sunscreen cream/lotion….

You need to protect your skin against the sun, the sun can be very hot and burning on your skin. I don’t want cancer and burn my skin, so I am really strict in this.
I must say it has been a real search for the right natural and animal free sun cream. The one was not organic, while the other was terrible to put on your skin, you was getting more white!
Anyway here are some brands who has animal free sun cream. I didn’t test them all, I have my own brand 😉 I discovered the lotions are often without beeswax, the creams contains beeswax. I think because of the water protection! Hope this helps you to find a nice sunscreen for the spring and summer! Maybe there are more….but here are already a lot of choice

Vegan brands of suncream*
Abra Therapeutics

-Alba botanica

-Albert heijn homebrand
all sunscreen cream and lotion

Aubrey organics
Natural Sun SPF 30 Spray Unscented
Natural Sun SPF 30 Active Lifestyles Tropical Scent
Natural Sun SPF 15 Saving Face Unscented
really something to try for next year

-Badger (not the sunscreen creams and sticks) I must say I like it, I have the tangerine/vanilla smell (my husband don’t like it)

-bronzo sensuale


-goddess garden

-green people



-Kabana organic…green screen organic

-kiss my face

‘Lavera’ (I didn’t liked this one last year, I was still a white ice-bear, it didn’t spread out easy) But the smell was ok 🙂 I must say I see on the site they don’t sell it anymore

-lavanila A high protection I see…


-loving natural clear vegan



*research on the internet


dying the hair….love colors

I really like to paint/dye my hair. When I was in the puberty I paint my hair with all colours and also for the fun, with children paint (so no hair dye) it became very massive and dirty but that is between us.
It’s nice what a color can do to your face, but never thought about the products on their own.
A lot of beauty products are tested on animals (or contains animal-products), and really we have already so much products why the testing? They say it will be soon stopped in Europe. But I must say then companies will move their factory to another country where it is still allowed (so the problem is still there). So you want to make a change just begin to dye your hair animal friendly.
Here I did some research on my own and help of other vegans (visiting their forums and so on)

This hair-dyes below are animal friendly (vegan)

I think very natrual

Daniel field: must say looks professional defintely one I would try if I want to dye my hair again

Henna plus: also natural and I think you can buy it everywhere here in the Netherlands

herbatint: no ammonia, no alcohol, no perfume, no resorcinol, no parabens, less peroxide.

Logona: I must say this look really ok en it is natural!

I like this shop anyway with their soaps like pies, never tried this haircolor, so don’t know if it’s ok

Manic panic (my favourite) a lot of strange colors, red, green, blue and so on. The bleach kit is also animal friendly, but it isn’t natural if you are looking for that kind of hair dye!

natulique: wow this one looks really great and all vegan

nature tint:not all nature, but without ammonia, parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, heavy metals, artificial fragrances, SLS, or formaldehyde derivatives.

Sante naturkosmetik: I think they make a lot of great products

special effects: great colors!

tints of nature never used but definitely want to use this, for just a normal color!

beer/wines and other alcoholics

I like to drink some alcohol on times, especially when you are sitting on a terrace in the sun, chilling and watching people. Having good conversations and getting a little woozy in your head
First I really didn’t know, but also for making some nice wine they use animal products. Ok I”ll explain.

To clarify wine they can use animal products, below an explanation I found on the internet (so it makes easy for me to )
wineries might use animal-derived products as finings. To remove proteins, yeast, and other organic particles which are in suspension during the making of the wine, a fining agent is added to the top of the vat. As it sinks down, the particles adhere to the agent, and are carried out of suspension. None of the fining agent remains in the finished product sold in the bottle, and not all wines are fined.

Examples of animal products used as finings are gelatin, isinglass (fish bladders), chitosan (made from skeletons of shrimps and crabs), casein (made out of milk) and  egg albumen. Bull’s blood is also used in some Mediterranean countries but is not allowed in the U.S. or Europe. Kosher wines use isinglass derived from fish bladders, though not from the sturgeon, since the kosher status of this fish is in debate

Of these, casein and albumen (deriving from milk protein and egg white respectively) would be acceptable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.As an alternative to animal products, Bentonite, a clay mineral, can be used to clarify the wine. Some vintners also let the wine’s sediments settle naturally, a time-consuming process. Winemakers are not required to put on their label which clarifier is used, since it is removed from the final product. However, some wine makers will boast on the wine label that their wine is unfiltered, because some wine connoisseurs prefer wine to be unfiltered.*

lists of vegan wines and alcohol (Dutch) (English)

a web shop where you can order vegan wine! (great when you live in the Netherlands)we saw them (people from it’s organic) yesterday at viva las vegas food festival and we taste some nice prosecco and wine. I think the wedding is going to be perfect with help of them. I would say give it a try!

*source Wikipedia.


A smile says enough. especially a smile with nice, white, clean teeth. As a vegan you cannot use every toothpaste out of the supermarket. A lot of brands are tested on animals or can contains some animal ingredients.
Also I like natural toothpaste what isn’t so bad to the environment. And toothpaste often contain fluoride, some people say you need it for white teeth and strong bones other say it is bad for your health, it is like poison,anyway the toothpaste for children aren’t allowed to contain fluoride because they eat the toothpaste (we don’t).
I always take it without the poison fluoride and Weleda is my favourite.
Beneath a list of toothpaste you can use if you like natural toothpaste..And totally vegan. Hope to make the list bigger soon….

without fluoride

Weleda……. I really like, very happy with the result and the dentist also!
Urtekram…….. maybe you like, they have a lot of different tastes!
Dr organic……. tea tree toothpaste

With fluoride

Lavera…… Basis Sensitive Organic Mint toothpaste and  Neutral Natural Tooth Gel
Sante………. this one contains even B12! On my list to try, really curious about this product


Nails and nailpolish

I love nail polish, I really do and I almost wear it all the time. All the colours are amazing, especially nowadays I like green and dark dark red, and I saw some nice blue on the site of China glaze
I didn’t know so much of nail polish, only that the smell is very chemical! And of course that it will be tested on animals.
I did some research on the internet and I found many vegan friendly.

here some article I found on the internet what can be found in the regular nail polish

  1. Chemical Fumes: Solvent-based nail polish formulas use aromatic chemicals that quickly evaporate, leaving behind a hardened coat of paint. Most people realize it is probably unhealthy to inhale nail polish fumes, but few people understand why. So, a simple explanation may be in order. Environmental chemicals do not simply bounce off our bodies in a neutral fashion. In order to prevent damage, our bodies have to efficiently process them. Most chemical that you inhale, will be absorbed into your blood stream, deactivated by your liver and expelled from your system (via your colon, urine, or sweat). Noxious chemicals like the ones found in solvent-based nail polish can place an increased burden on your liver. The more chemicals you are exposed to, the harder it is for your liver to function efficiently. Overwhelmed livers can set the stage for a variety of health problems. It is generally recommended to limit your toxin exposure when possible – switching to a safer nail polish brand is a great start.
  2. Dibutyl Phthalates: Prevents nail polish from chipping. Prenatal exposure to phthalates has been shown in animal studies to cause birth defects.  Phthalates also improve absorption of topical ingredients into the skin (this is a negative quality when used in formulas that contain other chemical ingredients).
  3. Toluene and xylene: Petroleum-based organic solvents that are toxic and may be linked to cancer.
  4. Formaldehyde: Noxious chemical – highly toxic to the liver and carcinogenic.
    Anyway here are some brands I saw on different sites These nail polish are free of Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde and vegan friendly:

Aura soma
Barry M
Butter London
China glaze
Manic panic (I like this brand, their hair colours and so on)
Nail girls

Just search on the internet and you will find a (web)shop where you can buy this beauties

Be colourful and dare to wear……!