Red lentils, pumpkins and beets…….fire truck red soup

Look at my vegetables, I see pumpkin, 3 beets, onion and coriander leaves. I know I have some red lentils on the shelf. Yes I am going to make a nice soup. It is a sweet tasting soup. I made a watery soup but if you like a thicker one put in some potatoes or parsnips

Ingredients for the fire truck red soup (8-10 persons)
juice of 1 lemon
250 gram of washed dried red lentills
3 litres of water
1 garlic bouillon powderblock
1-2 red onions/ 3 spring onions
2 big carrots sliced
1 medium pumpkin cut in squares from 2 by 1 centimetres
3 beets cut in slices
(if you like chili pepper to taste)

to decorate for each bowl
1/4 teaspoon of nigella seeds
sprinkle some roasted pumpkin seeds
some baked garlic to taste
Himalaya salt/pepper to taste
maybe some bread

a knife
a cutting board
a immersion blender
a big cooking pan for 3 litres of soup
a wok

How to begin….
You don’t have to do much of work, cut all the vegetables, wash and get the cooking pan.Fill this with the water, the garlic bouillonblock, the beets, the pumpkinpieces, the lentils, lemon juice and carrots (and maybe the chilli pepper).
Put the lid on the pan and bring it to a boil…when it’s boiling turn the gas low and simmer for about 30 minutes. The pumpkin must get soft and the beet also…

In the meanwhile get the wok and roast the pumpkinseeds, to decorate the bowls. After set aside. Get again the wok and put in some oil, this is for sautee the onion very short, they must get glassy. set aside. (in the meanwhile get all the decorating;))
And heat up the garlic till it is a little brown and also set this aside

The soup must be ready now…get the immersion and make the soup smooth. Some lumps are ok, if you like.
Get the bowls, fill them with soup and sprinkle the pumpkinseeds and nigella seeds on top. Also some spring onion (you can chosse to mix them also into the soup) and garlic.
As a finishing touch some salt and pepper

Enjoy the taste and ‘sweetness’ of this soup

gardening…..sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way

The weather is becoming better, the seeds are growing. My mind is totally obsessed with gardening now. I was searching on internet for nice products to grow more vegetables/fruits in the garden and I saw a great tomato-bag what you can hang on a ceiling for example and the plant will grow up side down (tomatobag). What an invention. I like that kind of inventions.
My garden isn’t so big that’s why I am always searching for new methods to grow more organic stuff.
Each year it’s getting better and better. I learn more and more, next saturday I will go on a course what to eat in the ‘wild’- nature, of course I know a little but always fun to do. Probably you will hear more about this!
What you will hear now is how I made a nice dish out of the oven, and some beet with different taste and nice tofu as a side-dish

Here the recipe for sweet potato oven-made and beet on a different way and tofu as a side-dish (4 persons)


for the beet on a different way
550 gram beet, peeled and washes and cut in the shape of fries
4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
2 pieces of whole star anise
some water
for the sweet potato oven-made

750 gram of sweet potato, peeled and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1/2 red onion cut in slices
4 gram of fresh ginger, minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
200 gram of carrot, washed and cut in the shape of thin pencils (or maybe you like slices more)
1 tablespoon of cumin-seeds
juice of 1/2 a lemon
juice of 1/2 a orange
1/4 cup of canola oil

for the tofu
250 gram of tofu, pressed out the water and cut in little squares (2 cm)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1 teaspoon of garam massala (recipe earlier in my blog/ scrambled tofu)
some oil for baking

an oven
a bowl
a cooking pan for the beets
an oven dish
a frying pan
a food processor with a blade of making fries
a garlic press
a knife
a cutting board

First we begin with….
the beets
The beets to prepare,wash and cut the beets in fries. Get a cooking pan, fill with some water like 1/3 of the pan. Put in the beets and the spices (star anise, cinnamon, cloves)
Bring it to a boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes stir once on the half of the simmering time. It will be ready when the beets are soft and nice to chew!

the sweet potato
In the meanwhile you can make the oven dish, peel the sweet potato, cut the onion, mince the garlic and ginger, cut the carrot in thin sticks, press the orange and lemon juice and get the oil!
Time to get the baking dish not necessary to rub it into oil, what I did was just mix everything well together in the oven dish and sprinkle the dish with some cumin seeds. It must look wonderful and everything must became in touch with the oil and juices.
Time to put in the oven, the oven must be like 200 degrees Celsius you will bake this like 30-40 minutes also.
When it’s ready? when the potato and carrot are soft.

the tofu
This you can make on the end when all the dishes are ready. Cut the tofu, in a bowl you mix all the spices (turmeric, garam masala and curry powder) together with the tofu (sometimes I am lazy and I mix it in the frying pan)
Heat up the frying pan with some oil, and put in the tofu!
Bake the tofu till it’s crispy and golden brown.
This is all you have to do to make your dish complete!
Everything must be ready now, get the plates make them beautiful. At least this is a colourful dish and nice to watch. Hope you will like the taste also!

Eet smakelijk/enjoy

convince Allard..and some pink-purple spread

I like the readings in the nearby farm ‘Ons genoegen’, last Wednesday a guy gave a reading about perma-culture, and of course I knew a little about. But he gave me more ideas, and especially the motivation to start the school-year of perma-culture! Now time to convince my boyfriend I have to do this school!
So what is the best method…FOOD. So Allard my dear here is a good lunch with a nice spread on bread. And for you the recipe 😉

The recipe for the pink-purple spread
180 grams of white beans (dried white beans? 12 hours soaking in water and cook for 1,5 hour till they are ready for use)
1 beet
some lavender flowers (dried)
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tablespoon of dried cumin seeds
1 tablespoon of tahin (sesame paste)
2 cloves of garlic
1 1/2 tablespoon of flaxseed-oil (other oil will do also)
1/4 teaspoon of chili-powder
2 gram of fresh ginger root
3 tablespoons of water
some salt/pepper kitchentools
a foodprocessor
some love
(for cooking the white dried beans a cooking pan)
a nice plate to impress

how to make…
Easy again, just mix all the ingredients together except for the lavender and pepper/salt, just put this at last in the mixture so you can still see the lavender pieces. And the pepper and salt is just what you like for taste…..

I would say enjoy, great to put on home made bread or a toast, and also perfect to use as a method to satisfy your friend

bloody-deep-deep-red-beet juice…..

Mmmmm I think it’s really beet time of the year, everywhere cheap beets. And I must say, I like beet, they are a little sweet and the colour is amazing,they are deep red. In my garden no beets grew, I think I did some dramatically wrong but I really don’t know what, next year better times!
For the juice it’s easier when you have an slow juicer who is on electricity, but I haven’t (my is really hard handwork) so for me it took a long time to prepare, but the joy of drinking the juice is much better and intensive 😉
I have much time, the rain outside won’t stop today, that’s my feeling about this day. Very dark, cloudy, rain and no sun even not a tiny tiny piece of sun. SO no walk outside.

So here is the recipe of the bloody deep deep red beet juice (approx 1 liter /4 glasses)
4 beets
4 carrots
4 apples (I took the yellow red ones, sweet and juicy)
16 gram of ginger
2 lemons (yes get the juice from the lemons)

a slowjuicer
a knife
4 glasses
a can
a cutting board
some energy and armturns if you don’t have an electric slow juicer.

So you wanna drink the juice, lets begin…
take the peel from the beets and wash the beets, carrots, apples..
Get the cutting board and the knife, now you are ready for cutting the vegetables in little pieces and the ginger(no peel on the ginger please) so you can put them in the slowjuicer. (don’t forget to get rid of the seeds of the apple).
Put them in the slowjuicer, the juice you get out put in the can.
Now it’s time to press out the lemon and this juice you mix in the can with the deep red juice.
Now it’s ready for drinking, you like cold drinks. Put it for 30 minutes in the fridge.Anyway use your own fantasy to make some other drinks with beets!


Enjoy and feel very healthy after drinking this bloody deep-deep-red beet juice


awsome autumn makes it perfect for some beetsoup with a pinch of orangetaste

Yes it’s started again, the autumn. The leaves are falling of the trees and it’s getting colder. It’s beautiful to see the sun shining in those days. It makes the autumn special.
We have a lot of time talkings about to live in a place where it’s always hot and sunny, I always said I love it and I definitely want to move some day to that kind of place, but I must say I think when you don’t have the seasons, you like the sun on a different way it becomes “normal’ and I think you enjoy the sunin some other way  then we do in the Netherlands (for example).
Now we have every 3 months a different season, then it’s cold where the people do some kind of wintersleep in their houses, they are more on their own, the spring where always the people get out of their houses and become really enthousiastic about everything and started to love life again. The summer is the season where the things happens and it’s always over when you start to get used to the sun and then autumn special smells of fallen leaves…yes you must love every season and for me beetsoup I made today fits perfect in the season of autumn, it’s red and orange. Really autumn colours and the taste is great also!
And I have to say I ate it together with some mint-spelled pancakes ( I will write about it next time) it was delicious!

Beetsoup with some orange taste (4 persons)

600 gram of sweet potato cut in thin slices
1 1/2 litre of home-made bouillon (ok if you don’t have, some tablets to make bouillon are also ok :))
4 beets
1 1/2 teaspoon of caraway seeds
1 tablespoon of orange zest (if you are not a big orange lover, take less then a tablespoon, maybe the half of it)
1/2 lemon ripped of his juice
3 cloves of garlic
some cold-pressed olive- oil
The tops of fennel for garnish
an oven
a baking dish
a cooking pan size 2 litre or more
a magimix (food processor)
a knife
a spoon to stir the soup
a garlic press
a grater
some bowls to pour the soup in and serve!

Come along boys and girls lets start!
So first things first, get the beets and get the peel of, cut them in parts of 4 each beet! Put them in the baking dish with a little water lets say 2 mm of water and put aluminium foil on top to cover the baking dish. Get some fire and put the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. Slide in the baking dish and let stand for 45 minutes.
In a meanwhile you can start with the soup to prepare, cut the sweet potato, press the garlic, get the juice of the lemon, grate the orange, make the 1 1/2 litre of bouillon and set aside.

When the beets are 20 minutes in the oven, get the baking pan, put on fire and pour in the olive-oil, after the oil is heated put in the garlic, Just a short baking till it becomes a little brown, pour in the bouillon and the sweet potato, the lemon, caraway seeds bring it to a boil. And then let simmer for 15-20 minutes, till the potato is soft!
So get out the beets and pour them in the soup, now it’s time to purée the soup in the food processor till it’s smooth!

I just say lets do the finishing touch with the orange zest, mix it well through the soup…and voila you have your own nice autumn soup.
Get the bowls and decorate the soup after you poured it in the bowls, with some caraway seeds and the tops of the fennel. Great I hope you will enjoy the taste at least I did 😉

enjoy your meal

sunday the most chill out day of the week……

sunday the most relaxing day of the week, just doing some gardening, baking a bread,sitting in the sun…This day is a restday from all the busy activities through the week.
Maybe later on we go to the magneetfestival  we went 2 days before, and it was really nice. On a small  piece in Amsterdam they built tents for music and acts, you can hoop at the hoolahoop-cottage, eat some nice dinners (also vegan), meet some nice people, they try to be very good to the enviroment, you can camp if you want and don’t miss anything from the festival. So if you have time just go there and enjoy

But we are still on the relaxing tour and on the healthy way, so this morning I made a fresh juice with melon, mango, orange juice and some herbs like thai basil and mint. In the evening I made some salad mostly from vegetables from the garden YIPPIE, some potatoes with rosemary and fried tofu with chilisaus, and finally we didn’t go this day to the festival, my boy and me picked some blackberries for the icecream what is still in the freezer.

The ingredients of the summer salad

1 beet cut in little cubes
some green ‘lettuce’ from the garden 200 gram ( I took chard, rocket and sorrel)
1 zucchini cut into slices
1 red onion cut in little pieces
1/2 of lemon juice
2 oranges ripped of their juice
1/2 cup roasted sunflowerseeds
some walnuts make into little pieces
2 teaspoon sesame-oil
1-2 tablespoon ricesyrup
1 little turnip cut in thin slices
some beans, east indian cherry flower and parsley for garnish
some orange zest for garnish
some pepper

the ingredients of the potatoes

1 kilogram of potatoes cut in triangles/rectangle
some rosemary ( I think 1 tablespoon)
some oil
some salt

the ingredients of the chili-tofu

500 gram tofu drained ( no water) and cut into cubes
vegan sweet hot chilli sauce

The kitchentools

2 cooking pans
a colander
a knife
a big bowl for the salad
little bowl for the dressing
frying pan
a wok

So how to begin?

Put some water and the beet in the cooking pan and bring it to a boil, let’s slowly boil for 10 minutes. In a meanwhile you can prepare the rest of the salad, wash the “lettuce” put them in the bowl, roast the sunflowerseeds in a frying pan without oil, cut the courgette in slices the turnip and also the onion! The beans for garnish, the zucchini and the turnip put them together in the colander and put them on the cooking pan where the beet is still in. Just steam them for 10 minutes, while the beet is again boiling for 10 minutes

Now wash the potatoes with the peel still on ( because thats very healthy) Cut them in little triangles and bring them also with some water in the pan to a boil and let them boil for 10 minutes, be careful don’t make them to soft.

So everything is boiling and so on. Time to make the dressing this is really easy, just take the juice from the lemon and the orange whisk together in the little bowl, then pour also the rice-syrup and the sesame-oil together. This will be the dressing!

I think the beet and the zucchini, turnip, beans are ready, put them in the big bowl, and mix with the salad so you have a colourful bowl.

Yes we are going to fry the tofu, so in a saucepan you pour some oil, and let the fire heat up the oil. When it’s hot ( just put a drip of water in it and when is says ssssssssjjs it’s ok) then put in the tofu for about 3 minutes, when you get them out, put them on a kitchen-towel so the oil will get out and get into the kitchen-towel.
Every tofu-piece is fried? Marinade them with the sweet chilli sauce

Take the wok now and let the oil heaten up in the wok, when this is at the right temperature, bake the potatoes (please without to much water) together with some rosemary, till they are golden brown. A child can do it!!

I think all the ingredients for the nice tasty plate are ready so, make the plate like a painting and be creative. Put some potatoes, salad en fried tofu on the plate and voila a nice summerdish, oh and yes before I forget put some dressing on top of the salad ( and also the garnish). Maybe some pepper and salt to finish



enjoy your meal!

Borsjt with tempura flower

The couchsurfers from Minsk (Iryna and Volodia) today brought me on a great idea, I saw a real nice big beet in the garden and a lot of green stuff, like spinach,sorrel and leaf-beet , Kohlrabi and some nice courgette flowers

In my fridge I had some oat cuisine and some potatoes in the shelf, so what to do? Let’s make some borscht.

For me, borscht is some speciality from east European countries.So it isn’t really a Dutch diner and this is the first time ever I made borscht. And it’s a totally animal free dish !! (ok maybe some left overs of insects ; ) ) But the taste was quit ok!, And the flower was really a finishing touch of the soup. So here are the ingredients and how to make this soup. And I’ll try to make it more perfect next time.

for the soup (4-6 persons)

1 fresh big beet 300 gram cut in little pieces
3 bulbs of garlic
1 big onion
2 potatoes in shell, washed very well
1 kohlrabi
cut in little pieces
some, fresh green from the garden like,spinach, sorrel,leaf-beet. (whatever you like) I think around 2 cups (or some white kohl)
parsley dried and fresh chive for garnish and for taste
2 carrots
cut in slices
oat cuisine
2 litres of veg
etable bouillon
1 lemon squeeze out the juice


for the tempura flower

some courgette flowers cleaned very well without water!! and cut out the stamper
4 tablespoons all purpose flower
1 tablespoon arrowroot
some water
some spices I used 2 teaspoons dried ginger powder (maybe some chilli powder would be a good alternative)

Kitchen accessory

a good knife
cooking pot
frying pan (like oil in a saucepan)
a spoon and a cup
food processor


What to do!!!???

cut the unions, garlic and bake it in oil (in a large pan) till it gets a little glassy. Then pour the 2 litres of water (with bouillon) in the pan together with the kohlrabi, carrots, big potatoes and beet, and boil it very softly for maybe 20 minutes (till the beet/kohlrabi is soft)

While you boil the soup you can prepare the tempura. So follow the next step, put the all purpose flower, arrowroot, dried ginger powder together and mix it, after mixing pour the water in the mixture till it gets like pancake dough. You can dip the flower in the dough and fry it very short. Just before you serve the soup 🙂

In a meanwhile but all the green stuff in the food processor and cut it in very little pieces, after the bouillon is ready you can mix it altogether with the green stuff till the soup is almost like liquid ( maybe you like some crunchy bites don’t over mix then)

Then on the end put some parsley, lemon juice and chive in the soup! Now its ready for serving, pour the soup in some nice bowl, pour some oat cuisine in it and put the nice colourful flower in the middle (next time I maybe try to put some red pepper or vinegar in the soup)

приятного аппетита, enjoy your meal!!