darkness……avocado chocolate mousse

Really feeling tired this week, I can feel the weather is changing. It’s getting darker and colder. When I wake up I want to stay in bed, but the day will start…. the children has to get breakfast, Kaya has to go to school and so on. But what I really doing more often now is cooking/baking with the children, nice for the darker days, when you have to be more inside the house. Yesterday we made some nice raw desert, chocolate mousse with avocado. Kaya liked to make it and we liked to taste it….

Ingredients avocado chocolate mousse for 2-4 persons
1-1 1/2 avocado
6 dried dates
2 teaspoons of raw cacoa
1-2 teaspoons of water
1 tablespoon of agave syrup
120 gram of (frozen)fruit, I had a mix with raspberries and blueberries, some fruit for garnish

a food processor
some nice bowls

How to make…….
Get your child and give him/her a spoon, let them scoop out the green of the avocado. In the meanwhile you can weight the fruits and put them in a bowl. So they can put it into the food processor together with the fruits. Get a spoon and put in the food processor the raw cacao and the water and at last the dried dates and agave syrup.
The food processor is ready to be used, your child love to push the  bottom and love the noise it will give after pushing the button. Mix the ingredients very well till it’s smooth. And voila the mousse is ready put them into the bowls and I put the mousse in the fridge for 30 minutes and when I got it out of the fridge for the dessert, I sprinkled on top some grated dried coconut and some fruit.


cycling…cycling and time for another smoothie (vegetables smoothie)

This morning it was cloudy, but me and my brother (and of course Kaya and Yvi) went cycling through the twiske, searching for playing gardens and looking at the nice water and nature.
Finally home I gave my husband the smoothie I made this morning, I said I didn’t like it so much, but you can still drink it (he had the same). I have this recipe from the internet but I really don’t know from where.
Anyway I still give you the recipe you never know maybe you like it…I think it’s from this video or a variation

Recipe for the vegetable smoothie (2-4 persons)
3 stalks of celery
1/4-1/2 avocado
+/-1 cup lambsquarters
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 cup purple basil
1/2 spicy pepper

a blender or Magimix smoothie kit

lets make the juice…..
just blend it all, take some nice glasses and drink. It’s a different smoothie and I must say you like it or not….This is really green!


mentha couscousaaaa….

Yesterday my mama day, no children, no worries just to be not a mama! So how did I spend the day, first to sleep longer then normal, wow so relaxt. Then slowly go and get my new glasses in the shopping-mall.
Seeing well again, after i went to buy some fruit and vegetables on the market. I love this, see which vegetables they have and all the colours (for me a special moment of the week). So with too much stuff I got on my bike, cycling to the give away shop I promised to help them, to put out the clothes, the books and everything else they have.
Really surprised, before 1400 o’clock there were people waiting to get in, doors open….ATTACK of some people to search for nice stuff.
After 18:00 o’clock I cycled to home, were my boyfriend made dinner. The children were still awake so we all ate together. This was my day o… I forgot I watched the film Julie and Julia a real nice feel good film. So still in the mood of the film, I will post also a nice romantic diner for 2 I made a couple of days ago

Ingredients 2 persons for mentha couscousaaaacouscous for 2 persons (160 grams)
1 avocado
1/3 cup of chopped fresh mint leaves
1/3 cup of cold-pressed olive oil
juice of 1/2 a lemon or try lime instead of lemon
6-8 sun-dried tomatoes (I used dry once which you have to soak first in boiling water for 5 minutes)
1 little leek cut in slices
3 cloves of garlic cut in little pieces
2 spring onions cut in slices
(for garnish a steamed carrot in slices, a leave of mint and some walnuts)


a bowl
a wok
a wooden spoon
a knife
good mood
candles for decorating the table and make it more romantic

how to prepare….
First begin to boil some water for the couscous, poor the dry couscous in a bowl and when the water boiled, poor the water in the bowl so the couscous will be covered by water. Get the avocado and cut this in little squares, cut also the sundried tomatoes in little pieces, and chop the mint leaves very very tiny. Now time to wok the spring onion and leek for a short time. Some oil in the wok, and poor in the vegetables (onion, garlic and leek) and bake for 3-5 minutes (they must be darker green and a little brown, not too much of course;))
Stir the couscous and look if the water is solved into the couscous!
If the couscous is ready poor in the avocado, sundried tomatoes, lemon-juice, oil and mint leaves. Mix it very well and voila the diner is ready. Just a easy preparing diner, so you have time to chat and drink some vegan wine together!


already 2…..party and raw key-lime pie

Times flies…we had this Sunday a big child-party, my son had become 2….he got a lot of presents…When there is a bday-party in our house I like to let people taste of some vegan pies and “snacks”, so I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, baking and also cleaning because when I am busy in the kitchen there is a war happening in the kitchen.
So also this Sunday, making pies in the morning, 3 home-made bread (and know we have some nice terracotta pot to put the bread in, so you get a different shape!) my boyfriend made some nice herb-butter.
It is funny how the taste of people are, some liked the brownies I made the other the raw key-lime pie. For me the brownies were ok, but the chocolate glaze on top made for me the special chocolate taste, on the key-lime pie I forgot the pistachios (unfortunately), but even-though it has a nice fresh taste and is healthy (so also nice for little kids, without poisoning them with too much sugar) no sugar, only nuts, dates, lemons and avocado
It’s not mine recipe I have it from internet many years ago, so I want to share first the key lime pie recipe and thanks to anonymous girl/boy from the internet

Ingredients raw key-lime pie (whole pie)

for the crust
1 cup of almonds
2 cups of walnuts
1 cup of dates
1/3 cup of raisins
2 tablespoons of orange juice

-for the filling
2 avocados
juice of 4 limes or 7 keylimes
zest of organic lime
1/2 cup of cashew nuts

-for the frosting
1/2 cup of almond milk/oat milk
1 cup macadamia nuts (I didn’t had this nuts, I used a mix of almonds and walnuts)
1/4 cup cashew nuts
2 vanilla beans scraped
7-10 dates

I used lemon wedges and vanilla beans rest-overs and some blue berries
An d of course I forgot the pistachios but it’s really nice to put on top, or maybe some dried grated coconut

a pie-spring 10 inch
a spatula
a mixing machine (magimix is perfect : ))
a fridge

So lets go and make the pie!

we start with the crust, just put all the ingredients in a machinery and process it till its crumbly and soft. Now this is ready to put in the bottom of the spring. Put this in the fridge and cool down. now begin with the filling

the filling is also easy to prepare and make, again put all the ingredients of the filling together in a blender, mix it till it’s creamy. Taste also the cream, if you like it put it on top of the crust with the spatula and again put the spring in the fridge
Of course you can experimentate with the taste maybe you like to put some dried coconut in it or more lime lets chill this for 1 hour

Almost the last action for making the pie ready, lets make the frosting. Again put all the ingredients in the blender and whip until smooth, (and he/she said in the recipe no lumps please ;))
Ready? put this on top of the pie, pipe or spoon this on top…now you can get creative…make the garnish and make the pie beautiful

Have a nice bday and enjoy the fresh pie

wrap it all…the sauces

Yes you reached the part two of making the wraps, HOORAY!!!

First I made guacamole, this I spices up a little bit, so if you don’t like too make it too spicey put some less pepper in it.

NUMBER 1 the guacamole
Ingredients of the guacamole

1 avocado
1/2 lemon ripped of his juice
1 medium onion
8 pieces of dried piri-piri
1 teaspoon  dried paprika powder
2 cloves of garlic

The tools

Use the food processor
a little bowl to put the sauce in

What to do

Just pour everything in the food processor and blend till it’s getting smooth! Your sauce 1 is finished!
Just pour it into the bowl

NUMBER 2 the tomato sauce

2 tomatoes cut in cubes
1 cup of water
1 tin of tomato paste (68 gram)
1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
some flour (2-3 teaspoons) to make the sauce thick
1 tablespoon of dried basil


a sauce pan
a beater?

let’s start

Put the saucepan on the fire, pour in the water and the tomato paste and mix till it’s all red coloured and has no lumps.Now you can pour every ingredient except the flour in the pan and bring it to a boil. Boiling? Put the gas down and make the sauce thick when you pour in slowly the flour and stir very well. So this is done also. You are really rocking

you are almost there just the filling has to be made this is easy also!

healthy week?…….spread for on bread

Pfffff a couple weeks long, too much alcohol, too many cupcakes and too many snacks. Definitely time for more healthy food and when it’s the best way to start? When you really slept terrible and when it’s morning. With my sleepy head I made some celestial seasoning’s goji-pomegranate tea and some nice spreads..My son is always happy with some porridge..lucky man 🙂

An easy way to make spreads


1 avocado
1 tomato
juice of an half lemon
1 little onion (red I like more)
2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil
2 tablespoons of dill
5 walnuts or maybe 10
roasted pine nuts
some pepper for garnish
some cucumber for garnish


Just a food processor  (I love my magimix)

what to do?

I just say put everything together except the pepper, pine nut and cucumber and mix until smooth. Put the mixture on bread and make a nice painting of it 🙂

You can make a lot of variations on it, maybe some garlic, parsley instead of dill, some sun-dried tomatoes, some cayenne-pepper, use other nuts…I would say be creative

Mmm and after this take some real nice fresh orange juice with grapefruit in it

Making friends with sushi!!

Yesterday it was a great day, cycling, drinking a beer at ‘t twiske (www.hettwiske.nl ) in Amsterdam with my friend Marjon, her dog Storm and of course my little baby Kaya Moon..Talking all the day about gardens, food and health! She said on facebook if she’s visiting me, she wanted to eat sushi, because she saw the amazing pictures from sushi I made earlier on facebook. Your wish is my command my lady 😉

So Marjon I discovered you are a real sushi-roller-queen, We made great looking and nice tasting sushi and what is so nice about sushi..you can make a lot of variations, avocado’s cucumber, shitake, just what you like : ). Use your imagination and taste
Down here I put the recipe how we made the sushi…..and the rolling is just practising, everybody can make sushi.
Rolling is just like mediation…..








The ingredients of the sushi (4 persons)

2 steamed carrots cut in stripes
250 gram  chestnut mushrooms cut into little stripes and baked shortly in the oil
1 avocado cut into stripes
1/2 steamed zucchini cut into stripes
many sesame seeds roasted or raw (what you like)
3 leaves of bok choy steamed and cut in stripes.
carrot tops cut in little pieces
10 nori sheets
200 gram rice I used brown rice (or try quinoa or bulgur for a different taste)
sushi rice vinegar
100 gram tempeh
ume su

for the wasabi sauce

fresh ginger root zest  from cube like 5 cm big

the kitchentools!

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a wok
a wooden spoon
a lot of bowls
a place to store the rolled sushi something like a plate
a lot of helping hands (because it takes a lot of time)
some plastic to put on the bamboo-rollingmat


How to start.

Put in a cooking pan the rice together with some water, the brown rice will take 40 minutes to get ready. Use your kitchen timer and sometimes look in the pan if it isn’t burning or the water is totally lost (then poor some new water).

When the rice is boiling you can cut all the vegetables in stripes (+/- 3 cm) and put them in a colander closed with a lid above the boiling rice (now they will get steamed). It will take surround 10 minutes or when the vegetables are soft. Put them in different bowls so its easy to get when you are about to roll the sushi

In a meanwhile cut the tempeh also in big stripes and put some oil in the frying pan and bake till they are golden yellow, set aside to cool down and after make stripes about 3 cm.
Put also in a bowl

Then we make something with the carrot tops, you already cut them in little pieces. You get the wok and put a little water in it with 2 tablespoons of ume su. After you put the tops into the wok and set on a big fire (sauté) it will be ready when it’s darker green. Also this you want to have in a different bowl. (I have this recipe from my school)

Now roast the sesame seed in a frying pan without oil, stay close to it, when the pan is hot they get easily burned black….Put some of the seeds in the carrot tops and put some in a bowl.

I always put in the rice ( and after all this operations the rice will be ready), sesame seed and rice vinegar, I do this  with feeling and tasting so it’s up to you what you like. And be sure the rice is sticky

I think everything now is ready for the big action of rolling sushi!

So get a plastic paper and put it surround the bamboo-rollingmat. And your bowls of vegetables and 1 bowl with water for washing your fingers and close the nori-sheet

Put 1 nori sheet on top of it, but beware the smooth site must be on the plastic and the raw site you put the rice on. So now do almost on the whole sheet some thin layer of rice ( thin as possible keep about 5 cm on top free of rice.

Now you can use your imagination what taste do you like? for example but in the middle of the sheet some stripes avocado, carrot, bok choy and mushrooms.
And roll it with the bamboo-rollingmat ( I think you will find on you tube how to roll a sushi, maybe if I have enough time I shall make my own video 🙂 ). So lay the first roll away ( maybe on a plate?) and make like 9 more. When you are finished cut the roll in little pieces just like a sushi And here you are a real nice home-made sushi The carrot tops you can put on the sushi as garnish or put in the sushi whatever you like

You have also variations on the sushi. like the California roll (here the rice is outside of the sheet) You will cut the sheet in half put the raw side of the sheet on top and (you will roll the shortest side), put rice on it and of course let al little piece free of rice. After, you must put the rice-side down on the plastic. Lay in the middle some vegetables on the non rice side and then roll it again and voila here you are it’s nice for the looks!!!

the sauce

And now make the sauce, i taste the sauce every-time I make it so i cannot say how much paste and shoyu sauce i put in a bowl. Maybe you like the sharpness, you put more wasabi paste and less shoyu and a little bit of water and at the end you put the ginger root zest in it.

Now get some chopsticks, some wine and candles and enjoy your home-made, to be proud of sushi


ボナペティ/ enjoy your meal