real breakfast……buckwheat with vegetables

Normally I eat in the morning flakes (oat,7 grains and so on) in my rice milk, with maybe some dried figs or whatever I like, with my flax seeds oil and dried grated coconut.
Jammy the porridges I really like, easy to digestive for me and eat, also for the children and full of healthy stuff.But this time I made a ‘real’ breakfast with full grains, buckwheat if you want to know 😉
I must say this is more savoury flavour so I must get used to the taste, but I want to get used to eat, because this is a good meal to start the day with also for not snacking in between, I am just want  changing my life a little in the day I want to have more rhythm  3 meals and try to bring the Ayurveda life into my life, till know I am happy what I already reached. Eating 95 percent organic, when I make my own meals.
I eat more locally, ok sometimes my avocados, use more herbs and spices in my food. Try to chew better, enjoy the dinner time, I always make the time special with nice candles. Before I only ate healthy but didn’t chew well, a lot of time I didn’t even tasted what I was eating very well.
Also I go to sleep at 22;30 (or around) and wake up at 7;15 hour. I like it, I think after a while you feel more rest, you get more stable life, without stress, more productive, less tired.
ok this was very serious babies, but that’s what I am into now……..
So here the recipe for real breakfast

Buckwheat with vegetables (2 persons)*
1 cup buckwheat (4 days fermented)**
2 cups water
1 tomato cut in tiny sizes
2 handfuls of lettuce or other green leaves
some pumpkin pieces (size of a tomato cut in tiny pieces)
some Celtic salt
1 teaspoon of tamari
2 tablespoons of tahini
2 handfuls of sprouts

a jar for fermenting the buckwheat
a cooking pan

How to begin….
**The first 4 days you are busy with fermenting the buckwheat, because you want to make it more digestible. So what you do is fill a jar with 1 cup of buckwheat and water, let stand 24 hours. (you can do this also with other grains to get rid of the Anti Nutrient Factor)
The second day save 10 percent of the water, get rid of the other water, fill with some fresh water and the water you set aside. The third day you do the same, the fourth day also! On the 5th day you can use it for your ‘porridge’

Now let’s make the breakfast dish, clean all the vegetables and cook the buckwheat grains with 2 cups of water for 30 minutes. After 10  minutes of simmering you poor in the pumpkin
The tomatoes, sprouts, celtic seasalt and lettuce you put in on the end (when the buckwheat cooked long enough), inclusive the tamari (you can use also other spices, if you like)
So when you took all the steps you are ready to serve

Enjoy it will gives you energy you like!

*based on recipe by ted Caldecott food as medicine



……….mushroom stock

This I have also from the book food as medicine by Ted Caldecott. I rather make my own stock, so there is not so much salt in it or other strange ingredients. Vegetable stock takes a long time, while this mushroom stock just take maximum 2 hours. And without much time to cook, this can be prepared easily in you r daily program. You don’t have to stir or stay all the time in the kitchen.
ok this is nice for a basic to make soup or for risotto. Enjoy making it

2-3 ounce/56-84 gram dried Chinese mushrooms
1-2 quarts/ 1/2-1  litre  of water

a strainer
a cooking pan

How to make…..
wash the mushrooms, soak  them for 20 minutes. In the meanwhile relax!
When they soaked for 20 minutes. They are ready for cooking with the water, cook them for at least one hour to get a tasteful stock.
Get the strainer and filter the mushrooms out. You get a brown tanned water!
The mushrooms you don’t need anymore, you can put them on compost.

first clients…….almond milk

3 days ago I had my first clients, ok to practice. I had to find out what they are for constitution and what dosha brings them out of balance. yes I am talking about the Ayurveda, I think I did it quite ok, have to learn much more but for the first time I am happy with the ‘diet’ I gave to the girls. One is already changing I had her on the phone, she really felt already some difference. (wow so quick)
Now I have a new mission, to look at many tongues and make a picture, so I can learn all differences and really learn about the shape of Vata/Kapha or pitta tongue and how to recognize imbalances.I am happy to choose this direction, i am happy also i found out what I really like….yes …finally…….after 32 years!
This is my last recipe I made, from the book Food as medicine by Todd Caldecot

Nice almondmilk
1 cup whole almonds soaked 24 hours in water
2-3 dates
1/2 vanilla stick
2-3 cardamom pods
3 cups water

a food processor/ blender
a meshstrainer
a bowl
a cooking pan

How to make
Soak the almonds for 24 hours, so they can get soft. After the 24 hours get rid of the water and poor the almonds in a blender together with the dates, the vanilla, cardamom pods and water, blend till it’s ‘smooth’ (3-5 minutes). Mix well till it gets like milk!
Get a mesh strainer and poor the milk through it into a bowl, I got some pulp in the strainer(I used this in the morning porridge). get the cooking pan and boil the milk for 5 minutes.
So that was the last step now you have almond milk a good replacement for normal milk, not to replace the vitamins, but as a liquid in dishes and so on!
This you can also do with other nuts, seeds, or maybe some other spices. Get creative and find out.
Store in the fridge for 3 days at highest, every time you use it again, reheat it! When you reheat it you will make it more easy to digest.
Thanks Todd for the great recipe, more recipes from him will come.Thanks school for let me read this book!


death row…..carrot pickle

Saw a documentary about death row,  I cannot imagine you give capital punishment. Some persons are innocent and then they are death after the punishment, or people who sat 11 years in a death row and then they are free because they (lawyers, advocates,jury) made a mistake of kept some evidence behind their back. And the worst is coming, no money for that people who suffered 11 years in jail, you took 11 years of some person, oh my god. I was shocked when I saw it I am against dead penalty. You cannot take someone’s life, also when he murdered someone (that’s my opinion).I must say if someone touch my family I probably would have the feeling to kill the murderer.
The murderers are wrong also, I won’t talk them right, but if you kill someone as a punishment you are the same. And it isn’t proven the capital punishment is working to keep the crime down. Ok heavy subject just look at the documentary. it was most in English so also not Dutch speaking people will understand. It was very interesting and In the Netherlands we don’t have this……….
And to make a rough change about  the subject I made a new pickle, they are now in jars and I am waiting to eat them! You can make them also
Recipe is from the book Food as medicine, by Todd Caldecot

Ingredients of the carrot pickles
900 gram of carrot very well washed and ends throw in the compost heap
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
1 teaspoon of coriander seeds
5-10 slices of fresh ginger
1 teaspoon black mustard
1/2-1 teaspoon dried crushed chilli
2 tablespoons of salt
940 millilitre of water

jars who can close very well
a frying pan for frying the spices
a knife
a cutting board
a bowl

how to begin………
Wash the carrots and get rid of the ends, after you cut the carrot as big as the jar and cut them in half or tinier (finger-like) Put them in the jar(s)
In the frying pan you roast the cumin seeds/coriander seeds/mustard seeds. when the mustard seeds pops you put of the heat. Place the spice mixture together with the chilli and divide over the jar(s).
In every jar you put some slices of ginger.

Now time to get a bowl and put in the salt and water, dissolve the salt. When the salt is dissolved you can put the water into the jars.
(if you don’t have enough water and salt make another bowl with 940 millilitre of water and 2 tablespoons of salt)
When you fill the jars make sure the carrot are below the surface of the brine, either by filling the jar to the top or by using a clean dry flat rock that you previously sterilized, placed on the top of the carrots to push everything down.
The second day you open the jar shortly to remove the carbon dioxide, after you close again the jar. From now you can eat the pickles after 3 weeks you must put the jars into the fridge so the fermentation is slow down and preserve flavour.
enjoy I am very curious if the mine are tasteful!

here we go….seaweed salad

The garden is getting ready like the way we want it, rid of the square-gardening method. Time to make a new plan, I want a little herb-tower in the garden. I want to learn more from the garden and what is happening in the garden. Yes I am more into permacultuur now (ok I was already ‘the idea’s are great’ but now I can go and experiment in my own garden), reading about it. It is also a preparation for the real works, when the gardens on the melkweg (here in Amsterdam North what I told you about. A big project 4, soccer fields are free, and some buildings, there is going to be a beer brewery, a kindergarten totally eco-friendly, the gardens to grow your own vegetables. Anyway in short a project where you can show people how the food is growing, how to use, the whole process and also how good you can be with the environment ) are coming.
On the 15th of February we definitely know if what we want to make also can realise. So make a pray for us. I have a good feeling. And of course when the garden here is making progress I put it on the blog for more ideas and when the big project is starting……really can’t wait!
Anyway here I have a recipe for a nice side dish salad with arame. You can use this recipe also for a complete meal with for example basmati rice, but you have to 4 double the recipe (2 persons)

Ingredients seaweed salad( for 2 persons)
10 gram arame (seaweed) soaked in water for 10-15 minutes after washing it 3 times
1 clove garlic minced
1 slices of fresh ginger 1 cm thick minced
some sesame seeds as garnish (1 tablespoon)
1 tablespoon of tamari
100 gram fresh spinach leaves
5 mushrooms cut in slices and then in rectangles
some sesame oil

a wok or frying pan

Lets start….
Wash all the vegetables, clean the mushrooms and get al the stuff ready to make cooking easy.
The arame you have to wash 2-3 times and then soak in hot water (not cooking) for 15 minutes.
Get the frying pan, put in some oil and the arame , garlic, mushrooms and ginger.heat the oil slowly. Bake the ingredients for 1 minute or so and then poor in the other ingredients and bake till the spinach is shrink a little (let the green colour be still fresh and not too dark, but this is your choice)
Put of the gas and put on top the sesame seeds as a garnish. Ready for eating!

making a bee hotel…

Last year it was the year of the bee, the bees are suffering at the moment, Many bees are dying in the hives. They really don’t have an explanation for it (not officially), but we think here it’s the chemicals they use for growing flowers.
In the Netherlands the dying of this very important insect is very high, maybe because we have a huge business with flowers selling, producing and growing!??
So I try to stimulate more the organic growing plants and bulbs.
And Albert Einstein said when there are no bees we can’t live and he’s right, this little creatures let it happen that fruit will pollinate. I heard in China they let childeren pollinate the flowers from pear trees and so on (this has an other reason, because not every flower gets pollinated). Is this the future?
Please help the bees a little make a bee hotel and let grow some organic flowers for the bees. Give them a warm place in your garden.
Here I will show you how to make a bee hotel, you can use so many stuff for this and can hang it in your fruit-tree on on your wall. You can choose 😉

Step one
Choose your shape I choose for 3 squares upon each-other, you can make a bigger one, make with nine little squares a big square, or make rectangles. Whatever you like!
Step two
choose the materials you want too fill the squares with, I choose bamboo sticks, hey and pine cones. But you can also take a piece of wood and dig holes in the wood or stone.
Step 3
I put in the materials and I made sure the materials won’t fall out of the rectangles, by wire tensioning, hold together by nails. (see also picture by step 1)step 4
You can close the back with some wood, I didn’t do because I will hang it against a wall ,I am too lazy) Too hang the hotel you make a hook on top.

step 5
Now the bee hotel is ready you can put it on the right place, like I wrote before, place it on a warm place. Not too low and really nice close to some flowers.

Hope the bees will like this 🙂

happy 2014

Time passes very quickly. 2013 was a great year, also with ups and downs but that belongs to life.
I just wanted to write this to wish you all happy new year hope you had a great new year’s eve. I had really, in my old citythere was a great party with old friends, friends I didn’t see for a long time. So nice to see how they are now, what they do and so on. I am still recovering from that party (I am not used to party so long anymore, maybe this year I want to do it more, because I really liked it).
The dutch oliebollen I made were ok, the oreo cookies i found in the supermarket were also ok, yes I found out they are now vegan they weren’t before, so I ate me sick of them!
This year i hope to put on some more Japanese dishes in joining to the holiday we are going to have in april/may, I am so excited! And of course i hope to have a lot of time to put on some nice recipes/garden stuff and so on. At least there is a big project (with gardening) now going on, I hope I can post this also on the site (to have time)

anyway enjoy 2014 and make a nice fantastic year!