hot…and summerpeasoup

Today it was very hot. But you don’t hear me complaining. The only thing I complained about that I was very tired, I didn’t sleep well. Because I put the 2 children on the same room. But of course what we thought, it is too interesting for now they want to play, destroy the room and especially the do not want to sleep. Wait one week and they are used to it and want to go to bed and sleep. Anyway because of the hotness outside I wanted to make something fresh and I remembered making a soup with peas together with a friend of my, I really enjoyed this it was very sweet and a light soup!
I took the recipe from veg written by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (perfect book for people who want to eat vegetarian)

the recipe for 1 litre of pea soup
1 tablespoon of olive oil
20 gram of butter (I used again extra vierge olive oil)
1 red onion (medium) cut in thin pieces
2 twigs of thyme, only the leaves (maybe you like more)
1 litre of stock (vegetable)
500 grams of peas fresh or frozen
20 gram of fresh parsley leaves
salt and pepper
some twigs of mint or eatable flowers for garnish (I used Malva sylvestris)

a food processor
a cooking pan for 1 litre soup
a knife
cutting board

Lets begin………..
Get the onion and cut it into little pieces, take the leaves from the thyme and get the oil!
This is the first step to make the soup, put some oil into the cooking pan together with the onion and thyme. Let’s make the onion glassy this will take something like 5-10 minutes (make sure the gas is not on the highest).
Second step:Time to put the stock into the pan if the onions are ready and also the peas salt, parsley and pepper. If the peas are well cooked it’s time to make them tiny by a food processor.
Third step:Put the soup into the food processor with s-blade and make the soup very smooth.
When this is done, you taste the soup if it’s perfect. Maybe you put in some more salt and pepper and maybe spice it up by chilli pepper flakes (I made my bouillon with some flakes in it)
fourth step:Decorate every bowl/plate with some leaves from mint and eatable flowers. I would say enjoy this taste

enjoy/ bon appetite