tofu mayonnaise

Great in one word great, Japan was really worth to go to. I enjoyed the people, the nature and the ghibli museum! Of course I saw too much things, looking forward to see the pictures we made, or… ok… my boyfriend made. The only thing in Japan was the food and the language a lot of people don’t speak English and my Japanese is even worse then their English, so really problems to find a good vegan restaurant. But we found some….
We really enjoyed the burgers at matsuontoko in Kyoto, we enjoyed some food at Indian restaurants (yes in Japan ;)) For today I wanted to try to make japanees Mayonnaise *from the book  Fresh Japanese by Yasuko Fukuoka. …….and I think it is a good base for some nice mayonnaise, but I put in some wasabipaste, next time maybe some pepper or other spices. Just experiment with this…Here you got the base. Anyway nice with some raw vegetables, fries or grilled vegetables

Ingredients (tofu mayonnaise)
125 gram tofu (get rid of the water, so leak for 30 minutes, put soem heavy thing on top of the tofu)
4 tablespoons of walnut-oil
4 tablespoons of rice vinegar
1/3 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of mustard powder
(I did some wasabipowder/paste in it to taste, or take  other spices, just experiment with this)

a food processor
table- and teaspoons

How to make..
Really short explanation, because it is easy. Leak the tofu for about 30 minutes (put something heavy on top).
When this is finished put all the ingredients in the food processor and mix till it’s smooth like a sauce.
Get the vegetables and dip them in the mayonnaise.