sourdoughbread and some sunshine while waiting………..

Finally the sun is coming through here in Amsterdam, a couple of days its above 25 degrees Celsius, YOOHOO I like. Getting a tan,my belly is still growing (1,5 week to go)and my son is playing in the water in the beautiful growing vegetable garden.
Mmm and I am really addicted for reading now and especially nowadays I am experimenting with bread. (from the library I lent the bread bible from Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter so they helped me to make this delicious sour-dough bread)
A couple of weeks ago we bought so many flour (75 kilogram) at some windmill in Klarenbeek ( a place in the Netherlands) it’s all organic and we are very happy we bought it, we can make so many breads now!!
And of course today I made my own sourdoughbread, jammie it worked thank you Jennie and Christine!

It takes a couple of days to make it, but after you can use every-time some dough of the bread for the next bread! It reminds me of the friendship dough we had when we were younger, you make a bread and get some dough-restovers for your friends so they can make a bread to! It called Herman in the Netherlands.
So here let’s start to make the pre-dough in google translate it’s called brew….

Ingredients of the first brew
115 gram of spelt flour
0,75 decilitre lukewarm-water

Ingredients of the second brew
1,2 deciliter of lukewarm water
175 gram of spelt flour

Ingredients for the final bread part
1,5-1,75 dl of lukewarm water
350 gram of 5 cereals flour
2 teaspoons of salt
a tablespoon of olive oil
maybe some sesame seed,poppy seed for decoration

just a wooden spoon
some plastic foil
a ceramic bowl
a moist towel

How to begin
It takes a couple of days so don’t make this when you want a bread immediately!
So mix the spelt flour together with the water, till you get a ball! Put the ball in the bowl (twice as big as the ball) and cover with the plastic foil. Let stand this brew for 2-3 days!
After the 2-3 days you will see the brew has a grey crust (it looks a little strange but the smell must be sweet and little sour), take of the crust and use the brew and mix together with the ingredients of the second brew (1,2 dl water and 175 gram of flour)
And again cover the ball with foil in the bowl and let’s stand for 1 or 2 more days it will grow now!.
Now you can make a sour dough bread! Yippie finally!

so get the brew and mix all the ingredients together for the final bread part. So 1,5-1,75 dl lukewarm water, salt and 5 cereal flour. Make a ball and put some olive oil on the top of the bread mixture of it and let’s stand for 1-2 hours, covered with a moist towel in a bowl not of metal and twice as big as the dough.
After you wait you get 120 gram of the dough and put them aside in a little bowl in the fridge, you can use this for the next bread!
The rest of the dough you give a massage, mix again and cover again with the moist  towel in a bowl and set aside for 2-3 hours (you can put some poppy seeds or something else on the bread for decoration now it’s the time!), yes I know it takes a long time but you can read some interesting books,play some chess or get a tan in the sun 😉
And now finally you can put the bread in the oven, don’t knead it. The oven must be preheated and must be on 230 degrees of Celsius when you put the bread in the oven. Bake the bread for 20-30 minutes it’s ready when you knock on the bread and it’s sounds hollow

So bon appetit and enjoy the taste of this bread!

sourdoughbread is made with help of the breadbible written by Christine Inagram and Jennie Shapter

Wonderful green wheatgrass

A couple of years ago, I had a wheat-grass-shot on a hippie-festival. I was really amazed about this stuff is it really healthy? And who discovered to make juice of some grass? Isn’t this for cows to eat and chew on?
Still after those years I didn’t take the time to discover this wheat-grass madness, but now finally with the nice source of internet and friends I am making my own wheat-grass at home. Again another greenish thing in the house!

So this is how I make the wheat-grass, of course on the internet I read a lot about how to grow!
Some people use special wheat-grass trays and special vitamin and mineral sprays. I don’t do this at all, I think the most natural way is using soil…..

Anyway how to start? Just follow this steps

1. First get the wheat-seeds, of course organic it’s really better for you and the environment.

2. make sprouts of them in a jar (see sprouting in this site for a complete information how to make sprouts) first put them in water for about 12 hours, then drain them and rinse every day for two or more times with fresh water. Don’t leave the water in the jar (the seeds will rotten away and get smelly).
When the seeds are getting little threads, when they are as big as the seeds it’s time for step 3 (on this picture they are too long)

3. put in a flat container some soil, like 2 centimetres high. Above you put the seeds, see the picture how to spread them. (just make sure you don’t have heaps of seeds, but well spread)
Give them a little water not too much ( I spray them with water in the morning and evening), the soil must be between wet  (so no water on the bottom) and dry (it’s easier then it looks)
Cover the container with some newspaper it must be protected the first day from light! Make sure the soil get in a while some water (I just spray some water over the soil every day)

4. When the wheat sprouts are like 4/5 centimetres high (it takes like a couple of days) take of the newspaper and let them enjoy the light, they will start to get green now. Let them grow and enjoy the green grass getting higher and higher don’t forget to spray some water in a while. When they are like 20 centimetres they are ready for use. Don’t put them directly in sunlight, because they will turn into brown grass (really not nice)

5. Get your wheat-grass juicer, I have the healthy juicer (it’s called like this) and I really enjoy it, its very easy to clean and you can also juice vegetables and fruit in it. Ok it isn’t on electricity but really the electricity ones are very expensive and this is just as easy but maybe takes a little more time!
So make your first wheat-grass juice , cut of the grass as far as you can and put them in the juicer
I like to mix it with other vegetables or fruits, just use your brains to make a nice juice

6. Oooh one more thing I read one shot is like 30 ml, and the maximum shots of a day is 4, but if you are healthy enough just take one shot this must be enough. And of course built up the shots because your body has to get used to this healthy green ‘witch’ drink!!