the person behind funky bytes….

This is who I am

Hello my name is Saskia and I live in the crowdy city Amsterdam

Cooking is a big hobby, just like chatting to people, making fun, eating and I love my husband, my little baby-boys Kaya moon and Yvi fox,my garden with vegetables, fruit and herbs.

All the time I was thinking about writing a blog or something to put my recipes and projects on, just for sharing with other people…to give inspiration! To share knowings about healthy and smashing food. How to be kind to the environment  and make your ecological footprint smaller And of course to get advise or feedback

And especially this is a good site for people who aren’t allowed to drink milk, hate cheese are vegetarian or vegan ( or the worst you aren’t like this at all and you get some person for diner  who’s one of them ; )).

I am vegan for several years now.. Before being a vegan  I was vegetarian (for a really long time). I discovered how cruel people are against animals. Also I believe that a vegan diet is better for the environment and for your health, you are more conscious about food also.

Also I have to make this notion, I learned how to use spices and cook, when I started to follow the vegan-diet, you get very creative with food….It’s a challenge!! And of course I read some cooking-books (for help)  to cook nice vegan meals
I am a big fan of:

Hema Parekh
The Asian vegan kitchen

Isa Chandra-Moskowitz,
vegan cupcakes taken over the world and vegan with a vengeance

Eric tucker with Bruce Enloe
The artful vegan

and the recipes on internet just search and replace the animal-ingredients into vegan, experiment and make my own

I hope you will enjoy my funky bytes blog!!!

8 thoughts on “the person behind funky bytes….

  1. Pleasant web site to visit! I appreciate your composing additionally, the way you describe factors. A few of the remarks on right here as well are insightful. I enjoy you. preserve it up!

  2. Hey Sas!

    How nice is this, you have your own blog now! I was wondering how you are doing and stumbled upon your blog, nice recipes by the way!

    Please let me know how you’ve been lately and mail me….

    Looking forward to it!



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