easy, healthy and delicious………….great lunch

shopping is always nice and finding new shoes even better! Today it was an easy going day, just waking up making breakfast and going to the shopping mall in the North of Amsterdam, walking in the sunshine without sorrows.
Bought some leopard pumps, time to be a lady again……and of course no leather in the shoes! People always look strange, when you ask :’do you have shoes without leather?’
Anyway it,s my choice of wearing no dead animal fur/skin, and I have to say, there are  beautiful fake stuff so…. it’s even not necessary to wear real animals and pay a lot for a second-hand skin.
Ok enough writing, lets go and talk about the lunch, because walking and shopping makes you hungry!
I like to make an healthy lunch, especially with home-made bread and with vegetables picked up straight from our own garden

So how can you make a nice healthy, delicious lunch without cheese and meat.
I just say think colourful and your bread will look and taste awesome.
Anyway after the hummus on bread, I just right down an easy solution for a nice lunch and maybe not special for a lot of people but I wanted to put this on my blog just again forgetting some ideas!.

Some tempeh
2 tomatoes cut in thin slices
some thin slices of cucumber
sprouts what you have made and is on the windowsill ( I had reddish and alfalfa)
some mustard to use as butter on your bread
some salt and pepper
Caraway seeds as a garnish
Fresh lettuce different colours straight from the garden!
some coconut oil for baking/frying the tempeh
A nice and fresh baked bread

a plate
a cutting board
a knife
a baking pan

So lets start…
get the tempeh and cut the tempeh in triangles so you can put it on your bread easy, anyway you can make also squares, the same size as your slice of bread! Bake the tempeh in the frying pan till they are golden brown set aside, and cut the slices from the tomato and cucumber.
Take some bread and put some mustard on the top of the bread, upon the mustard you can put some lettuce. On top of the lettuce some tomato, cucumber and tempeh, the finishing touch is to put the sprouts on top and some pepper, salt and caraway seeds! Voila an easy lunch and if you have avocado you can put this also on your bread or leave away the tomato. Just fun to make this bread, you can make it the way you want and what you like……..just delicious!

Eet smakelijk and enjoy your day

It’s a boy!

The baby has been born on the 28th of may,and we are very happy with boy number 2 ;).
His name is Yvi Fox and now this mama is very busy with giving him clean diapers, giving him breastmilk, hug him and let him sleep nice and comfortable…
His brother Kaya Moon is also happy with his little brother al the time he wants to give him kisses and hug him. And of course he wants to help mama with clean and taking care of the baby.

In the Netherlands we have a tradition when a child is born, you will eat, together with the visitors of the baby, rusk with little ‘mice’ ( be aware almost every rusk is made with egg!). When it’s a boy you eat white and blue “mice’ and when it’s a girl you eat white with pink (the pink is made with the colouring E120, so from animals) ‘mice’. And no it’s not real mice it’s a name for little anise seeds covered with a sugar layer. They say anise it’s good for increasing breast milk consumption, and it has a nice taste also! You can just buy this in the supermarket here…..
Anyway the mice boxes are empty now and we really liked it!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beschuit_met_muisjes just for more information!



Nice name of a nice tasting greenish leaves, but I like the Dutch name for it (rucola or raketsla) also.
I seeded a lot of this stuff, because I really like it, the taste is sharp and fresh. Nice to make salads from it or maybe to put on your bread as garnish!
It grows for a long time, if you just cut it all the time and not taking the roots out, it grows and grows!

When to put into the garden?
You can start with seeding surround march, you put the seeds directly in the ground, don’t put too many seeds next to each-other, because rocket needs space to grow. Just put them like 1,5 cm next to each other, row distance like 15 cm. So when you do the square gardening and you have squares of 30 cm you can put 2 rows in one square.

nice solution
Let them get flowers and they have seeds, so they can seed themselves for next year and you can eat very early next year rocket! Rocket is a one year growing plant but a easy one!

When you can eat the rocket?
It’s easy when you see some nice green leaves the size you want but something like 8-10 cm is nice! You just cut of the leaves with a scissor and it will grow again and again. Really taste the difference between fresh rocket straight out of the garden and the rocket you buy in the supermarket it is really a shock! No worries when the flowers are coming up, the taste will be different but you can still eat the rocket leaves. When the rocket is flowering the leaves will taste more pepperish

Which vitamins rocket contain
Vitamins: A, B1 , B2, B6, B11 and vitamin C
Minerals: sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphor, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and silicon*

TCM= Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Lettuce in general, cooling thermal nature. flavour is bitter and sweet (in case of the rocket it’s also pepperish) diuretic, sedative, dries damp conditions including oedema and digestive ferments and yeasts.**

**healing with whole foods written by Paul Pitchford