celebrating……papaya/miner’s lettuce smoothie

Today we celebrate Kaya Moon his thirth b-day! Made some cupcakes, some rice rolls, cubed papaya and a nut seeds mixture. Really tasteful. Kaya have had a great electric train from Duplo, and he played all day with it.
I liked the kitchen very much today, I made for the dinner some spring rolls, together with some rice and vegetables. And also I made, of course, the 6th green smoothie and this one I create with some help from the internet, my creative brains and a touch of greens from my own garden.

So here is the recipe for the papaya/miner’s lettuce smoothie (2-4 persons)
1/2 papaya
1 lemon juice
2 cups of miner’s lettuce
1 1/2 cup of water
1 banana
3 twigs of mint leaves

a blender/Magimix with smoothie kit

Let’s mix it…..
Cut all the ingredients and wash, so you can put it in the blender/Magimix.
Blend it till it’s smooth, I put the water and lemon juice at last. Get the glasses, get your victims and enjoy your smoothie!


Bye bye cs-ers…….fresh green apple/parsley smoothie

Phoef, very hard to wake up this morning. I really don’t know why…was I really too busy this week? Probably.
This morning the couchsurfers (Sarit and Aidan) from Israel  left, really great people, also vegans, ….Nice to talk about:why they became vegan, and how they ‘survive’ and of course abouttheir country and so on…and my green smoothie victims;)
So today I will taste my green smoothie on my own, but I must admit the taste of this smoothie is great and is defintely my favourite of the week (just 2 days to go).

The recipe of Emerald Applesauce by Aletha Nowitzky (2-4 persons)
4-5 apples (I used the red/yellow one I can imagine the green sour apples will be great also))
a bunch of fresh parsley
1/2 inch of ginger root (I used 1 inch by accident but it was great)

a blender/Magimix

How to prepare?
Cut the apple in pieces, if you use the Magimix smoothie kit you don’t have to remove the seeds and stems.
So now put all the ingredients together in the blender/Magimix and make a juice of it! Ready to drink!


cycling…cycling and time for another smoothie (vegetables smoothie)

This morning it was cloudy, but me and my brother (and of course Kaya and Yvi) went cycling through the twiske, searching for playing gardens and looking at the nice water and nature.
Finally home I gave my husband the smoothie I made this morning, I said I didn’t like it so much, but you can still drink it (he had the same). I have this recipe from the internet but I really don’t know from where.
Anyway I still give you the recipe you never know maybe you like it…I think it’s from this video or a variation

Recipe for the vegetable smoothie (2-4 persons)
3 stalks of celery
1/4-1/2 avocado
+/-1 cup lambsquarters
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 cup purple basil
1/2 spicy pepper

a blender or Magimix smoothie kit

lets make the juice…..
just blend it all, take some nice glasses and drink. It’s a different smoothie and I must say you like it or not….This is really green!


do you remember me….cucumber/parsley smoothie

Yesterday I went to a concert at the Paradiso, here in Amsterdam, it was nice! Not so crowded at all, the music was strange but great and heavy and weird 🙂
But at the end I wanted to go to the entrance and then a guy came to me, I knew him and he me. Unfortunately I really don’t remember from where, I know his face very well…do I have a hole in my memory….? Especially the smile…a day after I still don’t know where I know him from, I have no name, the only thing he is now living in Hilversum and is a programmer in woerden…So I need more food for my brains, another smoothie in my one week green smoothie week. Let’s get back my memory….!

Green smoothie number three (2-4 persons)
(recipe from: Parsley Passion Smoothie by Sergei Boutenko)
1 cucumber
1 banana
1 bunch of fresh parsley (with stems also)
1 red/yellow apple (Fuji)
2 cups of water

Yes again the blender or Magimix with smoothiekit

Here we go again…..
I would say wash all the ingredients that needs to be washed. Cut them in pieces so you can blend it. I put the water at last in the blender, after I blend the fruits/vegetables.
Maybe it need to be stirred with a spoon so it’s a good mixture for a smoothie

I like this one it is fresh, and if you don’t like cucumber don’t make this…



day 2 of the green smoothie week

The sun is shining jippy…., I had a busy morning, but finally home I have time to make a bread and of course to make the green smoothie of the day. My garden is full of lambs quarters, I just had 1 plant last year but it take over the garden. But I like it, they have nice purple leaves and don’t need much care, you can use them like spinach!
Now time for a green smoothie

Ingredients for smoothie no 2 (4-6 persons, +/- 1 litre juice)
2 cups of fresh peaches (I used 3 big peaches after tasting this recipe)
2 cups of lambs quarters leaves
3 cups of water

a blender or Magimix with special smoothie kit

so let’s make it……
Get the seeds out of the peaches, cut the peaches in little pieces so you can put it in the blender or Magimix. Wash the lambsquarters and blend them together with the peaches till a nice smooth juice. The cups of water I add at last.
It’s ready now, I must say it was really suprised (maybe I had to get used to the green taste) of the taste and maybe next time I put in some lemon. But just try! And experiment.

recipe from this page

party, alcohol……green smoothie week

Saturday was a long but nice day in the morning I woke up, had a breakfast, a shower, made lychee cupcakes and after I went on the bike to the centre. Looking for nice old flower teacups with a saucer, a present for a friend of my who became 30 (and finished her school). After many second hand shops I found them! Also together with some great tasting tea from Simon Levelt of course…..and a book with many recipes for making soup! (I am going to borrow this from you once Esther;))
So after all my tasks I went home change my clothes, decorated the cupcakes took the train and went to the surprise party!
OOh it as a great party, campfire, music, friendly old knowing people and wine/beer.
I had too much alcohol ( I wasn’t drunk by the way) not so many sleep (I slept at a friends house, but my husband had to work early in the morning so I had to take the earliest train).
So really now it is the time to get some energy from the green smoothies….so this week I will have a green smoothie week, with help of the Boutenko family and internet.
So monday is the first one, let the vitamins come in!

Green smoothie no 1 The Laughing Gorilla by Valya Boutenko (4-6 glasses)
2 ripe bananas
2 oranges
1 mango
1/2 head of romaine lettuce
2 cups of water

a blender
a cup
a knife

So let’s make it…
If there are seeds inside of the oranges get them out. I didn’t peel them as they say on the side. I put every ingrediënt together in the blender, and blend it till it gets smooth.
I took a glass and put a slice of banana on the edge of the glass for decoration, poor  in the juice and enjoy

recipe from the rawfamily Boutenko

The days after the wedding…..rararaw salat

Really tired, I can sleep all day but no time for it with two children….The day of the wedding was really great, the weather was not as we wanted to be, but we survived the rainy morning and the midday was really with some sun.
Everybody loved the things we made (me and Jael spend the day before all day in the kitchen to prepare some vegan dinners, cupcakes and spreads for 40 persons also Esther made some fantastic cold salats). The drinks were also great of taste, the people were nice, laughing and enjoying the picknick. My husband and I were really beautiful, he in a suit and I in a summerdress with flowers in my hair and the shoes?……I couldn’t find.. so no shoes and married on my naked feet. Great day with great people. And what was a experiment was eaten very well, I am talking about the rararaw salat…and here is the recipe. With help of the internet

Ingredients rararaw salat (for 6-8 persons)
1 kilogram of grated red/yellow beets
2  tablespoons of sesame seeds
2  tablespoons of pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons of sunflowerseeds
+/- 500 gram of grated carrots
1/2 big red onion cut in tiny little pieces
juice of 1 lemon
4 grated apples (yellow/red sweet)
some chopped dill to taste (+/-3/4 cup)
some chopped parsley to taste (+/-1 cup)
Celtic seasalt/4 seasoning pepper everything to taste

a foodprocessor with a blade who grates beets
a nice bowl

Let’s begin…….
Get the beets, and grate them. After, grate the carrots and apple. Mix all the ingredients (beet, parsley, sesameseeds, pumpkinseeds, sunflower seeds, carrot, apple, dill) carefully and well. Put some lemon juice on top, so the beet will stay fresh. Serve with some nice dinner, or it is as a snack in the summer. Try for something different, walnuts or other nuts.


Red, juicy, and let the summer inside your body. Mmmm the taste is delicious, put them on bread, in some dessert. or make jam from it…Strawberries to me, are the beginning of the summer and the sun. This year everything is very late (growing) and the strawberries are turning out to be red very late. But when you taste fresh from the garden a strawberry it change the world. Did you know originally it comes from north of America?
how to grow.
They definitely need sun! they like food also, so the ground must be soil rich, plant compost they like. I never made strawberries out of seeds, but it is possible they say, so you have a fresh mother plant. From the motherplant you can make more plants!
When you look very good you see long stems and on the end you see a little plant with roots, here you can make a new plant from, cut of the stem and put the roots in a pot with fresh soil.wait a couple of weeks and voila…a daughter plant (they called it here like this)
You can do this early in June or after the strawberries are eaten!
Also the strawberry must be moved next year or you must have a two years growing strawberryplant, becuase the change on disease is getting bigger if you don’t move them! So take them in the crop rotation program
Time of fruits depends on the race…

nice solution
we do not have  much space here to have strawberry fields, so we decided to make strawberrie poles. I made already a post about this so here is the link.

when to eat
Of course when the strawberry is very very red, brighten red and not dark. Because when they are dark they are almost old and the taste is the best when they are fire truck red

vitamins and minerals
vitamins:a little of B1,B2,B3.a lot of vitamin B11 and vitamin C
Minerals:Natrium,silicon, potassium, calcium, phosphor, Iron, magnesium, copper and zinc*

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
cooling thermal nature, sweet sour as taste, benefits the spleen-pancreas and improves appetite.
Moisten the lungs and generates body fluids.Used for thirst, sore throat and hoarseness.Relieves urinary difficulties including painful urination and inability to urinate. Useful for arterial and all connective tissue repair**


** healing with whole foods by Paul Pitchford

ground elder, herb gerard, bishop’s weed…..

Yes I didn’t know before what this (Aegopodium podagraria, commonly called ground elder, herb gerard, bishop’s weed, goutweed, and snow-in-the-mountain) was….a lady from the green market here in North of Amsterdam was bringing some raspberry plants to my home and she said I think you have ground elder in the garden when she looked at my garden…The only thing I knew about this plant was that is hard to get rid of in the garden, so let’s eat it!

How to grow.
I would say do not put it in your garden, you will get it without seeding. They grow in shadow places. They are really ground covers and they will get white tiny flowers
They are really spreading themselves around, and hard to get rid off! You can recognize them because they Always have 7 leaves, one on top, 2 on the side and two “double’ leaves at lowest on the stem! only when they are growing higher in the stem they have 5 leaves. they are darker green, and of course you can look at the picture I made from the plant (how it looks like)

Nice solution
Eat them!! They taste a little like parsley, if you don’t taste the parsley then you will have the wrong plant. Always take a little taste before using it in a dinner especially when you aren’t sure about having the right plant

When to eat
You can eat them every time, when you see the leaves! You can make pesto of it, make mash of it (use as spinach) or raw like parsley….

Vitamins and minerals
It contains vitamin A en  C.
Minerals: potassium, carotene, calcium, magnesium and silica

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
I cannot find anything about chinese medicine, but they say it is to releave the pain of gout/arthritis

a little healthy delicious great snack…..apple-celery rice rolls (flower power hippie rolls:))

I forgot about them and then a friend of my, made them at her home, wow she made them great of taste and she inspired me of making them also again at my home. It’s easy and you can make them every time different, this little healthy snacks has many ways to make them perfect of taste.
Yes I am talking about rice rolls, they are like spring rolls, only with rice paper and not cooked just raw.

The ingredients for 8 rice rolls
8 sheets of rice paper
1/2 cucumber
1 string of celery
1/2 green sour apple
4 carrots
4 leaves of chard
flowers, like Indian cress leaves and borage to make the rolls colourful
(if you like some red hot chilli pepper, my boyfriend thought they needed it, I liked the taste)

a knife
a cutting board
a bowl filled with water to soak the rice papers

How to roll………
I would say first wash the vegetables, and let them dry!
Get the cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the celery string in 8 very thin strings, the carrots in half, leaves of the chard each in 4 pieces, the cucumber must be 8 pieces also (strings). The green apple I cut first in half and made thin slices of them and after I cut every slice in 4 strings!
Sort them out on the cutting board and get the bowl with water
Put in the 8 leaves of the rice paper, wait till they get soft and slimy, get one paper out very slowly, with to hands and with care. They break very quick.
On a flat underground you lay the paper down, fill the paper with a string of each vegetable and some apples and flowers. Beware your vegetables are 1 cm from each side, so the vegetables can be rolled into a roll, and you don’t have vegetables coming out of the sides.
Here under you have pictures, how to roll! (thank you Marjon for the great explanation)

First fill the rice paper with the vegetables (1 string celery, 1 row of carrot, 1 row of apples and so on), they must be shorter as the sheets

Roll the vegetables into the paper, just one turn

Fold in the sides
and roll further till you have a perfect roll, maybe it needs some practise but everybody can do this! Do it very tight but with care
So now the rolls are ready really fresh and raw, maybe what I say before if you like more taste from it, maybe put in some pieces of chilli pepper or maybe some sesame seeds. I liked this taste. You can make so many combinations with this rice roll, different vegetables and spices…..Nice as a snack or side dish, or instead of a salad

enjoy this healthy snack