in preparing for the wedding….and some easy basic pasta with a great taste

Of course in my head I am already preparing nice picnic dishes, easy to make, nice of taste and especially not taking all the time of the day for preparing. I think maybe 40 persons are coming to the wedding. We are going to order some vegan wine, and order of course some sun (maybe pray is better?). The dishes I want to prepare the day before with a good friend!
So pasta is great and easy, it fills the stomach and you can eat it cold also. Yes this is going to be a dish for the picnic.

An easy basic pasta with a great taste! (4 persons)
400 gram cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
2 zucchinis cut in half and sliced, pieces like 1 cm
pasta for 4 persons, some nice looking shape! 80-100 gram a person
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 cup fresh parsley (or maybe you like basil more)
some Himalaya salt/ 4 seasons pepper to taste
1/3 cup of cold pressed (extra vierge) olive oil

a cooking pan
some plates
a little bowl
a whipper
a knife
a colander

how to prepare….
Get some water out of the tap and poor in the cooking pan, bring it to a boil. In the meanwhile wash and cut the zucchini in 4 and cut thin slices of the 4 parts. Put the zucchini parts in a colander. When the water is boiling poor in the pasta and cook for 8-10 minutes  on top you steam the zucchini in a colander (depends on what kind of pasta you have)
In the meanwhile you can prepare the ‘sauce’. Get a little bowl and poor in the pressed/tiny pieces garlic, oil pepper and salt. Mix well. Set aside.
Time to cut the cherry tomatoes in half.. Probably the pasta will be ready now. Get rid of the cooking water. Mix the ‘sauce’ in the pasta Get the plates and put on each plate some pasta and on top some zucchini and tomatoes. (or mix the zucchini and tomatoes already through the pasta)

Enjoy and if you like you can eat this pasta cold also. Nice for a picnic

making a pants….and some fried egg plant

Struggling every step I take with making a pants for my little son. Making my brains work and then after a couple hours or fitting the little pieces on different ways, I can go to the next step. I did a course sewing but it’s so easy with somebody on your side, but now with the book only and some internet (I am glad with internet) pfff yes….
So not much time to cook in the evening, so I wanted just a rice dish, with some curry paste…but of course I try every time something new and last at Joe’s garage I taste some nice fried egg plant (when I was helping in the kitchen), so it was time to discover on my own how to make and how to give the dough some spirit…yes and mission complete it make the rice dish special

Now you can make also fried egg plant as a side-dish (4 persons)
2 egg plants, cut in half and after in thin slices like 1 centimeter
8 tablespoons of all purpose flour
8 tablespoons of cornstarch
2 tablespoons of curry madras
2 tablespoons of cumin seeds
2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
some dashes of salt
200 milliliter of water
Oil for frying the egg plant

a pan for frying
a knife
some paper towels to put the egg plant on after frying
a fork for turning the egg plant on the other side
a bowl to put the raw egg plant in
a little bowl filled with water to wash your fingers
a bowl to put the fried egg plant on

How to make……………..
Cut the egg plant in half and slice them (like 1 cm). Get a bowl, fill with water and a dash of salt so the egg plant won’t get brown.
In the meanwhile you mix the sunflower oil, salt, curry powder, all purpose flour, cornstarch and cumin seeds together. After poor in the water, till you see it’s getting thinner and looks like pancake dough.

Time to get the frying pan fill with oil for frying. Heat it up and test with a drip of the mixture if it’s hot enough (the mixture will get hard and brown of color).
Put the little bowl with water and set aside this is for washing your fingers. The big bowl with paper towel you put next to the stove.
So let’s work! Get a slice of the egg plant, dip it in the mixture and immediately put in the oil, it will fry now and the egg plant will get a nice crust. Turn them around on the half of the time (they have to fry for about 5 minutes total time I think). They are ready when they have a nice golden brown color. Finish all the slices of the egg plant and place them in the bowl with the paper towel so the oil will get in the paper towel! Wash your fingers if they get to dirty of the mixture in the little bowl with water.

Nice to have this as a side dish……and thanks to the lady of joe’s garage who made this.


some great fresh tzatziki!

I forgot about this dip/spread. But this is so nice for a picnic. And yes I like to picnic if the weather is nice and not rainy/cold. I like to relax and eat in some great nature in the Soester Dunes, at the Twiske in Landsmeer and also in some forest or park. I like to talk with friends about life and food especially in the good environment like a picnic.
Anyway to make a story short I like tzatizki it is fresh and something different for taste

Recipe for the fresh tzatziki
200 gram of soy yoghurt (if you don’t want much water in the tzatziki, put the yoghurt in cheesecloth in a sieve overnight, with a bowl underneath, in the fridge, I didn’t do anyway)
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 teaspoon of 4 seasoning pepper (black/,white)
3 cloves of garlic (every clove cut in half)
1 cucumber (grated)
1/2 teaspoon of paprika powder
2 tablespoons of olive oil
some Celtic sea salt
pinch of dried chilli powder

a sieve
a bowl to put the sieve on
a grater
a food processor
a juicer to get the lemon juice

How to make….
First of all, cut in the cucumber in half and in half lengthwise. So you have 4 pieces now. Grate the 4 pieces. The grated cucumber you put in the sieve and put the sieve on a bowl and set aside for 30 minutes. So the juice can get out of the cucumber (otherwise you get a wet tzatziki, not nice to put on your bread or to dip).
Time to get the yoghurt out of the fridge, put this in the food processor together with, the cloves of garlic, paprika powder, chilli powder, pepper, oil and lemon. Mix well till the cloves are totally solved in the yoghurt, so it must be very smooth without chunks of garlic.
Taste and put in some salt, and of course put in the grated cucumber and mix for a short time ( 10 seconds), the cucumber must still be visible grated strings and not solved in the mixture. Taste if you like otherwise experiment with the ingredients, maybe more salt, more pepper….or just let it be like it is

Enjoy the freshness of the spread/dipper

pink shoes…..and green cold cucumber soup

Good feeling! The day before yesterday I bought pink (really pink) boots at vega-life, really great and yesterday we had a nice barbeque for vegans and vegetarians in Rotterdam. Meet new people, got some inspiration for new soups and dinners….and as a great surprise we saw manu chao at a stage at the Hofplein in Rotterdam, unfortunately my littlest son didn’t like the bass so only two numbers we saw and danced upon…
But now the day after, really tired, skipped all the appointments and just chill at the house and in the garden (full of sun). Made some fresh cucumber soup, based on a recipe of the allerhande. Here you can enjoy now also the recipe, it is a cold soup nice for in the summer.

Ingredients for the green cold cucumber soup (4 persons)
2 big cucumbers cut in big pieces
2 green bell peppers cut in half
4 big spring onions cut in 4
5-6 tablespoons of olive oil (cold pressed)
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of chopped fresh coriander leaves (and maybe some for garnish)
6-8 sundried tomatoes (I used not the one in oil, but dried one and soak them for 5 minutes in boiled hot water)
1/2 cup of roasted almonds (maybe also some for garnish)
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar (if you don’t have a 2 tbs of lemon juice will do also)
a pinch of chili pepper powder
(if you like you can put in also some fresh ginger root, but put in less sundried tomatoes)
some salt/pepper

a food processor with s-blade (or a blender)
some boils
a knife and cutting board
good music to celebrate the summer

It’s so easy….
Roast the almonds, cook the water for the sundried tomatoes and cut every vegetable!
All the vegetables and coriander you can put in the bowl of the food processor.
When the almonds are roasted and the sundried tomatoes are soft, but them also in the bowl. MIx the ingredients till it’s like soup, while you poor in the oil, chili powder and apple vinegar.
Taste if you like the soup, and poor them in 4 great bowls. Make the taste better with some salt and pepper.

I would say enjoy this soup and let you surprise how nice the taste is!


The smell of fresh basil let me think about summer, about nice pestos, nice pasta’s and so on.
Really the smell of basil I like the most of all the herbs I know, did you know flies don’t like the smell of basil. They say when you grow basil in your house the flies won’t come in, I have them now in the house, because it’s winter but not really a good test in the winter I never have flies in the house

When to put in the garden
Now I am making my experiment with growing inside, I never grow basil by seeds, It never works ( Yes no green hands for basil for me) but I buy an organic plant at the supermarket here. I put them in some planters with new soil. Now they are standing on the roof of the shed. Yes we are getting out of space for now at least.
I put the basil outside when it’s sunny, like spring and there is no chance of minus degrees in the night and day.

how to grow
First it never worked with me growing some basil, but my boyfriend really read a lot about the plant. And now I can say it’s still difficult but we are in progress to grow on and on the basil.
The first rule never give the plant water when it’s getting night, they want dry feet in the night. On the other hand you can pour the water in the morning on their feet (what I mean about there feet is they drink it with their roots, so don’t pour it in the pot on the earth, but let the pot stand in water!)
The second rule is be kind to them and cut them 1 cm off from the ground when you want to eat the leaves and stems.

nice solution
The fly trick you know now : )
But to make more basil plants just put a leave into the ground and pray there will become a next plant!

ready for eating
You can eat them all the time when the leaves are green, or red it depends which kind of basil you have. Cut them always one cm of the ground so they will grow again

vitamins and minerals
Vitamins: vitamins B1,B2, B3 and C
Minerals: zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphor and calcium

TCM= Traditional Chinese Medicine
warming temperature, induces sweating, harmonizes stomach, antidote for seafood. Wind-cold, vomiting, diarrhea.
Basil contains flavonoids that provide antioxidant protection. The chemical components of it’s volatile oil have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.*


another day…another smoothie (pineapple-melon)

Really my body is almost like the old one after two pregnancies, I have my old size of clothes (not that I became extraordinary more weights), my pelvic floor muscles are almost recovered after my hard workouts! Just wait a couple of weeks and I can jump run and especially do some serious workouts, I am looking forward to it!
Anyway with a good trained body you need some healthy juice also…I just had a pineapple and melon a dish time to use it!

Here the recipe for a fresh pineapple-melon smoothie (4 big glasses)
1 pineapple
1 melon with orange flesh
100 gram of rapini or maybe you like kale more
some twigs of mint leaves
a piece of pineapple for decorating the glass (optional)

a blender
a sharp knife

Make the smoothie..
Wash the green leaves (mint and rapini), put them in the blender (not blend yet)! Cut the pineapple and melon, put them also into the blender, I would say put on the blender and mix and blend till it’s a smooth juice!
Maybe you can put in some chlorella powder if you like, but that’s what you like (it makes it extreme healthy).
I would say poor the juice into the glasses, decorate with a fresh piece of pineapple. Drink in the summer when it’s warm!

Enjoy and feel the vitamins come into your body!

Noorderparkkamer………hot banana-chocolate

Waiting for the summer, yesterday I had a little summer feeling! We went to a little party here in the north of Amsterdam (noorderparkkamer, Dutch). There was music, making your own hat (for the children) food, beer and a lot of great people, but the weather must become better it’s still too cold. There was some sun, but the temperature was 17 degrees Celsius. So today I really wanted hot chocolate…and I thought maybe I have to try some hot chocolate with banana look if it’s great of taste. …and yes I liked it especially with the coconut whipped cream!

Make two cups of hot banana chocolate….
2 cups of rice milk
3 teaspoon of Dutch processed cacao
1 teaspoon of rice syrup
1 little banana
some whipped cream see other blog
some roasted almonds crunched in a mortar to sprinkle on top of the whipped cream (optional)

1 saucepan
2 mugs
a frying pan
a mortar

Let’s begin
puree the banana till it’s liquid, in the meanwhile you can heat up the milk in the saucepan. Roast the almonds in the frying pan without oil. When the milk starts to boil, take the saucepan of the heater.
Mix in the cacao, rice syrup and banana. Ready to poor in the cups, on top you put some whipped cream (I did a little orange juice in the whipped cream, 2 teaspoons). On top you sprinkle the almonds (what you crunched in the mortar)
Also nice is hot chocolate with rum…yammie

I would say enjoy the summer with hot chocolate 😉

beer/wines and other alcoholics

I like to drink some alcohol on times, especially when you are sitting on a terrace in the sun, chilling and watching people. Having good conversations and getting a little woozy in your head
First I really didn’t know, but also for making some nice wine they use animal products. Ok I”ll explain.

To clarify wine they can use animal products, below an explanation I found on the internet (so it makes easy for me to )
wineries might use animal-derived products as finings. To remove proteins, yeast, and other organic particles which are in suspension during the making of the wine, a fining agent is added to the top of the vat. As it sinks down, the particles adhere to the agent, and are carried out of suspension. None of the fining agent remains in the finished product sold in the bottle, and not all wines are fined.

Examples of animal products used as finings are gelatin, isinglass (fish bladders), chitosan (made from skeletons of shrimps and crabs), casein (made out of milk) and  egg albumen. Bull’s blood is also used in some Mediterranean countries but is not allowed in the U.S. or Europe. Kosher wines use isinglass derived from fish bladders, though not from the sturgeon, since the kosher status of this fish is in debate

Of these, casein and albumen (deriving from milk protein and egg white respectively) would be acceptable for vegetarians, but not for vegans.As an alternative to animal products, Bentonite, a clay mineral, can be used to clarify the wine. Some vintners also let the wine’s sediments settle naturally, a time-consuming process. Winemakers are not required to put on their label which clarifier is used, since it is removed from the final product. However, some wine makers will boast on the wine label that their wine is unfiltered, because some wine connoisseurs prefer wine to be unfiltered.*

lists of vegan wines and alcohol (Dutch) (English)

a web shop where you can order vegan wine! (great when you live in the Netherlands)we saw them (people from it’s organic) yesterday at viva las vegas food festival and we taste some nice prosecco and wine. I think the wedding is going to be perfect with help of them. I would say give it a try!

*source Wikipedia.