ayurvedic nutrition course…….fresh rice rolls

Great last week I went back to school again. Let my brains work again, last course was one year ago and I must say if you don’t keep up the memory/mind about food by reading, you loose a lot of essential information. The course I will do now is Ayurvedic nutrition, curious how the system works there, the Chinese was very interesting and I learned so much about food, but I must say you never know everything. Things changes…. the researches changes every time and so on. So many different kinds of food. But it brings people together and there is always discussion about how to loose weight, to be vegetarian or not to be, organic or not…….
Eating food is also like a party, laughing, discovering new foods, discover new taste, making new recipes, experiment with ingredients you don’t know, discover tradition food of countries!
Anyway this recipe, I made last, are rice rolls, I post one earlier but this has a different taste and also to show you what you can do with the rice papers.
If you want to know how to roll, read the first post about rice rolls

Ingredients for 8 fresh rice rolls
1/2 yellow bell pepper cut in 8 equal pieces
1/4 of a medium cucumber, cut in thin strings (8 strings)
8 twigs of Sanguisorba minor (Salad burnet, Garden burnet, Small burnet, burnet) take of the leaves
handful of almonds crushed in tiny pieces
8 Indian cress leaves
1 spring onion (cut in 8 strings)
some basil leaves
8 leaves of Swiss chard, tear each leave in 2 pieces in length
some sprouts alfalfa if you like
8 rice papers (big size and round)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl with some water, to put the rice papers in to soak

Lets start………..
Wash all the vegetables. get of the leaves from the burnet twig, cut all the vegetables in strings, they must be as big as a rice paper minus 2 cm on both sides (that’s for rolling the rolls easier, so you won’t break the paper and you still can fold in the sides)
Soak the rice papers for a short time in water, so they get soft. Take them out very slowly and careful, they can damage very quickly!
Lay the paper on a flat surface. Fill them with the vegetables, so 1 string of spring onion, some basil leaves, some alfalfa, a piece of yellow bell pepper, almonds, 1 leaf of Indian cress cut in tiny pieces, some cucumber …….

Time to roll them, here you can see how I did it the last time. Roll 8 rolls and enjoy the fresh taste. Choose your dip, maybe you like a hot (red peppers sauce, see the comment on the same page as how you roll the rice rolls) one or more the salty one (like shoyu with pieces of ginger).


coriander leaves/seeds….

You walk at the market and you smell it. It has a special smell and also the taste is special. Some people love it, other hate it. I must say I have my periods, and now I really love it.
So nice when you walk in the future green garden (now it is also foot ball field) where we threw some seeds (when we had ,organized by students, a picnic to promote the plan of making city oragnic agriculture) and now it is growing like hell. The plans about the urban farm are still mysterieus, I hope it will work out!

How to grow
Put into the ground some seeds, while the temperature isn’t minus (Celsius) anymore also not in the night. It doesn’t need special care, they just want sun and water, and a little compost in the ground.

nice solution
Make a pole with all kind of herbs, so you don’t take to much space in the garden but you have all fresh herbs. And coriander leaves are so nice of smell and taste, nowadays I really enjoy this taste. Buy the seeds from the supermarket or wait till they make their own

When to eat
You always can eat them when they have leaves, cut them 1 centimetres above the ground, so there can grow again some leaves. For the seeds, (what you can dry) wait till they get flowers and so on. They will make the same year seeds, dry them in the sun and put them in a jar so you can use this for recipes also

Vitamins and minerals
I really don’t care much about this vitamins, because the taste is great but always nice to know. This is when you eat the leaves!
Vitamins: c, b2, b1, b6 en a*
Minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphor, iron, zinc*

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
In traditional Chinese medicine, coriander is considered pungent and warm, and is associated with the Lung and Stomach meridians. Coriander seeds are used to treat conditions such as stomachaches, measles, nausea and hernias, and also have tonic properties. Some practitioners also use coriander seeds as flavorings to improve the taste of other herbal remedies.**

*source: voedingswaardetabel
** source : acupuncture today

time for picking blackberries…..blackberry/pear smoothie

Nice to have a week of holiday and go on vacation. We went on camping, at a place called the lievelinge. It was a great camping, our prepared house was great mixture of second hand an new (at least it looked like), of course no tents we were with the children and grandma. The nature surround was a lot of forest and water, a carousel, old busses made to sleep in, a pancake house and so on….Really I can recommend you to go there, especially when you have children. I didn’t see blackberries there I must say…. but one week before I picked them together with my children. And then it was time to make a green smoothie with the just picked blackberries and miner’s lettuce from our garden. And of course this was a great tasting red smoothie full of vitamins. And now you can make it also at home!

Ingredients for the blackberry/pear smoothie (6-8 persons)
4 pears
3 cups of blackberries
2-3 cups of water
3 cups of miner’s lettuce

a blender/Magimix with smoothie kit

How to make….
Wash the blackberries and look good for no worms inside (soak them a short time in water with salt and rinse them very well after, so the worms get out). Cut the pears in pieces so you can blend it, wash the miner’s lettuce….
Now I just can say blend all the ingredients together, and I did again at last the water.
Get the glasses fill them with the pink thick smoothie and enjoy the taste



Nettle grows everywhere in nature. You know it from the bite they give when you touch them, it itch.
Wear gloves, if you pick them and work with them so you won’t have to scratch all the time 😉

how to grow
I would say just get them out of the nature, otherwise you can get some seeds from the nettle and spread into your garden, it doesn’t need any care it grows everywhere is my experience, especially at nitrogen-rich, humus soils and are often found at semi shaded places and often on construction sites and abandoned waste sites.

nice solution
Just walk in the closest park/forest and pick some young nettle leaves (this are the little fresh leaves who are on top of the plant). Beware the park isn’t close to a high way. Or make liquid manure from it, so you can destroy louse on a animal friendly and natural way. And the soil gets better from it also! So double price.
You make the liquid manure from some nettle and water, put them in a bucket and let stand for 24 hours, it’s ready when it has a terrible smell like shit, stir once in a while! Spray it on the plants who has got louse.

when ready for eating.
You can pick them when they are young, so when the plants are little. Also when they are bigger, but only get the tops (the little leaves) they have the best taste
You can make tapenade from it, tea, or soup.

Vitamins and minerals
Vitamin B1, B2, B3,B5, B11 C en K, and beta-carotene
mineral: Iron,  potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
Has purgative properties. Diuretic, helps to bring out the waste of your body, who are supposed to do with acne, gout and arthritis. Has effect to relieves chronicle diseases.
Nettle contains antioxidants, who is supposed to be a fighter against cancer.

ok ok the last one for now……fresh summer smoothie

Yes I a addicted to every day a green smoothie, after trying one week, I am convienced! I love it and my children get a lot of vitamins in their body just by drinking a nice smoothie.
So yesterday I tried a new one, I just used my creativity, This is a fresh summer smoothie, everybody liked it! Also our French couchsurfers, who are lucky I am addicted so they get also some vitamin shot!Good for their ‘world’trip.I loved their adventure, they are going hitch-hiking through Europe, I want to join toooo 😉

The recipe for the fresh summer smoothie (4-6 persons)
2 little mangos or 1 big one
2 bananas
1 cucumber
2 glasses of water

a blender/magimix with smoothie kit

So just get all the ingredients, wash the cucumber, peel the mango and blend it all together in the blender till it’s smooth. At last I poor in the glasses of water. Get the glasses and taste the fresh summer smoothie especially in the sun at your garden….AAH


the most beautiful garden…..celery/kiwi smoothie

Today I went together with a photographer across the neighbourhood, a jury has selected the 9 most beautiful gardens of this neigbourhood in the North of Amsterdam. We had to make photos of the garden with the people who live there, what a great stories we hear and what a friendly people. I had a great day, the children enjoyed themselves by carrying the poles with a sign (you are nominated for the most beautiful garden).On the 14th of september, the most beautiful will be selected, at the green day here at the zonneplein.
Anyway we are finished now, just as I finished the smoothie week. Here you will get the last recipe!

Ingredients for the celery/kiwi smoothie (2-4 persons)
A recipe I picked up somewehere from the internet I don’t know the source anymore, sorry)
3 stocks of celery
1 banana
4 kiwis
2 cups of water

a blender/Magimix with smoothiekit

Let’s start….
Wash the celery, peel the kiwi and banana. get the blender/Magimix. Make them smooth by using the foodprocessor/blender at last pour in the water. Enjoy this one, if you don’t like celery don’t make it 😉