Very very often eaten in the Netherlands. The potato originated in the region of southern of Peru, I just read on wikipedia, I knew it wasn’t from the Netherlands originally!
Anyway potatoes are cheap and everywhere you can buy this turnip. Be careful because the plant what is growing out of the potatoes are very toxic, also the little berries. And it’s great when you grow it at home you can have special potato races without paying too much money. I had this year purple potatoes and they where fantastic of taste and made the diner colourful!

So when do you put the potato in the ground?
The potato is very easy to grow in the garden.I had a special potato bag (see nice solution). You have different kinds of potatoes and every kind of potato ask for a different time to put in the ground. Anyway the earliest are plant in march, the latest in may.
Make rows (40 centimetres from each other) and in the rows something like 60 centimetres space between each seed potato. The ground hasn’t be perfect with fertilizer, a dry ground is also good! It must be a fresh soil!

With the potato bag : Start with some soil in the bag and place in the ground  (2 cm deep) maximum of 5 potatoes  Every-time the plant of the potato is 5 cm you put on a new layer of soil, till you reached the top of the bag, now the green loaf of the potato will grow and get flowers, do not eat this loaf or flowers it’s poison!

nice solution..
The nice solution is a potato bag (or stapled tires), I got one from a friend of my as a present and I was very happy she gave it to me, I bought a year later more potato bags. I don’t have a big garden so also not a lot of ground. The bags don’t take a lot of space in the garden, only the leaves on top of the bags can become very huge, but with some rope you can put it together.
With the potato bag : Start with some soil in the bag and place in the ground  (2 cm deep) maximum of 5 potatoes  Every-time the plant of the potato is 5 cm you put on a new layer of soil, till you reached the top of the bag, now the green loaf of the potato will grow and get flowers, do not eat this loaf or flowers it’s poison!

When it’s ready for eating?
It depend on the race of the potato, so when you buy a potato for planting, read something about the race, because you have early races, middle races and late seeding races. I experimented with the purple truffle-potato

Vitamins and minerals

vitamins b1, b2,b3,b6, foliate, vitamin C, E and K
Minerals: calcium, Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sink.
You can see on this site of wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato), the history of the potato and the exact amount of vitamins and minerals in 100 gram of potatoes

TCM=Traditional Chinese medicine

neutral thermal, sweet, mildly diuretic, tonifies the spleen/pancreas and the QI-energy.
harmonizes the stomach, lubricate the intestines, fortifies the yin aspects of the kidneys.
Neutralizes the body acid and reduces all inflammations*
This is a short impressions what the potato does to our body or heals

* Paul Pitchford healing with whole foods

already 2…..party and raw key-lime pie

Times flies…we had this Sunday a big child-party, my son had become 2….he got a lot of presents…When there is a bday-party in our house I like to let people taste of some vegan pies and “snacks”, so I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, baking and also cleaning because when I am busy in the kitchen there is a war happening in the kitchen.
So also this Sunday, making pies in the morning, 3 home-made bread (and know we have some nice terracotta pot to put the bread in, so you get a different shape!) my boyfriend made some nice herb-butter.
It is funny how the taste of people are, some liked the brownies I made the other the raw key-lime pie. For me the brownies were ok, but the chocolate glaze on top made for me the special chocolate taste, on the key-lime pie I forgot the pistachios (unfortunately), but even-though it has a nice fresh taste and is healthy (so also nice for little kids, without poisoning them with too much sugar) no sugar, only nuts, dates, lemons and avocado
It’s not mine recipe I have it from internet many years ago, so I want to share first the key lime pie recipe and thanks to anonymous girl/boy from the internet

Ingredients raw key-lime pie (whole pie)

for the crust
1 cup of almonds
2 cups of walnuts
1 cup of dates
1/3 cup of raisins
2 tablespoons of orange juice

-for the filling
2 avocados
juice of 4 limes or 7 keylimes
zest of organic lime
1/2 cup of cashew nuts

-for the frosting
1/2 cup of almond milk/oat milk
1 cup macadamia nuts (I didn’t had this nuts, I used a mix of almonds and walnuts)
1/4 cup cashew nuts
2 vanilla beans scraped
7-10 dates

I used lemon wedges and vanilla beans rest-overs and some blue berries
An d of course I forgot the pistachios but it’s really nice to put on top, or maybe some dried grated coconut

a pie-spring 10 inch
a spatula
a mixing machine (magimix is perfect : ))
a fridge

So lets go and make the pie!

we start with the crust, just put all the ingredients in a machinery and process it till its crumbly and soft. Now this is ready to put in the bottom of the spring. Put this in the fridge and cool down. now begin with the filling

the filling is also easy to prepare and make, again put all the ingredients of the filling together in a blender, mix it till it’s creamy. Taste also the cream, if you like it put it on top of the crust with the spatula and again put the spring in the fridge
Of course you can experimentate with the taste maybe you like to put some dried coconut in it or more lime lets chill this for 1 hour

Almost the last action for making the pie ready, lets make the frosting. Again put all the ingredients in the blender and whip until smooth, (and he/she said in the recipe no lumps please ;))
Ready? put this on top of the pie, pipe or spoon this on top…now you can get creative…make the garnish and make the pie beautiful

Have a nice bday and enjoy the fresh pie


Sorrel is an easy growing plant (here in the Netherlands it also grows next to the streets (bank)), nice to have in the garden and it grows for a long time. The stalk is very sour, but the leaf also. Beware you don’t seed too much in the garden, I did and I have really a lot of sorrel now and maybe a little too much 😉 And it grows for more years in the garden, if you don’t put it out of the garden, it  gets really big and the quality is getting not getting better!

When to put in the garden?
You can put the seeds in the garden from March till September, just put the seeds in the garden and when they are coming up as plants, put the plants apart like 25 cm from each-other, so the plant has the space to grow and get big leaves (you don’t want big leaves, put them just 10 centimetres from each-other). I just germinate the seeds inside the house and after they were big enough (like a little plant surround 10 cm high), I put it out in the garden.

nice solution?
maybe you can put it in a planter, because the root get big also. So you can protect the garden from turning into 1 sorrel-plant

When it’s ready to eat?
You can see if the plant is getting big leaves, it’s ready for eating (you can see on the picture)
Anyway if you like little leaves it’s also ok, you can chew on the stalk ( we did when we were a long time walking) You can put this in salads or make soup from sorrel.

Vitamins and minerals
vitamin: A,B1,B2 en C
minerals:sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphor and iron*
It contains a lot of oxalic…

TCM=traditional Chinese medicine
It’s very sour and when it’s eaten raw it has anti-parasitic properties. And I can not find anything else about sorrel..