thunder……….and a flashy currydiner

Haha I think sometimes I am funny, because when there some lightning and thunder outside, my blood starts to flow quicker in my vains, my heartbeat goes quicker and louder….Yes I don’t like thunderstorm…The¬†windows must be closed, because it’s safer (yes it’s in my head) and if the curtains can be closed it’s even nicer ūüėČ Do not take a shower or go to the toilet,¬†maybe there is a thunderbolt coming out of the shower-drain
A couple of days ago we had some thunder, I was in the little glass house, very relaxed looking/working at my cucumber and other plants I have in the little house. But then suddenly out of the blue there was a big light and very short after a thunder. I think I was within one second inside the house,¬†I looked terrified …and then the idea of someone looking at me at this moment was funny I think…It must look¬†laughable how¬†I react..ridiculous..
Anyway there is time for a diner to make when it’s rainy and thunder outside, so here a curry dish very hot, the first I made with some hot dried red peppers.

Ingredients ( 4 persons)

for the curry
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
2 teaspoons cumin seeds
5 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 little onions
14 pieces of dried pili pili pepper
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar
400 millilitres of coconut milk
juice of 1 orange
1 1/2 teaspoon of orange zest
2 tablespoons of dried coriander leaves

for the diner
for 4 persons rice with a skin
200 grams mixture green peas
200 grams of red chard and garden orache (spinach will do also)
maybe some peanuts if you like
grated coconut as garnish
some leaves of basil for garnish

a grinder
a wok
a knife
a food processor
a cooking pan

Ready to begin?
So first we put on the rice, it will take 25 minutes before it’s ready…..The rice you cook in the cooking pan with some water (you cook the rice now for 25 minutes after you will cook it together with the curry).
In the meanwhile you can begin to make the curry. Grind the cumin- and coriander seeds and also the pili pili peppers.
Get the food processor and put in this mixture, then you will put in all the other ingredients for the curry (so you put in the, cloves of garlic, orange zest, orange-juice, onions, oil, vinegar, coconut milk and coriander leaves)

Now the mixture is ready! set aside will the rice is still cooking, when the rice cooks for 25 minutes you get the wok…put in the wok the curry and stir in the rice. Lets¬† simmer this for 15 minutes….

After 15 minutes you put in the green peas for¬†5 minutes and¬† at last (the last 2 minutes)¬†the mixture of chard and orache till it’s tinier you put out the gas off or where you cook on and stir the mixture through the curry with rice.
Get the plates and dress up the plate. look at the photos maybe you get some ideas. The rice I put in an espresso cup and then turn the espresso-cup upside down, now you will get a little mountain (and a nice shape)
On the end I sprinkled some grated coconut over the diner..

enjoy your meal

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