bloody-deep-deep-red-beet juice…..

Mmmmm I think it’s really beet time of the year, everywhere cheap beets. And I must say, I like beet, they are a little sweet and the colour is amazing,they are deep red. In my garden no beets grew, I think I did some dramatically wrong but I really don’t know what, next year better times!
For the juice it’s easier when you have an slow juicer who is on electricity, but I haven’t (my is really hard handwork) so for me it took a long time to prepare, but the joy of drinking the juice is much better and intensive šŸ˜‰
I have much time, the rain outside won’t stop today, that’s my feeling about this day. Very dark, cloudy, rain and no sun even not a tiny tiny piece of sun. SO no walk outside.

So here is the recipe of the bloody deep deep red beet juice (approx 1 liter /4 glasses)
4 beets
4 carrots
4 apples (I took the yellow red ones, sweet and juicy)
16 gram of ginger
2 lemons (yes get the juice from the lemons)

a slowjuicer
a knife
4 glasses
a can
a cutting board
some energy and armturns if you don’t have an electric slow juicer.

So you wanna drink the juice, lets begin…
take the peel from the beets and wash the beets, carrots, apples..
Get the cutting board and the knife, now you are ready for cutting the vegetables in little pieces and the ginger(no peel on the ginger please) so you can put them in the slowjuicer. (don’t forget to get rid of the seeds of the apple).
Put them in the slowjuicer, the juice you get out put in the can.
Now it’s time to press out the lemon and this juice you mix in the can with the deep red juice.
Now it’s ready for drinking, you like cold drinks. Put it for 30 minutes in the fridge.Anyway use your own fantasy to make some other drinks with beets!


Enjoy and feel very healthy after drinking this bloody deep-deep-red beet juice


old bread….do not throw away!

We all know, some day you eat a lot of bread and the other day you almost don’t eat any!
And yes you always have some leftovers from your bread. I hate to throw food away and I know sometimes, you have to throw food away….but if you can ‘recycle’ it, why not!
So I know some solutions for old bread to make the old bread nice and new šŸ˜‰

first solution
if you fill a little layer of water in a cooking pan and you put the old bread in a colander. And just steam it for some minutes, the old hard bread become soft! So here you are a fresh eatable bread!

second solution
You can make also croutons of old bread, Croutons you can put in soup, it’s a nice crunchy bite in the soup!

So what do you need?
some old bread cut in little squares
some oil (maybe surround 1/2 cup)
some dried herbs (like oregano, basil, thyme, chive, parsley and so on we call in it in the Netherlands Italian herb-mixture)

an oven
some baking paper
a bowl

Yes let’s make the croutons!
So you cutted the bread in littleĀ  2 cm squares? put them in the bowl, poor over the bread some oil, and some herbs (this I always do on looks and taste) mix it all carefully with a spoon. The bread must be a little oiled, but not that the oil is dripping of the bread. The herbs it’s the same, it must be not overwhelming on 1 pieces of bread.
Now get the baking paper and put the bread on this paper, put them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius, wait for 10 minutes, and you have some nice crunchy bites for in the soup!

Solution 3
Make some French toast,
this recipe I put earlier on my blog so this is a copy of the blog-page

The recipe for 8 little bread-slices or 4 big ones.

150 ml/1/2 cup of oat milk
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon grinded flaxseeds and 3 tablespoons of water (mixed together)
1 teaspoon vanilla aroma
1 tablespoon brown sugar (maybe you can try some syrup instead of sugar because sugar is not the healthiest ingredient)
4 bigĀ  slices of bread or 8 little bread-slices_
some vegan margarine or oil to bake the toasts in
(some banana-slices to put on the toast, or some syrup, or powdered sugar, or strawberries or…or..just what you like)

a baking pan
a spatel
a plate
a mortar
a bowl

Lets begin to make the old bread delicious and brand new!
Originally you cut of the crust of the bread, I don’t do this I am too lazy…
So get the mortar, and grind the flaxseeds and put the water together with the flaxseeds (it’s instead of an egg, so you can maybe use 1 tbsp of egg-replacer if you don’t have flaxseeds)
Then mix this mixture togrther (in a bowl) with all the other ingredients, only not the margarine. Mix it very well.
Get the pan and put this on fire, let the margarine melt and then get the bread-slices, dip in the mixture and directly after they are soaked full of the mixture and are totally wet, put them in the pan and bake them till they are dark brown on both sides (not black please, it’s disgusting to taste and very unhealthy)

Make the bread slices all like this example! Then decorate it nice on a plate with some bananas and syrup, or whatever you like!

vaccinations?….. a shot of chlorella drink

Once you must think about vaccinations and people who don’t vaccinate themselves. You could ask yourself why not vaccinate?
I have the same question, and I have the children who are supposed to follow the vaccination-program….Now I am reading a lot of books (beginning at the 4th one), some research on the internet, discussions with friends….and my brains, the natural thinking…
pffff really difficult this issue, is it all about money?are the vaccines working and what about the side effects for just after the vaccination….what happens when you don’t do it, can it causes a lot of diseases, is it fear? and so on. Where are the vaccinations made of (ethyl-mercury and aluminium? to keep the vaccine longer sustainable, mercury is poison ) the basic ingredients of a vaccine….are ADHD, autism and some other brain damages related to the vaccinations, are we not overvaccinated?, do we start to early (babies in the Netherlands start from 2 months)?
Just look for information on your own and really what you discover and read it’s crazy. Also the difference between the vaccination-programs in several countries!

Speaking about fear ;)…I just started with chlorella, it’s an algae. They say it’s a superfood. On my school I already read about it. Very interesting stuff…Don’t use to much, because it’s detoxing your body and too much cleaning is never good (only if you want to clean yourself to become in a balance after). But I always say ‘too much’ is never ok!
Anyway searching on the sites( how to use the powder), I always read 1-3 scoops a day at max. And I was thinking how much is 1 scoop?
A scoop is 1 teaspoon.

So how to make a chlorella drink
Just put 1 teaspoon of chlorella powder in a mug, stir it with water (till the powder is solved), and voila it’s ready for drinking. The taste is very strange so maybe you think its disgusting. Then you must make a smoothie or something else to put the chlorella-powder in and you won’t taste the chlorella so much anymore!

Take this drink at max 3Ā  (you can have a maximum of 10 gram of chlorella in a day) times a day, and it’s better to start slowly, and build up the chlorella intake. Let your body get used to the chlorella. So maybe the first week just 1 shot the second week maybe 2 shots and after 3 shots. Maybe you feel tired at first or have some other issues, just hold on and be strong you can never say after 3 days that the chlorella is working, or some other new food you try

A shot of chlorella drink! fresh and full of algae!
you need…
1 lemon
1 grapefruit
1 litre of water
1 teaspoon of chlorella powder

a lemons-squeezer
a can for the water
a glass
a teaspoon

how to begin
Just squeeze the lemon and grapefruit, mix it with the water in a can. Take a glass poor in some water and stir in the chlorella powder. And it’s ready for drinking. It’s fresh and healthy

So enjoy your shot of chlorella and become more healthy!

Milk….and the replacement

As a vegan you don’t drink milk. Why, you could ask yourself? Milk is good for the calcium intake? It’s normal to use? A lot of recipes are made with milk? How you can replace milk?

The reason can be
1. To get the milk, you need cows! The cows will produce milk when they gave birth to a calf (just like a human, I got children and I have milk too for my children). The calf won’t get his own milk, but we take all the milk..this is really not natural. And I must say imagine we keep cows for the milk, they must eat, drink, poop and so on….So this is a real charge for the environment. just for a glass of milk

2. for your health, not organicfarmers give antibiotics to their cows (because of the diseases, they are living close to eaother), and maybe some growhormones (so they will give more milk). So the milk of organic farmers are way better!

3. The milk is made for the calves and not for the human, I know from my own milk that it’s really perfect arranged for my child, he will get the right nutrients from me, the milk will change of substantion every time, first with 3 weeks then 3 months then 6 months. So why are we drinking milk from cows while we aren’t a cow? then it’s for sure not ment for us.
Also, someĀ people have gotĀ milk intolerance…

4. the terrible fact ofĀ keeping the cows in prison, close to each other in stalls, no daylight, no walking and running in the grazing and even by organic cows they will die after arroundĀ  four till seven years (did you know they can reach the age of 20 year), then they won’t give enough milk anymore so they are useless for production.

5. For your health, it isn’t the best way to get your calcium! They say the milk of cows is more difficult to absorb into the bones of humans! There is a lot of calcium in other products so if you eat very different and healthy you will get your amount of calcium from vegetables!

OK enough reasons for me for not drinking milk! But how will you replace the milk in recipes and bakeries?
It’s just easy to replace the milk for soy milk, almond milk, spelt milk, oat milk, coconut milk and rice milk I really like the almond, rice and oat milk. The rice milk is more watery, the oat milk and spelled milk taste more sweet and the almond milk has his own taste. I must say the soya milk I don’t use any more because I heard it is not so good for your health as they say it is (but I must say I didn’t had the time yet to do some research)
This is not a replacement for the calcium!! keep this in mind….and always look on the ingredients list, because some are sweetened with sugar
Beware you have organic soya milk, because soy milk is a product what they really manipulate (just like corn)
And really I am against genetically manipulation
So I hope you have some more information what’s useful for you

preparing a high tea…..with schwarzwalder kirsch pie

What to do if you want to make a high tea, I am thinking to organize one to bring friends together. You have always friends who don’t know the other friends you have so it’s a nice opportunity to organize a high tea. To have someĀ delicious teaĀ and ‘snacks’ while talking about life and the weather, and how you met each other and all the funny stories you experienced together……………….
I had once a high tea, it was together with my sisters and mother, really nice, it was my first and last one…So what isĀ the recipe ofĀ a high tea, of course some delicious tea and good friends, but also some sweetness and savory I think.
How to make it vegan, I am nowadays trying to find some nice recipes, I found one in my recipe map (cut it out a long time before) a Schwarzwalder kirsch cake, never made it before. So yesterdayĀ I tried and I must say it could be more sweeter, but the looks of the cake were immense. I immediately called my boyfriend and said the story about my beautiful cake. The recipe I will right down for you, to impress other people šŸ˜‰
And I must say I’ll use it for my high tea, now time to discover how to make some nice quiches…but that for later on, first things firstĀ !!!

the recipe with some help of someone ‘s recipe (again no name)..
Ingredients for one 24 cm springĀ  (pie)
170 gram of spelt flour
120 gram of wheat flower (sifted)
40 gram of cacao
6 tablespoons of date syrup
1 teaspoon of salt (not necessary)
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of baking powder
3 tablespoons of rum aroma (or maybe use some dried grated coconut or 1 1/2 tbs of lemon zest)
300 ml of oatmilk (or ricemilk)
50 ml of olive oil
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar
some organic forest fruit jam or jam made of cherries
1 jar of cherries
Some dark chocolate to melt and put on top of the pie for decoration
some mint leaves for decoration (some dried grated coconut will do also)

a 24 cm spring
an oven
a food processor ( my magimix will do ; )) with dough hook
a knife
2 bowls
a cooking pan filled with water
a metal/ceramic bowl to heat up the chocolate au bain marie

lets get started...
first put all the dry ingredients together in 1 bowl (spelt flour, wheat flour, salt, baking powder and soda), in the other bowl you put the wet ingredients (date syrup, oat milk, rum aroma (or the other ingredients instead of rum) olive oil) together except the apple vinegar.
You done with it? Put on the oven on 190 degrees Celsius.
So get the 2 bowls and mix together in the food-processor, you can do it by hand also! I am to lazy to mix by hand ;). At last you poor in the apple vinegar.
Now you must have a smooth dough!

Get the spring and put some oil on the sides and bottom (with a brush or something else), so you can get out the pie, without breaking the pie in little pieces.
(I used a spring to make the shape of a turban Schwarzwalder kirsch pie)
Now poor into the spring your dough, you must close the spring also on top. (I used another spring bottom to put on the top, beware it’s not lean upon the dough)
Yes now it’s time to put the pie in the oven and wait for a while…This is the most exciting part, will the pie grow or not!!
Put in the oven for 45-60 minutes, the pie is ready when you put into the pie a fork (skewer or something sharp what doesn’t make big holes in the pie) and the fork doesn’t contains some dough…

Time for the finishing touch, get the spring, open it (be careful) and now you have the perfect pie.
Cut in half (when the pie isn’t warm any more) so you have two equal sites to put upon each other. Get the bottom site and put a thick layer of jam on it (with a knife for example) and then the cherries on top of the jam.
Now you can put the top of the pie on the cherries (leave some cherries for decoration on the side) and voila, it’s a beautiful looking pie! And has a nice taste also…But you thought you were ready?
if you want to make it perfect, melt the chocolate au bain marie (that means you put the pieces of chocolate in a bowl, the bowl you place in the water, and the water is in a cooking pan, you boil the water and the chocolate will melt!)
Get a brush and put the melted chocolate immediately on the top of the cake, on the chocolate some cherries and some leaves from the mint, or maybe the grated dried coconut or some slices of a lemon or some powdered sugar… can choose by your own I think.

Maybe next time 3 layers? instead of two…!

So let the high tea begin!

bon appetit
Schwarzwalder cupcakes
Nice to know you can make also schwarzwalder cupcakes, just take from every ingredients the half of it ( so 150 ml oatmilk, 20 grams of cacoa, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and so on) Mix this very well, and you can fill like 10 cupcakes (I use metal cupcake-tins). Put them 20 minutes in the oven, cool them down and cut them also in half so you can put jam and cherries in them. Nice for little children….