Indian cress

This plant is easy to grow and gives a lot of eat-able flowers, also the leaves you can eat! And from the seeds you can make capers (recipe is also on my blog) So it’s a multifunctional plant, but be aware this can take over the garden it grows quick and can get very huge. But also easy to take out of the garden no big roots….so just seed some!

How to grow
No difficulties, just put the seeds into the ground around March. Make sure that you have a lot of space between a next Indian cress seed (like 40 cm), because of the size they become. The ground doesn’t matter so much they do not need special food, but the seeds like the sun and they don’t like wet places
nice solution
If you buy the climbing version, you can make a nice wall of the colourful plant. It colours the garden and make it easy to get the seeds and flowers to pick off. And I heard if you put this plant next to radish and tomatoes, they can help eachother by growing or keep the plant his enemies away

when to eat
You can eat the leaves and flowers, just when you see them, they have a radish sharp taste, the seed boxes you can collect if you see a lot so you can make capers from it
vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins:A lot of Vitamin C
Minerals: Phoshor, iron and iodine

Indian cress is a natural antibiotic and is often used  in (chronic) infections, especially to urinary and respiratory tract, without affecting the intestinal flora . It further helps with coughing up phlegm, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.Is also  invigorating and cleansing. In pregnancy should not be used.

measuring……..parsnip/carrot dish straight from the oven

Last weeks are really exiting and very busy, with the garden project and of course school and the children, and also Japan what is already 1 month away!
Today we measured the individual gardens, wow time to go on the land, next week we are going to divide the ground to the gardeners…..I a soooo happy with this movement, we (the green house/het groene huis) did a great job together with people from this area in Amsterdam. I cannot wait to put the seeds in the ground, to be there in the summer with nice people, with some fire in the night and a nice cold beer after a day of hard working in the garden…dream on and let the dreams come true 🙂
So maybe I can make this dish I made last week with my own carrots and parsnips

Ingredients for the parsnip/carrot side dish (4 persons)
500 gram of parsnip, cut julienne
450 gram of carrot cut in thin slices (like 1 cm)
5 cloves of garlic just with the peel
some twigs oregano
4 tablespoons of oil
some salt and pepper to taste

a baking dish
a knife and cutting board
some good mood
a bowl

Let start….
Cut all the vegetables, de parsnip in julienne the carrot sliced, and the cloves you don’t have to do anything with it (even leave the peel on).Put the carrots and parsnip into the bowl and mix with the oil, be sure all the vegetables are covered with a little bit of oil!
Get the baking dish and grease the bottom with some oil, put in the garlic and carrot/parsnips..
Time to put the oregano twigs in the baking dish, mix everything well so you get a nice coloured mix of food!
This baking dish you must put in the oven for 45 minutes on 175-200 degrees Celsius, it is ready when they are soft.
This is really nice with some rice or some seitan on the side.


presentation….garlic/herb oil

I am so proud on myself, after 32 years I finally didn’t have ‘nervous break down’ before a presentation in front of a class. Maybe because I am learning now a lot at the project (the gardening for the area I live in)we have, I am generating the meetings and speaks out loud when we are in a group. Do I have a remarkable change, I hope so this is great. I must say I feel also very ok, enthusiastic about my school, enthusiastic about the gardening project and really busy with great things.Feels like a progress in my life, joohoo
Anyway here is some nice garlic oil, great for a change, instead of normal olive oil! From the book food as medicine by Ted Caldecott

Ingredients for 1 jar garlic oil
1 cup of extra vierge (cold pressed) olive oil
1 head coarsely chopped garlic
4 tablespoons of dried rosemary
2 tablespoons of dried basil
2 tablespoons of dried oregano
2 tablespoons of dried thyme
1 tablespoon of dried chilli flakes

1 jar of glass
1 tablespoon
a knife

How to make…
Wow this is so nice and easy to make. Get all the ingredients en put them together in the jar, mix well a few minutes, by shaking the jar. Do this every day ones, for 2-3 weeks. The oil must be ready and tasty by now. You can choose to leave the herbs inside of the oil or strain through a metal mesh strainer.
It is a good option for something else then normal oil, nice for over vegetables made in the oven or just to dip your bread in

sunscreen cream/lotion….

You need to protect your skin against the sun, the sun can be very hot and burning on your skin. I don’t want cancer and burn my skin, so I am really strict in this.
I must say it has been a real search for the right natural and animal free sun cream. The one was not organic, while the other was terrible to put on your skin, you was getting more white!
Anyway here are some brands who has animal free sun cream. I didn’t test them all, I have my own brand 😉 I discovered the lotions are often without beeswax, the creams contains beeswax. I think because of the water protection! Hope this helps you to find a nice sunscreen for the spring and summer! Maybe there are more….but here are already a lot of choice

Vegan brands of suncream*
Abra Therapeutics

-Alba botanica

-Albert heijn homebrand
all sunscreen cream and lotion

Aubrey organics
Natural Sun SPF 30 Spray Unscented
Natural Sun SPF 30 Active Lifestyles Tropical Scent
Natural Sun SPF 15 Saving Face Unscented
really something to try for next year

-Badger (not the sunscreen creams and sticks) I must say I like it, I have the tangerine/vanilla smell (my husband don’t like it)

-bronzo sensuale


-goddess garden

-green people



-Kabana organic…green screen organic

-kiss my face

‘Lavera’ (I didn’t liked this one last year, I was still a white ice-bear, it didn’t spread out easy) But the smell was ok 🙂 I must say I see on the site they don’t sell it anymore

-lavanila A high protection I see…


-loving natural clear vegan



*research on the internet