-2 tablespoon ricesyrup
1 little turnip cut in thin slices
some beans, east indian cherry flower and parsley for garnish
some orange zest for garnish
some pepper

the ingredients of the potatoes

1 kilogram of potatoes cut in triangles/rectangle
some rosemary ( I think 1 tablespoon)
some oil
some salt

the ingredients of the chili-tofu

500 gram tofu drained ( no water) and cut into cubes
vegan sweet hot chilli sauce

The kitchentools

2 cooking pans
a colander
a knife
a big bowl for the salad
little bowl for the dressing
frying pan
a wok

So how to begin?

Put some water and the beet in the cooking pan and bring it to a boil, let’s slowly boil for 10 minutes. In a meanwhile you can prepare the rest of the salad, wash the “lettuce” put them in the bowl, roast the sunflowerseeds in a frying pan without oil, cut the courgette in slices the turnip and also the onion! The beans for garnish, the zucchini and the turnip put them together in the colander and put them on the cooking pan where the beet is still in. Just steam them for 10 minutes, while the beet is again boiling for 10 minutes

Now wash the potatoes with the peel still on ( because thats very healthy) Cut them in little triangles and bring them also with some water in the pan to a boil and let them boil for 10 minutes, be careful don’t make them to soft.

So everything is boiling and so on. Time to make the dressing this is really easy, just take the juice from the lemon and the orange whisk together in the little bowl, then pour also the rice-syrup and the sesame-oil together. This will be the dressing!

I think the beet and the zucchini, turnip, beans are ready, put them in the big bowl, and mix with the salad so you have a colourful bowl.

Yes we are going to fry the tofu, so in a saucepan you pour some oil, and let the fire heat up the oil. When it’s hot ( just put a drip of water in it and when is says ssssssssjjs it’s ok) then put in the tofu for about 3 minutes, when you get them out, put them on a kitchen-towel so the oil will get out and get into the kitchen-towel.
Every tofu-piece is fried? Marinade them with the sweet chilli sauce

Take the wok now and let the oil heaten up in the wok, when this is at the right temperature, bake the potatoes (please without to much water) together with some rosemary, till they are golden brown. A child can do it!!

I think all the ingredients for the nice tasty plate are ready so, make the plate like a painting and be creative. Put some potatoes, salad en fried tofu on the plate and voila a nice summerdish, oh and yes before I forget put some dressing on top of the salad ( and also the garnish). Maybe some pepper and salt to finish



enjoy your meal!

I feeeel good….tadatada ; )

Yesterday no cooking just dinning outside of the house, they made some real nice vegan dinner for me at pont 13 ( ferry 13 this used to be a ferry for cars and buses between Amsterdam and the North of Amsterdam)

My boyfriend really surprised me and made me really happy and feel like a lady again and no mum!!. I put on my nicest clothes and my zombie high heels shoes, ok on the end of the evening I realized I  drunk much, so the high heels were a problem 😉

After the dinner we went to a nice feel-good-film (Les femmes de 6-eme etage)  with Jael (the laughing lady) also, I really loved it, after the film I felt so happy and felt like, do not complain but enjoy life. Ok it works for one week and after you have again all the “problems’ !!

So today recovering from all the alcohol in my body and chatting with my friends Judith and Kimberley, about the daily life, …drinking tea and eating home-baked cupcakes (They were really surprising! the  taste: chocolate/ coffee cupcakes), I still wanted to put my recipe from the nasi goreng (I think it’s Indonesian food) on the blog, so also today is the day for it…because it is again raining outside pffff…and my friends went for their home.

It’s not the most healthiest dinner but sometimes you have to have greasy food!

So the ingredients of the nasi goreng with peanut sauce (4 persons)

for 4 persons cooked rice
100 gram chard cut in little pieces
200 gram Chinese cabbage cut in slices
1 onion cut in whatever you like
250 gram green beans cut in half
1/2 tablespoon curry powder*
1/2 tablespoon ground coriander*
1/2 tablespoon ground turmeric (to make the rice yellow)*
1/4 tablespoon ground cumin*
(Maybe if you like bake some tempeh)

* approximately, because I always do this on taste

For the sauce

2 cups water
some fresh ginger root like 2 cm by 2 cm grated
1 tablespoon peanut butter
2 cloves of garlic
100 gram of peanuts
5 by 5 cm of santen (coconut cream)
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 onion cut in little pieces
some sambal (hot pepper sauce)
½ lemon ripped of the juice
some oil for cooking

kitchen tools

a sauce pan
a cooking pan
a kettle
a wooden spoon
a bowl
clean hands

So what to do…?

cook the rice and in a colander you put the Chinese cabbage and green beans for steaming ( 10 min) above the cooking pan.
When the rice is ready get rid of the water (maybe you can put in a glass and use it for something else, rice water) put the spices in the rice, the same like the Chinese cabbage, green beans and chard.

In a sauce pan you put some oil and bake the onions (the half of the onions you put in the rice) after you put also the garlic in it, In a meanwhile you boil the 2 cups of water in a kettle and get a bowl. Mix the santen (coconut cream) and the water in the bowl. And now you can pour the mixture in the saucepan, put the peanut butter, the soy sauce, ginger root peanuts, sambal and lemon juice all together in the pan.(If the sauce is too watery put some all purpose flower in it to get it more thick). Stir and the sauce is ready, get some nice plate, put some rice on it and pour on top of the rice some sauce And the dinner is ready!!

enjoy your meal/ selamat makan

Oi oi it’s the summersun…..and punkisotto

Wow finally today the sun showed herself!! Wake up early this morning, quick breakfast and off to ‘pluk de nacht’ (a free film-festival in Amsterdam). Already 2 days we (my boyfriend, baby and me) are helping the festival with painting, building and all sorts of things, really nice especially today ! With the nice weather and next to the  IJ-river, seeing the ships on the water sailing!! Great to meet different kind of people…..also
And now back home again, I laid the baby on bed for sleeping (he was already sleeping on the bike, really cute) and thinking about what to make for dinner.
I have a lot of green in the garden so I’ll make something with my vegetables from the garden, This will be an experiment, I’ll make punkisotto .

Ingredients for punkisotto (2-4 persons)

garden orache* (Atriplex hortensis)
Some sugar snaps and green peas*
some carrot tops*
fresh thyme
fresh chive
4 little tomatoes for garnish
2 little beans for garnish
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 red bell pepper
1 glass of white wine (and maybe 1 while cooking for your own ;))
350 gram risotto-rice
some 4-seasoning pepper
some vegan cooking margarine
1 litre of bouillon ( fresh is much better, but I use vegan vegetable bouillon form the food store)
6 mushrooms

* all together 350 gram


A knife
a cooking pan
a wooden spoon

So let’s begin

Risotto is a very ‘intensive’ meal, a lot of stirring and be awake while cooking.,just to making it perfect. And remember one thing, don’t put the fire on the highest, because the risotto will get stuck on the bottom 😉 (if you are too late with pouring the bouillon together with the rice)

Step 1: Put the margarine in the cooking pan and let melt it very slowly, after you will put the onion and garlic in the pan and bake  till it gets glassy. Now it’s time to put the rice in it and stir for 2 minutes, and then pour (1 glass) white wine in it, when the wine is damped you put a little of the bouillon in it (keep on stirring!) when this is almost dry you put again some bouillon till the risotto is ready and sticky

step 2: After 10 minutes you will put in the mushrooms, some thyme, the red bell pepper and the sugar snaps/ green peas. And still your are stirring and pour the bouillon and stirring and so on…In a meanwhile cut the garden orache, spinach, rocket, carrot tops and chard with a scissor and set aside.

step 3:Still stirring and pouring the bouillon? You are on a good way!! Just when you got the idea the risotto is almost ready, you put all the green stuff in the risotto and the chive. Cut the tomatoes in half so you can make up a nice decoration on the plate! So and now put at last the pepper on the meal.


My boyfriend said:” it is delicious…. yes really!”

enjoy your meal/ bon appetit