Wedding……flamy green peas spread

Looking around on the internet for vintage wedding dresses, and also cheap ones. But OMG it’s so hard to find a right one. I don’t want a new one, there are so expensive and just for 1 time wearing it, I rather go on holiday from that money ;). So no┬áluck looking at┬átraditional weddingdresses, but lucky to found a real nice summer dress with petticoat, so it is still a little weddingdress!
Now only the flowers in my hair and some shoes and I am ready for the party.
But oh no I still have to make the perfect green peas spread for the picnic, ok I did and I put it on this post. It is really flamy!

Recipe for flamy green peas spread

210 grams of green peas
a yellow hot pepper/or red one
1/3 cup of fresh coriander leaves
1 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil cold pressed
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 clove of garlic
1/4 red onion or a shallot
pepper and salt to taste
(a piece of ginger if you like cube 1 by 1 centimeters)
capers on top/optional

a magi mix (food processor)

How to make………..
I would say get rid of the seeds from the pepper and the green top, thaw the green peas if they come out of the freezer. Wash the coriander leaves and prepare the food procesoor to make a spread.
Now put all the ingredients in the processor and mix till it’s smooth like a spread.
I would say enjoy this spread!
Make some nice variations with green peas, really delicious

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