basil lemon water…….

just a short blog post just too share you this delicious tasting water….

Ingredients for 1 litre of basil/lemon water
1 litre of water
8 basil leaves
1/2 of a lemon sliced

a bottle made from glass

How to make
Hahah now the big job is going to be to get fresh water, put this in the bottle alltogehter with the fresh basil leaves and lemon. Wait like 10 minutes, so the water will get the taste of basil and lemon. Nice for children and for me, when you want a little taste on the water

Freezzzzzzzzzzzzing…..need some sun…sunny spread

Cold, No no winter please, it’s soooo cold. But think positive, I have now more time to experiment with foods and especially with spreads.
I am really sick of eating a lot of hummus (it’s easy to make and I did it a lot, so it’s the first thing I make), also when you want to eat something outside the house a lot of time you eat a sandwich with hummus, because all the others are with cheese or meat…So I say no to hummus now (just a break, because it can be very tasty also;))
Say hello to the sunny spread, wow what refreshing and new to me.
So here it is, the recipe.

the recipe….sunny spread ( a little bowl full)
juice of 1 lemon
hand full of basil leaves (I took the stalks also)
6 sun-dried tomatoes (from oil)
some oat milk
1 cup of sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil
some salt (and pepper)

a little bowl
just a foodprocessor

Time to make..
I would say pour all the ingredients together (except the oat milk and salt/pepper) in the food processor, so the juice of the lemon, the basil leaves, the sun-dried tomatoes, the sunflower seeds,and the oil. Process it till it’s getting more smoothier, now it’s time to pour in the oat milk. I did this on my feeling, just poor it slowly in the mixture while it’s processing till you think it’s smooth and as thick as a spread (to put on your bread, so It won’t fall off or is too thick for your bread)
The salt and pepper you do on your taste, maybe you don’t like salt or pepper. So make your choice!
Ready to put in the bowl and to use as a spread on bread!

Enjoy and taste the sunshine…;)