Oi oi it’s the summersun…..and punkisotto

Wow finally today the sun showed herself!! Wake up early this morning, quick breakfast and off to ‘pluk de nacht’ (a free film-festival in Amsterdam). Already 2 days we (my boyfriend, baby and me) are helping the festival with painting, building and all sorts of things, really nice especially today ! With the nice weather and next to the Ā IJ-river, seeing the ships on the water sailing!! Great to meet different kind of people…..also
And now back home again, I laid the baby on bed for sleeping (he was already sleeping on the bike, really cute) and thinking about what to make for dinner.
I have a lot of green in the garden so I’ll make something with my vegetables from the garden, This will be an experiment, I’ll make punkisotto .

Ingredients for punkisotto (2-4 persons)

garden orache* (Atriplex hortensis)
Some sugar snaps and green peas*
some carrot tops*
fresh thyme
fresh chive
4 little tomatoes for garnish
2 little beans for garnish
1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 red bell pepper
1 glass of white wine (and maybe 1 while cooking for your own ;))
350 gram risotto-rice
some 4-seasoning pepper
some vegan cooking margarine
1 litre of bouillon ( fresh is much better, but I use vegan vegetable bouillon form the food store)
6 mushrooms

* all together 350 gram


A knife
a cooking pan
a wooden spoon

So let’s begin

Risotto is a very ‘intensive’ meal, a lot of stirring and be awake while cooking.,just to making it perfect. And remember one thing, don’t put the fire on the highest, because the risotto will get stuck on the bottom šŸ˜‰ (if you are too late with pouring the bouillon together with the rice)

Step 1: Put the margarine in the cooking pan and let melt it very slowly, after you will put the onion and garlic in the pan and bakeĀ  till it gets glassy. Now it’s time to put the rice in it and stir for 2 minutes, and then pour (1 glass) white wine in it, when the wine is damped you put a little of the bouillon in it (keep on stirring!) when this is almost dry you put again some bouillon till the risotto is ready and sticky

step 2: After 10 minutes you will put in the mushrooms, some thyme, the red bell pepper and the sugar snaps/ green peas. And still your are stirring and pour the bouillon and stirring and so on…In a meanwhile cut the garden orache, spinach, rocket, carrot tops andĀ chard with a scissor and set aside.

step 3:Still stirring and pouring the bouillon? You are on a good way!! Just when you got the idea the risotto is almost ready, you put all the green stuff in the risotto and the chive. Cut the tomatoes in half so you can make up a nice decoration on the plate! So and now put at last the pepper on the meal.


My boyfriend said:” it is delicious…. yes really!”

enjoy your meal/ bon appetit

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