chai tea addicted……

ooh lalala I discovered something again, it’s the chai tea…It’s soooo delicious, warming and relaxing!! I think it’s from India originally. (and I never been there) maybe I do not have the original recipe, but  I try to make it as delicious as possible

Chai tea always remember me of nice parties, where you had the possibility to drink some nice chai tea in a beautiful tent, with a beautiful wooden constructive inside and a oven to keep the tent warm, covered with a lot of great decorated pillows and cloths.
Also chai tea give me also the link to yoga and relaxing, taking your time and rest. Enjoy the tea and peace, yes also some kind of hippie feeling.
I have experimented a lot with ingredients and the amount of it and this is for me the nicest chai, it’s also a little spicy because of the dried pili pili pepper I used so if you don’t want the spiciness leave out the pepper.
So here is my delicious chai tea for 4 big mugs with a little help and research on the internet and my experimenting!

Ingredients for chai tea (4 big mugs)
3 cups of oat milk (I love oat milk)
3 cups of water
a black tea bag
6 whole cloves
6 cardamom pods
3 teaspoons of fennel-seeds grinded
1 little cinnamon-stick
1 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
2,5 cm of dried grated ginger-root
3 pinches of star anise-powder (I didn’t have star anise)
3 dried bay leaves

a cooking pan (big enough for all the water and milk)
a wooden spoon to stir
4 big mugs

So let start….
Get the cooking pan, put in the water and all the spices, bring it to a boil!
When it’s boiling, put in the teabag. Lets simmer for 5 minutes, and then put in the milk and heat again the mixture till it’s cooking again, put off the fire.

Get the mugs, put on some incense stick (I like nag champa) and relax on a big pillow………..enjoy the taste of the warming chai tea

have a nice day!!

thunder……….and a flashy currydiner

Haha I think sometimes I am funny, because when there some lightning and thunder outside, my blood starts to flow quicker in my vains, my heartbeat goes quicker and louder….Yes I don’t like thunderstorm…The windows must be closed, because it’s safer (yes it’s in my head) and if the curtains can be closed it’s even nicer 😉 Do not take a shower or go to the toilet, maybe there is a thunderbolt coming out of the shower-drain
A couple of days ago we had some thunder, I was in the little glass house, very relaxed looking/working at my cucumber and other plants I have in the little house. But then suddenly out of the blue there was a big light and very short after a thunder. I think I was within one second inside the house, I looked terrified …and then the idea of someone looking at me at this moment was funny I think…It must look laughable how I react..ridiculous..
Anyway there is time for a diner to make when it’s rainy and thunder outside, so here a curry dish very hot, the first I made with some hot dried red peppers.

Ingredients ( 4 persons)

for the curry
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
2 teaspoons cumin seeds
5 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 little onions
14 pieces of dried pili pili pepper
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar
400 millilitres of coconut milk
juice of 1 orange
1 1/2 teaspoon of orange zest
2 tablespoons of dried coriander leaves

for the diner
for 4 persons rice with a skin
200 grams mixture green peas
200 grams of red chard and garden orache (spinach will do also)
maybe some peanuts if you like
grated coconut as garnish
some leaves of basil for garnish

a grinder
a wok
a knife
a food processor
a cooking pan

Ready to begin?
So first we put on the rice, it will take 25 minutes before it’s ready…..The rice you cook in the cooking pan with some water (you cook the rice now for 25 minutes after you will cook it together with the curry).
In the meanwhile you can begin to make the curry. Grind the cumin- and coriander seeds and also the pili pili peppers.
Get the food processor and put in this mixture, then you will put in all the other ingredients for the curry (so you put in the, cloves of garlic, orange zest, orange-juice, onions, oil, vinegar, coconut milk and coriander leaves)

Now the mixture is ready! set aside will the rice is still cooking, when the rice cooks for 25 minutes you get the wok…put in the wok the curry and stir in the rice. Lets  simmer this for 15 minutes….

After 15 minutes you put in the green peas for 5 minutes and  at last (the last 2 minutes) the mixture of chard and orache till it’s tinier you put out the gas off or where you cook on and stir the mixture through the curry with rice.
Get the plates and dress up the plate. look at the photos maybe you get some ideas. The rice I put in an espresso cup and then turn the espresso-cup upside down, now you will get a little mountain (and a nice shape)
On the end I sprinkled some grated coconut over the diner..

enjoy your meal

Fresh juice in the morning is a good way to start the day……….

Get up, take a shower, dress me up, dress up the kids, making porridge for the family, giving the breast to the youngest, cleaning some diapers, giving some water to the wheat-grass, rinse the sprouts, baking a fresh bread for the day. Wow this is my morning this morning, ok maybe every morning but what makes this morning special? I just saw my wheat-grass is ready for use, yippie, so time for a fresh witchy juice. What kind of fruit I have, I just saw bananas, watermelon and some kiwi (they are really ready to be eaten, almost ripe to far)

Fresh witchy juice…….

The ingredients (for 3 persons, ok 2 and a tiny glass for a child)
2 bananas
80 ml of wheat-grass juice
661 gram of watermelon the weight is with skin, but you don’t use the skin (cut in pieces)
3 kiwis (cut in pieces)

a slow juicer for wheat-grass
a magimix with a juicer for fruit (ok another juicer will be good too)

To make the juice………
Just grind the wheat-grass in the slow juicer and catch on the juice. Set aside and now juice all the fruit in the juicer. Mix the both juices together, the colour is a little bit strange but oohlalala the taste is even better.
Do you find the juice to thick? Just put some water in it or maybe some lemon juice to make the juice thinner. I think you can imagine to make different kind of smoothies, just experiment with the fruit you have.
Have a nice drink and feel how the juice makes you stronger and makes you ready for a busy day……let the vitamins come in your body!!


A really forgotten vegetable they say in the Netherlands, you can only buy this vegetable in organic shop so far I know. Anyway organic is healthier for you and the environment and chemical free….
I have this vegetable in the garden and my boyfriend loves the mash of the turnip tops with potatoes, just easy spiced with some pepper and salt. Yammie when I talk about it, the hunger to turnip tops is growing 😉

how to grow!
I must say I think it’s easy to grow, the only thing you have to be careful for is when the ground is to wet. The leaves will get dirty and slimy.
Anyway you can put the seeds in the full ground around March/April and July/August.
The row distance is something like 10 cm and in the row the must have space like 1 cm

Nice solution
I really don’t have a nice solution for this one. Just seed them where you want only not in the full sun without water

when ready for eat
You can eat the leaves raw!
In the garden when they are like 10 cm high, you can cut them with a scissor just a little above the ground. They will grow again and after a couple of weeks you can cut of again some leaves!

Vitamins: A, B2, B3, B6, B11 and vitamin C
Minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, copper and zinc


No news….just an ordinary nice Hulky-juice

What I wrote in the title, no news here in Amsterdam. Just tired and enjoying my evening cup of tea, while making this blog!
This morning I made a nice juice with some wheat-grass, apples, cucumber and ginger and I just wanted to share it with you. So a quicky today 🙂

Ingredients (2 persons)
3 green sour apples (granny smith) cut in pieces for the juicer
40 millilitres of wheat-grass juice
15 grams of ginger
surround 100 gram of cucumber with peel! again cut in pieces ready to put in the juicer

just a knife
a juicer for pressing wheat-grass and vegetables/fruits

so lets begin
It’s brainless, just juice all the ingredients. Make it funny with some decoration on the glass. It’s a real green liquid, but ooh soo nice………..
And you can experiment by your own with the ingredients, maybe you like no ginger leave out the ginger for example

Enjoy the Hulky-juice!