tired, tea…and some ordinary cookies

Busy days, I am really tired and just want to relax. But I really have the feeling now that I am really doing what belongs to me, gardening, reading, learning, cooking and hugging the family. Just search the internet for nice courses and places where I can help with cooking, just like joe’s garage a squat in Amsterdam (http://www.joesgarage.nl/) where I helped last week, preparing a vegan meal (nice to eat there anyway!). Like yesterday where I went to a reading about raw food in a community centre. About two weeks there will be a reading about permaculture, looking forward to be there 😉 But now time for tea with a cookie and some good chilling music on the background.

The recipe for ordinary cookies for by the tea
300 gram of wheat flour, sifted (try spelt flour also once)
1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt (any other salt will do also)
1 tablespoon of Dutch cookie spice/speculaaskruiden*
100 gram of coconut oil melted au bain marie
1 ripe banana mashed
150 grams of syrup (I used date-syrup)
some dried grated coconut

a magimix or other food processor will do
an oven
some nice shaped cutters
some baking paper
a bowl
a rolling pin

Easy…just follow the next instructions
First mix all the dry ingredients together except the dried coconut (flour,salt, Dutch cookie spice/speculaaskruiden) and mix in an other bowl the wet ingredients together. Get the food processor and mix both mixtures slowly together till it’s a great a smooth dough.
Now set aside in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
Yes it’s ready to roll, make a big pancake from it with the thickness of 1 centimetre at highest (when it sticks to the table sprinkle some flour on the table).In the meanwhile preheat the oven on 175 degrees Celsius. Get the cutters and cut out the most beautiful shapes. Put them on the baking paper and on top sprinkle some grated coconut, or decorate it with some raisins or chocolate sprinkles (your choice :))
Ooohlala now they are ready for the oven, leave them in the oven for something like 15 minutes. Get them out and let them cool down.
Make the tea and get started with dipping the cookies.
.*30 gram of cinnamon
10 grams of nutmeg
5 grams of anise seed
10 grams of clove powder
5 grams of white pepper
5 grams of coriander seeds

Mix this altogether till it’s a powder

birthday…WITH whipped cream

My birthday was very cosy and busy, full of my dearest friends and family. One day cooking and baking in the kitchen was worth it, the high tea was a great success!
And of course next to all the cakes and snacks, there must be also whipped cream. I really don’t like the taste of soyatoo creams (leha I didn’t try yet), for me this was not an opportunity for whipped cream replacement. But now thanks to all vegans who posted this on their blog. I immediately maked the whipped coconut cream.
Here how to make this delicious sweetness for on the cakes or hot chocolate with rum.

1 can of coconut-milk (60 percent of coconut-cream/extract)
powdered sugar like 1(1/2) tablespoon (just what you like for taste)

version 2 (my version) without sugar!
2 tablespoons of rice syrup
1 can of coconut milk (scraped of the hardened coconut cream)
1 teaspoon of cornstarch

a electric hand mixer to make whipped cream
a bowl
a fridge

How to make….
Leave the can with coconut-milk stay in the fridge for 12 hours (overnight, maybe in the freezer for a shorter time will do also), get them out without shaking it.
Open the can and you will see a thicker milk on the top, scrape this out of the can and put in the bowl, together with the powdered sugar mix until it gets real whipped cream (version 2 works the same just mix all the ingredients together). After you mixed it chill in the fridge again and it’s ready to use. (the watery milk you can use in a nice diner together with rice for example)
Maybe you can try to make the taste a little different by putting in some vanilla essence, almond essence or vanilla stick. Try this out anyway for me this was a eye-opener for real nice whipped cream thank you all


When I gave birth to Kaya Moon I already knew I wanted to bury his placenta under a  tree in the garden. I think it is a beautiful ritual, you always have some memory of your little men (giving birth) in the garden and the tree, who is growing from the very nutritious placenta. Some people eat their placenta or make pills from it they say it’s good after giving birth because of the iron deficiency (the child eat all the nutrient from you ;)) I must say it didn’t look tasty to me. But I believe it’s very good and make you recovery very soon!
Anyway the tree we selected was a apple-tree, with some nice sweet and sour apples. And yes we ate them and they are really tasty.
So here some information about the fruit apple

When to put in the garden?
we bought the tree when it was already 1 metres 50 and put it straight in the ground (we did this in august). First you make a big hole fill it with water and after put in the tree in the water so he can drink his roots full of water and he will be sucked into the hole. It’s very important so the tree will stand like a rock and will not be blown away by the wind.
Also on the side of the tree we put a pole and the three is held by the pole, so the tree has some support to stand strong.
Now you can close the hole with the soil you dug out!
Give your tree sometimes some food like mulch and fertilizer, when you want to promote the grow of your tree give some nitrogen rich fertilizer, when you want more fruit give some calcareous fertilizer

Nice solution
To make a nice birdhouse on the pole next to the tree where you give strength to the tree (the birds didn’t eat the apples maybe they will do next year?) or a bee-hotel (the bee-hotel I will explain later how to make)

When are the fruits ready for eating?
That depends on the tree you have! I have one which fruits are ready in the month October. You can see on the card (when you buy the tree) what belongs to the tree in which month you can except the ripe apples.

When to prune?
you have two periods where you have to prune before the winter and before the summer. Before the winter you take away big pieces of the branches in the summer just short pieces. Later in this blog I hope to write more about pruning. And to make different kind of shapes of the tree. But for now you have to search the internet for how to prune!

Vitamins and minerals
vitamins:B1.B2, B6 B11 en C
Minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphor, iron, magnesium, copper and sink.

TCM=Traditional Chinese Medicine
cooling temperature, sweet and sour, reduces heat, produces fluids for body in general (especially moisten dryness and cool heat in the lungs) Stimulates appetite , remedies indigistion. The pectin removes cholesterol, toxic metals ( such as lead and mercury) and residues of radiation.
benefits low blood sugar conditions and the emotional depression associated with it.
Apples and their juice cleans and are beneficial for the liver and gallbladder.
A poultice of grated apple over the eyes for 20 minutes will relieve swelling and irritations (sunburn)*

*Paul Pitchford, healing with whole foods

playing games…and some simple phyllo-finger snacks

Sunday, snow, cold and a little sunshine outside. Perfect day for playing board games especially the settlers of Catan. We like playing board games especially together with some nice snacks.
Since one week I eat phyllo often, dream about phyllo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phyllo), and try new recipes with phyllo, because I found vegan phyllo in the supermarket.
So for me it was an good opportunity to test my little snacks on the gamers, and they liked it and me also.
You can make them sweet and also savory just what you like. Here is not a real recipe but an story to give you an idea to make snacks

What do you need?
a package of phyllo (30 minutes outside the freezer, before it’s ready to use)
some spring onion cut in little strings
some red bell pepper cut in strings
an banana cut in strings
2 carrots (cooked for 10 minutes till hey are soft) cut in strings
some kale cut in “strings” also (I cooked the kale for 2 minutes)
some vegan dark chocolate sprinkles
some apples cut in little pieces
some oil
some roasted sesame seed

a oven
a cutting board
a just sharpened knife (who is waving at you, and tells you do not cut in the finger I am really sharp :))
a cooking pan filled with some water for boiling the carrots and the kale

The beginning till the end……
What I did at first was put on the cooking pan on the stove, bring the water to a boil and cooked the carrots for 10 minutes, and after I put in the kale.
In the meanwhile I was cutting the phyllo in 4 little squares and, took al the sheets apart from each other.
I cut every ingredient in strings before I made the finger snacks.
Ok and then I was ready for rolling the snacks get a phyllo square and put in one string bell pepper together with a string of spring onion (you put them in the point of the square and now just make a big cigarette of it by rolling till the other end. With a brush you can oil the dough and put on top some sesame seed and also make the dough sticky so it won’t fall apart.
This was a savory one, you can make also a sweet one, by taking a sting of a banana covered with some dark chocolate sprinkles and roll it also like a cigarette.
Or make one with a carrot and kale, or kale and onion, or put some nuts inside the dough.
I would say be creative!

After I rolled all the cigarettes, I put them on a baking plate. An put them in the oven for 15 minutes on 220 degrees Celsius (just what the packaging was saying!)
Eating them while they are warm they are the best, but cold is also ok.
Maybe you like some dippings, I would recommend some soy sauce mixed with some fresh ginger….


Anyway I would say enjoy the snacks o yes an I won the game joohoo!!