gardening……japanese buckwheat noodles with spinach and miso

Great weather today, nice organic seeds, and great place to be….Yep for me a perfect begin of the day.
The project where I am involved (het Groene Huis=is in Dutch) which is getting better and better, the gardens for local people are getting more beautiful, everybody has his own way to fill in his or her garden.
I made a sun, in the middle of the garden (25m2) I have a round for sunflowers and beans, and on the sides I have the’ radiates’, I am so proud on this and the children love this place too.
Today there was even a tractor, because they had to plough the grass soccer fields, so we can begin to make a vegetable garden and so on. Many companies are involved with this project and I think this is becoming a great place to see how everything is growing what will come on our plates!
So today I was making a Japanese recipe based on a recipe from the book Fresh Japanese by Yasuko Fukuoka.

Ingredients for the buckwheat noodles with spinach and miso (2-4 persons)
800 gram of buckwheat noodles
300 gram of spinach
250 gram mushrooms (shitake will be the nicest probably)
40-60 gram of roasted pine nuts
1 decilitre olive oil
2 tablespoons dark miso paste
3 cloves of garlic minced
cress for garnish
coconut oil

a frying pan for roasting the pine nuts and baking the mushrooms
a cooking pan for boiling the noodles
Food processor
a cutting board and a sharp knife

Lets begin…
Get the frying pan and roast the pine nuts till they have a little tan, in the meanwhile boil the water for the noodles in the cooking pan.
Set aside the nuts if they are ok!
Get a cutting board and cut the mushrooms in slices, set aside. Wash the spinach and cut in pieces like 10 centimetres. leave on the cutting board.
get the food processor and put in the olive oil, misopaste, garlic, pine nuts (leave some aside for garnish and an handful of spinach. Mix and cut the ingredients, till it’s a smooth paste.

The water will be boiling now put in the noodles for 4 minutes….and after get the water out and put the noodles in a colander

Time to bake the mushrooms, put in some coconut oil in the pan and heat this up slowly, bake the mushrooms till they are shrinking, when this is happening put in the spinach and stir occasionally for 3 minutes or something like. The spinach must get tinier and glassy, but still crunchy.
When this all is ready, put the misopaste mixture together with the noodles and mix well. Get a plate and put the noodles on plate with some spinach/mushrooms, sprinkle with cress and pine nuts and the dinner is complete
enjoy せていただき

Pilaf with rooibos tea and walnutes……kurumu iri chameshi

Wow the trip to Japan is getting closer and closer, and the places where to go are now more fixed. I am looking forward to go. Last I met a girl from  my old job, we talked about Japan. She was there like 3 years ago and she said it’s so beautiful the people are friendly and willing to help even if they cannot speak English. Camping is nice and cheap, but other things in Japan are expensive and you must definitely take a JR pass (a Japan railway pass).
We are going to take a JR-pass because we want to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima (and other places in-between) and back another route taking the Island what is close to Hiroshima and go back to Tokyo were will we fly back to Amsterdam. In the meanwhile I also make the mood by making Japanese food and drink Japanese beer. Yes I am ready to go for 1 month! I am curious how the children will like it!
Anyway here is a Japanese meal I made, I used it together with some parsnip and carrot (with garlic) straight from the oven.
The recipe is from the book Fresh Japanese by Yasuko Fukuoka.

The ingredients for the pilaf (2 persons)
225 gram rice
1,2 decilitre dashi (bouillon out of wakame)
1,2 decilitre of rooibos tea
25 millilitre soy sauce
25 millilitre sake
10 gram of washed arame and dried after (I used wakame seaweed)
1/2 tablespoon of walnut oil
75 gram of walnuts in little pieces
Some Celtic seasalt

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a nutcracker

How to begin
Cook the rice with the rooibostea,soy sauce, sake, arame and dashi, for the minutes you have to cook the rice (I used 45 minute rice) look sometimes into the pan, if it’s too dry poor in some dashi if this happens, the rice must be make a crunchy noise at the 40 minutes, so now it’s ready. In the meanwhile you can crack the walnuts out of their shell, roast them on a low fire in a greasy frying pan, sprinkle with some Celtic sea salt.
Time to mix the rice together with the walnuts, your dish is ready

Enjoy せていただき

Serious business…….Pumpkin with tahini/tamari

Really now the school is getting serious and I have to be very serious. I know I do know a lot about food, but still to give people advise, especially on a way to thread disease, Makes me really nervous.
We got a instruction to help 1 human and to write it down what we are doing and what kind of advise we gave to help him/her. It is our last mission of the school
Also I had to speak about a book, I am was reading, on the 13 Th of February. I can recommend it to you, it is called food as medicine by Ted Caldecott. The book is really informative and nice and easy written, has also some recipes on the end. The book is about food and what food can do for the human and what is healthy and of course it is a nice introduction to the Ayurveda, but also other diets are lighten up 🙂
I made today a recipe from Ted, I made it as a side dish and I really liked it. It was a different taste for me and again another method to make a pumpkin nice and less sweet.

Ingredients for Pumpkin with tahini/tamari..(2-4 persons)
1 large butternut cut in slices 2,50 centimetre max
1 thumbsized ginger minced
3-4 tablespoons of  tamari
2 tablespoons of tahini

a bowl
a oven dish
a whipper


How to start……….

Get the bowl and mix the ginger together with the tamari and tahini (sesame paste). Till it’s like a sauce! Cut the pumpkin in nice slice maximum at 2,5 centimetres thick.
Grease the oven dish a little with some oil and put in the pumpkin on top of the pumpkin you put the sauce you just made.

Put the dish for 45 minutes in the oven at 175 degrees Celsius, till they are lightly browned and soft. Now it’s ready to be eaten

You can make also an Indian variation.
Mix cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and clove, mixed with jaggery and oil (he used ghee, but isn’t vegan of course)
enjoy/आनंद लें

Yammie…bamya alich’a

Last I went to a real nice restaurant, semhar on the marnixstreet in Amsterdam. Eating with the hands, and eating from a big plate. Drinking beer from a bowl, mongozo beer, really great (suitable for vegans I see on their site on barnivore they say it isn’t vegan?mmmm)
Anyway I was impressed by the food and definitely want to make some Ethiopian recipes at home. For christmas I made two little Ethiopian dishes, unfortunately without the teff pancakes, but with normal pancakes.
Here I will write down the recipe for you, ofcourse I took this from internet I really don’t know much about the Ethiopian kitchen, only they have a lot of vegan dishes!

The recipe Bamya alich’a* 2-4 persons

2 cups okra, washed and split lengthwise (next time I will make  smaller pieces)
4 tablespoons
300 gram red onions, minced
300 grams of tomatoes, peeled, seeded, and chopped
3 teaspoon garlic, minced
3 teaspoon ginger, minced
3/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
2 jalapenos pepper, minced

a nice sauce pan
a knife for cutting
a cutting board to cut upon
a cooking pan with some water to peel the tomatoes
a bowl with cold water

Lets do the work….
It isn’t difficult to prepare, but take a long time to simmer (25) minutes, but trust me it’s worth it!
First cut wash all the vegetables and so. Easy to get and use for cooking, when it’s fully prepared!
To peel the tomatoes you need the cooking pan, fill this with some water and bring it to a boil. in every tomato you cut a cross with the knife (not to deep just in the skinlayer and not too big cross just something like 2 cm by 2 cm), lay them one by one (or all together) in the pan a boil for a short time (till the peel by the cross is getting curly) Take the tomatoes out and let them cool down in a bowl with cold water, now you can peel easy the skin of tomato off!Get the sauce pan and put in the oil, poor in the onions and make them turn a little brown, add the tomatoes and bring to a boil, then put down the heat and put in the saucepan the garlic, ginger, cardamom and okra simmer for 20 minutes without lid.
After 20  minutes you put in the peppers and cook for 5 minutes more, now it’s ready to be eaten. Nice with some delicious teff pancakes (injera)
enjoy*the recipe from internet

the most beautiful garden…..celery/kiwi smoothie

Today I went together with a photographer across the neighbourhood, a jury has selected the 9 most beautiful gardens of this neigbourhood in the North of Amsterdam. We had to make photos of the garden with the people who live there, what a great stories we hear and what a friendly people. I had a great day, the children enjoyed themselves by carrying the poles with a sign (you are nominated for the most beautiful garden).On the 14th of september, the most beautiful will be selected, at the green day here at the zonneplein.
Anyway we are finished now, just as I finished the smoothie week. Here you will get the last recipe!

Ingredients for the celery/kiwi smoothie (2-4 persons)
A recipe I picked up somewehere from the internet I don’t know the source anymore, sorry)
3 stocks of celery
1 banana
4 kiwis
2 cups of water

a blender/Magimix with smoothiekit

Let’s start….
Wash the celery, peel the kiwi and banana. get the blender/Magimix. Make them smooth by using the foodprocessor/blender at last pour in the water. Enjoy this one, if you don’t like celery don’t make it 😉


celebrating……papaya/miner’s lettuce smoothie

Today we celebrate Kaya Moon his thirth b-day! Made some cupcakes, some rice rolls, cubed papaya and a nut seeds mixture. Really tasteful. Kaya have had a great electric train from Duplo, and he played all day with it.
I liked the kitchen very much today, I made for the dinner some spring rolls, together with some rice and vegetables. And also I made, of course, the 6th green smoothie and this one I create with some help from the internet, my creative brains and a touch of greens from my own garden.

So here is the recipe for the papaya/miner’s lettuce smoothie (2-4 persons)
1/2 papaya
1 lemon juice
2 cups of miner’s lettuce
1 1/2 cup of water
1 banana
3 twigs of mint leaves

a blender/Magimix with smoothie kit

Let’s mix it…..
Cut all the ingredients and wash, so you can put it in the blender/Magimix.
Blend it till it’s smooth, I put the water and lemon juice at last. Get the glasses, get your victims and enjoy your smoothie!


Bye bye cs-ers…….fresh green apple/parsley smoothie

Phoef, very hard to wake up this morning. I really don’t know why…was I really too busy this week? Probably.
This morning the couchsurfers (Sarit and Aidan) from Israel  left, really great people, also vegans, ….Nice to talk about:why they became vegan, and how they ‘survive’ and of course abouttheir country and so on…and my green smoothie victims;)
So today I will taste my green smoothie on my own, but I must admit the taste of this smoothie is great and is defintely my favourite of the week (just 2 days to go).

The recipe of Emerald Applesauce by Aletha Nowitzky (2-4 persons)
4-5 apples (I used the red/yellow one I can imagine the green sour apples will be great also))
a bunch of fresh parsley
1/2 inch of ginger root (I used 1 inch by accident but it was great)

a blender/Magimix

How to prepare?
Cut the apple in pieces, if you use the Magimix smoothie kit you don’t have to remove the seeds and stems.
So now put all the ingredients together in the blender/Magimix and make a juice of it! Ready to drink!


do you remember me….cucumber/parsley smoothie

Yesterday I went to a concert at the Paradiso, here in Amsterdam, it was nice! Not so crowded at all, the music was strange but great and heavy and weird 🙂
But at the end I wanted to go to the entrance and then a guy came to me, I knew him and he me. Unfortunately I really don’t remember from where, I know his face very well…do I have a hole in my memory….? Especially the smile…a day after I still don’t know where I know him from, I have no name, the only thing he is now living in Hilversum and is a programmer in woerden…So I need more food for my brains, another smoothie in my one week green smoothie week. Let’s get back my memory….!

Green smoothie number three (2-4 persons)
(recipe from: Parsley Passion Smoothie by Sergei Boutenko)
1 cucumber
1 banana
1 bunch of fresh parsley (with stems also)
1 red/yellow apple (Fuji)
2 cups of water

Yes again the blender or Magimix with smoothiekit

Here we go again…..
I would say wash all the ingredients that needs to be washed. Cut them in pieces so you can blend it. I put the water at last in the blender, after I blend the fruits/vegetables.
Maybe it need to be stirred with a spoon so it’s a good mixture for a smoothie

I like this one it is fresh, and if you don’t like cucumber don’t make this…



something different with tofu……a tofu-flower

This recipe I will give is great to make and not so difficult. You can put this tofu-flowers as a side-dish (great with rice or noodles, some Asian food). They look great and are tasty, maybe you can fill the flower-cups next time with some vegetables. Just what you like, you can make a lot of variation on this flower.
So how to make…

For like 8 tofu flowers
ingredients for the tofu-flowers
1 “package” (8 sheets will be cut in 4 pieces each, so you will have 32 squares) of filo/phyllo  (each cupcake-tin must have 4 squares of filo/phyllo )
250 gram of tofu, drained the water out
3 cloves of garlic, minced by a garlic press
spices you like to put on the tofu (I used 1 teaspoon chilli pepper and  1 teaspoon of garam masala again! but maybe you like sweet chilli sauce more)
some parsley for decoration
hand full of roasted pumpkin seeds
1 medium onion cut in little pieces
some oil for frying the tofu
some celtic salt/pepper

The kitchentools
an oven
8 cupcake-tins
a frying pan

Ready for making it?
get the filo/phyllo  out of the freezer and set aside 30 minutes, so you can cut it very well and the layers will get of very easy (without breaking)
In the meanwhile you can cut the tofu in squares and bake it in the frying pan so they will get golden brown, shortly bake the onion and garlic also in the frying pan. Now you can mix it very well together with the tofu use the spices you like on tofu, mix again and put of the fire.

Time to cut the dough, it will be perfect now for preparing. Cut one sheet in 4 equal squares and put them one by one in the cupcake tin, each sheet rotate 45 degrees from the one below him, so you will have already a nice flower.
Put in 1 tablespoon of the mixture, now do the rest of the cupcakes!

Put them all on the baking sheet and bake on 200 degrees Celsius in the oven. Check on the half of time if the sheets aren’t getting black on the corners (I had that problem once ;))
When the dough is getting crunchy they are ready for use.
Beautiful for decorate the plate and nice to eat! Finish if you like with some salt and pepper

Eet smakelijk

Delicious….penne with dill/almond sauce

Went to the market bought too much herbs and vegetables. Really the next couple of days are my days of experiment with food. I bought horseradish, and really I only know it from the spicy wasabi sauce. Curious what to do with it. So I didn’t use it tonight, but really I was surprised of the diner I made instead, easy, delicious and looks colourful.
Penne pasta ( yes some Italian food?) and vegetables like sugar snaps. I think it works well with the fresh dill I bought on the market, some nice organic roasted almonds in it…and…and….are you already drooling?
I would say get the pans, put on your apron……just get started….here for you the recipe to impress.

Ingredients for the penne with dill/almond sauce (2-4 persons)
4 persons pasta penne (I had penne with chilli-powder in it)
200 gram of sugar snaps cut in 2 pieces
200 gram of cherry tomatoes cut in 4 pieces
200 gram of sliced mushrooms (even better mixed mushrooms, shitake or something else)

for the sauce
1/2 cup almonds
1 cup of fresh dill
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/2 cup canola oil
3 cloves of garlic
some dashes of salt and pepper
rice cuisine (instead of the real cooking cream)

a cooking pan
a colander
a saucepan
a food processor
a frying pan
a wooden spoon for mixing

What to do..
Get the cooking pan and fill it with water, bring to a boil. When it’s boiling put in the pasta and on top the colander filled with sugar snaps. The sugar snaps will steam, so the vitamins won’t be lost. Boil for approximately 8 minutes. (till the pasta is soft and the sugar snaps a little softer)

In the meanwhile you can prepare the sauce, put every ingredient for the sauce into a food processor except for the salt/pepper and rice cuisine. (so the dill, almonds, lemon juice, garlic and canola oil)
You will get after cutting in the food processor a look-a-like pesto ;). Set aside…

Get a frying pan and put in a little oil, bake the mushrooms golden brown also on another cooker put on the saucepan, poor in the rice cuisine and heat it up very slowly, poor in the pestomix, mix well and heat up for 5 minutes, not boiling please…….

Probably the penne will be ready, get rid of the water and mix the cherry tomatoes, sugar snaps and mushrooms through the penne. Now you have a simple colourful basic of the dish.
Put this nice on a plate, the way you prefer…the sauce will be ready now also, so poor on top(of the penne laying on the plate) some sauce and make a finishing touch with some dashes of salt/pepper and a fresh twig of dill (or a slide of lemon) Or make a shrubbery with chive
Really my family like this diner so much, and I love it too

Eet smakelijk/bon appetit