breakfast on a lazy day…

Did I already tell you I made a real nice breakfast this morning , someone gave me rocket. I love rocket and straight from the garden are the best one, very sharp and tasty. You can just put rocket in some salad or on a bread like garnish of what do you think about some rocket pesto!!! I made it today, very yammie. And all together with some home made bread….(ok I was to lazy I just put some bread in the oven from the supermarket)..:). So lets start


The ingredients

100 gram of rocket (please as fresh as possible)
1 hand of walnuts (or maybe pine nuts or cashews)
3 tablespoons of cold pressed flaxseed oil (omega’s 3!!)
3 tablespoons of noble yeast flakes
2 cloves of garlic
8 sun-dried tomatoes in oil
maybe some lemon juice

you only need the food processor

So this is really easy going, just put all the ingredients together in the food processor and finished when it’s all like butter. Ready to put on bread, and a fresh home-grown mint-tea!!


Everyone can make a vegetable garden….even without a big garden

Nice to wake up and your day starts with some girly things, painting your nails, put a face mask on your face, drinking tea writing on your blog…very nice.
Today I am home alone….the baby is with someone else , my boyfriend has to work and me…aaah doing some preparing for the night, I go with my friend to Cocorosie in Bloemendaal. Really looking forward.

Also today I want to put some germ into the ground I have bok choy/ kale/ endive and beans.This year the garden is a big experiment, just look what will grow and how I can use the earth as wise as possible. And the most important how I can grow plants without toxin, on a natural way get rid of insects and snails ( stay tuned on the green garden to read more later on)

Maybe it’s interesting how i made the garden. I don’t have a huge garden but still there’s a lot of vegetables in it. A friend of my told me about square gardening, she explained and it looked very interesting and easy. After searching on internet i found a great and easy site (, it’s all in Dutch) so thanks Jelle.

So he said the first step is making big square plant through, I made mine out of old pallets ( not impregnated) and surround 1,20 metres by 1,20 metres (16 squares of 30 cm). You can make it also 90cm by 90cm or 30cm by 90cm, it’s the easiest when it’s always squares of 30 cm, if you made this it’s time for the next step

step 2: put some root canvas as a bottom for the plant through.
Now you won’t get weed from the ground.
Great finished this all? time for step 3

Step 3 make the earth for the growing vegetables. We made a mix of 1/3 coco peat (for holding the water, 1/3 compost (for feeding the vegetables) and 1/3 potting soil. It’s better to mix on some canvas. Pour the mixture on the root canvas, fill the plant through till it’s just as high as the plant through sides.

Ok almost done now it’s already time for step 4
Get some rope and make (in the plant through) squares of 30 by 30 cm. So start 30 cm under a corner and get the rope to another site, then on the wood itself put the rope down (30cm) and then again go to the other site. Below you will see a drawing I made to make it clear.

The final step if you like to grow beans you can put on one side of the plant through, some netting. See the photo I made

I say you are ready for gardening!!!

Mama I want a sunny dish too!!

Oh no of course my little man wants a sunny dish too, so for him I made also some nice smiling dinner!!
He can eat a lot, so mama will make you a big meal , my baby-boy. Nicest of all broccoli is a super vegetable!! With lot of vitamins

Broccoli has a lot of fibre, is rich of minerals (calcium, potassium) and contains Many vitamins like:

  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin A (beta carotene: 1,5 mg a 100 g),
  • vitamin B (follicacid),
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin E

The ingredients

Some broccoli ( I took 5 big pieces of 1 broccoli head) cut in little pieces
2 leaves of bok choy cut in little pieces
8 almonds
75 gram of elbow pasta (shape of pasta in the Netherlands)
(if you like a little piece of cheese)
some water


A cooking pan
a colander
food processor

The easy preparing

Put some water in the cooking pan, let it boil and then put the pasta in it. On top you will put the colander with the bok choy, almonds and broccoli. So you have 10 minutes to do some hugging with your child or singing ( I would say put the timer on 10 minutes).

When its ready,( the vegetables are soft and the pasta also), put it all in the blender like every baby meal….if you like you can put now the cheese in the diner.

He ate it all!!!

there must be sun behind the clouds…….

The summer in the Netherlands is not started yet, I am waiting and waiting for the nice hot temperatures. But al I see is clouds, and time by time some rain. But there is also a little sunny thing happened today…..I had my last working day.! No more cleaning, no more terrible stories of what diseases are existing and you never heard of, just from now on only the cleaning in my own house, doing my garden and being an official house-mama : ) (oi I forgot the blog) So today some little celebration, I made one of my favourite food. A nice sunny dish…….Put your ass of the couch and get to the kitchen for a nice easy meal 😉


What is in the sunny dish? (2 persons)

2 avocado’s
8 sun-dried tomatoes
200 gram of spaghetti, tagliatelli, spirella or what kind of pasta you like
100 gram of mushrooms
1/2 lemon and take of his juice
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 red onion
1 hand of roasted almonds (you can do easily on your own)
1/2 of a leek cut in slices
200/250 ml of soya/oat-cuisine you can choose
2 tablespoons dried parsley (you can also use fresh parsley)
some fresh parsley for garnish
some oil
some water
flowers for garnish (like East-Indian cherry)
(if you like +/- 20 gram of fennel cut in little dices and steamed)

The necessary kitchentools!

frying pan
cooking pot
food processor
cutting board
knife and wooden spoon
and some sunny smiles

So what to do now?

Put some water in a cooking pan, when it’s start to boil, you put the pasta in it with some drips of olive oil. ( it will be ready about 10 minutes) on the cooking pan you put a colander with the pieces of fennel, lid on it and now it’s time to do something with the wok!

Cut the onion in little pieces, and the garlic. The mushrooms you will cut in slices just like the leek. Start to put some oil in the wok and heat it slowly, now you can put the onion, garlic and leek in the oil….bake it till it’s get glassy, time for the mushrooms to get in the wok also, they only must get warm and then you will put the lemon juice and oat-cuisine in the wok ( just on the lowest fire) The latest step is to put in the dried parsley.

Time to roast the almonds but first put them in the mortar ( or in a plastic back and hit them with a hammer) and make them very little. Now you can roast them in a frying pan without oil. Put aside when you done.

So we didn’t use the food processor, time to use it !Get the avocados and the sun-dried tomatoes, put altogether in the food processor, make a little mash of it (or if you like cut the sun-dried tomatoes and avocados). Finished? put this in the sauce you made. Mmm …the pasta will be ready also. Get a plate put some pasta on the plate on top some sauce, sprinkle some almonds en fennel over the dinner and as finishing touch a nice flower.and fresh parsley.  Ready to serve with a smile to your hungry guests!!

Making friends with sushi!!

Yesterday it was a great day, cycling, drinking a beer at ‘t twiske ( ) in Amsterdam with my friend Marjon, her dog Storm and of course my little baby Kaya Moon..Talking all the day about gardens, food and health! She said on facebook if she’s visiting me, she wanted to eat sushi, because she saw the amazing pictures from sushi I made earlier on facebook. Your wish is my command my lady 😉

So Marjon I discovered you are a real sushi-roller-queen, We made great looking and nice tasting sushi and what is so nice about can make a lot of variations, avocado’s cucumber, shitake, just what you like : ). Use your imagination and taste
Down here I put the recipe how we made the sushi…..and the rolling is just practising, everybody can make sushi.
Rolling is just like mediation…..








The ingredients of the sushi (4 persons)

2 steamed carrots cut in stripes
250 gram  chestnut mushrooms cut into little stripes and baked shortly in the oil
1 avocado cut into stripes
1/2 steamed zucchini cut into stripes
many sesame seeds roasted or raw (what you like)
3 leaves of bok choy steamed and cut in stripes.
carrot tops cut in little pieces
10 nori sheets
200 gram rice I used brown rice (or try quinoa or bulgur for a different taste)
sushi rice vinegar
100 gram tempeh
ume su

for the wasabi sauce

fresh ginger root zest  from cube like 5 cm big

the kitchentools!

a frying pan
a cooking pan
a wok
a wooden spoon
a lot of bowls
a place to store the rolled sushi something like a plate
a lot of helping hands (because it takes a lot of time)
some plastic to put on the bamboo-rollingmat


How to start.

Put in a cooking pan the rice together with some water, the brown rice will take 40 minutes to get ready. Use your kitchen timer and sometimes look in the pan if it isn’t burning or the water is totally lost (then poor some new water).

When the rice is boiling you can cut all the vegetables in stripes (+/- 3 cm) and put them in a colander closed with a lid above the boiling rice (now they will get steamed). It will take surround 10 minutes or when the vegetables are soft. Put them in different bowls so its easy to get when you are about to roll the sushi

In a meanwhile cut the tempeh also in big stripes and put some oil in the frying pan and bake till they are golden yellow, set aside to cool down and after make stripes about 3 cm.
Put also in a bowl

Then we make something with the carrot tops, you already cut them in little pieces. You get the wok and put a little water in it with 2 tablespoons of ume su. After you put the tops into the wok and set on a big fire (sauté) it will be ready when it’s darker green. Also this you want to have in a different bowl. (I have this recipe from my school)

Now roast the sesame seed in a frying pan without oil, stay close to it, when the pan is hot they get easily burned black….Put some of the seeds in the carrot tops and put some in a bowl.

I always put in the rice ( and after all this operations the rice will be ready), sesame seed and rice vinegar, I do this  with feeling and tasting so it’s up to you what you like. And be sure the rice is sticky

I think everything now is ready for the big action of rolling sushi!

So get a plastic paper and put it surround the bamboo-rollingmat. And your bowls of vegetables and 1 bowl with water for washing your fingers and close the nori-sheet

Put 1 nori sheet on top of it, but beware the smooth site must be on the plastic and the raw site you put the rice on. So now do almost on the whole sheet some thin layer of rice ( thin as possible keep about 5 cm on top free of rice.

Now you can use your imagination what taste do you like? for example but in the middle of the sheet some stripes avocado, carrot, bok choy and mushrooms.
And roll it with the bamboo-rollingmat ( I think you will find on you tube how to roll a sushi, maybe if I have enough time I shall make my own video 🙂 ). So lay the first roll away ( maybe on a plate?) and make like 9 more. When you are finished cut the roll in little pieces just like a sushi And here you are a real nice home-made sushi The carrot tops you can put on the sushi as garnish or put in the sushi whatever you like

You have also variations on the sushi. like the California roll (here the rice is outside of the sheet) You will cut the sheet in half put the raw side of the sheet on top and (you will roll the shortest side), put rice on it and of course let al little piece free of rice. After, you must put the rice-side down on the plastic. Lay in the middle some vegetables on the non rice side and then roll it again and voila here you are it’s nice for the looks!!!

the sauce

And now make the sauce, i taste the sauce every-time I make it so i cannot say how much paste and shoyu sauce i put in a bowl. Maybe you like the sharpness, you put more wasabi paste and less shoyu and a little bit of water and at the end you put the ginger root zest in it.

Now get some chopsticks, some wine and candles and enjoy your home-made, to be proud of sushi


ボナペティ/ enjoy your meal







being a dutch tourist…and sauerkraut

What is so nice about guests having in your house (from another country) you can legally be a tourist in your own city.
So today we saw some windmills (at the Zaanse schans), wooden shoes, a nice fisher village called Volendam and really a amazing number of tourists.
Ate some ‘stroopsoldaatjes and black candy “drop”… For me it was ages ago I went to places like this!

Thinking about some typically Dutch things, I would say sauerkraut! So I will write a sauerkraut recipe with a touch of Saskia. The Spanish girls (from last week) really liked it, so it is worth to make it once in your life. So Ana and Laia here is the recipe especially for you


The ingredients for the delicious meal ( 4-6 persons)

1 package of sauerkraut (500 gram)
Potatoes for 4 people (I would say 2 kilogram) cut in pieces
2 onions cut in thin slices
a can of pineapple without sugar
1 cup of raisins
Maybe some oat/soya-cuisine to make the mash like porridge 😉
Cajun-spice(recipe under this text)
Tempeh so much as you like
some oil for baking
some water

Recipe for the Cajun-spice and you will make too much 🙂

2 tablespoons of paprika-powder
1 tablespoon of garlic-powder
2 teaspoons dried basil
2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon of white pepper
1 tablespoon of black pepper
1 tablespoon onion-powder
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/4 teaspoon ground mustard-seed
1/8 teaspoon cloves-powder
1 teaspoon chili-powder

mix this all together

Kitchen wear

A cooking pot
a wooden spoon
A masher
a frying pan

How to make the sauerkraut?

Put some water in the cooking pan and put the potatoes in it and boil it for 10 minutes, then put the sauerkraut together with the juice out of the package on top of the potatoes and boil another 10 minutes! ( and do not eat secretly the raw sauerkraut…yammie 😉 )

In a meanwhile put the raisins in some water to well, and cut the pineapple in little pieces.

Put the frying pan with some oil on the stove, and bake the tempeh till it gets a really golden colour on both sides, after finishing this put the onion with it and bake till glassy. Probably when you finished this the potatoes will be ready, so pour the water out of the pan, mash the potatoes and mix the sauerkraut equally through the potatoes. And now you can put some soya/oat-cuisine in it to make it more softer or just water.

Now the Cajun-spice will be a solutions to make it more tasty put some of it to the mash and taste if it’s on your taste.

Finished all this?
Put the tempeh, onion, raisins and pineapple in the sauerkraut-mash and voila a real Dutch (with a touch of Saskia) meal !
Maybe try next time to put also some mushrooms in the meal for a change

Eet smakelijk/ enjoy your meal






Borsjt with tempura flower

The couchsurfers from Minsk (Iryna and Volodia) today brought me on a great idea, I saw a real nice big beet in the garden and a lot of green stuff, like spinach,sorrel and leaf-beet , Kohlrabi and some nice courgette flowers

In my fridge I had some oat cuisine and some potatoes in the shelf, so what to do? Let’s make some borscht.

For me, borscht is some speciality from east European countries.So it isn’t really a Dutch diner and this is the first time ever I made borscht. And it’s a totally animal free dish !! (ok maybe some left overs of insects ; ) ) But the taste was quit ok!, And the flower was really a finishing touch of the soup. So here are the ingredients and how to make this soup. And I’ll try to make it more perfect next time.

for the soup (4-6 persons)

1 fresh big beet 300 gram cut in little pieces
3 bulbs of garlic
1 big onion
2 potatoes in shell, washed very well
1 kohlrabi
cut in little pieces
some, fresh green from the garden like,spinach, sorrel,leaf-beet. (whatever you like) I think around 2 cups (or some white kohl)
parsley dried and fresh chive for garnish and for taste
2 carrots
cut in slices
oat cuisine
2 litres of veg
etable bouillon
1 lemon squeeze out the juice


for the tempura flower

some courgette flowers cleaned very well without water!! and cut out the stamper
4 tablespoons all purpose flower
1 tablespoon arrowroot
some water
some spices I used 2 teaspoons dried ginger powder (maybe some chilli powder would be a good alternative)

Kitchen accessory

a good knife
cooking pot
frying pan (like oil in a saucepan)
a spoon and a cup
food processor


What to do!!!???

cut the unions, garlic and bake it in oil (in a large pan) till it gets a little glassy. Then pour the 2 litres of water (with bouillon) in the pan together with the kohlrabi, carrots, big potatoes and beet, and boil it very softly for maybe 20 minutes (till the beet/kohlrabi is soft)

While you boil the soup you can prepare the tempura. So follow the next step, put the all purpose flower, arrowroot, dried ginger powder together and mix it, after mixing pour the water in the mixture till it gets like pancake dough. You can dip the flower in the dough and fry it very short. Just before you serve the soup 🙂

In a meanwhile but all the green stuff in the food processor and cut it in very little pieces, after the bouillon is ready you can mix it altogether with the green stuff till the soup is almost like liquid ( maybe you like some crunchy bites don’t over mix then)

Then on the end put some parsley, lemon juice and chive in the soup! Now its ready for serving, pour the soup in some nice bowl, pour some oat cuisine in it and put the nice colourful flower in the middle (next time I maybe try to put some red pepper or vinegar in the soup)

приятного аппетита, enjoy your meal!!