Mint (mentha)

Mint nice for tea, mojito, strong taste and easy to grow. But be aware they take all over the garden if you put them straight in the garden. Maybe you like mint so much just do it..I like also other plants, so in my garden the mint is separated in a big planter

when to put in the garden?
I just bought a plant (you have many kinds of mint, so you can choose the one you like the most and which taste you like) from the garden centre, and put them in a separate planter.
I did this in the spring, but  later or earlier is also ok, but not in the winter when there is frost on the ground ( they survive the winter if you have mint in the garden already but not if you plant them in winter). You can make in the spring and autumn cuttings, just cut a plant to the ground and you put the stem into the ground (very easy). Just wait give a lot of water (keep it wet in the beginning so they can make roots) and it will become a plant how easy this is 🙂 it’s like weed, it will overgrow everything, difficult to get rid of, but easy to take care of!!

ready to use?
You can use the mint when they got leaves, when you cut them low by the ground they will grow on and on! If you let them grow bigger, you have got more leaves just a simple as that.
Mint you can use for tea, for dinners like couscous and experiment with this herb!

vitamins and minerals
vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, C, B11
minerals: sink, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphor, magnesium*

TCM=traditional Chinese Medicine
Mint is considered to have pungent, aromatic and cool properties. It is associated with the Lung and Liver meridians, and is used to expel wind heat, clear the head and eyes, clear up rashes, and remove liver qi stagnation Taken orally, mint is used to treat diarrhea and painful menstruation, promote perspiration and dissipate body heat. It is also taken as a means of stimulating the nervous system**
And it’s nice to know its called Bo He in Chinese ( I like to know)!


Ameland…and the love for tea, (ginger-mint tea with a touch of lavender)

Just back from a great holiday, I went with my boyfriend and kids to one of the Dutch island called Ameland!
I never been to one of the islands before so I was very curious how the people live there and how the weather and nature is. And wow what a great island, so many beautiful nature, the weather was sunny and warm, we cycled a lot through the little hills, went to the beaches,the lighthouse, saw jelly fish, many rabbits and eatable fruits like hip, buckhorn, blackberries (unfortunately we weren’t by car otherwise I wanted to pick the fruits and try to make jam without sugar).
The time there was very relaxing, I really needed this, sometimes you really need the rest, just walking and cycling. So really I can recommend this island.
What also relaxes me is tea and I love tea ( I almost drink it all day), nowadays I am buying tea from Simon Levelt, and they have really nice tea. And they have a lot of organic tea and they say they take care of the working-class and nature (so great job Simon!!)
But looking at my garden and in the kitchen I saw some really ingredients to make some nice tea on my own. So here you get the recipe

Ginger-mint tea with a pinch of lavender (4 cups/ 1 litre)

2 twigs of mint leaves
1/4 of thin sliced lemon
4 thin sliced ginger
5 dried twigs with only the lavender-flowers
water for 4 cups/ 1 litre

Just a kettle
teapot with boulter

Now just make the tea
It’s so easy just get all the ingredients together, cook the water you need for 4 persons, in the meanwhile slice the lemon and ginger, wash the mint and put them all in the teapot together with the lavender. I have a boulter in my teapot so I putted the lavender separated from the other ingredients so I don’t have little pieces in my tea, I don’t like pieces in my tea!
Anyway the water is boiled? Just poor the water in the teapot and let stand for 5 minutes. Now it’s ready for drinking. You need more sweetness? Just put some date syrup in the tea or agave syrup

Enjoy the tea.
I love tea you too?