Mama I want a sunny dish too!!

Oh no of course my little man wants a sunny dish too, so for him I made also some nice smiling dinner!!
He can eat a lot, so mama will make you a big meal , my baby-boy. Nicest of all broccoli is a super vegetable!! With lot of vitamins

Broccoli has a lot of fibre, is rich of minerals (calcium, potassium) and contains Many vitamins like:

  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin A (beta carotene: 1,5 mg a 100 g),
  • vitamin B (follicacid),
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin E

The ingredients

Some broccoli ( I took 5 big pieces of 1 broccoli head) cut in little pieces
2 leaves of bok choy cut in little pieces
8 almonds
75 gram of elbow pasta (shape of pasta in the Netherlands)
(if you like a little piece of cheese)
some water


A cooking pan
a colander
food processor

The easy preparing

Put some water in the cooking pan, let it boil and then put the pasta in it. On top you will put the colander with the bok choy, almonds and broccoli. So you have 10 minutes to do some hugging with your child or singing ( I would say put the timer on 10 minutes).

When its ready,( the vegetables are soft and the pasta also), put it all in the blender like every baby meal….if you like you can put now the cheese in the diner.

He ate it all!!!

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