a little healthy delicious great snack…..apple-celery rice rolls (flower power hippie rolls:))

I forgot about them and then a friend of my, made them at her home, wow she made them great of taste and she inspired me of making them also again at my home. It’s easy and you can make them every time different, this little healthy snacks has many ways to make them perfect of taste.
Yes I am talking about rice rolls, they are like spring rolls, only with rice paper and not cooked just raw.

The ingredients for 8 rice rolls
8 sheets of rice paper
1/2 cucumber
1 string of celery
1/2 green sour apple
4 carrots
4 leaves of chard
flowers, like Indian cress leaves and borage to make the rolls colourful
(if you like some red hot chilli pepper, my boyfriend thought they needed it, I liked the taste)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl filled with water to soak the rice papers

How to roll………
I would say first wash the vegetables, and let them dry!
Get the cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the celery string in 8 very thin strings, the carrots in half, leaves of the chard each in 4 pieces, the cucumber must be 8 pieces also (strings). The green apple I cut first in half and made thin slices of them and after I cut every slice in 4 strings!
Sort them out on the cutting board and get the bowl with water
Put in the 8 leaves of the rice paper, wait till they get soft and slimy, get one paper out very slowly, with to hands and with care. They break very quick.
On a flat underground you lay the paper down, fill the paper with a string of each vegetable and some apples and flowers. Beware your vegetables are 1 cm from each side, so the vegetables can be rolled into a roll, and you don’t have vegetables coming out of the sides.
Here under you have pictures, how to roll! (thank you Marjon for the great explanation)

First fill the rice paper with the vegetables (1 string celery, 1 row of carrot, 1 row of apples and so on), they must be shorter as the sheets

Roll the vegetables into the paper, just one turn

Fold in the sides
and roll further till you have a perfect roll, maybe it needs some practise but everybody can do this! Do it very tight but with care
So now the rolls are ready really fresh and raw, maybe what I say before if you like more taste from it, maybe put in some pieces of chilli pepper or maybe some sesame seeds. I liked this taste. You can make so many combinations with this rice roll, different vegetables and spices…..Nice as a snack or side dish, or instead of a salad

enjoy this healthy snack

5 thoughts on “a little healthy delicious great snack…..apple-celery rice rolls (flower power hippie rolls:))

  1. I like to dip these in a Vietnamese style vegan sauce

    -1lemon juiced
    -Scoop of your preferred sweetener (I usually use coconut blossom which is a bit controversial I KNOW)
    -Pinch of salt
    -A bit water
    -1 big clove of garlic
    -1 bird eye chili pepper.
    (These last 2 I crush with my stone mortar and pestle)

    Mix all together and you are ready to have some Vietnamese samba!

    A sweet mango chili, scallion and koreander works great as well!

    • wow this sounds great, I think my husband will love this… and me also by the way 🙂 I use to sweeten stuff, rice syrup, but I know it isn’t the healthiest way, but better as Sugar, with stevia I really don’t know what to do… Flower power hippie rolls are for sure a better name.

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