skin problems……smoothie with amalaki/amla berry

Still reading to many books about food, what can make you confused but also very clear in things and facts about food.
Now I am really seeing the need of vitamin C intake! it is good for a lot of things, first the making of collagen, repairing the wounds you have. Reducing the chance of some cancers, it’s an antioxidant.
I read also many times about the amla berry or amalaki, of course I heared it first at my school, but I forgot it. here are some nice reasons to take amla berry.
Ok… why I want to use it, because my skin has troubles, I have a lot of red spots, I think my pitta has some problems. I am stressed and loose probably a lot of vitamin c.Wake up in the night at vata/pitta time. It looks like my hair is beginning to get thinner and very dry.I have a dry skin and for some days a dry mouth! (and so on) So I read that amalaki is reducing Pitta and vata. So I wanted to try and experiment by myself.  I bought some amalaki powder, the taste is terrible mixed with only water, so I made today a smoothie with it, of course you can change some ingredients to make another smoothie with this super berry. I keep you up to date if it is helping me…

the ingredients for two glasses of amla berry smoothie
2 bananas
1 cup of rice/coconut milk
1-2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder
2 teaspoons (10 ml) of amla powder
Some dried grated coconut for garnish


a foodprocessor or blender

How to make
Just blend everything togehter till it’s smooth and has no lumps! Put in some nice glasses and sprinkle some grated coconut on top


party, alcohol……green smoothie week

Saturday was a long but nice day in the morning I woke up, had a breakfast, a shower, made lychee cupcakes and after I went on the bike to the centre. Looking for nice old flower teacups with a saucer, a present for a friend of my who became 30 (and finished her school). After many second hand shops I found them! Also together with some great tasting tea from Simon Levelt of course…..and a book with many recipes for making soup! (I am going to borrow this from you once Esther;))
So after all my tasks I went home change my clothes, decorated the cupcakes took the train and went to the surprise party!
OOh it as a great party, campfire, music, friendly old knowing people and wine/beer.
I had too much alcohol ( I wasn’t drunk by the way) not so many sleep (I slept at a friends house, but my husband had to work early in the morning so I had to take the earliest train).
So really now it is the time to get some energy from the green smoothies….so this week I will have a green smoothie week, with help of the Boutenko family and internet.
So monday is the first one, let the vitamins come in!

Green smoothie no 1 The Laughing Gorilla by Valya Boutenko (4-6 glasses)
2 ripe bananas
2 oranges
1 mango
1/2 head of romaine lettuce
2 cups of water

a blender
a cup
a knife

So let’s make it…
If there are seeds inside of the oranges get them out. I didn’t peel them as they say on the side. I put every ingrediënt together in the blender, and blend it till it gets smooth.
I took a glass and put a slice of banana on the edge of the glass for decoration, poor  in the juice and enjoy

recipe from the rawfamily Boutenko

cheesecake and the love for it….

I think it doesn’t need any introduction. This cake I served on my birthday and really everybody loved it, and the cake was soon finished only the cashews take a long time to soak. This cake is with chocolate and bananas, sweet and sticky. Enjoy while making it and put on some nice music during your baking.
Thank you Martine for posting this on!

Ingredients (a 24 cm spring form pan)
the bottom
200 grams of speculaas (Dutch spice cookies, taste like pepernoten earlier on this blog the recipe) or graham crackers
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of oat milk

for the filling
1/2 cup raw cashews (soaked overnight till they are soft, the water you can throw afterwards away)
1/2 cup of smashed banana
400 grams of silken tofu
!1/2 cup of sugar (or rice syrup)
!16 grams of vanilla Sugar  (a fresh vanillia stick)
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
4 tablespoons of cornstarch
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon of almond extract
a dash of salt
100 gram of pure chocolate

a saucepan for melting the chocolate and coconut oil
a bowl or 2
a spring form pan 24 centimetres
a food processor

How to make…….

Making first the bottom, get a food processor and crunch the cookies, poor in the oil and the milk. Now you will see the cookies are a little wet and you see a crumbled dough.
Now take the spring and rub it full with some oil, and place the bottom on the bottom 😉

Time for the filling!
Put all the ingredients together except for the chocolate, mix this very well without lumps. Leave this in the bowl of the food processor. Get the chocolate and another bowl, melt the chocolate au bain marie poor in also one cup of the mixture you have left in the food processor. Now you have the dark colour of the cheesecake.

Get the bottom and poor in the white mixture you have left in the food processor spread it equal on the bottom so the bottom is totally covered, in the middle of the cake above the white mixture you poor the chocolate mixture, and now spread it over all the area, get a chopstick and make circles or other shapes in the filling, just practise and you see nice lines.

Time for the finishing touch, put the spring form in the oven (on 175 degrees Celsius) till the top of the pie bulges and the sides of the pie are a little tanned. (like 50 minutes).
Get the pie and cool down for 20 minutes. After, you make place in your fridge for the pie and set aside for 3 hours at least, but for one night is much better 🙂

Yes it’s ready for serving, nice with some whipped cream from coconut milk!
Enjoy………don’t eat the pie at once you will get sick

playing games…and some simple phyllo-finger snacks

Sunday, snow, cold and a little sunshine outside. Perfect day for playing board games especially the settlers of Catan. We like playing board games especially together with some nice snacks.
Since one week I eat phyllo often, dream about phyllo (, and try new recipes with phyllo, because I found vegan phyllo in the supermarket.
So for me it was an good opportunity to test my little snacks on the gamers, and they liked it and me also.
You can make them sweet and also savory just what you like. Here is not a real recipe but an story to give you an idea to make snacks

What do you need?
a package of phyllo (30 minutes outside the freezer, before it’s ready to use)
some spring onion cut in little strings
some red bell pepper cut in strings
an banana cut in strings
2 carrots (cooked for 10 minutes till hey are soft) cut in strings
some kale cut in “strings” also (I cooked the kale for 2 minutes)
some vegan dark chocolate sprinkles
some apples cut in little pieces
some oil
some roasted sesame seed

a oven
a cutting board
a just sharpened knife (who is waving at you, and tells you do not cut in the finger I am really sharp :))
a cooking pan filled with some water for boiling the carrots and the kale

The beginning till the end……
What I did at first was put on the cooking pan on the stove, bring the water to a boil and cooked the carrots for 10 minutes, and after I put in the kale.
In the meanwhile I was cutting the phyllo in 4 little squares and, took al the sheets apart from each other.
I cut every ingredient in strings before I made the finger snacks.
Ok and then I was ready for rolling the snacks get a phyllo square and put in one string bell pepper together with a string of spring onion (you put them in the point of the square and now just make a big cigarette of it by rolling till the other end. With a brush you can oil the dough and put on top some sesame seed and also make the dough sticky so it won’t fall apart.
This was a savory one, you can make also a sweet one, by taking a sting of a banana covered with some dark chocolate sprinkles and roll it also like a cigarette.
Or make one with a carrot and kale, or kale and onion, or put some nuts inside the dough.
I would say be creative!

After I rolled all the cigarettes, I put them on a baking plate. An put them in the oven for 15 minutes on 220 degrees Celsius (just what the packaging was saying!)
Eating them while they are warm they are the best, but cold is also ok.
Maybe you like some dippings, I would recommend some soy sauce mixed with some fresh ginger….


Anyway I would say enjoy the snacks o yes an I won the game joohoo!!