the promised spelled-mint pancakes…..not my recipe but still great!

This recipe I saw in some organicshop’s newspaper (mmm strange word but I hope you understand what I mean), I like to read that paper, lots of advise or companies or knowings about how to save the world and to save the environment, how to reduce the electricity or your own ecological footprint (this will tell how much land you need to life, airplanes cost a lot just like eating flesh). When you are vegan you don’t have a big ecological footprint, because to feed animals and to keep animals cost a lot of energy and food, the food must  grow on a big land (what will cost a lot of trees, sometimes I don’t want to know how much beautiful forest has been lost, and not only for the food) and take a lot of water, animals shit a lot what comes also in the environment, antibiotics and so on. (And vegans don’t eat animal products, so no huge animalfarms needed!)
Anyway in the newspaper you have also recipes and now some lady put in a good recipe, I forgot her name and when I cut the recipe out of the paper there was no name with the article. So…. but I want to thank her because it’s wonderful and has great taste ( And especially good to combine with the beetsoup I post earlier!)

Spelled-mint pancakes (for 2-3 persons)
like 200 grams of spelled flower
a handfull of mint leaves
125 ml of lukewarm water
some apple butter
some pumpkinseeds, sunflower seeds, sesamseeds
some tahin to spread over the pancakes
some oil
3 tablespoons of sesame seeds

a baking pan
a bowl
a spoon
a stove
a roller pin

How to make
So lets start, just make a mixture from the spelledflower, mintleaves, 3tbs of sesame seeds and water, it must be a dough like bread. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes in a bowl. After waiting make some equal balls  from the dough (so you can roll some pancakes out of the balls with a roller pin), take the cooking pan and put some oil in it. Let the oil getting some heat and when the oil is warm enough, put in the pancakes one by one and bake them till they are a little brown on both sides.
You baked all the pancakes? put of the fire, get the tahin paste, the apple butter and the seeds…
First put on the pancake a layer of tahin paste, after a layer of applesyrup and then sprinkle some seeds over the pancake. Now it’s ready for eating enjoy the sweetness of this pancake!!

eet smakelijk

eating raw chocolate balls while it’s raining outside

so no story, but just a recipe. I like to bake/cook discover new food, when it’s raining outside and this I made before but I didn’t post on my blog yet. But really this is delicious and raw! So make sure you buy raw cacao, you don’t know the difference? Raw cacao isn’t burned before it’s grind into powder, normal cacao is! And they say it’s really a superfood. Rich of antioxidants….
So here is the recipe based on the recipe from Jennifer Cornbleet….(raw for dessert)

ingredients for  about 18 chocolate balls
1/3 cup of coconut oil
8 unpitted dates, she said 4 medjool dates, but I didn’t have
1 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 cup of date syrup
1/4 cup of grated coconut
3 teaspoons of orange zest (organic)

a bowl
a saucepan
a spatula
a food processor
some spoons

So it will take approx 2 1/2 hour to make this delicious raw balls
Lets start immediately, put the saucepan on fire and fill with water, bring the water to a boil, put off the heat and get the bowl (with coconut oil inside ) and put the bowl in the water together with the unpitted dates. Let stand and soak for 20 minutes.
Get the food processor put in the date syrup, the date with coconut oil, orange zest and 3/4 cup of raw cacao-powder. Mix very well, put the mixture with a spatula in a bowl and set aside for 1 hour in the fridge!
now get the mixture out of the refrigerator and make little balls from the mixture with a spoon. Do it quickly because if you have the balls to long in your hands it will heat up and your hands get full of chocolate (nice to have a taste of it before it’s ready ;))
If you made the balls you can roll them in the rest of the cacao powder or in the grated coconut (the coconut is really my favourite, she said you can try also curry powder instead of cacao or grated coconut, or put some cayenne and a 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in the mixture)
Now they are ready put them on a nice plate again in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour….then they are ready for consumption nice with tea or just after a good diner! (you can keep them for 1 week in the fridge)
Enjoy and do not eat too much because they are filling and otherwise you get sickly, at least I do 🙂

Bon appetite

awsome autumn makes it perfect for some beetsoup with a pinch of orangetaste

Yes it’s started again, the autumn. The leaves are falling of the trees and it’s getting colder. It’s beautiful to see the sun shining in those days. It makes the autumn special.
We have a lot of time talkings about to live in a place where it’s always hot and sunny, I always said I love it and I definitely want to move some day to that kind of place, but I must say I think when you don’t have the seasons, you like the sun on a different way it becomes “normal’ and I think you enjoy the sunin some other way  then we do in the Netherlands (for example).
Now we have every 3 months a different season, then it’s cold where the people do some kind of wintersleep in their houses, they are more on their own, the spring where always the people get out of their houses and become really enthousiastic about everything and started to love life again. The summer is the season where the things happens and it’s always over when you start to get used to the sun and then autumn special smells of fallen leaves…yes you must love every season and for me beetsoup I made today fits perfect in the season of autumn, it’s red and orange. Really autumn colours and the taste is great also!
And I have to say I ate it together with some mint-spelled pancakes ( I will write about it next time) it was delicious!

Beetsoup with some orange taste (4 persons)

600 gram of sweet potato cut in thin slices
1 1/2 litre of home-made bouillon (ok if you don’t have, some tablets to make bouillon are also ok :))
4 beets
1 1/2 teaspoon of caraway seeds
1 tablespoon of orange zest (if you are not a big orange lover, take less then a tablespoon, maybe the half of it)
1/2 lemon ripped of his juice
3 cloves of garlic
some cold-pressed olive- oil
The tops of fennel for garnish
an oven
a baking dish
a cooking pan size 2 litre or more
a magimix (food processor)
a knife
a spoon to stir the soup
a garlic press
a grater
some bowls to pour the soup in and serve!

Come along boys and girls lets start!
So first things first, get the beets and get the peel of, cut them in parts of 4 each beet! Put them in the baking dish with a little water lets say 2 mm of water and put aluminium foil on top to cover the baking dish. Get some fire and put the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. Slide in the baking dish and let stand for 45 minutes.
In a meanwhile you can start with the soup to prepare, cut the sweet potato, press the garlic, get the juice of the lemon, grate the orange, make the 1 1/2 litre of bouillon and set aside.

When the beets are 20 minutes in the oven, get the baking pan, put on fire and pour in the olive-oil, after the oil is heated put in the garlic, Just a short baking till it becomes a little brown, pour in the bouillon and the sweet potato, the lemon, caraway seeds bring it to a boil. And then let simmer for 15-20 minutes, till the potato is soft!
So get out the beets and pour them in the soup, now it’s time to purée the soup in the food processor till it’s smooth!

I just say lets do the finishing touch with the orange zest, mix it well through the soup…and voila you have your own nice autumn soup.
Get the bowls and decorate the soup after you poured it in the bowls, with some caraway seeds and the tops of the fennel. Great I hope you will enjoy the taste at least I did 😉

enjoy your meal

How a book can take over my life, at the moment……and sweet-oldbread-toast

Imagine, you go to the library. You just take a book , part 1 of the 18, you just borrow part 1 just to see if you like it. You read it, you have been taken by the story, you need more parts. Next day you go immediately to the library, and take a lot of parts from that serie, so when you finished reading one part, you can start with the next one, so I thought yes…..I can do my junky thing, just read on and on and get into the story all day (without interruption). Till you finish part 3 and discover you don’t have part 4… yes I did…I went again to the library, it was not in the bookcase….ooh lalala I went immediately to some guy who was working in the library, just with a smile on my face because I was so confident , that I was just looking wrong…the guy searched in the computer, he said there are no part 4’s here in the library, maybe he is lost…I was thinking NONONO please…..: ( But then he said ooh there is one but someone has it now you can make a reservation so you get a message when he is back in the library…I thought NO but  ok I payed 1 Euro to make a reservation (it’s against my principles, because always when I want to borrow my books longer someone made a reservation and I still must go on the bike to the library, I always curse those persons, now I am one too, to curse), now I wait and wait. But I found another serie from the same writer and it’s great too! It’s manga from Naoki Urasawa the 20th century boys, and monster I will wait for it  with smart! So hurry up guy or girl…..:)!

Anyway this night before reading I made some nice ‘French toast” (google translate said it, but now I don’t belief it’s the right translation) I think it must be sweet- old bread- toast..
It’s made out of old bread and it has the sweetness like pancakes, so if you like sweet just make this recipe!

The recipe for 8 little bread slices or 4 big ones.

150 ml/1/2 cup of oat milk
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon grinded flaxseeds and 3 tablespoons of water (mixed together)
1 teaspoon vanilla aroma
1 tablespoon brown sugar (maybe you can try some syrup instead of sugar because sugar is not the healthiest ingredient)
4 big  slices of bread or 8 little bread-slices_
some vegan margarine to bake the toasts in
(some banana-slices to put on the toast, or some syrup, or powdered sugar, or strawberries or…or..just what you like)
a baking pan
a spatel
a plate
a mortar
a bowl

Lets begin to make the old bread delicious and brand new!
Originally you cut of the crust of the bread, I don’t do this I am too lazy…
So get the mortar, and grind the flax seeds and put the water together with the flaxseed (it’s instead of an egg, so you can maybe use 1 tbsp of egg-replacer if you don’t have flaxseeds)
Then mix this mixture together (in a bowl) with all the other ingredients, only not the margarine. Mix it very well.
Get the pan and put this on fire, let the margarine melt and then get the bread slices, dip in the mixture and directly after they are soaked full of the mixture and are totally wet, put them in the pan and bake them till they are dark brown on both sides (not black please, it’s disgusting to taste and very unhealthy)

Make the bread slices all like this example! Then decorate it nice on a plate with some bananas and syrup, or whatever you like!
Have a nice sweet meal/eet smakelijk